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After about 3.5 months, I’ve finally painted it!!
The flower in Light’s hands are asphodels! It means :my regrets follow you to the grave


Navicula pendant lamp by David Trubridge

The Navicula pendant lamp is another nature inspired design by the New Zealand based designer, David Trubridge. The lamp, that just recently got recommended for the Darc Award 2017, is inspired by the many microscopic diatoms that float in the ocean. It is illuminated by a row of LED pin point lights at the inside of the skeleton, that is made of CNC cut Bamboo-Plywood.


Revolights Bike Lighting System

There is a bicycle light on the market that substantially increases the side visibility and clearly identifies the cyclist. It is called the Revolights Bike Lighting System, and it is mounted on the bicycle wheels with the help of special hardware. These are actually LED ring lights which ensure 360° visibility for bikes thus increasing cyclists’ safety. And they are perfectly legal. Men’s Journal called them “the best bike lighting system in the world”.

8-6-17 | 100/100 Days of Productivity

hello!!! i’m sorry for having not posted in 4 days forever and being inactive :// for the past week, i’ve been feeling down in the dumps but now i’m back, better than ever so… HOOORAYYYYYY for that :’)))

and also, i’ve finally completed the 100 dop challenge! although i didn’t exactly work at it consistently, i’m glad i was able to complete it and not start all over again?

how have you all been? doing well, i hope 💙

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Ninebyfour lampe by Waamakers

The Ninebyfour lamp is another very minimalistic lamp design by the Amsterdam Waarmakers studio. It is their sustainable take on the classic, industrial tubelight fixture. The wooden part is handcrafted from sick Amsterdam trees and the tubelight is replaced by a LED-strip inside a glass tube.


Neon Scribbles | Cerith Wyn Evans

Almost two kilometres of neon lighting shaped into sharp lines and sweeping forms create this installation by Welsh artist Cerith Wyn Evans, which is suspended in the Tate Britain’s Duveen Galleries.

Forms in Space… by Light (in Time) is a major new installation by Wyn Evans, created for the Tate Britain Commission and supported by auction house Sotheby’s. The lighting is structured in three parts, emerging from a single neon ring before developing into a collection of three discs.

The forms appear as scribbles and rough drawings, similar to “light writing” with a torch captured by a DSLR camera on a slow-shutter-speed setting.

Jutting out from these tangled marks are sharper and more purposeful shapes and symbols, framing the perimeter of the forms. These maze-like lines are intended to mimic physical and kinetic gestures, like footsteps and folding material.

Wyn Evans describes these three forms as “occulist witnesses”, referenced by artist Marcel Duchamp in his sculpture The Bride Stripped Bare by Her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass) (1915-23), which was donated to the Tate’s collection in 1975.

When walking through the long Duveen Galleries, the suspended sculptures appear to move with the viewer as the patterns created shift with their changing perspective.

Between the bursts of curves, loops and jagged straight lines, the suggestion of kinetics in the light sculptures reflects the artist’s interest in choreology – the practice of translating movement into notational form. Wyn Evans also drew influence from the codified and precise movements of Japanese Noh theatre for Forms in Space.


05.04.17 24/100 days of productivity
Lil physics flashcards 🗂🦋Trying to gradually condense your notes on a module is a really good method of picking out what you need to revise more thoroughly vs what you’re confident on!