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I can’t explain how OBSESSED I am with this Instrument 1 by @artiphon. + @moogsynthesizers’s Model 15 app. This is a GAME CHANGER.

An honest review, coming soon!
YouTube: Sarah2ill
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Wait wait wait you can talk to the SQUIP still? Is it alright if we talk to it? If so, tell it to fuck off from us fans.

I think at least I can know the truth- 

I-I mean.. I feel entitled to it you know? So uh.. Come out? I mean you screwed up my high school- Well, Michael wise- I just.. Finally put the pieces together. 

There was no outcome that was sufficient to make the reason you  upgraded happen, things needed to be changed. People needed to go. I did what I must, you should be saying thank you.

He did..


NU'EST W’s 2nd ever win!!

They were just as shocked as yesterday, JR and the rest are really so used to losing for the past 5 years, it seems they dont believe it when they actually win. They all were holding back tears, Aron was biting his lip so hard trying to keep in the emotions. They all did very deep bows, even to juniors! I tried not to cry but seeing like this… i cant hold it in😭 I hope one day loves have given you so many wins you dont have to be in shock like this ever again! Always, forever, we will love and protect you. After 6 years of all the pain, and your OWN hard work and refusal to give up, you are finally standing on stage proudly. It wasnt luck, because few groups are as special as NU'EST- who stayed together for so long despite no success, who are closer than family and some of the most real, talented people in this industry. You’ll get wins from now on always, we’ll make sure of it! #NUESTW2ndWin