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희진 [heejin] → 재환 [jaehwan] 7.7

↳ of teacups and sweets (vivid)

♡ ☼ ☁ ☆

현진 [hyunjin] →  민현 [minhyun] 7.8

↳  always staring (around you)

♡ ☼ ☁ ☆

하슬 [haseul] → 지성 [jisung] 7.9

let’s not fall in love (let me in)

♡ ☼ ☁ ❀

여진 [yeojin] → 우진 [woojin] 7.10

↳  hug me for now (kiss later)

♡ ☼ ❀ ✧

비비 [vivi] → 관린 [guanlin] 7.11

↳  summer air (everyday i love you)

♡  ☼ ❀ ☆

김립 [kim lip] → 성우 [seongwoo] 7.12

↳  rude (eclipse)

✨ ☼ ❀ ☆

진솔 [jinsoul] → 다니엘 [daniel] 7.13

↳  hold your breath (singing in the rain)

✨ ☼ ❀ ✧

최리 [choerry] → 지훈 [jihoon] 7.14

↳  perfect (love cherry motion)

♡ ☁ ☼ ✧

이브 [yves] → 성운 [sungwoon] 7.15

↳  rule breaker (new)

✨ ☼ ❀ ☆

츄 [chuu] → 대휘 [daehwi] 7.16

↳  peachy love (heart attack)

✨ ☼ ❀ ✧

고원 [gowon] → 세운 [sewoon] 7.17

↳  princely (one and only)

✨ ☼ ❀ ☆

올리비아혜 [olivia hye]  → 진영 [jinyoung] 7.18

↳  poisoned (egoist)

✨ ☁ ☼ ☆

the one | hmh. [1]

[repost from kangjeons]

genre: angst, fluff

summary: you have a daughter, who is currently three years old. you promise her that her father will be home soon, but when you meet up with minhyun’s friend and group member, seongwoo, seongwoo tells you that minhyun still doesn’t know he’s a father.

part 1

a/n: this was posted on minhyun’s birthday - august 9th!

Break ups are hard and they will always be. But it’s even harder when there’s something you need to tell them urgently, and your side was that you were pregnant with Minhyun’s daughter. You thought that maybe God was playing with you, but it was true when you saw two red lines appear on the test. You couldn’t tell Minhyun, nor did you muster up the courage to. He was busy, he was living his dream of being an idol. He was in one of the most popular groups, Wanna One, and you couldn’t deliver the words to him just over some phone call or text.

You were still lucky to keep in touch with his fellow members, especially Ong Seongwoo, who you grew close with. Even before Produce 101, you were both classmates. He knows about Minhyun’s daughter, and even he refuses to tell Minhyun that he has such a precious daughter. You met up with him when he was in Seoul, he’d visit your apartment or while your daughter was at school you would meet up. It was definitely hard to be a single mother. It was even harder when your own child asks about their other parent, not knowing your past, but not that your daughter would care, since she’s three years old and she would barely understand what a break up would mean.

You were shocked to find that Yuna had asked you not so long ago if she could start calling her Uncle Ong dad. You didn’t know how to respond, so you distracted her with pizza. You felt bad for her, not telling her about her real father, but then again, she wouldn’t understand the concept and what you’ve been through with Minhyun.

“He doesn’t deserve to know.” You say to Seongwoo before sipping your cappuccino. You both met up again since he was in Seoul, and you sent your daughter to school a few minutes ago.

“Really?” Seongwoo questions, “I know I said that I refuse to tell him, but maybe it’s about time..”

“He’s not going to believe he’s the father,” You reply, “And.. I don’t need him to. As long as Yuna knows she has some sort of father figure in her life, I’m okay with it.”

“But Yuna looks exactly like Minhyun..” Seongwoo sighs, “Anyways, aren’t you busy with your files back at the apartment or something? I can pick up Yuna.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want this getting on news headlines or something. Seongwoo, you’re an idol.”

“And so? This doesn’t block me out from still living like normal.” He chuckles and you nod. “Hm. Okay then.”

“I’m actually doing more grocery shopping before I pick up Yuna.”

“Great then, we’ll pick you up there.” Seongwoo says.

“Do you not have a show? Like in Thailand or Australia?” You ask, knowing that Seongwoo has a busy schedule he can’t keep up with himself.

“Off for a few days,” Seongwoo winks, “So I can spend some time with my two favourite people.”

“Daniel’s not on the list, huh?” You tease. “You’re off? That’s a rare occurrence.”

“I know right,” Seongwoo agrees, nodding, “But we finished our tour in Asia so, decided to come back and it took a lot of convincing.”

“Hm, I’d expect you to be in Paris right now to be honest.” You say and Seongwoo laughs, sipping his glass of water.

“The joys of being an idol, honestly.” Seongwoo said.


“Hey baby girl!” Seongwoo says as Yuna runs over to him. Seongwoo picks her up and kisses her cheek, “Hey princess, how have you been?”

“Uncle Ong! I miss you.” Yuna says cutely. “I..I been good!”

Seongwoo chuckles at her response as he walks to his car, holding Yuna and placing her in the carseat at the back. It was very often you’d use Seongwoo’s car, so you decided to keep her car seat in his car anyways.

“Where’s mummy?” Yuna asks, fiddling with her seatbelt. Seongwoo glances at the rear view mirror before reversing.

“She’s doing some shopping for you two.” Seongwoo responds.

“U-Uncle Ong…” Seongwoo smiles hearing her voice. “Yes princess?”

“Are.. You staying at our house?” Yuna asks, looking out the window.

“I’ll see what your mummy says, baby girl,” Seongwoo says, “We’ll pick her up first, then have lunch and we’ll talk about it alright?”

Yuna says a ‘yes’ excitedly, as Seongwoo turns the radio up. “Hey Yuna, it’s my song!” Energetic came on the radio, and in a few minutes, Seongwoo rang you to say he was parked outside the grocery store and helped you put the bags at the back.

“Hey lovely!” You say, sitting in the passenger seat and turning around. “How was school my girl?”

“Good!” Yuna responds, “Hey mummy, could Uncle Ong stay over tonight?”

“Okay,” You nod at her and she claps her hands. “You miss your Uncle Ong, don’t you?” You smile at her.

Yuna nods eagerly and Seongwoo buckles his seat belt, muttering, “Damn right she misses me.” You slap his arm playfully and he glances at you, sending a wink.

You leaned against the door frame, staring at Seongwoo who was reading a story to Yuna, both in Yuna’s bed, her head lying down on his chest. You smiled whenever Seongwoo had put on a fake voice to exaggerate the characters, and it made Yuna laugh hardly. They had such a daughter and father relationship, you felt. You couldn’t imagine what Minhyun would be like to his daughter. You did discuss with Minhyun about getting married and having kids, but you had done one of those without telling him.

“Alright princess, that’s the book for today.” Seongwoo smiles, ruffling Yuna’s hair. “No! Uncle, please..”

“I’ll turn the lights off now, yeah? You need some rest for school tomorrow, sweetheart.” Seongwoo mumbles, “I’ll stay beside you.”

“Wait, Uncle, tomorrow is Saturday..” The young girl mumbles into Seongwoo’s chest.

“You still need a lot of rest, staying up isn’t good for you.”

And in a few minutes, while playing with her soft hair, Yuna falls asleep and Seongwoo carefully takes her head off his chest and adjusts her pillows. He smiles at you, “You heard all of that?”

“I did,” You say, “That was adorable.”

“Best Uncle award,” Seongwoo says smugly. “I’ll take the couch tonight.”

“Okay.” You nod, turning back and Seongwoo taps your shoulder and you look at him, smirking. “What?”

“You’re not going to say ‘I insist, I’ll take the couch tonight?’” He says, and you poke your tongue out at him.

“I’m the girl, you’re the guy. The guys are supposed to take the couch.” You say in a matter-of-fact tone. You laugh at him when he stares at you blankly. “Or.. You could sleep with Yuna. Her body’s tiny.”

“What about you?” He whispers.

“I want space tonight,” You smile.

“Damn,” Seongwoo sighs, “Okay then, I’ll take the couch. Maybe you’ll wake up to me though.”

“You’re gross!” Seongwoo laughs when you close your door on him.

“Oh c’mon! We’ve done this twice already.”

“Stop counting how many times we have slept in the same room together and just sleep, Ong! I’ll kick you out!”

“Try me!” Seongwoo shouts and you roll your eyes before smiling to yourself.


The next day, Seongwoo makes you and Yuna breakfast. He manages to convince you to come along to practice with him for an upcoming show in a couple of weeks, but he promises to spend more time with you and Yuna before the show.

“Fine.” You say, feeling defeated as you sip your coffee. You crossed your arms and Seongwoo gave you a look. Little did you know that the rest of the group would be there, especially Minhyun.

“Yay! Thank you mummy!” Yuna exclaims and she runs over from holding Seongwoo’s leg to hug you. “It’s alright baby.”

You help her get dressed and you all head into the car. Seongwoo plugs his phone in with the aux cord and begins to play his music. “Seriously Ong? Your music? Not gonna play some like Red Velvet, or NCT?”

“Wanna One is superior,” Seongwoo smiles at you, “Oh look, it’s my song. Hourglass.”

“It’s a good song,” You mumble. “You alright at the back, Yuna?”

“Yeah!” Yuna says, “Hey mummy, can we get ice cream?”

“Ice cream sounds good, Y/N,” Seongwoo smirks and you roll your eyes before looking back to Yuna.

“It’s quite early still, sweetheart,” You respond, “Maybe later. Uncle Ong’s treat?” She claps her hands and you wink at Seongwoo.

Later on the car ride, silence fills the car and you realise that Yuna has fallen asleep. This was a good opportunity for Seongwoo to ask you something.

“You know what Yuna asked me?” Seongwoo said, “Before you found us reading the story she picked out?”

“Hm?” You hummed in response, locking your phone and glancing at Seongwoo.

“She asked if she could call me her dad.” Seongwoo mumbles, “I love children, but she’s going to meet her true father in a few minutes.”

You look at him, confused. “Did she really?”

“Yeah,” Seongwoo nods, “I love Yuna, I do.. Maybe it’s because she hasn’t had a father figure in her life.”

“Actually, you’re the father figure in her life,” You said, biting your lip, “Yuna did ask me too, a few weeks ago. She really does consider you as a father, Seongwoo..”

“Should I say yes? I really don’t want to hurt her, but I feel like I don’t deserve you two, I don’t deserve to be considered as a father figure.”

“Did she give you a letter yesterday?” You asked him.

“Nope, what was it?” He glances at the rear view mirror and smiles slightly when he sees Yuna sleeping peacefully.

“The school wants the fathers or father figures to come along,” You said, fiddling with your fingers, “Like an appreciate your dad or your father figure day kind of thing. Funny that Father’s Day is ages away, though.”

“Really?” Seongwoo says curiously, “I’ll go.. If Minhyun uh, doesn’t find out. I’ll check my schedule, when is it?”

“Next Wednesday.”

“I’m free!” Seongwoo yells, before you slapped him on the thigh and looked back at Yuna, “Shit, sorry.”

“Well, that’s sorted and gone.” You mumble. “Now we just need to tell her.”

You arrived at the building, gaping in awe at how huge and prestigious it looked from the outside. Luckily there weren’t fans around, since Seongwoo wasn’t wearing anything to hide his identity. You had Yuna around your hip and she clapped her hands. “Wow! Uncle…”

You both enter the building and Seongwoo walks up to the practice room.

“Hey, Ong.” A voice says from behind. You recognise the accent- Kang Daniel. “Oh hey Y/N! How have you been?”

“Hey, Dan..” You greet and place Yuna down, and she runs to Seongwoo’s legs.

“Hey lil princess,” Daniel greets Yuna, squatting. “Hey Yuna, it’s Uncle Daniel. Where’s your cats Uncle?”

Yuna’s head immediately perks up at the word cats and you smile, bending down. “Say hello to Uncle Daniel, he misses you.”

“H-Hi Uncle..”

“You should come over at our dorm place, my cats are there.” Daniel sits down and hugs the little girl. They begin to talk about his cats and you look at Seongwoo.

