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A softer voltron : shatt, 19 ? :D

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When I look at you all I can see are the mistakes we’re going to make. (The future’s so bright.)

Over the past month, Matt had discovered that Takashi Shirogane was a jackass.

It wasn’t even in the way that Matt could deal with, either.  If he was an outright dick, he could have gone to someone and prodded until they took him off the mission.  Team cohesion was important, after all, and Matt was the more specialized of the two roles.  Yeah, okay, it took a good pilot to get from here to Kerberos, but there were plenty in the Garrison.  There were very few people whose expertise crossed over paleobiology, astrophysics and mechanical engineering.  The only other one who could go was already the mission commander and Matt’s father.

But Shirogane never crossed a line.  There was nothing Matt could point out or repeat or record that said ‘there, that’s why, kick him out right now’.  Even Dad didn’t seem to see it, and he’d been there every step of the way.

“He’s nervous,” Dad had said, giving Matt that disappointed ‘you’re being unreasonable stop annoying me over this’ look.  “Let it be.”

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Meeting the parents

A short drabble of Newt meeting your parents.


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“it’ll be fine newt, I promise’, you swore to him as his long fingers fumbled with his bowtie. Gently pushing his hands away, you fixed his tie, making sure it wasn’t wonky, satisfied with your work, you placed a quick kiss to his nose. “They will love you, just like I do.’  You tried to reassure, resting your hands on his shoulders. “and besides, what is it you always tell me? Worrying means you suffer twice’ you received a weary expression, ‘I wish I’d never told you that now’ as he teasingly prodded at your nose.

“come on you silly man’ you encouraged him, linking your arms, and aperating to your childhood home.

You wrapped your knuckles on the door, squeezing Newt’s hand as you did.

Through the little window in the door, you could see your mum almost bouncing down the hall, swinging the door open and pulling you into a tight hug. “oh sweetheart, my darling, we’ve missed you ’ she murmured into your shoulder as she squeezed you. “this young man must be your Newton, my you picked a handsome one there, sweetheart’ your mother complimented before bundling a blushing Newt into his own hug.

“it’s a pleasure to meet you at last Mrs y/l/n’ newt shuck her hand politely. “come through dear, I can hear the kettle squealing’ you found newts hand once more giving him a reassuring smile as your mother guided you both into the kitchen, where the smell of vanilla cake hung about the air.

Your father strode in from the garden, his hands and the knees of his trousers covered in soil. He shuffled past you pecking your cheek on his way to the sink. “how’s the star grass getting on, dad?’ you asked as he wrapped you up in hug, ‘it’s much happier now, after your Newt  sent that dung’ sending a nod in newt’s direction, before letting you go, to clasp newts hand. “it’s lovely to meet you sir, I’m pleased that the unicorn dung worked.’ With a pat to his shoulder, your father ushered Newt to the table, where your mother’s Victoria sponge sat along with a large pot of tea and several tea cups.

The four of you sat quite happily, chatting, eating and drinking together. You couldn’t wipe the grin off of your face, even if you wanted to. Holding newt’s hand under the table as he chatted enthusiastically with your father about herbology.


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I like the concept of GLaDOS having a sort of PTSD thing when it comes to being physically touched (after being poked and prodded by scientists she's extremely uneasy with it) and maybe Chell giving her lil pats on her giant robot head. Then GLaD realizing how calming Chell's touches are compared to ones received in the past. And then she proceeds to play it off like she doesn't really care but actually likes it a lot. Write a fic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯?

( Here you go! )

GLaDOS hadn’t experienced very much physical contact in the past one hundred years. Funny, she never really thought about it.  Almost all test subjects died before they could get even a little close, and the one that didn’t had preferred to hit her with rockets than throw punches.  And sure, she remembered being picked up briefly when she was stuck inside a potato, but she had been freaked out enough with everything else that the feeling was barely a passing thought in her mind.

She only realized it recently.   She had a problem with being touched.

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Snarriet, meeting again on H's Hogwarts reunion/5 years after the war shebang/etc

from 3 sentence fic prompts

As Severus had observed before, she was the type of person who would always go back home: in this case, to Hogwarts, five years to the day she’d left, for the honoring ceremony; for the dead, the wounded, the still living.

And there was Severus, wearing black like he’d forgotten any other color existed, those robes the light drained into and disappeared; so of course she had to go up and prod him in the arm and say, “How’ve you been?”

“You saw me this morning when you left the house,” he said, and handed her his glass of wine. 

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One time my friend was being bothered by shadow people, so I naively told them to fuck off and pick on someone else instead. Spent the rest of the night getting poked and prodded and having my blankets pulled as I tried to sleep.

shadow people are awful, honestly. the last time I saw one was about two years ago, and it gave me a very unfriendly reminder to clean my damn room. I’ve never been touched by one but I’ve had them stare at me for hours before. like what is their problem

Horror has never considered the possibility that he is horrible or horrifying in any way. Horror thinks Robot is horrifying, though. Robot never pays any attention to Horror or wants to pet him. Though even if he did, the thought of a metal pincer prodding his plasmatic radioactive coat sends chills down the spine he doesn’t even have.

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3 Similarities:

We are both quick tempered.
We are both insecure (and extra quick tempered when an insecurity gets prodded)
We are both egotistical but also need other people to notice how awesome we are.

3 Differences:

Taking over the world seems like way more work than it’s worth.
I have never killed anyone and never would except in self defense.
I don’t backstab people.

> Yes

Surprisingly, it is not Tsuki’s hand. Yancy didn’t want to touch it, so he prods the floating thing in the water until it floats to the shore.

It’s a dead body. The man is probably in his 50s or 60s, and clearly going through the decomposition process. Because of how this process works, the body must have been dead for some time for the cadaver to start floating.

Katsuo accidentally falls into the water. Csilla watches.



꽃길 (Prod. By 지코(ZICO))
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#nowplaying 세정 (구구단)  - 꽃길 (Prod. By 지코)

* Sejeong (gugudan) - Flower Road (Prod. By Zico)


[MV] 루나, 하니, 솔라 Luna, Hani, Solar - HONEY BEE ( 박근태 Keun Tae Park)