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Why do exclusives games on console always look and run better than third party games? My guess is when a game is created, it has a targeted platform to develop on. Third parties usually develop for pc first, then port to consoles. When any exclusive game is made for a console, it starts and ends only there, taking full advantage of all the specs. That is why (almost) all exclusives always look and run better. Is this correct? Was hoping you could go into this more...

You’re mostly right, but not completely there. While it’s true that third party devs have a target platform they develop on, it isn’t PC by default. In fact, most of the time it isn’t - it’s a console (usually chosen by the team leadership). Almost all console games are developed on PCs, but not necessarily for PCs. Whichever platform is lead gets all the assets and content tested on it. QA will pop over to test other platforms as development goes on, but the designers, programmers, and artists will be the ones with the dev kit for the lead console at their desks to create content and test their changes before submission. 

When we do cross-platform development, we usually have a small team of experts (usually engineering) to make sure things are working on the other platforms while the majority of the team creates stuff on the lead platform, and we have QA periodically sweep the other platforms and logging any weird discrepancies. We usually don’t need much beyond engineering to babysit the other platforms because the idea is that most consoles are about the same in terms of their technical capabilities (not including Nintendo), so it should only require some programming to make the same assets and same engine show very similar results on each platform.

Make no mistake, these engineers don’t sit around and just watch stuff. They’re the ones who have to study the hardware and firmware (and usually the central tech stuff that the publisher supplies to interface with the hardware and firmware), and then write the lower layer of software that works with the tools, content, and higher-level engine code. They’ve got some incredibly challenging tasks, which is why they are almost always in very high demand.

So why do platform exclusive titles usually look and perform better than cross-platform stuff? Well, this is where the software engineering gets down to the brass tacks. When you’re building cross-platform software, you prioritize portability over performance. It doesn’t matter if you can get a slightly prettier game or higher frame rate on the PS4 if it means your XBone version refuses to work, drops frame rate, or has texture problems. This also affects things like how the data are organized and how the tools process the assets in order to put them into the game. If you know exactly how the hardware and operating system will behave, you can take advantage of all of the strengths of that hardware. However, trying to do this on multiple platforms is like trying to throw a ball through two dozen rings at thirty paces. It’s really difficult. So by making it only one platform, those really smart, really knowledgeable engineers can focus their energies on squeezing every last bit of performance and optimization out of the game, rather than trying to keep everything working and looking right. THIS is why console exclusives tend to be better-looking and more performant than cross-platform games.

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So these are inspired by a Buzzfeed article I posted earlier. Again, I’m not married, but I think some of these are hilarious and the gifs I have fit! I know it’s been a while so excuse me as I scrape some of the rust off!

Dean was sitting at the table in their motel room, scrolling through some stuff Sam had sent them about their current case.

Y/N had gotten into bed and had the blankets up around her shoulders as she watched some crappy movie on cable.

Glancing over after a while, Dean noticed movement under the covers right around her hips. Sliding from the chair he moved over to the edge of the bed. “Babe?”

Y/N looked up. “Ew…what kind of face is that?”

“What are you doing?” Dean ignored her comment, confident in the knowledge of what she was doing.

Squinting at her boyfriend she continued with her task under the blankets. 

Dean was reaching for the covers when he heard an audible snap. “What the…” Pulling the blankets down revealed a Kit Kat bar. “Really?! And I thought…”

“What?! I didn’t want to share, you know I hate sharing candy!” Y/N defended as she popped the first piece in her mouth. “What the hell did you think I was doing?” 

Dean just raised his brows at her as he huffed and went back to his laptop.

“Seriously Dean?! THAT’S what you thought I was doing?” Y/N couldn’t stop her laughter. “Oh god, sorry babe! Didn’t mean to disappoint. Here you want the last piece?”

Standing he pulled the last stick from her hand and flopped down on the bed, where he continued to pout.

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27-03-17, 27/31. Favourite book you’ve studied

Honestly we don’t really study books where I’m from, so I’ll just answer with my favourite book I’ve read ? It’s the Series of Unfortunate Events series, I read it when I was 8/9 and it’s stuck with me ever since. I always read through the entire 13-book series when I’m having another Episode™ bc it never fails to make me see the light of the situation.

Today I studied maths and have decided that yellow is now my absolute favourite colour scheme so prepare for a few months of yellow bujo spreads



“Me gustas cuando callas porque estás como ausente.
Distante y dolorosa como si hubieras muerto.
Una palabra entonces, una sonrisa bastan.
Y estoy alegre, alegre de que no sea cierto”

¿Qué tal el inicio de semana?

Yo he tenido un día de mezcla de emociones y no me encuentro a tope, así que me voy a dormir ya.

Estoy preparando algo muy muy chulo al que le pienso poner todo mi empeño.

He tenido una tarde que parecía que iba a ser perdida, pero al final he hecho algo productivo. Siempre se puede aprovechar el tiempo, yas.

Buenas noches, bubs.

One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks) — One Direction



Today has dragged like no other but at least I’ve been fairly productive?? Tbh I’m pretty stressed and very exhausted.


My Spanish teacher called me out today for forgetting my homework I felt like crying lmao. In other news I got a 9'9 in English, a 10 in art, and a 8'75 in history of art so I’m happy 🌌🌌