“You shit, I thought it was just you practicing,” You mumble, “I’m gonna kill you tonight.”

Seongwoo shrugs and laughs it off, and Daniel stands up. Soon, all members start to come in, they all greet you politely and ask you how you’ve been. You’re glad that they all seem to remember you, Woojin and Daehwi asking if it was Seongwoo’s child, but Seongwoo had whispered and told them about the situation and they understood. And then Minhyun walks in last. He glances at you talking to Jisung.

“Hey Minhyun, you ran late!” Jisung comments and Minhyun chuckles, “I needed the toilet.”

You turn around and you can’t believe that he’s here. He looks exactly the same, except his hair. Jet black this time. “O-Oh, hey.. Y/N..”

You clear your throat and give him a nod before turning back to Jisung. He wonders who the little girl is, and his heart breaks when he sees you whisper something into Seongwoo’s ear, as he picks up the girl into his arms.

“Who’s is it?” He whispers to Daniel, who was next to him.

“Long story. Ask Y/N.” Daniel responds and walks away. The maknaes then begin to play with her, and Minhyun sits down in the circle they’re in.

“Hey guys,” Minhyun greets and Jihoon shuffles a bit. “What’s your name?”

“Hwang Yuna!” Minhyun’s in shock. Hwang? He nods, trying to forget the fact his ears began to turn red, “My name is Minhyun, nice to meet you Yuna.” Yuna then asks to do their greeting and they all gladly do it, fond of the cute girl in front of them. She claps her hands excitedly, and Sungwoon ends up teaching her their greeting. You sit down on the chair outside and watch them play with Yuna.

“Is she yours?” Minhyun asks Seongwoo. Seongwoo shakes his head, “You should probably ask Y/N, I’m a father figure in her life.”

He finds you sitting down outside, and he opens the door and you look up.

“Can we talk?”



kang daniel|the heirs

member: kang daniel
genre: fluff
summary: heirs au! makeover au! you’re the shy girl who blends into the background so why does kang daniel the school’s golden boy keep on trying to talk to you, a few cups of coffee, a makeover and some cuddles will finally make you realise why
heirs series: hwang minhyun | kang daniel | park woojin | yoon jisung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon

  • your school, 101 academy, were full of the most rich, talented and beautiful people
  • it was expected for them to be like that
  • their parents were billionaires and millionaires
  • you on the other hand were nothing like that
  • you didn’t even have parents, they died when you were young and you were raised by your aunt
  • then suddenly one day
  • your long lost grandma who you never met in your life died and suddenly you were surrounded by millions of dollars which included a spot at 101 academy
  • you were just a normal average everyday girl with a good life
  • but when you came here you completely changed into a shy nobody
  • you just couldn’t deal with any of it
  • the luxury, the wealth and the people
  • you were wayyy over your head
  • and you ended up not having friends nobody approached you and you approached no one
  • you made yourself to blend even more in the background by wearing a terrible fitted uniform and not caring the way you looked at all
  • in a way it was kind of depressing but you didn’t mind
  • you actually loved the school itself
  • it was amazing and even without friends you would never move schools
  • plus your video calls with your cousin everyday definitely helped with the whole “friends” bit
  • you thought that you would just sail through school being a loner
  • that all completely changed when you met kang daniel
  • you of course knew of him he was part of the heirs, who wouldn’t know them at your school
  • the 11 boys with absolutely everything, wealth, power, money, looks, talent to surpass anyone else
  • the kings of your school
  • and there was of course kang daniel the resident school’s golden boy
  • with the looks and a smile to melt the iciest of hearts and the money to buy a small country
  • and not mention ridiculously popular
  • gosh there was a mob around him anytime you saw him
  • you avoided that mob with all costs 
  • but one day you got run over by them
  • you were walking down the hallway when daniel walked passed you quickly 
  • then a fucking STAMPEDE of girls were sprinting towards him
  • shouting if it was true if he was in a relationship with this model or something
  • it was bloody chaos
  • you were pushed and shoved really roughly as they tried to reach daniel
  • you ended up on the floor swearing under your breath about “fucking crazy fan girls” and “stupid ass golden boy getting caught with his girlfriend”
  • for some weird reason all the noise stopped abruptly and you heard footsteps walking to you
  • you heard a chuckle that made your heart flutter
  • “need a hand?” said daniel with an amused but sweet tone with his hand in front of you
  • fuck fuck fuck fuck you hope he didn’t hear that you said in your head
  • you slowly tilted your head upwards as your eyes met the gorgeous brown eyes of kang daniel which were crinkling in amusement
  • making your stomach doing backflips
  • your eyes darted everywhere just trying not to look at those eyes again and not to feel THAT way again
  • you were in full on panic mood so instead of doing the normal thing and accepting his hand
  • you got up as fast as possible and sprinted out of that hallway
  • and decided from that moment on you could NOT interact with him
  • and especially not fall for kang daniel
  • he would never even notice you
  • he was probably only being polite when he offered to help you up 
  • you’d be putting yourself up for heartbreak
  • but as you left sprinting
  • you left daniel completely bewildered and his eyes wide with disbelief
  • staring at the direction you sprinted out 
  • he then sprinted the other direction to avoid the fucking crazy fan girls as you said quite elegantly he thought amused
  • he didn’t know who you were but when he saw you on your butt because of the girls following him about some bullshit rumour he felt bad
  • he was amused at how much you were swearing so he decided to offer you a hand
  • instead of blushing, fawning and clinging onto him which most girls do
  • you took one glance at his hand sprinted away before he could even say a word
  • he couldn’t help but be interested about you
  • you were special 
  • different
  • he wanted to know you better
  • he tried to but failed spectacularly
  • whenever he tried to talk to you
  • you’d sprint away from him
  • that happened for about 7 times over the course of 2 weeks
  • 2 weeks of being just plagued by thoughts of you
  • any free moment he’d think of you 
  • he decided he really needed to ask the other guys for advice
  • all the older guys and jihoon were in the heirs room which was provided by the school because their families funded at least ¼ of the school
  • “guys i have problem” daniel announced loudly
  • “do you need one of us to babysit peter and rooney, cause not happening they always interrupt my beauty sleep” jaehwan said in a slightly bitter tone
  • “no i’m not and it wasn’t their fault” daniel replied back defensively
  • “how w-” jaehwan started before getting interrupted by jisung
  • “just spill the beans”
  • “there’s this girl” daniel started before getting interrupted by multiple OOOOOs and wolf whistles
  • rolling his eyes he continued “she runs away from anytime i try to speak to her”
  • the guys clearly not expecting that answer were silent before seongwoo broke out laughing and spluttering out in between laughs
  • “the great gold-den b-boy is g-getting ignored?”
  • “this is absolutely priceless” jihoon said with a smirk
  • “so who’s the special girl” sungwoon asked
  • “her name is y/n y/l/n” daniel announced glaring at jihoon and seongwoo
  • “wait she’s the girl who’s really shy and doesn’t talk a lot right?” minhyun asked
  • “maybe but she RUNS away from me not just being shy” daniel complained
  • “well then don’t speak to her then” jisung said simply
  • sungwoon continued “yeah jisung’s right just sit near her, don’t approach her and see if she’ll start a conversation”
  • “that’s actually not bad” minhyun commented
  • “minhyun, you have a girlfriend any ideas?” daniel pleaded
  • “well i actually think jisung and sungwoon’s isn’t that bad but maybe bring her coffee or a snack as some sort of gift? so if she runs out on you it’s rude?”
  • “damn that might work” seongwoo added
  • ‘well i’ve got nothing to lose, thank guys, i’ll see you later” daniel said rushing out the room
  • “give it a month before they’re a thing” called jihoon
  • “a bet? $100?” seongwoo suggested devilishly
  • “of course” jihoon said with a smirk
  • “BOYS! how many times do i have to say no gambling!!” jisung said exasaperated
  • “but i’m saying 2 weeks” he added cheekily
  • making all the guys laugh and place bets on daniel’s luck with you
  • daniel bought two coffees as he headed towards the library, he saw you there once at a secluded spot so he decided to try his luck
  • he couldn’t help but grin as he saw you there reading
  • you looked adorable in a huge hoodie, sweats, your ill fitting glasses and a messy bun 
  • he took a deep breath and calmed his racing heart
  • he set down the coffee for you in front of you and sat next to you starting to read his assigned book
  • you were surprised at how persistent he was you thought he’d leave you alone after the few failed attempts
  • you knew you couldn’t sprint out of the library plus you were COMFY
  • AND he got you coffee
  • but instead of trying to talk to you
  • he just sat on the other end of the couch reading
  • you were puzzled but decided not to comment
  • so you took a sip of the coffee and to your surprise it was your order
  • a thought popped up in your head
  • did daniel actually care for you?
  • you tried to push those thoughts back
  • he didn’t care about you right? why you? you were nothing special
  • you looked at daniel with a raised eyebrow and he returned it with an amused smile
  • as much you wanted to you couldn’t help but smile softly
  • ending up biting your lip to try to stop smiling
  • making daniel have to repress the sudden urge of wanting to kiss you
  • the next few hours were silent as both of you read and did homework
  • you didn’t notice but daniel would slowly shift towards you
  • from the other edge of the couch to right next to you
  • you were super sleepy and without knowing you fell asleep on daniel’s shoulder
  • to daniel’s shock
  • he saw that you were sleeping on his shoulder
  • automatically he brushed your hair behind your ear endearingly 
  • he never realised but you really were beautiful
  • and for a few minutes he just stared at you lovingly
  • wishing he could call you his 
  • he quickly kissed your forehead
