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Kathleen Cleaver of the Black Panther Party breaks down “Why we wear our hair like this”

Date: 1968

Source: Black Panthers (documentary)

Produced by: Agnès Varda

Hints & Wild Speculation That John Boyega Is In Talks for a Role in Black Panther

  1. John most recently followed Kevin Feige on Twitter, producer of Black Panther & president of Marvel (this was after he followed the Chopard Award/Cannes folk around May 11/12, so this is a very new development).
  2. John is obsessed with Black Panther and two years ago talked about wanting the title role, but only just now followed Feige. Why?
  3. John was scheduled to appear at the Queen’s 90th Bday Celebration on May 15. Instead, he was on a 10 hour flight to LA, indicating that his reason for being in LA is important.
  4. John snapchatted that he was in a meeting in LA. (I’ve never once seen him snapchat or post about such things so perhaps he’s super excited about this!)
  5. John was spotted at a cafe in/around Beverly Hills around the time of the meeting.
  6. John’s Hollywood mentor is RDJ–Iron Man himself. That can’t hurt his chances at a meeting to discuss a potential role.
  7. Marvel folks are casting and taking meetings now re: Black Panther.

Regardless, he’s obviously in talks for some role and I will be hype no matter what. But there are reasons to think it could be for Black Panther and I WANT TO BELIEVE!