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#3 Prodigy Imagine

Prod:”YN! YN! I’m home! YN!”

You were upstairs dead asleep in your daughters room. You and Prodigy just had a baby girl ten months ago. You were rocking her to sleep. You fell asleep as well, holding her in your arms. You were trying to stay up for Prod since he was getting home from touring tonight.

Prod:”*walks into the baby’s room and sees you two* Awe look at my princesses.”

Prodigy put the baby in her crib and tucked her in. He then carried your 5’1” petite figure to the bedroom and laid you on the bed. He undressed you out of your jeans and sweatshirt into one of his huge t-shirts. He then laid you on your side of the bed. He undressed and got in behind you. While getting in the bed you woke up for a brief moment to change positions to face Prod. He got in and chuckled.

Prod:”*kissed your forehead* Night beautiful.”

Around 5 a.m. baby Luna started crying. You groaned and crawled out of bed. When you got up you realized you were only in prods t-shirt with your panties, bra, and undershirt on. You figured he must of changed you and put you in bed. You looked at Prod and smiled. You left the room to check on the baby.

It was time for Luna’s feeding. You went in the room brought her downstairs. While warming up her bottle you heard someone break into the back room. You heard the glass break and everything. You grabbed baby Luna out of the highchair and ran upstairs to Prod. You held Luna tight with one hand and shook Prod with the other. He woke up.

Prod:”What YN?”

You:”Someone broke in through the back door. I heard glass shatter and everything.”

Prod:”*jumped up and put on his jeans and shirt from last night* Go in baby Luna’s room and hide in the closet. I’ll come back and get you when it’s safe alright.”

You:”*shake your head yes*”

Prod:”*walked you guys into Luna’s room and locked the closet door*”

Prodigy went downstairs to see. When he went around the corner he could believe his eyes.

Prod:”Princeton! RayRay! RocRoyal! Why in the hell are you in my house?!”

Roc:”Sorry Prod. All of the hotels in New York were booked because of Christmas. Did we scare you?”

Prod:”You scared YN. What if she didn’t come and get me instead of calling 911. Do you guys know where you be?!”

Prince:”Jail. *looks down*”

Prod:”You better apologize to my wife. *turns and leaves to go and get you*”

You hear Prod yelling and get kind of scared. Then you hear the closet door being unlocked. You get scared when you open it you’re relieved to see.


Prod:”*takes baby Luna from you* Are my two princesses okay?”

You:”*stand up*”

Prod:”*wraps his free around your waist and kisses your forehead* Are you okay?”

You:”A little shaken up, but okay. Who was it?”

Prod:”My three dumb ass friends. Love ‘em to death, but they act so stupid sometimes.”

Roc:”Hey we’re right here.”

Prod:”*turns from you and glares at them*”

Prince:”We’re sorry YN. We didn’t mean to scare you. We were walking in the back door and knocked over the vase. We’re very sorry all of us. Do you forgive us?”

You:”*walk up to the tree of them and slap them all* Don’t ever scare me like that again. Now, you’ve been forgiven.”

Ray:”Damn girl that stings.”

You:”*slap him again* Don’t curse in front of Baby Luna.”

You took baby Luna from Prod and went downstairs to feed her.

Prod:”*shakes his head* Baby wait up! *follows you*”

Prince:”*rubs face* Damn she can pack a punch. No lie.”

Roc:”Sware she was Keisha from how hard she slapped me.”

Ray:”Least you didn’t get it twice.”

After they were down comparing your smacks they went downstairs. For some reason whenever Prod is around his baby or you he can never stay angry for long.

You:”Hey Guys. Do you want to play with Luna?”

Prince, Ray, and Roc looked at each other before sitting the floor next to Prod.

You:”*sit baby Luna up* Luna say hi to your godfathers. *look at them seeing if they got the hint*”

Prod:”*looks at them smiling wide* Do you accept?”

Prince:”I’d be honored.”

Roc:”*picks baby Luna up when she crawls to him* I’d love to be her godfather. *puts Luna back down*”

Ray:”*makes a funny face at Luna* I accept. *Luna giggles*”

Luna:”*crawls to Prod* Da…. Da. DaDa!”

Roc:”Did she just?”

Prod:”*begins to cry*”

You:”*tear up* Awe she said her first word.”

Prod:”*picks Luna up* Daddy loves you Luna.”

You all spent the rest of the day playing with Luna. Prodigy has never been happier.

The End!!

What if ??????
  1.  what if mindless behavior made a mindless twerk team 
  2. what if ray  look u deep in the eye like for 2 min and say u one ugly mofo( me, i slap the dog shit out of him)
  3.  what if prodigy give u 1,oooo $( me, i dont want the money i want your love)
  4. what if roc said he only like girls with nose ring (tf)
  5. what if prince kiss 5,oooo girls and gave them  HIV ( i know he will never do that)
  6. what if mb made a team mindless hang out where we can hang out in every state

all these what if…………………… but hey what if this happen yall can give me all the thanks cause one day i gone go up to them and hang out,