  • and decided that he’d stay awake until you woke up
  • for the next few hours he couldn’t help but think of how he felt around you
  • the soft warm feeling he got when you smiled, and how interested he was in you, also the fact you didn’t treat him any differently
  • you were special, and he wanted to get to know you better
  • without you running away from
  • then there was the fact he wanted to kiss you
  • he knew he liked you
  • but what could he do?
  • you would run away every time he tried to talk to you
  • letting out a sigh he leant his head on yours
  • and held your hand in his
  • with a smile on his face he fell asleep
  • you ended up waking up in that exact position
  • and had an internal freakout but you couldn’t deny it
  • you liked the feeling of having daniel’s hand in yours
  • and he looked so adorable sleeping
  • you couldn’t help but smile
  • and for once you just couldn’t deny your feelings for him
  • with disappointed pang you untangled yourself from the arms
  • as you were about to leave
  • you felt a hand wrap around your wrist and you suddenly were pulled backwards and straight towards daniel
  • resulting to be millimetres away from daniel’s smiling face
  • k drama feels y’all
  • you instantly blushed
  • “where are you going?” he asked
  • “u-uh away from here” you said hesitantly
  • “before you go can i ask you a question?” daniel asked a bit nervously
  • “okay?” you said trying to calm your fluttering heart 
  • “will you go on a date with me?” daniel said nervously
  • you felt like your heart collapsed because of how fast it was beating and your brain went haywire and without thinking
  • you did what you do best
  • you sprinted the fuck out of there
  • which ended with daniel groaning and muttering “for fucks sake”
  • after frantically pacing your room you called your cousin she always had the best advice after explaining everything to her she said to you
  • “so correct me if i’m wrong? you like daniel but you don’t think you’re good enough for him because there are so many better girls than you and you couldn’t understand why he likes you? so instead of accepting the date, you run out on him and now you have no idea what to do”
  • “basically” you say wincing you knew your cousin loved you a lot and hated when you put yourself down
  • “y/n literally the whole problem with this is your self confidence, and no matter how many times i tell you you’re beautiful inside AND out. you need to LOVE YOURSELF. and i know you don’t believe me so to help with that we’re giving you a makeover. thank goodness it’s saturday, get $50,000 ready and book me the fastest first class ticket over there”
  • before you could say a word, she hung up
  • you contemplated and realised you haven’t used any of the money your grandma left you which around was 100 million dollars
  • and maybe your cousin was right
  • a makeover couldn’t be that harmful
  • and maybe it was a step in the right direction to love yourself 
  • after a few hours, you picked up your cousin, exchanging hugs, she dragged you to the mall
  • 8 HOURS shopping later you had a whole entire new wardrobe from underwear to formal and casual wear, accessories and shoes
  • your cousin was great at making sure you were comfortable and stylish 
  • also giving you tips to style yourself
  • then you got 5 sets of new uniform which was tailored perfectly to your body
  • throwing out your old baggy uniform especially the skirt that went to your shins which your cousin deemed the nun skirt
  • you were exhausted by the end of day but you still enjoyed eating ben and jerrys while catching up and watching chick flicks with your cousin
  • the moment you woke up your cousin announced what you two were going to do that day 
  • “okay so today we’re going to get you a full body massage, facial, new glasses, mani pedi, eyebrows threaded, get you some skin care stuff and makeup because you have none and finally hair”
  • before you could protest she dragged you to the mall
  • you got to say the massage and facial was amazing
  • the new glasses looked great on you and they were lighter
  • your nails and eyebrows never looked better
  • the makeup you got was pretty basic especially since you didn’t wear it before just foundation, concealer, mascara, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lip balm and some brushes
  • you also got a simple 3 step skin care routine
  • then you got the biggest transformation with your hair which used to be pretty dull boring
  • but it looked amazing with the new hairstyle
  • as you finally looked yourself in a full length mirror
  • you were so surprised with the transformation
  • from the different clothes, a bit of makeup, different glasses and the new hair 
  • “i’m b-beautiful” you said awe struck
  • you were still you just more stylish, confident, happier and more put together
  • for once you didn’t feel inferior to the girls in your grade
  • and you were happy with the way you look 
  • you knew you could love yourself but slightly annoyed it took you a makeover to be able to take that first step
  • loving yourself is so important this makeover wasn’t about to improve society’s “beauty standards” but to learn to love yourself in your own skin
  • please remember ALL OF YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL 
  • you felt now you had that confidence to talk to people
  • and accept that date from daniel
  • your cousin was beaming at you as she rushed to hug you
  • “i told you, you are beautiful inside and out, and i’m so happy you can finally see that, now i believe you have a date to accept”
  • and for the first time in your life you actually believed your cousin’s words
  • you guys part at the airport with teary hugs 
  • the next morning you brought two cups of coffee to the library hoping to find daniel there
  • you were in luck he was 
  • he was sleeping with his hair sticking out with his uniform on
  • he looked adorable
  • you poke his cheek
  • he stirs and when he sees your face his eyes widen
  • “y-y/n??”
  • “hey” you say softly
  • he looks at you and can’t help but notice the difference in your appearance
  • from your perfect tailored uniform, your hair, just everything
  • “w-wow you look stunning” he says completely shocked at the new look
  • “so i wasn’t stunning before” you quip back jokingly
  • “wait w-what no no of course you were! wait-hey! don’t tease me” he said with a bit of a pout
  • you laugh and he can’t help but automatically smile
  • “here, your morning coffee, you look like you need it” you say sweetly handing him his coffee
  • “hey is that an insult?!” he said jokingly
  • he took a sip and his eyes widened in surprise “my order huh?”
  • “yup i asked the barista if they knew it” you said with a smile
  • “so you do care about me” he said cheekily
  • a blush crept on your face “yeah i do” you said softly
  • daniel broke into a huge grin and he said to you “maybe i can do a do over of saturday morning?”
  • you look at him surprised and your heart suddenly started beating faster as you knew what he was going to ask
  • “so y/n i’ll ask one more time, will you go on a date with me?” he said sincerely but nervously taking a step towards you making your breath hitch
  • with the words from your cousin in mind and the new found confidence in yourself
  • you look at him right in those gorgeous eyes of his and you say sweetly
  • “i’d love to”
  • before you realise it he had his arms wrapped around you and you had your arms wrapped around him
  • he whispered in your ear “can we please skip the morning classes till lunch and just stay here”
  • and you couldn’t say no especially since you wanted to
  • “sure but if we get in trouble it’s all your fault” you say cheekily
  • “yeah yeah just let me cuddle you and i’ll take the blame for anything” he said sweetly
  • your heart completely melted at his words and you of course complied
  • you guys spent the morning finally having proper conversations, cuddling and talking for hours
  • you explained the whole self confidence and makeover situation him and he reacted in the best way possible 
  • “you cousin was right you’re beautiful inside and out, with or without the makeover and you might not see it but i’m determined to make you see how beautiful are no matter how long it takes” he said softly 
  • and before you knew it you were leaning and daniel’s lips were on yours
  • you hand rested on his cheek pulling him closer to you 
  • while his hands snaked around your waist 
  • making your body press up right against his
  • you kissed him over and over and over again 
  • it felt completely right
  • as you guys finally part with the most endearing smiles at each other
  • the bell rung as it signalled lunch time
  • daniel said to you “so if you would do me the honour may i escort you to lunch”
  • while offering you a hand 
  • you snorted but couldn’t help but smile “yeah yeah come on i’m hungry” you say impatiently
  • you two get to the cafeteria and you suddenly realise all the noise died down
  • everyone was staring as you entered with daniel
  • you heard whispers of “who is she? “wow, she’s so pretty” “are they dating??” “she doesn’t seem like much”
  • suddenly you felt a wave of panic and you wanted to leave
  • you felt daniel whisper in your ear “don’t worry about everyone you have me”
  • instead of running like you usually did you held your head high and smiled
  • and with daniel squeezing your hand softly you knew you were going to be good
  • you smiled at daniel sweetly as he led you to the heirs table
  • where all the heirs were sitting and minhyun’s girlfriend
  • all of them looking equally amused not looking surprised at all
  • as you reach the table you heard seongwoo’s voice saying
  • “pay up people i told you it’ll happen by today”
  • everyone groaned as they handed in $100 bills to seongwoo
  • “oh come on guys i wanted to make a good first impression” daniel whined
  • making everyone laugh
  • you could tell with daniel by your side you could be yourself and you were already starting to step out of your shy shell
  • you surprising everyone went to seongwoo and plucked 2 $100 bills out of his hands
  • “since i was the one who accepted don’t you think i should get a share” you say with a smirk
  • and seongwoo just stuck his tongue at you 
  • but internally he already liked you and approved of you being daniel’s future girlfriend 
  • then you sat down next to minhyun’s girlfriend
  • who whispered in your ear “please stick around, i love these bunch of idiots but they give me a headache”
  • you smiled at her and said “i’m definitely planning to stay”
  • then daniel who had his arm around you butted into your conversation
  • smiled lovingly at you making your heart feel like it was melting once again
  • kissed your forehead as he said
  • “she’s definitely staying”


