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Matt just got assaulted by a supporter of Harold Camping in this clip. He’s reporting on his Twitter account that a number of people have stopped by the property, knocking on the Family Radio leader’s door. He’s doing some pretty brave work right now. We’ll keep you updated as hear more from him. (EDIT: He just uploaded another clip from the scene.)
Hey everyone, know ProducerMatthew? He's that guy who scours the interwebs and breaks a lot of hard news. Anyway, he'll post some updates here if any major story angles break out in the next few hours. (He did this last night, too.) Also, read his site. It's informative.

(And some minor housekeeping stuff: Per our 5,000th follower yesterday, we owe you guys a contest. It’ll come tomorrow, when the news will possibly be slower. But we’ll keep you posted.)

Did NYT break Sandusky judge’s order? Twitter debates contempt charges

Did NYT break Sandusky judge’s order? Twitter debates contempt charges!/ProducerMatthew/status/216353714586390529

As we noted tonight, the judge in the Jerry Sandusky child molestation trial ordered media outlets to wait until court was adjourned to transit the verdict.

According to Twitter buzz, local journos believe the New York Yimes ignored the rules.

Here was the NYTimes tweet announcing the verdict at 10:08pm Eastern:


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