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On this day in music history: January 1, 1962 - The Beatles audition for Decca Records in London. They travel down to the capital from Liverpool for a recording test at Decca’s recording studio in West Hampstead, London. Auditioning for label A&R producer Tony Meehan, the band perform a total of fifteen songs (consisting of numbers from their live stage act) in under an hour. The Beatles are rejected, with London based band The Tremeloes (who audition the same day) being signed instead. Manager Brian Epstein receives a letter from Decca label head Dick Rowe infamously stating that “guitar groups are on their way out, Mr. Epstein”, and “The Beatles have no future in show business.” Six months later, The Beatles audition for and are signed to EMI Records’ Parlophone label by producer George Martin. The bands’ Decca audition are widely bootlegged and traded among fans. Only five of the fifteen songs The Beatles perform at the audition (“Searchin’”, “The Sheik Of Araby”, “Like Dreamers Do” and “Hello Little Girl”) have been officially released so far. They are included on the “Beatles Anthology 1” album in 1995.

Let Me Love You

Okay, but imagine this:

Harry is a famous pop star who owns his own record label. He’s also a bit of a prick, who comes off as someone who only loves himself. Oh, and his cat, Bandit. He’s closed himself off after his mother’s death, trying not to think about his father’s alcoholism. He sees the world as a selfish place, where only the selfish can succeed. And succeed he did.

He is hard on his employees, demanding they start early and work late, threatening to fire them if they don’t do as he pleases. But he also pays them pretty well, which is why they put up with his shit.

Louis is Harry’s right-hand man, who has been Harry’s best friend since childhood, and as much as he tries to change Harry’s behavior, nothing he does helps.

Then one day Louis comes into Harry’s office, plopping down into a chair. He announces he’s hired a new music producer for the label to replace Zayn. Then he starts chattering about how good the lad is at his job, and how intelligent and beautiful he is. Harry sighs, trying to ignore Louis, and when that doesn’t work he looks up from his work, directing a pointed stare at Louis. Louis of course doesn’t take the hint and only leaves when he’s done gushing.

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Cody stared up at the buildings around him. He’d been to New York plenty of times before due to his job as a music producer but now he actually lived here. He’d been here for two weeks but trapped in his studio flat working with artists and their albums. Cody turned around and sighed, “’Scuse me, can you point me in the direction of a decent place to grab a bite? And maybe accompany me as well? That’s how people make friends, innit?” The brit asked with a soft smile. 

-regional at best is-

regional at best is screaming into the woods praying that some one hears you but being terrified of what you’d say if they did. regional at best is hiding from help with a smile. regional at best is being afraid of your weaknesses. regional at best is plans falling apart in your head as you plan the future in a basement in your quiet home town. regional at best is a dream you never saw possible. regional at best is real. regional at best is a creative outpouring free of producers, free of labels. regional at best is the story of two boys, two lonely boys. regional at best is blue, and regional at best is red. regional at best is a battle between synth and piano, chaos and serenity, fear and peace. regional at best is the first promise that peace could win. regional at best is an open window. regional at best is the crack of a baseball bat. regional at best is potential not yet born.

regional at best is the sweet mellow place between the past you want to forget and the future you never thought a reality.

regional at best is, and it always will be.  

Despite possessing relatively few neurons — around 100,000 — the fruit fly brain is still complex enough to produce many different behaviors, including feeding, mating, and sleeping. To figure out how their brains produce these behaviors, scientists labeled neurons that release the neurotransmitter serotonin and observed how the cells connect to each other. The image above shows these cells and their elaborate branches (dendrites) that receive signals from other neurons. Scientists can even turn these cells on and off to test how that changes the fly’s behavior. This research may help uncover how our own brain circuits determine behavior.


This man is one of the people I admire the most in this world, so i decided to make a GIF session of this Vintage Kings Audio’s video where he tells how much he struggled to be able to make music and become the successful musician, producer, label owner etc he is today.
If you ever feel like giving up, think of this man’s story.


On this day in music history: February 13, 1971 - “One Bad Apple” by The Osmonds hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 5 weeks, also peaking at #6 on the R&B singles chart on February 27, 1971. Written by George Jackson, it is the biggest hit single for the family vocal group from Odgen, UT. Having previously spent five years as regulars on “The Andy Williams Show”, the five brothers record a handful of singles for Williams’ Barnaby label and for Uni Records with little success. In 1970, they are signed to MGM Records by producer and label executive Mike Curb. Curb pairs the brothers with producer Rick Hall, best known for his work with Wilson Pickett and Etta James. For their debut single, Hall picks “One Bad Apple”, a song that was originally pitched to Motown for The Jackson 5 but is rejected. Featuring Merrill and Donny on lead vocals, the track is cut at Hall’s FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals, AL in the Fall of 1970. Released as single on November 16, 1970, it gives the group their long awaited breakthrough on the charts. Entering the Hot 100 at #78 on January 2, 1971, it rockets to the top of the chart six weeks later. Ironically, “Apple” prevents The Jackson 5’s then new single “Mama’s Pearl” (#2 Pop, #2 R&B) from reaching the top of the pop singles chart. Some original US copies of “Apple” are issued with a very rare picture sleeve crediting the group as “The Osmond Brothers” instead. The sleeve is quickly discontinued by MGM Records due to the error, and over time becomes a sought after collector’s item by fans. “One Bad Apple” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

Little Details We Noticed - #3

In some BTS puma photos we can see ONLY HOUSE MUSIC - mixed by Edwyn Collins posters. 

