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out of 31 anime’s watched in 2016: gangsta

 dog tags are normally used to help identify the fallen in battle. but what they wear around their necks serves a slightly different purpose. mainly it helps distinguish them from us. but it’s also a warning. “beware of dog.”

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When people say nothing else but a product name to me, I act very dumb to it. "TACO SEASONING" "what?" "do you even speak english? TAAAAACOOOOO SEEEEEAAASOOONIIING" "I do speak english, sir." "FUCKING TACO SEASONING" "Personally, I don't think it's that bad." It goes on lile this until the customer can form a proper sentence asking where it is.

Things that need to happen before TVD ends: 

1.Damon realizing that at the end of the days, it’s been always Stefan for him. And that NO ONE else matters other than his brother.

2. Damon admitting that his feelings for Bonnie are more than friendship.

3. Matt realizing that his friends, no matter how bad they are or how ‘dark’ they are, are still his friends.

4. Bonnie gathering her friends to give them a lecture on how to be a real friend and tell them that she hasn’t been oblivious to all the things that happened in the past year. Aka she always saves their lives and they only come around when they need help.

5. Stefan Salvatore, embracing who he is, learning how to love himself, believing that he is worth so much more. 

6. Caroline realizing that she didn’t become this person because she became a vampire but because she was always meant to be this person one way or another. She just needed the right circumstances. 

7. Damon apologizes to Caroline for what he did to her when she was human. 

8. Damon apologizing to everyone, but specially Matt, about killing Tyler.

9. Enzo comes back to live. 

10. Bonnie finding her happiness and peace of mind with no more pain or tragedy just pure happiness.

11. Katherine pierce walking into Stefan and caroline’s wedding with “missed me?”

12. Lexi comes back. Before Stefan’s wedding. This time for good.

13. June Wedding. 

14. Stefan Salvatore living happily ever after with Caroline Forbes with all the questions about their futures being answered

15. Everyone having a happy ending ‘cause even though some of them had done terrible things and mastered being a disappointment but at the end of the day it’s been 8 years and they deserve happy ending. 

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as an alternative to Veronica and JD seeing the movie - Veronica and JD seeing a REALLY BAD AND ILLEGAL PRODUCTION

“hold me back Veronica this boy is making me look like a little bitch”
“JD you are the literal definition of a little bitch”

productivity fail.

hard to do anything when yr body is yr enemy and tepid water teases you about yr own cleanliness. structure is his broken backbone. he misses military consistency. 

hard to be a person that the world can handle, but if left here, parasite on whale’s back that he is, riding, feeding on life already created, what will he build? 

busy becoming, he is reminded to cease existing. sleep in waves. speak in tongues. why does he do or say anything at all? 

xxx SirPup Kingston // started 02.18.2017 // 02.19.2017 

100 Days Of Productivity - Day 3 (19/02/2017)

Today was a super productive day for me, I managed to finally write and submit my short essay for my research and theory paper, as well as doing notes for both sociology and psych (as you can see, ft. my messy writing heh). Oh, and I cleaned my room!

I hope you all had a lovely day and remembered to look after yourselves and smile xx

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