Residence Clerkenwell | APA

A minimal home located in London, England, designed by APA. A directorial, choreographic & artistic fluidity prevailed. The clients’ operatic set design skills became the design core around which the space was manipulated. A black box like a huge fly tower sits centrally in the space. This houses a bathroom, film and book archive and laundry facilities. The black box sets about a pattern of architectural movement so that the spaces wrap around it. Each side of the cube is characterized by a different function. The whole space is however a continuous wrap. Each element serves a purpose in movement to reveal a use of space that is compact and deliberate or occasionally obtuse and irreverent. Springing from the clients love for theatre, dance, music and artistic clarity, a monochrome palette became highlighted by gentle warm tones of light, delicate introductions of industrial steel blues, rich dark olive green and unexpected textures.


Mag-Lev Audio | World’s First Levitating Turntable

This has to be one of the most amazing audio technology innovations we have ever seen. Everybody knows that vinyl delivers a richness in sound that can’t be found in any other medium. However, we also know that turntables are outdated. Now, being featured on Kickstarter, the MAG-LEV Audio Turntable aims to change the way that we listen to music forever. 

Bendigo House | Flack Studio

Bendigo House is a remarkably unique home located on several acres in Victoria, Australia. Designed by Flack Studio, the interior is thoughtfully designed to be an exciting visual experience. According to Flack:

The interior of the long, spacious pavilion-style house has been paid uncompromising attention. Opulent, textural materials, a deep tonal palette and generosity of space create a noticeably bold yet comforting environment.

Bold indeed. The combination of textures, colours, and materials form a unique residence that reads more like a work of art than an everyday home. Yet Bendigo House is furnished with all the comforts of modern living: an Eames lounge, fur throws, and soaking tub are impressive additions.


Tentsile Vista Tree Tent

Created to accommodate three adults or two adults and two children, Vista allows you to take off the top part of the tent and breathe in the morning air without having to leave the comfort of your tent as it sports a removable fly sheet roof with a detachable tear-resistant insect mesh that can double as a dry shelf to pack your wet gear or critical camping gear.


Zolt Charger

Don’t worry, mate, your vital electronics will stay all covered with Zolt Charger: probably the smallest and lightest charger you’ve ever seen, this cool device packs some tough-looking tech solutions and enough juice to recharge as many as three of your favorite mobile gadgets simultaneously on the go.