Productive Day!

The following list is what I have done to make today productive. Not in order.

I have been to all my classes.
Handed in an essay.
Had a Nap.
Washed the pile of dishes.
Dried the pile of dishes.
Put away the dishes.
Cleaned both bathrooms.
Swept the kitchen.
Swept the mudroom.
Did 2 loads of Laundry.
Cleaned my room.
Paid off some more tuition.
Collected mail from Rose.
Painted my nails.
Eaten 2 delicious meals.

Tada! Thats all. I’m so tired now and it’s not even 5pm yet!

Evening Plans
  • Start random Tumblr post
  • Wait for food to finish cooking
  • Watch Youtube Let’s Plays (catch up marathon yaaaay! 8D)
  • Consider shaving month+ beard
  • Don’t shave month+ beard
  • ????
  • Profit
  • Realize it’s nearing 3am
  • Consider sleeping
  • Rewatch old Youtube Lets Plays
  • Probably sleep
  • Switch from laptop to phone

I r productive 8B

One-shot: Because of Me

Jungkook/Minah (OC)

Rating: S for Sad


“Minah-yah,” Jungkook had been trying to get her attention for the past ten minutes. Tickling, singing in a old man’s voice, whispering in her ear and even walking out of her room and back in wearing only a towel around his waist. But he had been ignore, his girlfriend had brushed him away in favour of her work. She had promised herself that she would finish writing this chapter that night, and there was only 20 minutes of the night left.

“Minah…” Jungkook whined again. “Look at me..”

As expected, she didn’t. 

With a heavy sigh Jungkook collapsed back onto her bed and stared up at the ceiling. 

An idea dawned on him, an idea that he knew would work for certain. He sat up and smirked at the back of Minah’s head.

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blanksexual asked:

im not suicidal but your suicide help link doesnt work you should fic it any way have a lovely day/night lovely. side note your hair lookes great what prodicts do you use?

Oh & I don’t use hair products 😅