producism manifesto

SNP vs Scottish Labour

Let’s be clear, UK labour have produced a pretty good manifesto minus a few points such as how they’ll go about Brexit etc. But nevertheless, it’s a good manifesto…for England.

The Labour manifesto dedicates a single page to Scottish issues. Not entirely exciting but the manifesto as a whole could have given Scottish labour the opportunity to really get behind it.

They haven’t.

Research any Labour Candidate in Scotland and you are simply met with ‘No more divisive referendums.’ They haven’t capitalised on the manifesto that’s picked up popularity in England.

Anyone contemplating voting for Labour in Scotland please know this, the SNP will be far greater allies to Jeremy Corbyn than Blairite Scottish Labour MPs.

Scottish Labour’s only MP left Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet on the basis that Corbyn was 'not fit to lead’ and got behind the coup to remove him as leader. It is detrimental to Corbyn to have a horde of Labour MPs seeking to undermine his leadership from within the party.

That’s worth bearing in mind as we approaching polling day.

I honestly can’t believe that Corbyn has managed to produce an actual left manifesto, with left policies and has ACTUALLY MADE LABOUR LEFT WING????? And has also managed to become a good leader?? Out of nowhere?? How????

For the first time in forever we actually have a choice in this general election between left and right, not just right and “the same as the right but with a slightly more middle take on some of the policies”.I know labour are not going to win this election but I had given up hope that I could ever find a political party I could fully support, let alone that it could be Labour. Please do yourself a favour and read the labour manifesto, it made me happy cry

When Labour produce a manifesto, Scotland gets a page. Page 101. It’s filled with turning back on promises of being ‘absolutely fine’ with a referendum and a stream of frippery over 'massive numbers of Scots.’

When the SNP produce a manifesto, Scotland gets a whole book.

I will never advocate for a labour government in Scotland.