everyone struggles with loving themselves but it’s so important and i hope each and every one of you realise how amazing you are!! and i hope that the scenario got that message across. i know this was long but you guys are used to be my long ass writings so please forgive meee. and remember PLEASE TELL ME WHAT YOU THOUGHT!! any opinions are so appreciated even a few words!! it really motivates me to write!

TO MY LAUGHTER ANON: HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!!! omg i’m so so sorry for not having this up earlier i had to spend time with my family. BUT I HOPED YOU LIKED IIT!! thank you so so much for being my anon, i’m so thankful for you and the anons you send in. you’re so so sweet and i love hearing what’s happening with you. i hope you had an amazing birthday surrounded with your friends and family and receiving gifts!! I LOVE YOU HEAPS!!

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Wanna One Kang Daniel Prince! AU (Part 4)

And here we go, the last part of the Prince AU! Get ready for a wall of text, this is about 50% longer than the other parts (oops). Anyway, this has been such a fun series to write. You can find links to other parts here: 1, 2, 3. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

Originally posted by parkvmins

  • “(Y/N), do you like me?”
  • oh my god no nO NO non non ono noono nO NO NO what do i s ay oh myg od
  • “Uh, no I don’t, weirdo,” you nervously laughed, backing away from him, turning your face away from him so he couldn’t see the blush that was running to your cheeks
  • Daniel stood up, eyes curving playfully, his gaze boring into you
  • “Hmmm… I heard everything, though, (Y/N),” he walked closer and closer to you, you carefully backing up in response
  • What the hell does he think he’s doing right now oh my god
  • “What did you hear? You must be hearing things, I never said that I like you, you should get your ears checked out,” you replied, unable to meet his strong gaze
  • “There are different ways to say you like someone… and I heard,” Daniel began, poking your cheek, “someone here saying they wouldn’t mind marrying me… at all,” he finished, smirking
  • Suddenly, you had a sudden rush of confidence, standing up straight and looking Daniel right in the eye
  • “Well, last time I checked, “wouldn’t mind” doesn’t mean the same thing as “want to”, in fact all it means that I’m completely neutral about marrying you mister,” you replied, wiggling your eyebrows at him, walking right past him to take a seat on the bed
  • You were too focused on stopPING YOUR OWN HEART from exploding out of your chest to notice Daniel’s quiet “oh” in response to your comeback
  • And Daniel was having problems of his own: for some reason, he was… disappointed by your response
  • Suddenly, he didn’t want to talk with you anymore or finish his homework/lesson with you, and silently walked to his own end of the bed, climbing under the comforter, resting his head on the pillow to face away from you
  • He honestly felt like punching something or slamming his body against the bed but willed himself to complete stillness, not wanting to communicate his feelings to you in any way
  • He didn’t realize how excited and happy and built up he had gotten when you had whispered to him, thinking he was asleep
  • And now he knew he shouldn’t be mad, but here he was, unable to talk to you for some reason
  • You were shaken up as well, on the opposite side of the bed, and climbed in without a word, confused as to why Daniel had suddenly stopped talking to you… was he angry?
  • You laid down there, unable to fall asleep for some reason sometimes sneaking glances at Daniel’s huge curled up body
  • You fell into sleep, emptily staring at him from afar, confused about what was happening
  • Daniel, on the other hand, was unable to rest and forget about the night’s previous events
  • He tossed and turned in the dimly-lit room, sometimes facing you, looking at your sleeping face
  • Why am I feeling like this… 
  • He silently raged at himself, never having felt this way before, before one clear and frightening thought entered his mind
  • I wanted her to like me.
  • That was it. That’s the entire explanation, and he still struggled to understand why he wanted that
  • Daniel fell asleep out of exhaustion, his last thoughts before he drifted off being a complete mess
  • zzzz good night you two
  • The next morning, you groggily opened your eyes, only to find yourself face to face with Daniel’s shirt
  • It took a couple seconds for you to process the position you were in: all snuggled up in Daniel’s chest, his arms holding you against him
  • You two slept in the same bed literally every night, and this had never once happened in all that time
  • Keep in mind the bed is huge, and you two are all the way shifted to one side, leaving the other side completely empty
  • Nevertheless, you couldn’t will yourself to move out of Daniel’s grasp, you wanting to stay in this position… for as long as possible
  • You didn’t make a move, and closed your eyes again
  • In your logic, you two were on your side of the bed, so whatever happened wasn’t because of you, so you just went with it
  • You had no idea that Daniel was also awake and pretending to be asleep LOL
  • He was equally shocked when he woke up; he had no idea how he ended up in this position over the night, but he found himself enjoying the feeling of your body warming him up
  • He hoped you wouldn’t feel his heart racing, your face right on his chest
  • And the both of you just laid there, trying to keep yourselves perfectly still, secretly appreciating the other’s presence as much as possible
  • Y’all dumb af lol
  • You two would have just laid there forever until you turned into corpses, if not for the intercom interrupting your peaceful silence
  • “Prince Kang, Miss (Y/L/N), please wash up and join the family for Lunch at noon.”
  • that dAMN security system… the Queen and King are probably watching us like we’re characters in a movie, deciding to “wake you up” now
  • You both twitched in shock from the noise, sitting up in the bed, eyes finally meeting one another (and you two were both pretty much wide awake by now lol)
  • “Oh- um hey,” Daniel greeted you, the first words he had spoken to you since last night
  • You cleared your throat, “hey, good morning”
  • It wasn’t every day you saw Daniel at a loss for words – he was quiet and you two just looked at each other before getting up, mutually agreeing to pretend like last night and this morning never happened…
  • …or so you thought.
  • You were on your way out of his room, mumbling that you would go wash up first, when you heard Daniel’s voice call out from behind you
  • “(Y/N).”
  • You stopped, and turned around, to come face to face with Daniel – when had he gotten so close?
  • You looked at him, not having time to say anything, when his bunny teeth poked out from between his lips
  • “You like me. You totally do.”
  • wait. what? where was this coming from…
  • This time, you had nothing to say to Daniel, and just blankly stared at him, waiting for an explanation
  • Daniel smugly smirked at you, before continuing
  • “Maybe you don’t realize it, but you totally like me, I just get this vibe from you,”
  • “What are you babbling, get ahold of yourself man” you said, kicking his leg and running away
  • You didn’t know what Daniel was trying to pull here, and honestly he wasn’t sure himself
  • He just wanted not to be awkward with you, and for things to go back to normal – and that meant teasing you, even if it was over something that wasn’t… confirmed
  • And maybe, he was hoping to himself that it was true, and telling you that you liked him made him take his mind off the fact that there was a possibility you didn’t, serving as a source of comfort for him
  • Over the next couple weeks, you could count on Daniel to catch literally any small action you did and turn it into a “you like me” thing
  • Every night he would set up a pillow barrier between you two, claiming that other night that you jumped him and he was trying to “protect” his “purity”
  • Even if your hand slightly touched him for one reason or another, he would get all on your case about that
  • “OH I CAUGHT YOU!!!” or “What can I do, I’m so charming, even you couldn’t resist me”
  • Sometimes he’d purposely set you up, asking if you wanted some of his drink, and when you agreed he’d tease you for sharing a drink with him
  • Most of the time you were just too done to respond to him, only managing an eye roll or glare
  • Ong and Jaehwan saw all of this happen, and would give Daniel the "really bro” look every time (just to go unnoticed by him)
  • To them, it was obvious that all this teasing was just a sign that he had a huge crush on you (which they had picked up a while ago)
  • They’d whisper about Daniel right in front of him lmao
  • “Daniel is good looking, but really bad at dating”
  • “I have no idea what he’s doing”
  • “What a freak”
  • “It’s funny how he claims (Y/N) likes him over the dumbest things but he can’t realize he likes her over the same teasing he does to her”
  • “That’s dumb Daniel for ya”
  • Daniel was really like a little kid, unable to figure himself out
  • He was the type to tell someone directly when he liked them, but he hadn’t seemed to have figured out his feelings for you… weirdo
  • So you were stuck with all this teasing, but you were in too deep in your own feelings for him that you didn’t even care at this point LOL
  • Everything was stuck in this strange limbo between friendship and dating until one day, when you were to take a multi-day trip to attend a competition for one of the clubs you were in at school
  • And of course, Daniel made this big deal about you going to miss him
  • “If you get too sad while I’m not there with you, feel free to call me or anything (Y/N), I’ll make sure my phone is always turned on for you, I wouldn’t want you to be sad on your trip,” he teased, poking your cheeks (he tended to do that a lot lol)
  • The line between joking and serious was completely blurred at this point, and for the time being you didn’t make an effort to clear it
  • “Sure thing, fella, I could say the same to you,”
  • You went on your trip, and on your end it was for the most part uneventful
  • After all, you were already self-aware of your emotions for him, and you had already come to terms with missing him for a few days
  • but the case wAS DIFFERENT FOR MR. KANG HERE
  • He had laughed at his own jokes over sending you off, but once you had left, he was an absolute mess
  • That afternoon at the coffeeshop, Daniel barely spoke a word to Ong and Jaehwan, and kept checking his phone and putting it back in his pocket over and over again
  • After a while, Daniel couldn’t take it anymore, and told Ong and Jaehwan that he had to leave
  • “I think I’m feeling sick, I have no idea why, my head hurts for some reason, I’m going to go home early today guys”
  • Jaehwan and Ong already knew that if they told Daniel he liked you, he would just deny it and tell them they were crazy
  • This one, he had to figure out on his own
  • Daniel couldn’t focus at all; when he arrived back at the palace, he had no idea what to do
  • For some reason, he couldn’t remember what he used to do after school before you lived with him
  • He tried playing computer games and eating food but couldn’t stop checking his phone
  • “She definitely misses me, why isn’t she texting?”
  • He even checked his temperature, trying to find the cause of the weird feeling that was taking over his body
  • He flopped on his bed, staring at his phone and flailing his limbs around because he’s strange
  • Daniel found himself mindlessly tapping his phone to almost call you multiple times before catching himself and stopping
  • But on one attempt, he failed to stop himself and the call went through, unbeknownst to him LOL
  • “Hello?” Your voice called out from the other line
  • wa w ahat (Y/N) how is she here what why is she on the call
  • He quickly came to the wrong conclusion, that you had finally called him, quickly getting cocky again
  • “Ah, (Y/N), looks like you finally caved in and called me, I know you couldn’t resist, you totally missed me, but what can I expect if you like me so much,” he cackled out
  • You were, obviously, extremely confused as to what was happening
  • “Daniel? I didn’t call you though,” you replied
  • “Yes you obviously did, Miss (Y/N)”
  • “Daniel. Literally check your phone, you’re the one who called me, if anything, according to your own logic, this means you are the one who misses me and you like me, idiot”
  • wait, what? Daniel checked his phone log, the outreaching arrow indicating that he was the one who had started the call, his eyes nearly popping out of his head when he saw the symbol
  • He sat there in silence, shocked, still on the call
  • “Daniel? Are you still there?” your voice reclaimed his attention
  • “yeah,” he responded, shocking you – in that one word, you heard softness and vulnerability
  • “Uh- are you okay? Did something happen?”
  • Without thinking, Daniel finally let loose the words that had been sitting on the tip of his tongue for so long, shocking the both of you
  • “I think I like you, (Y/N).”
  • “What?”
  • Everything was becoming clear to Daniel – how had I not figured this out earlier? You’re literally such a fool, he thought, scolding himself
  • More confidently this time, he repeated himself
  • “(Y/N). I definitely like you. I miss you too.”
  • “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this is happening now, Daniel I’m literally on a bus right now,” you quietly laughed into the phone, hoping the sounds of the bus were too loud for others to hear your conversation
  • Hearing your laugh made Daniel’s heart literally flutter, his feet kicking his bed in happiness
  • Everything was finally making sense, and that was in itself comforting
  • “Sorry I didn’t tell you before, (Y/N), I literally just figured it out. Like 30 seconds ago,” he giggled back at you
  • “You’re so dumb; this whole time you were the one making fun of me and telling me that I was the one who liked you, you fool”
  • “Well, I mean, you do, right? Like me?”
  • “No, I don’t, and now I’m going to tease you about liking me for months!” (you couldn’t hold back at this momentary revenge on him)
  • But Daniel felt his heart drop at your answer
  • “Wait, you don’t? But- but you always stare at me and joke with me and we’re just perfect together you have to like me!” Daniel cutely protested, and you completely gave in – you were a total sucker for him
  • “I’ve literally liked you since that holiday party months ago, don’t even I’ve deadass been waiting for a sign from you since forever” you replied, unintentionally confessing more than you had intended
  • “Wait what? Since the party? Oh my god, you’re SO into me, and I’m never going to forget it”
  • “Ugh I’m hanging up, I can’t believe I told you that,” you said angrily, but Daniel heard the smile in your voice
  • “Okay, we can continue this juicy information session later then, dumbo”
  • “Bye sweetheart”
  • “…never call me that again or I will end you”
  • “I thought you were leaving? Can’t seem to end the call with me? You really are in too deep girl”
  • “Shut up I’m going now” you hastily hung up
  • And the both of you just sat in your respective locations, with huge grins covering your faces
  • Not once could you two have a prolonged nice moment without turning to harass the other… but nevertheless, it felt so right
  • For the next couple days of that trip, you two called each other every night, but throughout the day solely communicated through those sticker emojis on the text message app (wtf)
  • When you returned to the palace after what seemed like the longest 4 days of both of your lives, Daniel was the first one to greet you, opening the doors of the palace himself, urging the servants to let him do it himself
  • You began to greet Daniel with a simple “hey”, but he immediately smothered you in a tight hug, making the servants giggle in shyness behind him
  • “Dan- dude I can’t breathe” you mustered out, your face smushed against his chest
  • All he did was laugh in response and drag you to his room, quickly closing the door behind him and holding you still in front of him, his hands cupping your shoulders
  • He looked like a complete puppy, happy and shy and excited at the same time
  • He still hadn’t said anything, and was still laughing, breathing heavily at the shameless running the both of you had just done
  • And just like that, you felt his lips on your forehead, there one second and gone the next
  • “Oh my gosh, that felt as good as I imagined,” he breathed out, sTILL LAUGHING LIKE HE WON’T STOP LAUGHING
  • You could only look at him, taken completely by surprise, rapidly blinking due to the closeness between the two of you
  • “Can I do it again?” Daniel asked, finally getting a hold of himself
  • “Like you asked the first time,” you muttered, feeling your heart dance as he wrapped a hand around your waist, pulling you closer to him
  • “Good point. Sorry about that. Can I do it again though?” he cockily asked
  • You snatched up some confidence you didn’t know you had, and pecked his lips in response, making the both of you pink
  • “Um- I couldn’t reach your forehead,” you sheepishly explained, leaving Daniel the one in shock this time
  • “Oh, sorry, I should’ve asked,” you apologized to Daniel, confused at what he was silently thinking
  • “No. It’s fine.” he rasped back at you, his eyes changing to something more… intense, before nodding at himself and simply embracing you in a hug, patting your hair with one of his hands
  • “I’m glad you’re back,” he mumbled into the top of your head
  • “I was only gone for a couple days, Dan”
  • “Still cmon you missed me too,” he prodded, slightly nudging your leg with his knee
  • “Yes I am aware”
  • “I mean, not like I had to ask, you’re the one who’s liked me since the holiday party, jeez”
  • You stepped away from him in response
  • “Oh, you wanna go there? Really? You’re the one who confessed over the phone after calling me and proceeding to claim that I was the one who called and missed you”
  • “HEY”
  • Welp, there goes that moment NICE ONE GUYS
  • And the two of you were all weird again, bickering as usual…
  • but you wouldn’t have it any other way :’))
  • The both of you officially dated from then on, making the King and Queen very happy about the development
  • And yes, they did tell you to begin preparing for grandchildren after you two got married, making you two very embarrassed LOL
  • You two actually didn’t talk about marriage, but it was looming over your heads
  • Jaehwan and Ong were relieved that Daniel had finally figured himself out, and they complained to him about all the times he annoyed them over it LOL
  • You two actually went out alone sometimes now, but for the most part your relationship was the same as before… except for the occasional attempts at romance and… intimacy aHEM
  • Daniel would do the cringiest things, like say dumb pickup lines and help you put on your shoes, calling you “princess” (which makes sense)
  • You would be mesmerized or disgusted by these efforts, and frequently made fun of him, but you both just liked each other so much so it didn’t matter much LOL
  • The King and Queen absolutely adored the two of you, and were incredibly satisfied that their master plan had resulted in fruits of success
  • They caught you exchanging your first “love you”s and blushes and the Queen literally screamed jfc
  • (why Daniel said “love you” instead of “thank you” when you passed him the juice at dinner one day was still unknown to this day)
  • And slowly, over the course of weeks, the both of you drifted together before sleeping, getting closer and closer until one day you both just began falling asleep in the other’s arms, both of you extremely content
  • And one night, as you two were drifting off together, Daniel’s voice softly called out to you
  • “(Y/N).”
  • “Hmmm?” you groggily responded, about to fall asleep
  • “I already call you my princess, why don’t we just make it official?”
  • Suddenly, you were wide awake – did… did he just propose to me?
  • Like you two were already set to have an arranged marriage in the next year according to the parents, but why were these words making you so happy?
  • “W-what?” was all you managed to get out, a smile already forming on your lips
  • “(Y/N), you know what I mean. Let’s get married?”
  • You couldn’t hold back your excited squeal as you pulled yourself into Daniel’s warm chest, quickly nodding in response
  • A year ago, you couldn’t imagine being proposed to, in the middle of the night, cuddling with the nation’s literal Prince Kang Daniel, but here you were… and now this life seemed not only normal, but necessary
  • “Okay, sounds good. Good night Princess (Y/L/N),” Daniel whispered, as if he didn’t just propose to you a minute earlier… 
  • And you loved him for that.
  • “Night, Daniel.”

