Astronauts are eating food grown in space for the first time 

NASA announced Friday their team would finally get to eat the fruits of their labor (or in this case, the leafy greens) by serving up a plate of “Outredgeous” red romaine lettuce that has been growing aboard the ISS. This is a huge breakthrough that could not only help space exploration but countless people down on Earth too.

All produce is grown using organic practices right here in #Detroit by volunteers of #MUFI!

Competitive pricing and delivery. Just make us an offer. Shoot us a text at 734-330-5691 if you’re interested!

For individuals interested in small quantities come visit us on a Saturday between 10am and 4pm at 7432 Brush St. Detroit, MI 48202

Guess how much produce is thrown out because it's not pretty enough for us as consumers? A lot.
Nobody's perfect. So why do we expect our fruit to be?

Jordan Figueiredo wants us to give all food a chance with his uglyfruitandveg campaign.

He thinks the skin-deep standards that decide which fruits and vegetables make the cut at grocery stores just don’t make sense. And he’s right. Think about it:30% to 40% of food is wasted (depending on whether you look at post-farmed or pre-farmed). One tomato packing house can fill dump trucks with22,000 pounds of rejected tomatoes every 40 minutes. And a citrus-packer estimates that as much as 50% of the produce they handle is unmarketable but totally edible.

Estimates show that 1 in 7 Americans do not have reliable access to nutritious, affordable food. Meanwhile, we’re throwing out sexy radishes?



So it’s August and it’s hot out, like REALLY hot. Drinking water can be bland and boring but here are some cool and colorful fruit infused water recipes that will keep you hydrated and satisfied! 

What you need:

  • Water bottle
  • Fresh filtered water… tap water is fine too! 
  • Fruits (and veggies!), spices, and herbs of your choice
    • Herbs: Rosemary, thyme, mint, basil, cilantro, parsley
    • Spices: Cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, fresh ginger, cloves, vanilla bean
    • Edible flowers: Rose, lavender, citrus blossoms, hibiscus, pansies, violets 
    • Fruit: Berries, melon, tropical fruits, citrus, apples, pears
    • Vegetables: Cucumber, celery, fennel, carrots 

*Make sure all produce is pesticide free!*

How to:

  • Peel or chop up any fruits or vegetables that have a protective layer of skin.
  • Add the fruits, veggies, spices, and herbs of your choice to your water bottle and add water.
  • Let sit for a minimum of 3 hours, overnight is best! 
  • You may use the fruits from the original batch as many times as you please or until the flavor is no longer infusing into your water.
  • Repeat! 


Snacking on the worlds yummiest fruit 🙌🏼

Today has been busy. I woke up at 6:30 to babysit, grabbed a quick lunch at whole foods (rainbow quinoa, green beans, chickpeas, roasted tofu, spinach, and marinated mushrooms), and now I’m heading to the gym 💪🏼

Hope you guys are having great days! 🌺