Director Michael Bay’s Modern Three-Story Los Angeles Villa

The architect Chad Oppenheim designed a stunning three-story house for the director Michael Bay in Los Angeles. Each storey of this hillside house is a separate module stacked one on top of the other on a different angle.


Synnes | Falke Svatun

A minimal chair created by Oslo-based designer Falke Svatun. With references to both spindle back and laminate shell chairs, the Synnes chair is a modern take on a traditional Scandinavian dining chair. The seat and back are made from high quality form-pressed plywood/laminates. Pinned to the seat with dowels, the six millimeter backrest forms a structural shell which offers comfort as well as sturdiness.


30m2 Apartment by Proxy

“Small apartment in Skopje, Macedonia with only 35m2 space.”

Proxy is a multidisciplinary creative studio committed to developing contemporary, innovative and exceptional designs in the field of architecture, visualizations and product design. Sophistication, open minds and talent are the key elements that drives this studio to make remarkable things happen. Their team is a mix of architects, CG artists and designers prepared to deliver a full range of services and meet the most daring and unconventional tasks.