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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A/N: Ahh I hope that ending was alright… guess I wanted to keep it a simple contrast to what happened right before that 😉 This part came out to be longer than the others, but I really wanted to finish it up this time. Hope you enjoyed!

I haven’t been updating as frequently as I am preparing for pre-college things, but I also don’t want to rush so that I can make sure to put out quality writings that I feel confident about. Hope that makes sense!

Thank you once again for all of the patience! I know many of you have been waiting for a while 💖

  • Seongwoo, yelling across the apartment: Ong!
  • Daniel: Kang!
  • Seongwoo: ONG.
  • Daniel: KANG.
  • Seongwoo: ONG!!!
  • Daniel: KANG!!!!!!
  • Minhyun: Wait, why are they both shouting their own last names?
  • Jisung, without looking up from his phone: They're fighting over which one to use when they get married.
kang daniel | prince au! part 1

gif @defsouldanik

member: kang daniel
genre: fluffy
summary: prince au! you end up being one of the castle maids as a punishment from your mother, what happens when you end up walking into the crown prince kang daniel’s room and see him shirtless eating gummy bears?
requested: yes! i’ll also be making a part 2 if people request it!
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 (final)

  • you were one of the duchesses in the kingdom and you were quite well known
  • but you hated your fame, your status, all you wanted was to be normal
  • the first school you went to people treated you so differently, always using for your money and status, guys were always trying to arrange marriage contracts
  • by the time you went to middle school, you were so sick of it so you asked your parents if you could go into disguise and they agreed
  • middle school was normal, you were a bit of a loner but you didn’t mind because at least you weren’t harassed all the time
  • by high school you glowed up A LOT, you were gorgeous, you ended up being student body president, in like 3 sports clubs, straight A student, and popular
  • but this isn’t because you wanted to but your mother and father’s expectations of you really hit hard and you felt immense pressure daily
  • though you decided to stay in your disguise because you really couldn’t handle people knowing you were a duchess
  • even though your school was known to have royalty and famous people there like dukes, duchesses, politicians, pop stars, actors, athletes went there
  • even the crown prince kang daniel and his half brother ong seongwoo went to your school
  • you only had one best friend and she found out you were a duchess and didn’t judge at all and treated you just the same
  • which is why you loved her so much 
  • one day you came home and your parents basically told you 
  • “sweetheart don’t get mad but we’ve arranged a marriage with prince ong seongwoo” 
  • you went fucking ballistic and even that was an understatement
  • reasons being:
  • 1. your best friend was dating seongwoo
  • 2. he was not your type whatsoever
  • 3. you secretly had a crush on his half brother daniel
  • but everyone had a “crush” on daniel
  • he was the crown prince who was still kind, humble, funny
  • and not to mention hella handsome
  • you just accidentally ended up liking him when you split coffee all over his white button up probably like $3000 shirt 
  • which ended up in his fangirls glaring and you profusely apologising and offering money for dry cleaning 
  • but he just gave you the most adorable bunny smile and chucked and waved you off 
  • “no it’s completely fine, don’t worry mistakes can happen” he said sweetly making your heart flutter
  • if we were talking real talk he would of just stripped that shirt right then and there
  • you just thanked him with a slight blush on your cheeks and basically sprinted away from the humiliating situation 
  • you thought about how nice he was even though he was the prince and could of made you pay thousands of dollars
  • you also couldn’t get that gorgeous adorable smile out of your mind
  • you return back to your thoughts of marrying seongwoo and you’re automatically pissed off 
  • since you were young you knew you were going to get sold off like an animal to the highest bidder well the person with the most wealth, power and fame
  • but you thought that’d be after you graduated high school and had a bit of fun in your life 
  • but nope
  • your parents also told you were to stop wearing your disguise and your engagement to seongwoo will be announced at the summer solstice ball in a few months
  • after you heard that you basically refused talking to them and interacting with them 
  • you finally ended up talking with them after holding a grudge for like a month
  • you and seongwoo met up the next day, you ready to slap him and you screamed
  • “YO Y/N CALM YOUR FARM IT WAS NOT MY CHOICE! I love y/b/f/n you know that! You were just the most eligible girl for me because of your perfect school record, money, power, and you were also a duchess”
  • “fuck, you know about me being a duchess, and it ain’t my fault my parents are constantly pressuring me to be perfect in every single way possible.”
  • “yeah i get it and of course i knew about you being a duchess, it’s me. now let’s make a deal, we both try our god damn hardest to get out of this engagement and in the mean time I’ll keep dating y/b/f/n and you just stay depressingly single as always.” 
  • “seongwoo shut the fuck up i’m perfectly happy being single and fine deal, only for y/b/f/n not you. but our parents can’t find out you and y/b/f/n are dating or they’ll kill both of us. Oh and by the way I’ll be going to school without my disguise so if people find out we’re engaged you’re the one that needs to deal with them.”
  • you ended with a harrumph and sassily turned your back on him before he could protest
  • you both told your best friend and she was upset at first but understood then was super grateful that she could still continue dating seongwoo with you supporting it
  • you were just happy they were happy but they made you want to have a relationship and puke all at the same time
  • people end up being so shocked when you turned up the next day without your disguise on and asked so many questions, that the principal actually had to announce it to the whole school
  • that you were a duchess and you were under a disguise the whole time
  • after that people constantly tried to talk/flirt to you and you were so sick of it but you still tried to continue your normal everyday life
  • the most embarrassing encounter for you about revealing your identity was when you bumped into daniel and he said curiously “oh you’re not wearing your disguise anymore”
  • you were so surprised he knew as well “oh you knew, i mean your hi-highness” you stuttered out nervously
  • cursing yourself at how you were feeling
  • “don’t call me your highness it’s too formal, call me daniel” he said sweetly
  • “hello daniel, i’m y/n” you said shyly 
  • “i’ll pretend i don’t already know your name” he said teasingly with a wink and then continued
  • “of course i knew about the disguise as the crown prince i’m supposed to know about my subjects you know” he said jokingly 
  • he then whispered in your ear making you blush so hard
  • “seongwoo actually told me, but you look prettier without your disguise, but then again you always look nice”
  • he then blushed, but also cheered internally cause that was smooth, but had no idea why he even said that and then he didn’t even know what to say next so he basically ran away
  • mhmm smooth daniel smooth
  • you giggle at him running away thinking how adorable he is
  • also being super confused at why he complimented you because he wasn’t known to be a huge flirt or a womaniser
  • when he found out you and seongwoo were engaged he felt super disappointed but he had no idea why
  • he couldn’t sleep all night and just thought of you and seongwoo getting married and frowning furiously at the thought
  • you on the other hand were snoring yourself to sleep lol me tho
  • anyways your parents eventually found out that seongwoo was dating your best friend and that you knew about it and supported it
  • then they went full rage on you going on and on about you were bringing shame and disgrace to your family
  • you felt horrible after that 
  • they wanted to punish you so they made you one of the castle’s maids for 1 month
  • you were furious because you had school, assignments, sports clubs, being student body president and on top of that 
  • they basically wanted you to collapse of exhaustion
  • but you knew you angered them enough and they wouldn’t budge on this matter so you just agreed
  • the next day after school you went to the castle
  • the head butler looked surprised when you said you were the new maid knowing you were a duchess
  • you explained it was a punishment and he just nodded
  • luckily he took pity on you and said you didn’t have to wear the maid uniform but you could wear comfy clothing
  • you were so happy and changed into a pair of grey sweatpants and a loose black t shirt
  • he told you to clean the crown prince’s room because it always dirty and the prince wasn’t at home so you can go right in and start cleaning
  • you sigh as you pick up the cleaning supplies heading to daniel’s room cursing your parents for doing this to you
  • and to seongwoo for not being more careful
  • you enter the room and as you walk in and you spot 
  • daniel. with a towel around his neck. wet messy hair. eating gummy bears
  • and guess what
  • he’s shirtless
  • he looks at you in shock
  • and you both stare at each other with wide eyes for a few seconds
  • 1…2…3….SLAM! 
  • you dropped the cleaning materials and slam the door shut
  • and just lean against the door trying to process everything 
  • you couldn’t calm your racing heart, or not feel all hot, sweaty and bothered
  • and couldn’t get the image out of your mind like how could you not he had a perfect 6 pack and his adorable sleepy expression made you into a puddle of goo
  • but you also suddenly really craved gummy bears
  • and on the other side of the door daniel is in shock, still staring at the door processing everything
  • also feeling really bad for giving you such a fright
  • and thinking how cute you looked in sweatpants and a t-shirt 
  • only seeing you in your prim, proper uniform at school
  • he looks at the cleaning supplies and realise it was a punishment for what happened with seongwoo
  • seongwoo and the king and queen had a huge fight over the whole incident, daniel having to try to calm seongwoo down and not to punch the shit out of their dad
  • he shook the bad memory from his head and felt really bad you had to be a maid especially since he knew how busy you were
  • he made a promise to himself if you ever clean his room again he’ll help you to clean it or just let you rest
  • he put a t-shirt on and chuckled remembering your wide eyed expression and how you just slammed the door 
  • he wanted to let you know that you could come in now
  • but he didn’t know that you were still leaning against the door
  • then daniel suddenly opened it
  • causing you fall backwards right into his chest with your arms flailing around
  • he catches you and gets a whiff of your vanilla scented hair and he completely falls in love with the smell
  • he steadies you and you face him
  • your face is bright red because of how embarrassed you are and the fact you’re so close to him
  • and also super amazed at how solid his chest was perv
  • “t-thank you, i’m like like uhh really sorry for like all of the mess and inconvenience and ugh you get what i mean” you ended just being fed up with yourself for being such a mess
  • he chuckles making you smile 
  • “it’s completely fine but are you okay? are you hurt?” he said concerned
  • “no i’m okay really i’m fine, i’m sorry for not knocking the head butler said you weren’t home, i can like go if you want? but like i also need to clean your room” you said super rushed peering around the room 
  • your mouth was dropping lower and lower, looking at what a pig sty it was
  • “since it’s a pig sty” you accidentally slip out and you put your hand to your mouth and your eyes widened
  • then daniel fully burst out laughing and you couldn’t help but giggle, his laugh was contagious
  • “it’s true it really is a pig sty, please clean it, also i’m so sorry you had to get pulled into this seongwoo mess” he said apologetically
  • “it’s nothing to feel sorry about, i just wish seongwoo was more careful but i know he didn’t mean it” you say nonchalantly 
  • you end up talking the whole time and cleaning 
  • both of you enjoyed each other company so much 
  • talking, laughing, joking around and becoming closer
  • and of course you tried to calm your racing heart the whole entire time
  • and daniel couldn’t find the reason why he was so smiling so much
  • daniel even ended up cleaning with you feeling super bad about the whole situation
  • which you protested at first
  • but he countered
  • “come on we both have 2 papers due in a week and an exam as well, do you really want to spend all your time cleaning?”
  • you just groaned and nodded
  • you guys actually had a lot of fun cleaning
  • you two made cute little dances and songs and you put on girl group songs and have cute cover dance sessions
  • with him dancing adorably to twice’s signal
  • daniel would let you go on his shoulders so you could reach higher places
  • which ended up with you begging for piggy backs he’d agree but you would have to do aegyo for him
  • “daniel nae maeum sogae jeojang!”
  • “ew that was disgusting but whatever hop on” he’d say ignoring the thought screaming in his head how cute you were
  • you also ended up jumping on his huge king sized bed and doing all sorts of failing jumps and flips
  • which ended up with you guys in a pile of laughter
  • when you finally ended up finishing cleaning the room 3 hours already passed and you were late for dinner
  • “oh shit sorry daniel, i got to go i have dinner with my parents in like 20 minutes” you say trying to pack up the cleaning supplies in a hurry
  • “oh okay i actually had a lot of fun y/n, so come and clean my room a lot!” he said cutely like a little puppy
  • ”hmmmm only if you buy me food” you said suggestively
  • “gosh what is it with you and food fine deal just come soon okay?” he says with a smile and his eyes lit up as you smile brightly back and nod
  • anyways this became a routine
  • daniel would always make his room messy and the head butler knew to send you to clean his room
  • you’d both clean, eat, do homework and just enjoy each others company
  • he also ended up getting a lot of vanilla scented candles because he was that addicted to your scent 
  • you never realised tho till seongwoo told you like wayyy in the future
  • but he still didn’t realise he was madly in love with you ffs daniel
  • you even end up seeing seongwoo on a few occasions who just teases you two before you threaten to beat him up
  • but during the time you were spending with daniel you ended up falling for him hard
  • like you thought of him day and night
  • every time he’d smile at you at school you’d feel all happy and giddy 
  • when you were together you always had the best time and he made you feel so comfortable 
  • daniel definitely had feelings for you but was also super oblivious to them
  • like he’d just break out into a huge grin if he ever saw you smile
  • all he wanted to do was spend time with you
  • and if any guy even touched you he felt like bashing them up
  • but he had no idea what he was feeling because he has never liked anyone this much before 
  • but he finally realised his feelings one night 
  • it was a friday night and you guys end up watching a movie with seongwoo
  • you were so tired because of your busy schedule you fell asleep in the middle of the movie
  • daniel looked at you peacefully sleeping and wrapped a blanket around you so you wouldn’t get cold
  • for the rest of the movie he just couldn’t stop staring at how peaceful and beautiful you looked while sleeping
  • then just as the movie ended he had this sudden urge to kiss you 
  • which is when the realisation hit him 
  • he was falling for you
  • hard
  • well he already fell for you 
  • he was just falling deeper and deeper
  • he didn’t think there really was a limit of how much he could love you 
  • he completely freaked out and seongwoo was like the fuck
  • and he explained then seongwoo burst out laughing and said 
  • “you just realised you liked her HOW BLIND ARE YOU” 
  • “ugh i don’t even know don’t judge me i just didn’t process it WHATEVER”
  • “but like daniel IF YOU PROPOSE TO HER at the summer solstice ball THAT MEANS you can date her and I CAN DATE y/bf/b!!!”
    “are you crazy? she’s madly in love with you, everyone can see it except you two”
  • “wait actually?? but like i won’t propose to her but i’ll ask her to be my girlfriend ITS BETTER THAN SOMETHING AS SERIOUS AS PROPOSING”
  • “but dude you need to propose, our parents insisted we have till the summer solstice ball to find our brides”
  • “I CAN’T THINK ABOUT THAT seongwoo we are way too young for this”
  • “yeah i know, but just think about it okay?? but actually sleep for once”
  • “i will don’t worry yourself too much either sleep tight”
  • awww bromance ongnielisscience for life ppl
  • daniel looked at you still peacefully sleeping and before he could help himself
  • he planted a small light kiss on your forehead and whispered into your ear
  • “sweet dreams y/n, i hope you dream of me”
  • he then carried you all the way to his bedroom 
  • which is two flights of stairs
  • he was panting as he put you down on his bed
  • the then tucked you in and made sure you were warm and comfy
  • he stared lovingly at you in this whole process
  • and then he contemplated whether to sleep in his bed or not
  • and he decided he would but just at the very edge so you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable when you woke up 
  • and that night he did sleep well dreaming of how it would be like being married to you 
  • you woke up
  • feeling super duper warm and comfy
  • you felt a muscular arm wrapped you
  • and your head on a warm solid shoulder
  • and someone’s chin on your head
  • and a super solid chest supporting your head/body
  • you have internal freak out
  • you look up to see his face his eyes closed and him lightly snoring
  • he looked so gorgeous you couldn’t help but appreciate all his facial features 
  • his messy brown hair which was sticking up everywhere and his peach pink lips 
  • you couldn’t help but give a small kiss on his nose
  • you just really couldn’t help yourself
  • you loved the feeling of cuddling him, you felt warm and safe and it was  just like your small little heaven there in his arms 
  • and you can’t help but enjoy it a lot
  • so for that blissful moment you just wanted to pretend he was yours and he wasn’t the guy thousands of girls dreamed they were with
  • and that he actually liked you 
  • you snuggled back into his chest 
  • and before you know it
  • you drifted off to sleep again

