Johnny’s Foreword for Disney Pirates: The Definitive Collector’s Anthology

Since early childhood, some point between innocence and ignorance, I recognized, as luck would have it, that I somehow possessed the presence of mind to be incessantly curious and obsessively observant of those around me. Even to the point that for a couple of years - well before my teens, I was convinced that my life’s calling was to be an impersonator. I was utterly blown away by the fact it was possible to change one’s voice and mannerisms in order to elicit an instant transformation of the face, so that, immediately, the person I had been watching, was no longer themselves. They had disappeared and transformed into another being!

I was fascinated by human behavior, especially when the subjects were unaware that they were being observed. Those elusive opportunities where one might witness moments of simple and true behaviour - pure honesty - where the subject simply exists, unaware of anything within their vicinity - floating from thought, to thought, to thought. It then became my sworn duty to alarm, unnerve, startle, shock, annoy, terrorize and panic these unfortunate subjects, who largely turned out to be my family - the poor sods. And all this just to satisfy my need, my fix, for the purity of disrupting their private reveries so as to experience the bona-fide vérité of that inevitable, involuntary reflex and recoil of horror and fear. Why, you ask? Because it made me laugh. I would howl for hours, even days, reliving those instances. But, I needed more. In my youthful glee, I became addicted to these utterly spontaneous, in the moment responses. The truth,’ as they say, ‘will set you free.’ And, it most assuredly did. I’d found my true calling. It was in my DNA to provoke and prod - others as much as myself. I know there is some sliver of cruelty in there, and for that I can undoubtedly salute the chequered history of my unruly gene pool. But, in a bizarre flip, somewhere down the road, all of these rascally provocations from childhood became the tools in my tool box for the work I do today. Was I absolutely positive that there would be ghastly repercussions? Yes! But, I didn’t care. I couldn’t. It was, just simply, plus fort que moi. It was much stronger than me. My props were limited but my mind was not. Rubber snakes, fake spiders, frighteningly strange noises. It had developed to the point where my parents were actually concerned for my sanity as my addled brain conjured up prank after prank to feed my worrying sense of humor and its treacherous obstacle course.

I forged ahead like a bull rhino. The more I learned, the more I became cautious of anyone who might belong to the seemingly straight and narrow, as I’d been driving my teachers insane, and had they been able to catch me in the act, they’d have roasted me! So, I suppose that’s why I never cared much for the suits. They represented the enemy to me. The humor impaired. They were the school principals, the deans, the truant officer, the doctor, the dentist, the fraudulent evangelists. The stern and bitter type folks, incapable of drudging up a smile that hadn’t been born out of their own perverse notion that they held the monopoly on the 'power.’ Authority has always been a problem. Beloved rogues were my heroes. The rule breakers. From Blackbeard, to Dillinger. From Jim Morrison to Iggy Pop. The list goes on. So, my everdarkening adolescent cerebrum reached out to these iconoclastic mavericks, who blatantly scoffed at convention without a care in the world, as organic an urge as taking a breath. They gave me the impetus to escape a life of mundanity. I knew I was destined for something a little more undisciplined and ungoverned. Life was mine to explore! Some have suggested that Captain Jack Sparrow was the pinnacle of that search. But, the truth is that he has always been an integral part of me, from day zero.

Cut To: Day One. Set of POTC 'Curse of the Black Pearl.’ An absurd feeling. Like arriving, for the very first time, in a place you’ve always known. I understood everything. Immediately. This was where I was meant to be. My tumultuous trek, battling toward the edge of honesty’s limits had reached its zenith. However, that battle was not over. It never is, of course, and I had to fight for my vision of the character. My truth. And that vision was realized, thanks to the ‘guts’ of Jerry, Gore, and the finest executive that The Walt Disney Company has ever employed, Dick Cook, not to mention our dedicated and incredible crews - the true soldiers who get these films done with their very blood and sweat!!! They give the film its magic. But, above all, we must thank our dear audience. For, without them, there would be 'no glory.’ We would never have gotten anywhere. But now, here we are, some five movies later with our new directors, Joachim & Espen, administering some fresh wonder, still on the ride and loving it!!!

