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mystic messenger characters + symbols // insp.

Today we were trained in access climbing - in the event that a participant gets stranded in a high ropes course (frozen in fear, falling unconscious, ect), we have to climb up to them with special gear to get them down. We’re not strapped in to the same system as participants, so we have to secure our harnesses ourselves. 

That added level of responsibility and care means that access climbing has been a lot more anxiety-inducing than anything else I’ve done at camp. I’ve free-climbed much higher than this recreationally, so the fact that following a strict safety procedure produces more adrenaline is pretty odd. I didn’t realize how tense I’d been while traversing the cables until I was back on the ground and felt my jaw muscles release. 

In other news, I’ve never looked/felt more like a lumberjack.


16. Park Bo Gum

15. Kim Woo Bin

14. Ryu Joon Yeol

13. Yoo Ah In

12. Kim Bum

11. Yoo Seung Ho

10. Song Jae Rim

9. Park Hae Jin

8. Park Seo Joon

7. Lee Jong Suk

6. Jang Geun Suk

5. Lee Min Ho

4. Yeo Jin Goo

3. Kim Soo Hyun

2. Seo Kang Joon

1. Song Joong Ki 


Rapper Schubert (Maeno Tomoaki) explodes! ~ Classicaloid Musik Channel

I reupload this video as it is japan-restricted. Anybody is welcome to subbed it or do whatever with it.  My japanese is still limited  for full translation. 

🥑🥑🥑 🥑🥑🥑 🥑🥑🥑 🥑🥑🥑 🥑🥑🥑 🥑🥑🥑 🥑🥑🥑 🥑🥑🥑

So here is a summary if you want about how Schubert musik rapping was born. Go to 1:55 to skip introduction. They want the song to be very hip-hop and rap-like but very devilish as well. Maeno remembered being told “next week you will be rapping” and he was like “ehh???” The lyrics kept changing as it got closer to the recording. The lyricist finished it the day before and thought “this is no good!” xD Maeno preview the song and he pretty much into it “yo yo yo!”. The producer and lyricist pretty much praise Maeno having the heavy load of acting out the character while rapping to the point that they think Maeno’s rapping is Schubert’s rapping. Also they talked about the diss battle Schubert did for each characters.

Oh yeah by the way, the narrator is Shimazaki Nobunaga.


Youtube finally unblocked my first short film after 3 years. They were right to block it. I didn’t understand copyright laws at the time, and used lots of music that didn’t belong to me. Worse than that, I didn’t keep a copy of my short, because I always assumed it would be readily available online. This was a mistake that I’ve never repeated.

However, today is the first day I was able to watch it after 3 years of waiting.

This short, “A Bird, A Butterfly, A Girl,” unfortunately played subject to all my biggest flaws at the time: overwriting, melodrama, and not understanding anything about the medium I was working in. It is not good by any measure. Six months of my life taken to produce it, and it’s pretty embarrassing to watch.

That being said, when I watched it today under the umbrella of my current illness, I couldn’t believe how much it meant to me. First, to watch a healthy, happy, creative person who’s since lost himself. It was good to see Jake again–to remember the gears that were turning back then. Second, that sickness is more painful than I imagined it to be. I was too cavalier with the reality of it, but I still managed to grasp exactly how I’m feeling right now–like I so desperately tried to make my mark on the world instead of choosing to love and to give and to be thankful for what was right in front of me.

I should have heeded my own silly words. There’s truth somewhere under the wordy muck. There really is. I had some sincere insight, and I hope I didn’t muddy the good, healthy truth by opening my mouth too much:

“It’s not about the look-at-me achievements or the marvel-at-me moments put up in frames for all to see. It’s about loving everything that isn’t you, because the most beautiful improbability is that you end up as a butterfly for someone else.”

Thank you for all your support over the years. I’ve given you all no reason to stick with me, and you’ve given me so much. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I’m doing everything I can to get well soon…

Your fave is problematic: cr1tikal

-wears basketball shorts 24/7
-always has earbuds around his neck
-his voice is too deep
-almost never laughs
-like wtf is up w/ that man, let us hear ur beautiful laughter
-is too handsome for mortals to comprehend
-doesn’t sing enough 90’s songs

anonymous asked:

I LOVE THE OBITINE CHILD SO MUCH! Forgive my abundance of enthusiasm, your art is the first obitine child thing I've seen. Please give us all the headcanons!

Aw, enthusiastic anon, I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I had it all typed up and then lost it, and I’m just now getting around to pulling things together again.

There are lots of different headcanons about this, and I trust you’ll be able to find them. But, well, since you asked about mine:

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