the next chapter will be all about the ball and the proposing stuff THERE WILL ONLY BE 3 CHAPTERS this is the first chapter also IM SORRY THIS WAS SOOO LONG and I took like 2-3 days to post this SO IM REALLY SORRY. THIS WAS SO MUCH FLUFF THO I CANT i hope y'all enjoyed please tell me if you want chapter 2 or not thank you for reading!!!

Wanna One Kang Daniel Prince! AU (Part 3)

Sorry for the delay, y’all! You can find the first part here, the second part here and the fourth part here. Enjoy! (You + Kang Daniel)

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  • After that day, you had been even more shy than usual around Daniel, now aware of your deeper feelings
  • You were falling harder and harder for Daniel, but it seemed completely one sided to you; to him it was probably mainly a business deal
  • But regardless, it was still easy to hang out as friends
  • Anyway the two of you didn’t exactly know how to try “dating” other than hanging out as usual with Ong and Jaehwan
  • The four of you frequented a cafe after school, only ordering pastries instead of actual drinks, and played board games or cards together for a couple hours
  • Afterwards, all of you would head back to your homes, Ong always walking you to your bus stop because Daniel had his drivers and Jaehwan lived in an opposite direction
  • You and Ong weren’t friends at first, but he was really funny with an open personality, and got closer to you
  • He’d always joke around about how Daniel hadn’t been friends with a girl since forever, and it was incredible how you randomly popped up
  • Openly told you that he wanted the two of you to get together because it’d be “satisfying”, which was weird he already thought this considering the situation you and Daniel were in lol
  • You and Daniel decided not to tell Ong and Jaehwan for the time being about the “arrangement” because you knew they would immediately start teasing the both of you about it (even more than they already did)
  • Anyway your day was pretty much like this for a couple weeks: going to school, hanging out with friends after school, and then heading back home
  • You didn’t think it’d be this simple, but when you asked Daniel about it, he just flashed that smile and replied that he’d been telling his parents that “you two were going on dates every day after school”
  • This is pretty easy if it counts as dating.
  • But no, of course it couldn’t be that easy: the Queen had asked her servants to check up on how you and Daniel were doing on the dates, and when she found out you two were just hanging out with friends, she was unhappy, to say the least
  • It all went down one day after school… you, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan were all getting ready to walk to the cafe, but as soon as you exited the school front doors, there they were: the Queen’s loyal servants YAY
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), Prince, please come with us, the Queen requests your presence at the palace,” one of the men said, leading you to the car, leaving Ong and Jaehwan protesting “what about me, oppaaa” to the servants, earning some sour looks (wtf)
  • You and Daniel sat down in the car, and immediately you theorized what the problem was
  • “Oh my god Daniel they know, they know that we haven’t been actually dating this entire time, they’re going to be so pissed at us, what are we gonna do oh my god omghfj sod-”
  • Daniel just laughed because that’s what he does and squeezed your cheeks with one hand
  • “(Y/N), they’re just my parents, what are they gonna do, it’s probably just so we can eat dinner with them today, chill”
  • You glared at Daniel, and silently freaked out for the rest of the car ride; you just had this feeling that something was up
  • The both of you arrived at the palace and were immediately sat down at another large dinner table; different from the previous times
  • You kicked Daniel under the table; something was definitely up, you just knew it
  • A couple minutes later, the King and Queen showed up, and quietly sat across from you, softly smiling
  • “What’s up guys,” Daniel casually asked, you side-eyeing him
  • “Oh, we just wanted to have dinner together!” the Queen chirped, the King nodding along
  • “I told you, (Y/N),” Daniel said, nudging you, “dumbass”
  • You let your guard down, but kept getting the vibe that something was wrong
  • You decided to go ahead and enjoy the food, Daniel also did so, stuffing his face like he hadn’t eaten in… ever
  • After you all finished dessert, you and Daniel collapsed back in your chairs, groaning at how full you two were
  • And finally, the Queen let you know why you two were actually here, the both of you completely dead from all the food
  • “So we’ve heard that you two have been going on some fun dates together, looks like you two are really getting a great taste of what a relationship is like, that’s great for you!”
  • The two of you just stared at her: where was this going…
  • “We don’t think this is enough though, we’d like you two to get even closer. Part of this deal is that (Y/N) learns how to get used to life in the palace, and how to act as the Princess!” the Queen exclaimed, pausing for a second before nudging the King
  • “Oh, yes, so (Y/N), from now on you should eat dinner here, and feel free to sleep here during the night time,”
  • “Oh, that’s completely fine, I’ll be going now, thank you for the meal,” you said, standing up from your chair, before the Queen interrupted
  • “Ah, no, (Y/N), what we mean is that you must eat and sleep here, in order for you to more properly adjust and expose yourself to what life as the Princess will be like,”
  • “But what about my pare-”
  • “We have already notified your parents of this arrangement, and they have more than accommodating of the plans, please be comfortable,”
  • You shot a look at Daniel: I told you so…
  • He shrugged in response: Oh welp lol
  • When suddenly, the Queen made things even mORE weird
  • “(Y/N), it would be ideal if you stayed in Daniel’s room, but for now you can sleep in one of the guest spaces near his room.”
  • Were you freaking out? uHHH yes you were, now you were living at Daniel’s house, at the palace… at the home of the guY YOU LIKED… could this get any more weird for you??
  • And finally, Daniel started showing reactions to this whole scenario, as he started blushing and scratching his face in embarrassment, making you feel even moRe awkward 
  • The King cut into your running thoughts, as he happily proposed that you “could tutor Daniel” in the classes you share, earning a “HEY i’M SMART” protest from Daniel
  • The Queen and King promptly ended the dinner, leaving you and Daniel to trudge up to his room in awkward silence
  • The both of you tiredly looked at one another, silently agreeing to just head to your own rooms for the night
  • “Night, (Y/N)”
  • “Good night”
  • And that was that.
  • You lived at the palace now.
  • You could barely get to sleep that night, wondering if now the relationship between you two would get awkward; how much this would change things because obviously Daniel had gotten somewhat shy that night
  • The next day, you were woken up by a maid, as you forgot to set your alarm the previous night
  • “Miss (Y/L/N), please follow us to the washing room, we have prepared your bath,” one of the servants said, guiding you to a washroom
  • You walked over to the washroom, the maid stopping by the door and telling you to enter, slightly smiling
  • Was that a giggle in her voice? What the hell…
  • You walked into the humongous room, with a sitting area and multiple closets before getting to the actual shower area
  • WeLP the reason for the giggling maid became clear, when you entered the washroom to see shirtless Daniel splashing water over his face, a towel covering his neck and some of his wet hair
  • “Oh… oh my god… Daniel COVER YOURSELF” you mustered out, before dropping to squat on the floor, covering your eyes (oh you)
  • “OH MY GOD (Y/N) WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME… HOW COULD YOU LET YOUR LUSTFUL EYES TAINT MY BODY…” Daniel screamed at you, covering himself up with his hands
  • “Daniel, that’s not how this works. My innocent eyes are the ones that are tainted, turd”, you breathed, still covering your face, turning around
  • “what the hell man I’m not even going to shower today fuck this”
  • You couldn’t help but giggle as you ran out of the bathroom, collapsing onto one of the couches in the washroom’s sitting areas
  • He manages to be this charming and strange even when he’s half naked… someone give this man an award, you thought as you closed your eyes, relaxing on the seat
  • You had been prepared for your relationship to be awkward, just like how it kind of was last night, but everything was… completely back to “normal”, even if that was completely abnormal for most people
  • The craziness… it was comfortable, for the both of you.
  • A couple minutes later, a dressed Daniel walked out of the bathroom into the sitting area, smiling as he saw you curled up on the couch, your phone right next to your face
  • He was about to tap you awake like a noRMAL person would, but then couldn’t let this opportunity to go to waste
  • Daniel barely held in his laughter while taking your phone from right in front of your sleeping face, making sure the phone was not on mute and on the highest ring volume
  • He let a giggle escape him as he hid in the corner of you, calling your number
  • Your phone rang right in your face, extremely loud, causing you to spaz awake, jumping like a monkey to attack Daniel who was literally on the floor laughing, clutching his stomach
  • “ASSHOLE YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS SO BADLY,” you screamed, kicking him before running into the shower room and slamming the door shut
  • I won’t be having a single normal morning from now on, will I…
  • YEP (Y/N) that’s exactly what’s going to happen from now on
  • If your alarm didn’t wake you up, every morning either you pranking Daniel or him pranking you would be sure to do the job
  • From him pouring his cologne-y smelling shampoo into your bottle to you stealing the toilet paper, your mornings were sure to be hectic (if not violent)
  • But you found yourself incredibly enjoying it
  • (and Daniel was too)
  • Both of you loved how the other didn’t take themselves so seriously, despite acting completely normal when it was necessary for public affairs
  • The both of you got closer than even before, if that was possible
  • You, Daniel, Ong and Jaehwan continued hanging out, but there was no way to continue hiding the fact that you and Daniel had this weird arrangement going on, since you went home with him every day
  • On the first day after that dinner, on the walk to the cafe after school, you and Daniel walked in front of Ong and Jaehwan, bickering about who would be the one to break the news to the guys
  • “yeAh but I’m NOT MY PARENTS (Y/N)…”
  • “Tell us what, that you guys are having an arranged marriage?” Jaehwan asked, behind the both of you
  • “heYyyy I thought we were getting married Daniel, you unloyal hoe” Ong joking pouted, cutely punching Daniel
  • The teasing has already started. Great.
  • From then on, you two couldn’t catch a break with them, Onghwan always “ooooh”ing and snickering whenever you even taLKEd to each other
  • “Daniel watch out, (Y/N) is a total gold digger, watch out for yourself bro”
  • “I will hurt you, Ong Seongwoo”
  • But the time you three spent together was just as fun as before, except now you went home with Daniel instead of walking to your bus stop with Ong (which he alSO teased you about)
  • Anyway you and Daniel would do homework together every night, Daniel putting in effort to actually learn from you when you tutored him in math
  • His grades actually increased, to the delight of his parents
  • They were also very happy that even that you two basically ruined the washroom every day, you two were getting closer (which was their goal)
  • Anyway one night while tutoring Daniel, he fell asleep while you were explaining a concept, his head lolling around in the high chair he was sitting in next to his desk
  • You couldn’t bring yourself to wake him up, bringing a light blanket to cover him up, and began to stare at his adorable yet attractive face
  • “I didn’t know what I was getting into for the past few months… but it’s really been a lot of fun,” you whispered, softly poking Daniel’s cheek
  • “I don’t think I would mind marrying you at all, Daniel,” you breathed out, your fingers dropping to his lips as you blushed at the touch
  • But you didn’t have much time to appreciate the quiet stillness when Daniel’s mouth opened, biting the tips of your fingers
  • You yanked your fingers out of his mouth, standing up in shock, knocking over the stool you were sitting on
  • You stared in horror as one side of Daniel’s mouth curled upwards, eyes still closed
  • Your own mouth dropped open when he asked the dreaded question with the completely obvious answer, his eyes mischievously opening, giving you a look that made your heart beat even faster than it had been already
  • ”(Y/N), do you like me?”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 4