The future is always a riddle waiting to be solved, but I know that wherever we go, Captain Jack Sparrow will remain close by. His irreverent, absurdist spirit, forever loitering intently beneath the surface of all that threatens to tame us, to bore us, and to trick us.

So, don’t be tamed. Don’t be bored. And don’t be fooled.

Long live the Pirates life.

                                                                  —JOHNNY DEPP (Surrey, 02.05.'17)

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Request: hello!!!!! i was the anon that requested have you ever seen a heart shatter and oh my word i am blown away!! i couldn’t stop crying after reading it!! anyways, i would love to request another newt x reader where the reader is a legilimens and she reads newts mind and finds out he’s in love with tina or leta (which ever one you can choose who you like i guess) and she just breaks i guess?? pure angst as always haha. please and thank you!!!

Word Count: 2,779

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

August 1st, 1903

Sploosh. You shriek with laughter. Mud flies every which way. It lands on your cheeks. It sprinkles the front porch. You don’t care that your mother will be mad. You look at the next puddle and bend your knees.

A little boy suddenly bursts into your yard. He shouts, hands out in front of him, as a bunny darts by. Another boy, a little bigger with darker hair, tears into your yard, too. He stops when he sees you. He marches over, calling the other one, too.

“Who’re you?”

You scowl. “Who’re you?”

“I’m Theseus Scamander. This is Newt.” He prods the other boy in the back.

“Why’re you in my backyard?”

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At Swords Points

Part I

In which Riskua travelled with Mihawk instead of going to Dawn Island

(Because I really enjoyed @nordictwin​‘s AU where Riskua stayed on Melring, so I wrote my own with one of the other alternatives that could have happened, which was Mihawk taking her, *ahem*, underwing.

When Dracule Mihawk saunters into the latest Shichibukai meeting, he comes in with a red-haired, tan-skinned miniature trotting diligently along after him. A female miniature.

Even Doflamingo goggles for a moment, losing all interest in his game with the marines.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Even carried Isak across the threshold?

hhahahahahahaha boy do i. But I think like, they were joking around, poking and prodding at each other as they carried up the last of the boxes to put in their new house. And then maybe Isak said something cheeky about Even carrying him over the threshold- probably doubting his macho manly strength and Even can’t have that, can he? So  he puts on his super offended look-

And promptly slings Isak over his shoulder in like a fireman’s hold. And isak is laughing so hard and using his fists to bang on Even’s back and butt (ignoring Even’s hey hey hey don’t damage the goods). And Isak is just shouting, ‘THIS IS NOT TRADITIONAL!’ over and over again until they are both firmly in the house. And maybe Even twirls a few times to get Isak dizzy before plopping him down on a mountain of pillows in the living room.

And then Isak is looking up from the ground under his lashes at Even and it’s just. Fuck their doing it. They’re moving in together.

Part 4

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

@shulkie suggested pining Levi so here we go.


Levi watched as Jean draped his arm around Eren’s shoulders and said something into his ear with a wide grin. Eren laughed and poked his tongue out, and Jean pulled a face and pretended to recoil.

But they stayed close, those two.

Levi sort of thought they would have mentioned it if they were actually together, but with the way they acted sometimes he honestly wasn’t sure. It wasn’t really his business, he supposed, only that it was; Eren had told him flat out that he was good at shutting down their arguments, and doing that for a couple seemed weird and inappropriate.

Levi was ushered forward next, to be included in the photograph. The label still wasn’t sure how to ‘massage him into the band’s core brand’ as one of the bright, interchangeable young PR people had put it and Levi wished he didn’t even have to try. Some bullshit never changed.

They wanted him to watch all the band’s old interviews, and Levi put on a dutiful look and agreed, but secretly it wasn’t such a hardship.

