Tumbler Alarm Clock | Norm Architects + Menu

Another look at the alarm clock designed by Norm Architects and manufactured by Menu, both are based in the design mecca Copenhagen, Denmark and have collaborated on a number of occasions. Headed by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Kasper Ronn and Linda Kordal, Norm affords an impressive portfolio of industrial design, residential architecture, commercial interiors and art direction. Menu has a similar vastness of work. Collaborating with super talented designers, menu creates objects to be treasured — we want to make the world better, less complicated, a little bit nice to wake up to.


Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool

You may object that there are many similar products on the market, but we are here to instruct you why this particular multi toll should always be your first choice. First of all, the Leatherman MUT EOD Multi-Tool is multi tool particularly designed in military purpose, and there fore very reliable. But, of course, you don’t have to be a military expert in order to put this high-quality tool to its best use.


6 Hammock Tents For Your Next Camping/Motorcycle Trip

Hammocks are innovative solutions for comfortable camping. They make the effort to find a good campsite very easy. They are light, so you don’t have to struggle carrying a heavy tent. Roots, rocks and bugs are no longer a problem with hammock tents, as well as sleeping on the hard, muddy and wet ground. Hammocks are designed to stay clean and dry fast and they are easy to set and pack. You can also store a lot of camping necessities inside them.


30m2 Apartment by Proxy

“Small apartment in Skopje, Macedonia with only 35m2 space.”

Proxy is a multidisciplinary creative studio committed to developing contemporary, innovative and exceptional designs in the field of architecture, visualizations and product design. Sophistication, open minds and talent are the key elements that drives this studio to make remarkable things happen. Their team is a mix of architects, CG artists and designers prepared to deliver a full range of services and meet the most daring and unconventional tasks. 

The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers

If you’re a fan of the famous cartoon Bob’s Burgers, you have, at some point, wanted to try some of the specialties that these hilarious characters make in their family restaurant. Well, now you can make your own “burger of the day” just by following the recipes from The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book: Real Recipes for Joke Burgers.


Story Pod | AKB

The Story Pod has a pure, simple form with the abstract, compact black volume, as users move around the box, the rhythm of its vertical slats changes. During the day, two of the walls pivot open like the covers of a book, welcoming people inside or to gather around the front. Visitors can take or leave something to read, or lounge quietly on the built-in seating. At night, when the doors are locked, recessed, energy efficient LED lights, powered by concealed, self-sustaining solar panels on the roof, glow through the lattice work like a lantern, providing ambience for night markets or community events.


Charming Hedgehog-Shaped Toothpick Holder by Erwan Péron

Meet Kipik, the ultimate cocktail party companion. This whimsical hedgehog was designed by French designer Erwan Péron. Made out of recyclable materials, it can hold up to 22 toothpicks at a time and is a perfect blend of fun and function. With a clever design that allows it to be placed directly on the table or conveniently hung on the edge of a bowl—this fun little critter makes for a wonderfully unique host or hostess gift. Get your own adorably playful piece at Amazon.