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DAYDAY (데이데이)

Company: HYWY Entertainment



Shin Seola

Real Name: Shin Eunbi

D.O.B: 1993.04.16

  • Former Trainee At Music K & Yamam&Hotchicks
  • Former Member Of Girl Goup N-Bulance


D.O.B: 1997.12.16


Real Name: Jeon Minju

D.O.B: 1994.09.08

- Leader

  • Former Member Of The Ark
  • Former Contestant On K-Pop Star 6


Real Name: Lee Soohyun

D.O.B: 1996.09.05

  • Former Contestant On Produce 101 S1 (Finished At 13)
  • Former I.B.I Member


Real Name: Kim Eunbi

D.O.B: 1994.?.?

  • Appeared On ‘I Can Hear Your Voice’

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up10tion’s sunyoul singing nayana from produce 101 s2 except it’s “the person who will eat chicken is nayana”



Q: “Yeonjung, which trainees are you supporting in Produce 101 Season 2?”

Yeonjung“Brand New’s Park Woojin trainee, his dancing is jjang!”

cr. hyuks-pink-turtleneck

Produce 101 S2 ASKS

now that produce 101 is over I thought it was time to make this

1. Wink boy or Ending Fairy?
2. Top Vocalist?
3. Best Dancer?
4. Best Rapper?
5. Justice League or Avengers?
6. BiL Team one or Team Two?
7. Big Woojin or Small Woojin?
8. Kim Jonghyun or Mnet?
9. Who was your number 1?
10. Best Visual?
11. Get Ugly or Shape of You?
12. Amazing Kiss or Downpour?
13. Super hot or Hands on me?
14. Open Up or Never?
15. Oh little girl or Showtime?
16. Kang Daniel or Jeon Somi?
17. Most underrated trainee?
18. Most all round talented trainee?
19. Most overrated trainee?
20. Produce 101 S1 or S2?

Guide to Produce 101

(based on s1)

This is generally how Produce 101 season 1 went. Season 2 will most likely have a few changes and probably some improvements (or quite possibly some downgrades), so don’t take this as a guide to how season 2 will run. This is just for anybody curious about how the show went down.

I would recommend watching Season 1, as it was really good and emotional, and I.O.I are actual treasures on this earth.

If I am missing something, let me know! If anybody has any questions too, I will definitely answer them! I love Produce 101 so much, and I’m hoping for this season’s success as well!

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i hate to be a debbie downer but this season’s rules are ridiculous???

watching everyone treat mansae team 2 like they were leftovers and that ‘not one of them is talented’ broke my heart, group battles were so much better and a lot more fair last season when each team had at least 1 A-ranked trainee

asking fans to pick the songs for the trainees???? like why would you do that when the trainees are the ones that know themselves the best??

now this two-pick vote? it’s basically begging people to vote for ships and trainees under the same agency but what about those that don’t have those??

Broduce 101 Prompts Masterpost


Person A and Person B:

Meringue, Princess CarryLongtime Fan, Language Woe, Borrowing ClothesHigh Heels, Church, Birthday, Shipping, Pizza, Pretend Couple, Broken Promise, Childhood Friends, Sweater Swap, Fanboy AU, HateBed, Amnesia 


Time Travel, MCM Teddy Bear Part 1, Part 2: Dance Battle, (Fake) Animal Documentary, Watching Anime, Spin-The-Bottle, Second Elimination, Rainy Day, Snowball FightPre-PD101 Videos, Handcuffs, “Mom“, Yongguk, Girls’ Uniform, Egg, Lipstick, Finals Week, Online GamingBaby, Sleepover, Beach, Privacy, Twin, Beach, Hang Out, Makeup


Vampire, TeacherABO, School, Guardian Angel, Spy, Magical, Soulmate, Superhuman School, Special OPs, Daycare, Merman, Street Racing, Disney, Produce 101 S1, AKB48Office

Person specific:

Sewoon: ABO AU, Kingdom AU, Ponyo Loves, Entertainment Company AU, Pizza Delivery Guy

Seonho: Ouran High School Host Club AU, High School Musical AU, Hyung Timesheet, Chick