They were both gorgeous, those two; fresh faced and charismatic, and Levi watched them joke and giggle and prod each other, squirming across a variety of TV talk show couches, along with their ex-bandmate Reiner. They’d always been all over each other, apparently, and Levi wondered why the PR people hadn’t told them to put a stop to it. Some of their comments were downright suggestive.

Levi didn’t need the mental images of the lean, leggy young men wrapped around each other like that, their stories of sharing hotel rooms and the back of a van working all too vividly on his imagination.

He didn’t know what to make of this whole situation sometimes; no one gets a second chance like that, a rediscovery and the opportunity to return to the stage after all those years. That alone seemed too much to expect, and here he was with two frankly beautiful young men who apparently saw in him nothing but good things. Even after they found out about his stage fright they seemed to think it was just something to manage rather than a deal-breaker.

He should be more grateful, and stop imagining them naked at the very least.

“At least you’ve done all this before,” Jean said when the shoot was over and they were heading back in the car. “It was a hell of a learning curve for us.”

“Mm.” Levi didn’t feel like discussing it; he’d felt like a third wheel for most of the time, and he doubted no amount of massaging the message was going to change that. How could it? He was a decade older than they were, and they’d almost literally found him in the trash.

He could almost sense them looking at each other, trying to work out why he was in a bad mood. Did they really know him so well so fast? Or maybe it wasn’t him at all, and they were silently communicating about more personal things.

“We should work on our narrative,” Eren said, when they’d retreated back to the boys’ apartment. Levi had sort of wanted to leave, but they had work to do. “They’re gonna keep bugging us until we have something.” He frowned. “We need something.”

Levi watched Eren return from the fridge and choose a seat across from Jean, flopping into it and somehow managing not to spill his drink. They always pulled apart when he was with them, and it was starting to bug him a little. He wasn’t prejudiced or anything.

“You don’t have to do that, you know,” he said.

“Do what?” Eren asked.

“Act distant with each other when I’m here. I’m not going to be bothered,” he lied slightly. It didn’t bug him for the obvious reasons at least.

“We’re not?” Jean looked puzzled.

Levi rolled his eyes. “You were practically sitting in his lap earlier.”

“Oh that!” Eren laughed, a little awkwardly. “It’s for the cameras, you know.”


“The fans love it,” Jean explained. “The idea that we might be fucking in private. They get really invested. So,” he shrugged. “We play up to it a bit.”

“Don’t worry, Levi, we won’t make you do it,” Eren assured him.

“Too old?” Levi suggested wryly.

“No. I mean, you wouldn’t like it, right?”

He could feel their eyes on him, and he resisted the urge to squirm in his chair. He wished desperately he’d never raised the topic to start with.

“I wouldn’t really mind,” he said eventually. “I mean, if they like it.”

“Well that’s great!” Eren said, with more enthusiasm than Levi thought was necessary. “We know our narrative now, don’t we?”

Levi got the distinct impression they were communicating via eye contact again.

“And he was so good!” Jean declared, beaming at the host. “We were like, we have to get this guy to play with us.”

“And then we got him out of those overalls,” Eren said, leaning against Levi on the other side. “And look at this!” He grabbed Levi’s bicep and Levi flexed good-naturedly as the crowd oohed.

“Oh my God, those arms,” the host said, pulling a shocked and delighted face for the camera. “Can I touch them?” she asked.

And Levi, firmly wedged between his bandmates, Jean’s thigh pressed against his own and Eren’s breath tickling his ear, wasn’t sure if he was in heaven or hell, but he wouldn’t have traded it for anything.

Timed Prompt (15 min)

  • Prompt: Kyungsoo goes on a date to a restaurant, only to be waited on by a jealous ex.

It’s baffling, really. As he sits in the small booth near the center of the restaurant, his eyes catch sight of his ex. Yes, sure, the man looks the same–those same long legs that go on for miles, the same broad shoulders that he used to stare at, that same dazzling smile with perfect teeth and tiny dimples piercing into his cheek. Kyungsoo doesn’t realize he’s staring until a shadow looms over his view for a second as his date enters the booth.