A/N: Wow look at me being all evil with the cliffhanger LOL

Anyway thank you all so much for all the kind words you’ve sent me during this time, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the support and patience 💞

I can see this AU wrapping up in the next part, and I’m so glad you all have been liking it so far!

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✛ Dates with Wanna One ✛

Yoon Jisung:
-coffee dates where he makes you laugh so hard that you almost spit coffee all over him
-stay at home dates where you guys have meme face competitions that end up with ong joining in and winning
-garden dates because this boy needs his aesthetic photos so guess who’s ready to take them for him
-video chat dates where you two chat, eat snacks and talk about how much you miss each other and getting blackmail on the boys

Ha Sungwoon:
-blanket fort dates cus he’s a child that needs to be protected and loved which you can do in there
-shopping dates where he gets you clothes and you get him insoles then proceeding to laugh at it thinking that it was a funny joke but he actually wore them
-soccer dates where you guys don’t even play soccer more like kick the ball around and throw the ball into the goal while the other isn’t looking
-Polaroid dates where you waste all your film taking cheesy pictures of each other around the house and in the neighborhood

Hwang Minhyun:
-bookstore dates where you too find books and kind of just sit there reading while holding hands and the occasional cheek kiss
-cleaning dates where you somehow make chores seem fun by giving each other random back hugs and kisses while watching Minhyun do his little dance and listening to music
-walk in the park dates so you two can clear your minds and destress and talk while making a stop at a juice place so he can get his grapefruit juice
-movie dates whenever there’s a new marvel or really any superhero movie out cus Minhyun will drag your ass to make you go see it with them so you just stuff your face with stale popcorn and cotton candy he paid for

Ong Seongwoo:
-late night drives around Seoul, actually pretty much anywhere so you two can park the car somewhere private and make out or talk about life, your pick
-bathtub dates with two glasses of wine and a bunch of pretty ass bath bombs and ong making you laugh your ass off
-Walmart dates at 2am with you two messing around in the toy section and riding bikes in there but then getting kicked out
-zoo dates where he tries to impersonate all the animals you see and you doing the same to him while the old couple right by you are like ‘da faq’

Kim Jaehwan:
-karaoke dates where you make him do rap songs but get amazed everytime bcus he’s good at rap too
-stargrazing dates because he’s cheesy like that but then when it’s all cute and stuff you hear his laugh and you are like ‘why’
-Cheesecake Factory dates where you guys just try a bunch of samples and then end up buying a bunch of cheesecake and somehow finishing it later that night
-concert dates where you sit and enjoy the music while Jaehwan is secretly preparing to make a cover of whatever group you’re seeing

Kang Daniel:
-dance dates where he tries to teach you how to break dance but you end up with a sprained wrist and a sorry Daniel so now you watch him dance and he teaches you the very basics
-pet cafe dates where you have to stop Daniel from adopting another cat and invest in a puppy instead
-beer dates where you two just sit in your living room with two cans of beer and a whole lot to talk about which usually ends up with a make out session
-snowman dates where you two compete for the best snowman but it ends up with both of them destroyed and you guys just making snow angels

Park Jihoon:
-mall dates where you say no to all of the outfits he tries on but end up buying matching ugly outfits hat only he can wear
-bowling dates where you two make stupid ass bets that once ended up with you getting sick from drinking expired milk while Jihoon laughed at you
-Disney date where you two have those mickey and minnie mouse ear headbands on and take a shitload of photos while eating churros
-picnic date which some of his friends crashed but it was okay because they bought you two ice cream after Jihoon promised never to do the Gugugaga thing ever again

Park Woojin:
-walk in the park dates where he speaks in his Busan dialect and trying to teach you but it ends up with you two laughing your ass off
-fair dates where he will try to be romantic so you two get on the ferries wheel and when he tries to kiss you at the top, he misses and face planted the wall
-lake dates where it’s late at night but you two go swimming anyways but you failed to realize that you forgot towels
-rain dates where he dances in the rain and you record him which somehow leads to a kiss in the rain cus y'all are cliche af

Bae Jinyoung:
-yogurt dates where you two just sit around and decorate frozen yogurt while talking about life and are tempted to smash yogurt in each other’s faces everytime one of you says something stupid
-animal shelter dates so you two can play with the puppies and take nice photos of each other which ends up with you guys eventually adopting one but it stays at your house
-water park dates where you guys play in the wave pool or hang out in the lazy river only to complain about how hot the cement is when you go back up
-flea market dates so you can buy some churros and get Jinyoung more bucket hats and buy a 15 dollar speaker that turns out to be pretty good

Lee Daehwi:
-festival dates where he tries to win you a stuff animal but you end up winning one for him while he’s pouring but that’s okay cus he buys you all the fatty food you want
-music room dates where you lay around somewhere and let him do his thing but sometimes he just plays a random notes and makes a weird ass song about you on the spot
-finger painting dates where you guys start flicking paint at each other but it ended up with one of you pouring pain on the others head and a mad Minhyun that tells you to clean up
-park dates where you fly a kite and enjoy the sunshine until suddenly it starts raining and now you’re stuck at Starbucks playing rock-paper-scissors to see who has to go buy the other another cookie

Lai Guanlin:
-home dates cus y'all are young and cheap so you end up eating pizza rolls while laughing at funny cat videos
-dance studio dates ft. some other members and sometimes Seonho because this boy is a hardworking child that needs help and tbh you’re there for moral support
-pizza dates in your car or at the park at midnight cus you’re afraid a wild Seonho is gonna show up at your house
-ikea dates where you just look around and get samples

  • Lee Woojin: Will you drive me to the mall?
  • Seongwoo: What did Daniel say?
  • Lee Woojin: He said no.
  • Seongwoo: Then why would I allow you?
  • Lee Woojin: He's not the boss of you.
  • Seongwoo, internally: This is a trap this is a trap this is a trap
ong seongwoo|enemies to lovers

Originally posted by lallainex91

member: ong seongwoo
genre: fluffy w a lil bit of angst
warnings: sexual harassment 
summary: school au! enemies to lovers au! you and seongwoo have always been secretly in love with each other but it’s always been hidden by endless pranks and teasing. one night, one closet and one confession will change everything.
requested: yes
enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | kim jaehwan | lai guanlin | ha sungwoon | hwang minhyun | yoon jisung

