Have a happy Labor Day, and some trends on the side

  • Product design: a passion of ours as well.
  • A healthy debate about The Danish Girl, featuring Eddie Redmayne.
  • Denali, it ain’t just a river in Egypt.
  • The U.S. Open, and this is a big one. Go Serena, go!
  • Mr. Robot beep beep boop boop.
  • Kim Davis. What a tool.
  • The refugee crisis in Europe gets more dire by the day.
  • K-dramas like Mask—they’re sssssmokin’! 
  • Some people think Idris Elba can’t play James Bond, but those people liked the invisible car in Die Another Day
  • The VMAs went off without a hitch, exactly as planned. Nooo problem. 
  • Goodnight, Wes Craven, and thanks for all the nightmares.

And a little light beach reading

Image via missamerican-pie
Kojima retweets fan-made MGS 5 pic, Konami files copyright claim
Oh Konami...

Oh Konami, it seems that you have a team dedicated to trolling the Internet.

Metal Gear Solid 5 director Hideo Kojima and Konami aren’t on the best terms these days, to say the least. And things just got even weirder.

When Kojima retweeted a Metal Gear Solid 5 image made by a fan, Konami stepped right in and filed a copyright claim, removing it from Twitter.

Why? Who knows. This is Konami we’re talking about.

OKAY SO WOW thanks for all the songs! I’ve been putting a list together and trying to go through all of them and so far it’s been super cool to see what others like song wise. :) I’m gonna try to post some art today, might not be a comic though. Been needing to practice other stuff more.

But anyway have a great week everyone!

Super excited to try the @beyondmeat Beast Burger and Miyoko’s sundried tomato garlic cheese! The verdict is…. the beast burger is juicy - weird for a veg burger but strangely good! It has a nice texture and tasty grilled flavor but needs a bit more seasoning or spice. The cheese was amazing! Holy yum. I want to try them alllll. Have you tried either? What did you think?

anonymous asked:

I have a brilliant, in my opinion, idea/concept for a game but no real talent or understanding for code. How can i get this idea out there if i dont have any connections let alone experience?

If you have a truly killer idea and you lack the skills to make it happen yourself, you really have three major means to make it happen.

#1. Learn to make it yourself

Study. Learn to code. Learn to art. Learn to schedule. Make it happen. Maybe you can try recruiting some others to help you out as you go. You can try [posting on various game dev forums] for suggestions and help.

#2. Hire somebody to make it for you

Put up the money for the development, recruit some developers, and they can make it for you. As a general rule of thumb, you’ll have to consider that a full-time mid-level software engineer will cost around $10,000 per month of employment including things like office space, employment benefits, and taxes. This number will vary depending on where you’re located and such. If you go this route, you should be very careful about things like scope creep and the development schedule.

#3. Convince people with money that your game idea is worth making

Could be one person or a lot. It could be crowd funding. It’s going to be tough to convince the people out there to give you money for your game idea though - it’s not a very well-known process, and most of them will want to see something to demonstrate how or why the idea will work. If you can’t show them that, they probably won’t part with their hard-earned money. So that goes back to recruiting and building a demo of the game to make it happen… and that usually means leveraging your own money to pay for it.

But can’t I just sell the great idea to a publisher? Can’t I just be the “Idea Guy” and paid for it?

Publishers have their own people with decades of experience actually making games that come up with the ideas for games they wish to make. Everybody in game development, from the highest executive down to the freshly hired tester has their own ideas for games. Only a select few - the studio heads, the executive producers, etc. will ever be able to make that happen. If you want to be somebody like that, you either need to work your ass off to climb the corporate ladder, or you need to start your own studio and hire people to make your ideas happen.

That isn’t to say that publishers won’t take outside ideas - it does happen. But when you pitch an idea to a publisher, you aren’t pitching them the game idea - you’re pitching them your game studio’s ability to make the idea real. The team that did the Tony Hawk skateboard controller games originally pitched their idea to Activision by leveraging their team experience, a cool demo, and an actual skateboard and two Wii controllers duct taped to it. Publishers don’t buy ideas, they fund game development. They want to give money to qualified and experienced teams to build the game that was pitched.

Most people who enter the game industry do so because they already want to bring their ideas to the table. The vast majority of them want to make their games. You need to provide a compelling reason (like the money) for them to make your idea instead of theirs. Otherwise they’ve already got more going for them than you do - they have skills, they have experience, and they have ideas. Ideas are plentiful. Experienced and talented developers who can deliver are not.

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FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 1 | 9.4.15

sterling silver floral band by buffalolucy

friday, i’ve missed you. welcome back :) let’s get the ball rollin’ here on EFOTD today with a lovely little silver floral ring. this band, available oxidized or regular, is a great feminine alternative to a plain wedding ring … just a little romantic.



  • characters with parent issues from Legion-only aren’t listed here (Jeep, Charlie, Audrey)
  • characters who haven’t showed up on the show aren’t listed (Raphael, very likely Lucifer backstory)
  • there are some characters where we have no clue about the other parent so they’re not mentioned here (no explicit mention of Becca’s father or Laurel’s mother, for example, so both might’ve simply grown up with single parents and it wasn’t anything tragic)
  • God disappearing didn’t have the same effect on angels like Furiad or Noma compared to Gabriel
  • I made a logic leap about Zoe’s father (she mentioned coming to Vega with her family - her mother died outside the walls, and I assumed that her dad might’ve been with them and she lost him sometime later based on her speech about losing her family because of Vega - but i could be wrong idk)
  • yes, I pulled stuff from D:R and the handbook

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