“Hey Soo,” he snaps from his reverie and smiles sweet, kind.

“Hey Baekhyun, how are you today?” there’s a smoothness in his voice with the deep tone of his timbre. He’s got this down pat, and isn’t going to allow Jongin’s presence to disrupt this date. Especially since Kyungsoo was the one who chose to leave the relationship. Apparently, he had to learn the hard way, that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Regret prodded at his mind shortly after the breakup, but he overcame it eventually with the aid of friends to support him no matter how idiotic he was.

Now here he is, on their fourth date. Things are going well with Baekhyun, he likes to think. And maybe that scares him but, he’ll flow with life and go wherever it leads him.

“I’m fine. So did you read the latest article about that group Exo? They sold out a huge stadium, talk about Kings, right?”

“They’re legends,” he says as he reaches for his glass of water.

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“Hello,” a voice comes from the side of their table and Kyungsoo knows that voice well–too well. It’s a reminder of the man whose voice would wake him up every morning and sing him to sleep every night. Everything about his voice is a memory Kyungsoo wishes would remain inside the abyss of his mind. Yet, when he sees Jongin more clearly now, it all comes back like a rush of water. “I’m Jongin, I’ll be your server today, what can I get you to drink?” he smiles. It’s fake. Of course, Kyungsoo could tell. With the plethora of Jongin photos saved in a folder inside of his phone, how could he not notice?

“Oh Kyungsoo, is that you?” he gives Kyungsoo a lighthearted nudge on the shoulder, “I mean, you were here not too long ago with that girl…what was her name again?”

What? Kyungsoo’s eyes widen. He throws a worried glance toward Baekhyun who has confusion plastered over his face.

“I’m sorry, I think you have the wrong–”

“No, no, I’m sure it was you. You bring all of your dates here,” Jongin turns to Baekhyun, “I mean, just two days ago he had another guy here, and they ordered the risotto. I personally recommended it,”

“Jongin!” Kyungsoo whispers loudly, “I would like to speak with you over there,” he hurries to his feet and yanks Jongin by the arm. He hauls the tall man out of hearing distance, nose flaring with anger.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“What does it look like? I’m ruining your date.”

I know that we’re all #shook because of the Viktor figurine, but I’M STILL FEELING #SHOOK DUE TO THE YUURI NENDOROID SO HAVE A FIC Y’ALL AND SUFFER WITH ME

Title: Put that thing back where it came from (or so help me)

Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice

Pairing: Viktor Nikeforov/Yuuri Katsuki

Time-frame: Post ep-12, because that is my jam. I’m also going to hand wave away the legal issues surrounding a firm using the image of a celebrity to make profits and assume that the JSF signed off on it or something. Eh, it’s for the hilarity.

P.S. Note that this is nothing but crack. Also, that I haven’t written fanfiction in years. Please be kind to me XD

P.P.S.S. I realise, belatedly, that I’ve completely forgotten to write about Makkachin. Please do not worry - the doggo is alive and well.

The madness starts on a Sunday afternoon, with both Yuuri and Viktor watching television on the couch in their apartment in St. Petersburg. It’s their day off and thus far, it’s been a perfect day - waking up late, walking to the cafe opposite for a quick brunch, and then returning home to spend some time together. 

The television’s tuned to a Russian tv series which Yuuri, who has thus far only mastered a smattering of Russian, can’t make heads or tails of save for the fact that the lady on screen is very, very upset. But it’s alright, because for the past hour, he’s been watching Viktor, whose eyes are glued to the screen, enraptured by the show.

Viktor’s TV-watching (and Yuuri’s Viktor-watching) is interrupted by a soft “ping” sound. Tearing his eyes off the screen, Viktor slips his phone out of the pocket of his sweatpants, deftly unlocking it with a few swipes of his thumb.

“Oh”, says Viktor, eyes widening at what he sees.


