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Organizing your desk space

Yay for more tips to get shit done. This is just how I arrange my desk to work productively.

1. Have an “inbox” - your inbox can be a stack of document trays or just a simple pile. Keep it on the left side of your desk (or opposite if you’re left handed). Into this pile goes anything that needs your attention. When assignments come in put them in the inbox, when you have readings, print them and put them in your inbox. Document trays are great because you can stack 3 of them and organize your stuff into high, med and low priority. Alternately you can have a system like university, work, and bills. Choose something that works for you,

2. Planner/bullet journal/To do list. When you’re not working keep this front and centre in your workspace so when you sit down to do something you will remember to look at it.

3. Supplies (ie stationery, pencil case etc). Put them toward the back of the desk behind your work area and in easy reach.

4. The Outbox. Put finished items on the right side of your work space and either then submit or file them, whatever you need to do with them, at the end of each day.

5. Laptop / Computer. I keep my computer to the far right of the desk on the other side of the outbox. When I need it I can just roll my chair across. 

6. Wall planner / Calendar. Keep one of these on the wall behind your desk so you can see any deadlines at a glance.

7. Corkboard / whiteboard - Recommend one of each. Write any reminders on the whiteboard and pin important things on the cork board. 

And that’s it!

I understand some people may have a desk too small to fit all these things in this arrangement, this is just my system. You can adapt it however you like, just do what works for you and what works for your space.

Have a nice day :)