Kenta: Yakuza, Cafe AU

Jaehwan: Serenade, Opposite AU

Jihoon: Winking Booth, Flawless Photos, Special Agent

Dongho: Gender Bender, Kitty Savior

Daehwi: English

Daniel: Human Peach

Jinyoung: Soulmate AUAngelic Smile

Lee Woojin: Family AU

Park Woojin: Screentime

Seongwoo: Superhero AU

Hyungseob: Egg Nightmare, Bunny

Hyunbin: Thanks To

Gunhee: Frog

Taehyun: Tutor AU

Pair specific:

Donghyun and Sewoon: Something

Sewoon and Jaehwan: The Little Mermaid AU

Sewoon and Jonghyun: Digimon

Jonghyun and Jihoon: Anime Convention

Jihoon and Samuel: Pokemon AU

Samuel and Daehwi: Scary Movie

Daehwi and Dongho: Flowers and Tattoos

Daehwi and Seonho: Costco

Seonho and Minhyun: Neighbor AU

Daniel and Woojin: Cat/Shelter AU

Daniel and Seongwoo: Movie AU

Eunki and Jung Jung: Rival Dance Studio AU

Hyungseob and Woojin: Amusement Park AU

Group specific:

Justice League: Wizarding World of Harry Pote, Model AU

119/Playing with Fire: Dress Up

Masculine Beauty BOOM BOOM/Get Ugly: Hospital AU

Knock and Slate: Swapping Songs

Knock and Nation’s Son: Mafia AU

BNM: Teddy Bears 


Cube: Cube, Espionage AU, Family AU with Dongho

NU’EST: Trainers AU

anonymous asked:

1, 19, 20 c:

1. Wink boy or Ending Fairy?

Ending fairy since the only ending fairy in my heart is Ahn Eggslurpin Hyungseob

19. Most overrated trainee?

I’m gonna get so much hate for this but I think Jonghyun’s rapping is mediocre and as much as he’s a great leader, Jisung (whose leadership was oVERLOOKED) is just as great so yeah

20. Produce 101 S1 or S2?

me, a pr101s2 blog, is going to say season 1 was superior. I really was not let down by the amount of talent overall and how the girls were so close to each other. I feel like there were so many friendships in season 2 that could be more highlighted………… Also jeongmin during growl remains the only video of p101 i have saved in my laptop

most-peculiar-madmoiselle  asked:

Another production question. How was the barn fire filmed/set produced in S1 (Can you tell I'm rewatching older episodes)?

I wasn’t on the show at that time but i believe it was done similar to the Hanley barn fire which was part practical and part CGI. So some special effects flames and some added in post afterwards.

anonymous asked:

16-20 if you have time~~

I do~ I’m going to start working on some performance recaps to post this weekendish too!

16. Kang Daniel or Jeon Somi?

Jeon Somi!

17. Most underrated trainee?

Kim Seunglee and Joo Jinwoo, my unloved vocals.

18. Most all round talented trainee?

Lee Daehwi! (The HOTSHOT boys too, but Daehwi’s more impressive considering his age and training time).

19. Most overrated trainee?

This is one of those questions that garner tons of hate, so let me preface this by saying I adore the kid and would have loved to see him debut, but Kim Jonghyun. Only because his strongest skill is dancing, which I believe is something that can be honed/disguised in idols. That being said, I do love earnest little Onibugi. You’ll always be Nation’s Leader Guardian Angel GodJonghyun to me.

20. Produce 101 S1 or S2?

Season 1 for the talent pool/performances, Season 2 for the drama/production quality.

anonymous asked:

5, 9, 19, 20

5. Justice League or Avengers?

justice league!!!! they were soooo good 

9. Who was your number 1?

i was split between bae jiyoung and lee daehwi lol

19. Most overrated trainee?

hmmmm i hate saying this but either park jihoon or lai guanlin?? i love both of them in wanna one but i never understood the hype around them during s2

20. Produce 101 S1 or S2?

ok this is so hard….but i think season 2?? i LIVED for those bromances and the show was just really funny and interesting. i do think that season 1 had better performances tho. also i didnt really follow IOI after PD101 but i do plan on following wanna one so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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