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Hello! I'm Link from Breath of the Wild. I'm looking for really anyone willing to talk. In my canon, I had terrible aim when it came to archery- I also loved horses. I also remember having romantic feelings for prince Sidon. If any of this sounds familiar, you can message me on @hylien-prodigy . My host is a minor, though- and I would be more comfortable with no one over twenty one. Doubles are fine, though!



“I love a damn red bar,” Scott said as we walked into the Back Bar, a North Hill neighborhood strip club. The place was an awesome hole in the wall: red carpet and red walls with black trim and black tables and chairs. There was a thin stage with two gold poles that divided the club. The stage was small but could accommodate two dancers if necessary. I loved the Back Bar; the girls were friendly and the drinks were cheap, and it was red—that’s the color you want your strip bar to be, if you ask me.

Tony walked through the bar tipping the dancers with dollar bills, not even getting a dance, just stuffing money in their garters as he walked by–sometimes just handing it to them. Derek, Scott, and I headed for a table. Tony kept on. 

Adrian danced as The Prodigy raged.  “Breathe with me.” The sweat on her body made her new tattoo shine.  Black boy shorts disappeared between her butt cheeks. We sat and smoked cigarettes.