  • you were known to be one of the most popular girls in the grade
  • you were sweet, sassy, confident, witty, gorgeous and just outgoing and friendly
  • surprisingly you used to be super shy in middle school but with your amazing best friend kang daniel you became much more social 
  • but even though you were known as a super sweet girl everyone knew you hated one person
  • he was the cockiest, most annoying and ridiculously good looking person you’ve ever met
  • ong seongwoo
  • he was one the most popular guys, funny, confident, hot, made everyone laugh, party animal, jock and was basically liked by everyone except you
  • and don’t get me wrong he hated you too
  • but that didn’t stop everyone in the whole entire school to ship you
  • especially your and his best friend daniel
  • “seriously y/n, when are you and seongwoo going to get together??” he’d say literally on a daily basis
  • go daniel the cupid!! lol tf is wrong with me
  • everyone would always say
  • “you guys would be the golden couple!”
  • “actually 2nd golden couple, you could never beat daehwi and jinyoung”
  • “no but actually you would look so good together”
  • “and the sexual chemistry between you is ridiculous”
  • you’d dismiss the comments and just roll your eyes 
  • but you couldn’t lie to yourself
  • you liked him a lot but you’d never admit it in a 100 years
  • you couldn’t help but smile sweetly at the incident which started the feud between you two 
  • which of course was when you fell for him
  • seongwoo was dared to pour a whole entire bucket of water on you by jaehwan because all his friends knew seongwoo had the biggest crush on you you didn’t know he had a crush on you tho
  • seongwoo as much as he liked you would never step down from a dare
  • so he did it
  • just as you were entering the cafeteria he poured a whole entire huge bucket of water all over you 
  • he was expecting you to slap him, or get super pissed
  • to his amazement and surprise you didn’t 
  • you felt the rush of water and you could tell by the laugh it was seongwoo
  • and you smiled to yourself knowing if you got pissed that means he would get the satisfaction
  • so instead you turned back to face him just to give a smirk and a raise of your eyebrow and then you screamed out
  • “WATER FIGHT!!!!!”
  • and it was a hot summer’s day so literally the cafeteria went into absolute chaos
  • people got their water bottles, cups, someone even got a hose
  • and water was everywhere, with people running around and screaming 
  • it was one of the best lunches even afternoon classes got cancelled because literally everyone was soaked head to toe even the teachers
  • and the cafeteria was basically just looked like it was in a flood
  • just as the water fight started, you filled up the bucket he used on you 
  • and seongwoo was just in awe of you of turning this whole entire thing on him
  • you walked up to him still drenched and with the same exact bucket he poured water on you, you poured it on him
  • he couldn’t help but smile brightly as you did thinking
  • “shit this one hell of a girl”
  • and you were smiling the whole time 
  • you couldn’t help yourself but admire his smile, his joking casual attitude, and him wanting to make people smile
  • but you also thought he’s such a cocky jerk but you knew 
  • as you were pouring water all over him and he was grinning happily
  • you were gonna fall for him
  • and oh boy did you 
  • and then as the last droplet landed on him
  • you whispered in his ear “better luck next time”
  • you winked at him and walked off 
  • luckily he didn’t see your super red blush and couldn’t hear your racing heart
  • he also was trying to stop his ears from going bright red and to stop smiling the goofy adorable smile he knew he had on his face
  • he stared at you the whole time as you walked away from him
  • but for the grande finale you rang the fire alarm in the cafeteria making the sprinklers go off 
  • then you just strutted out there like the boss ass bitch you were
  • and seongwoo literally fell so in love with you right there and then 
  • he knew he could never meet someone like you ever in his whole entire lifetime
  • someone finally outsmarted the great ong seongwoo
  • and he finally fell for someone
  • but that was like 6 months ago
  • in those 6 months you turned into enemies who secretly loved each other
  • seongwoo would do ANYTHING to get your attention
  • which usually meant annoying the shit out of you 
  • and constantly be super competitive 
  • but you couldn’t help but love it, any interaction with him made your heart flutter 
  • but literally in every test, exam, sports competition
  • you both would always be 1st or 2nd
  • and the bragging rights were huge 
  • “yah! y/n i ranked 1st in maths and guess where you are 2ndddd” he’d tease as the score sheet was up
  • “oh shut up, i beat you in english”
  • “and remember last week, aren’t you supposed to be in the soccer team?? how come i beat your team when we were playing soccer in sport??” you retorted
  • both of you stayed silent for a few moments thinking of that lesson
  • basically what happened was seongwoo was getting jealous at one of the guys, xiumin being too close to you
  • and he literally “accidentally” bumped into him super hard making xiumin fall
  • but he didn’t apologise and left him there making you super pissed off
  • after you helped him up and he told you he was fine
  • you stormed up to seongwoo and demanded
  • “apologise! you literally made him fall!!”
  • “why the hell should I?” he cockily remarked back
  • you stepped closer to him making people not sure whether you were gonna slap him or kiss him
  • you getting more aggravated basically shouted 
  • he scoffed at your remark making you want to strangle him and stepping so close to you your noses were touching and said 
  • “sweetheart, make me”
  • everyone was just staring at you two, the sexual tension was so thick literally no one said a thing
  • you were glaring daggers at him while he was casually smirking
  • then you sickly sweetly smiled at him and stepped on his foot super hard
  • and said “whoopsie”
  • you walked off as he was groaning in pain clutching his foot
  • these sort of incidents happened between you two
  • and everyone could see the sexual chemistry between you two shipping you two all the time
  • but all the hatred, teasing, snide comments stopped one night
  • you were both at a party, you weren’t really enjoying it 
  • feeling super duper jealous as you saw seongwoo dancing with at least 3 girls
  • minhyun noticed and said to you “yah y/n stop staring at seongwoo, you’re making it so obvious that you like him”
  • “i don’t like him minhyun-ah” you said with a sigh
  • “mhmmm sureee keep telling yourself that” sungwoon butted in sassily
  • “just make him jealous y/n he’ll be all over you in seconds” drawled jaehwan
  • “dance with woojin then, sexily of course” daniel said with a teasing wink
  • “all of you just stoppppp” you groaned
  • “jisung help me out here??” you pleaded at jisung
  • “as much i hate to admit, i agree with the boys” he said raising his hands up in surrender
  • you huffed and puffed and then said fine
  • you went up to woojin who was dancing in the centre of the dance floor
  • and you told him that you were trying to make seongwoo jealous so is it okay if you danced with him
  • luckily you guys were good friends but 
  • he still blushed so hard at first then shyly agreed
  • but once you were both dancing it just became a lot of fun
  • and of course seongwoo couldn’t help but get jealous and stare at you two
  • then the guys moved to him
  • enjoying making you two squirm
  • “seongwoo stop making it so obvious you’re jealous” sungwoon teasingly said
  • “ME?! jealous of y/n and woojin?? no way in hell would that happen” he denied outright
  • “seongwoo even me, i can tell you’re basically in love with her” jisung said exasperatedly 
  • “seriously though when are you going to ask her out” minhyun asked
  • seongwoo just sighed and gave up lying to them and said
  • “gosh i like her so much, it’s crazy, i’d do anything to get her attention, i have literally gone on no dates for 6 months, she’s perfect but she’d never like me, she probably hates my guts” he ended dejectedly
  • literally everybody rolled their eyes at that
  • “HOW IS IT THAT YOU DON’T REALISE SHE’S ALSO MADLY IN LOVE WITH YOU??!!” daniel exclaimed throwing his hands in the air and then dramatically falling back onto the floor
  • “she’s doesn’t like me at all she hates my guts?” seongwoo said confused 
  • “okay hyung, look at y/n dancing with woojin right now, that’s to make you jealous okay? and you can tell by the way she’s literally looking at you every 5 seconds to make sure you’re watching” jihoon said slowly trying to explain to seongwoo 
  • seongwoo scoffed at first but then he noticed what jihoon said was right, you kept looking at him to make sure he was looking at you dancing
  • he started to grin broader and broader
  • as he realised what the guys were saying were right
  • he literally felt like doing the biggest happy dance 
  • he felt he was on the top of the world as he realised you liked him as well
  • on the other hand
  • you couldn’t help but blush at his intense gaze on you and the way he was smiling was making your heart melt
  • you excused yourself to woojin saying you were going to get a drink so you could calm and collect yourself
  • you headed upstairs and as you were relaxing in front of a door 
  • someone grabbed your wrist super tight and wrapped a hand around your mouth 
  • harshly pulling you into a small closet
  • your eyes meet some random man trying to kiss you
  • you could smell the alcohol in his breath 
  • you tried to get out of the closet but realised it was locked
  • your instincts kicked in and you started kicking and hitting and screaming for help
  • he restrained you and held you down making you feel desperate and helpless
  • after so much effort of getting him off you
  • screaming that he was a pedo and creep and to stop
  • he still tried to kiss you 
  • just as you were about to give up and let him kiss you 
  • the closet door flung right open
  • it was seongwoo
  • he saw you walk up the stairs and thought to leave you to be for a while before confessing but after 10 minutes he got worried
  • he knew there were a lot of drunk guys around and hoped nothing bad happened to you 
  • he went upstairs and found guanlin on his phone and asked him super concerned 
  • “guanlin-ah did you see y/n??!”
  • “no sorry hyung, i came up just like 2 minutes ago” guanlin said 
  • seongwoo than frantically tried to find you, going from room to room 
  • then he heard the banging from a closet
  • he then heard you scream 
  • and all he saw was red after
  • you couldn’t help but relax as you saw seongwoo
  • the guy gruffly said “get the hell out”
  • seongwoo said in a voice which was dangerously low
  • “you have 3 seconds to get your fucking filthy hands off the girl i love before i beat the crap out of you, 1, 2, 3″
  • the guy still hadn’t moved
  • he was basically ripped off from you then seongwoo got one punch in
  • before the guy scrambled out and slammed the closet door shut
  • you both realised you guys couldn’t get out but didn’t really care anymore just glad that it was all over
  • you relaxed as the guy wasn’t in your sight anymore
  • then you tried to process everything especially
  • the girl i love bit
  • but before you could say anything
  • two muscular arms wrapped around you super tight
  • you felt so warm and safe in seongwoo’s arms
  • he whispered into your ears “i was so worried about you”
  • your heart flutters as you hear the sincerity and concern in his voice
  • “thank you for saving me” you said your voice slightly trembling
  • still traumatised from the incident
  • “of course, don’t worry now, i’m here okay?” he said sweetly
  • “okay” you say sighing in relief
  • for a few minutes you just stood there just hugging each other
  • you eventually break apart and you couldn’t help but say 
  • “the girl you love huh?”
  • “i never said that” seongwoo denied adamantly 
  • “say it againnn” you tease 
  • “say what again?” he asks pretending to be clueless 
  • “that you love me” you say with a smirk you say stepping super close to him
  • you both stared intently into each others eyes and seongwoo’s eyes kept on flittering to your lips back to your eyes
  • making your heart beat faster than it ever has
  • seongwoo not even registering what he was doing 
  • softly kissed you at first in a way like asking your permission
  • and allowing you to break apart
  • you didn’t want that at all and you deepened the kiss 
  • he reciprocated almost immediately 
  • as it continues it continuously became more passionate
  • all the sexual chemistry between you basically exploded
  • you ran your hands through his hair
  • and he couldn’t help himself but fall in love even more as you kept on smiling as you kissed him
  • but as the kisses became more passionate
  • he’d bite your lips softly making you moan softly
  • he’d trail kisses all the way down to your collarbone
  • making you arch your back slightly
  • then he’d recapture your lips and kiss you over and over again 
  • you both end up making out for a solid 10 minutes
  • as you parted, seongwoo wore the cheekiest smile
  • you scolded him but you couldn’t help but smile
  • “wipe that smirk off your face ong seongwoo”
  • “yes dear’ he’d teasingly coo
  • you rolled your eyes
  • you guys ended up getting out of the closet by you picking the lock with a bobby pin
  • without saying goodbye to anyone, you grabbed your stuff and headed to seongwoo’s house
  • both your parents were out of town 
  • so you just stayed at his place for the night 
  • stop thinking so dirty no they did not do it
  • just because you were still scared at the incident of tonight
  • and seongwoo wanted to make sure you were okay
  • seongwoo gave you one go his t-shirts to change into and it was a simple loose black t shirt 
  • you went to seongwoo and twirled around and asked
  • “do i look okay?” 
  • seongwoo just cheekily smiled and couldn’t help but rush up to you and kiss you sweetly because of how good you looked in his shirt
  • and whispered
  • “you look perfect, you’ve always been perfect to me and you are the perfect girl for me”
  • “y/n will you be my girlfriend?”
  • he ended with a sweet forehead kiss and you nod and sweetly reply 
  • “as cheesy as it sounds i’ve basically been in love with you for the past 6 months so of course i will”
  • he’d kiss you softly after you said yes both of you grinning like you won the lottery 
  • you both end up talking for hours, eating junk food, while cuddling and 
  • laughing about how you hated each other and constantly teased each other and all the small arguments you guys had
  • after talking about the most random little things to the deepest secrets you’ve never revealed 
  • laughing you head off or teasingly arguing with each other 
  • you both were super exhausted
  • and you then ended up falling asleep in your favourite place in the world
  • in seongwoo’s arms
  • once you went to sleep seongwoo smiled at you in a way someone could if they were in love and before he passed out himself 
  • he whispered sweetly in your ear
  • sweet dreams, y/n, i love you”

THIS WAS A BLESSING TO WRITE!!! i love seongwoo so much he’s my bw and just AGH FEELS!!! also this was super rushed so whoops sorry. i hope the sexual harassment wasn’t too much and the makeout sesh you enjoyed ;) I’M ALSO TAGGING @starrywinters SO I CAN RUIN HER BIAS LIST and we will fangirl over how much we love seongwoo and how we’re unloyal hoes. Y’ALL SHOULD FOLLOW HER she has amazing fics

anyways hope you enjoyed it!!! love you all, message me and send me anons!

enemies to lovers series: bae jinyoung | ong seongwoo | park jihoon | kim jaehwan | lai guanlin | ha sungwoon | hwang minhyun | yoon jisung