Edwyn Collins is a Scottish musician, producer and record label owner. His most famous song is probably “A girl like you”. 

There is one part of the lyrics that caught my interest and made me think of bangtan. It goes like this:

“You’ve made me acknowledge the devil in me”

It annoys me when people don’t support GMO labeling simply because they believe GMOs have no harm on you. Like it doesn’t fucking matter. Vitamin A has no harm on you and that’s on the label. Organic is on the label. Artificial is on the label. I have the right to know what I am consuming!! Like congrats you’re okay with eating altered food. Not everyone is?? Even if it ends up not harming us in the long run I still want to know. And if it has no harm why is everyone so afraid to label it?? Produce should even be label with exactly what pesticide it was sprayed with. I have a right to know exactly what I’m getting whether YOU think those things are detrimental or not.


ARTIST OF THE WEEK: Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak is a singer, rapper, and producer under the Aftermath label. Probably most known for having multiple features on Dr. Dre’s most recent album, Compton. Aside from that, .Paak has collaborated with Schoolboy Q, Watsky, Milo, The Game, Flying Lotus, and Domo Genesis. I would recommend you check out both of his albums, Venice and Malibu, respectively.


2 main israeli date producers

  • Agrexco Carmel
  • Hadiklaim

Brands under the aforementioned producers

  • Carmel (natural date medjoul)
  • Jordan Plains
  • Jordan Valley
  • Jordan River
  • King Solomon

Hadiklaim also supplies to supermarkets that sell under their own brand:

  • Marks and Spencer
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Tesco
  • Waitrose

Always check the label, sometimes it’s labelled “Produce of West Bank” which confirms they’re grown on illegal settlements.

If you know of more confirmed brands that are from illegal settlements, please inbox me and I’ll add them to this list. 

Happy Birthday to singer Linda Martell!

Linda Martell began singing in church at age 5. Drawn to country music at a young age, in addition to blues, jazz and R&B, Martell caught her big break in 1969, when a stunning performance at the Charleston Air Force Base landed her a meeting with producer/label owner Shelby Singleton. He signed her to his label soon after. That same year, Martell made the Top 25 with “Color Him Father” and became the first African-American woman to appear on the Grand Ole Opry. She retired in 1974.

Sebastian Kole is new on my radar, but by no means is he new in the music scene. The singer songwriter and producer from Alabama is label mates with fast rising star Alessia Cara on Motown Records, and he even co-wrote and co-produced her album, including that amazing, world shaking first song, Here. Sebastian whisks me away with his velvet vocals on a time stopping cover of Adele’s new super ballad, Hello. The simple and downtempo piano version is might be even more moving than Adele’s original, with more tender and extra melancholic qualities. After listening to Hello so many times since its reveal days ago, Sebastian Kole’s cover is a very nice change up. I had to dive into more Sebastian music after Hello, and I was much taken by Priceless, too. Stream the sweeping ballad below.

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Arts Contracts and Language

So I’ve been seeing some talk lately about Simon and his contracts, particularly the part where the people signing can’t speak about him negatively “In perpetuity and throughout the universe.”

I debated whether it was worth pointing out or not, because I’m always game for rolling my eyes at anyone extremely egotistical, but unfortunately, that’s not the case in this situation.  That language is extremely common.  In fact, I occasionally work as a film producer and all of my contracts use that exact same language no matter how low budget the project may be.  

It’s also very common for those contracts to also state that the producer (or I would assume label in this case) reserves the right to use photographic images or video footage however the producer (or label) sees fit, again “in perpetuity and throughout the universe.”  Every time I look at my contracts, it makes me think that someday I’ll end up promoting a film I worked on in Mars.  Maybe the boys will be there too!  Obviously keeping their mouths shut about Simon.  

So while there may or may not be many reasons to dislike the way Simon has handled things, unfortunately this is not one of them.  


Singer and producer.

Sylvia Vanderpool Robinson (March 6, 1936 – September 29, 2011) was an American singer, musician, record producer, and record label executive. She was best known for her work as founder/CEO of the hip hop label Sugar Hill Records. She is credited as the driving force behind two landmark singles in the genre; “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang,[2] and “The Message” by Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five.


[KQ ENTERTAINMENT] We shall be changing our company name to KQ Entertainment

Hello, this is Seven Seasons.
In order for Seven Seasons to operate a more diverse business along with efficient and developing management of artists, we shall be changing our company name to KQ Entertainment.

After the change of company name, Seven Seasons (KQ Entertainment) will become a management with two systems, one being the label Seven Seasons who is solely responsible for Block B and the other being a singer song writer/producer label KQ Produce. With this, KQ Entertainment will be solely responsible for Block B through Seven Seasons and through KQ Entertainment, while supporting the discovery of trainees, singer songwriters and other creators with high potential, we plan to operate as a multi label system with the focus being on producers.
On the official homepage of KQ Entertainment, we plan to introduce all the various information on the artists who are affiliated with Seven Seasons and KQ Produce.
We hope for a lot of expectation. Thank you.
President CEO, Kim Gyuwook