Viktor turns the screen of his phone to Yuuri, mouth set in his famous heart-shaped smile. The instagram app is opened and…

Yuuri’s jaw drops.

“Amazing!” Viktor double taps the photo of a nendoroid that looks exactly like Yuuri to “like” it. “It looks just like you, Yuuri!”

Orange Rouge, as Yuuri understands it, is a firm specialising in figurines of male anime characters. He’s never bought anything from the firm, having spent most of his time practicing on the ice or watching clips of ice skating. Mari has occasionally bought a figure or two though, when she gets really into an anime series (there was this one about swimming that all the females in Yuuri’s life (and a few guys) went crazy about - it didn’t really appeal to him, but Mari loved it, so he got her a nendoroid of that “Haruka” fellow anyway).

So, Yuuri knows who these people are. What he does’t get is why there’s now a figure of him.

“It’s their National Day special!” Yuuko enthuses over the phone. “To celebrate this year’s National Day, Orange Rouge is making figures of our top athletes! That -” and Yuuri can literally hear her narrowing her eyes, “includes you, Mr Top-Male-Skater-Of-Japan.”

Yuuri bites back the usual spiel on him being one of the dime-a-dozen figures certified by the JSF. “It’s just… a little awkward, isn’t it? Why would people want a figure of me staring at them all the time?”

It really doesn’t help, Yuuri thinks, that of all the costumes Orange Rouge could have chosen from, they picked the Eros costume. Do small kids buy these sort of figurines? Should they be allowed to play with the costume Yuuri wore as he attempted to seduce Viktor on the ice?

Yuuri tries not to think too hard about it.

“Who wouldn’t? I certainly don’t mind. It’s so cute! Did you know that it even has a little katsudon bowl? The people at Orange Rouge know you pretty well, eh?”

Yuuri is suddenly reminded of the time where he announced that Katsudon was his eros and he covers his face with his hand, cheeks turning red to the sound of Yuuko’s gentle laughter.

So, Yuuri now knows of the little figure’s existence, and is pretty sure that Viktor will get it (Viktor, bless his sweet heart, gets all the Yuuri memorabilia he can get his paws on. It is, in his own words, his way of catching up with Yuuri, who has collected Viktor memorabilia for years). However, nothing prepares him for the sight of coming home after a few extra hours at the gym to Viktor holding the figure in one hand, using a single finger on the other to prod the figure’s ass.

“Yuuri!” Viktor says, eyes lighting up. “They got your ass correct!”

Yuuri’s soul leaves his body.

“Phichit why.”

“Sorry Yuuri! I couldn’t resist!”

Yuuri’s soul leaves his body for a second time, hands trembling around his phone. On screen, Phichit’s newest instagram photo, depicting a Yuuri Nendoroid seductively looking at a miniature picture of Viktor, hits 3,000 likes.

“Yuuri,” Phichit laughs, “you gotta admit, your thirst for Viktor Nikeforov was real.”

Yuuri walks into Yurio’s room, and then nopes out of there.

He’s not sure why Yurio has put a tiny little cat-ear headband on the Yuuri Nendoroid, nor why Yurio even has a Yuuri Nendoroid, but he doesn’t want to think too hard about it.

A week after Yuuri finds out that Yurio has bought a Yuuri Nendoroid, Christophe uploads a photo onto his official twitter, depicting his hands cupping his ass. To the side, a hand holds out the Yuuri Nendoroid, back turned to the camera.

Yuuri suspects that it’s Christophe’s boyfriend helping him to take this photo, just like when he helped Christophe and Viktor to take their rooftop pool photo in Barcelona. Yuuri would question how the poor man keeps getting drawn into taking weird photos, but he knows that feel.

Love, he surmises, makes fools of us all.

The photo is captioned “Whose ass is the best? Vote now!” There’s actually a twitter poll under the photo, and the vote is split pretty evenly.

On one hand, Yuuri can see Christophe doing things like this. On the other hand, Yuuri is done

Viktor comes home to Yuuri, curled up on the couch, covered entirely in a blanket. The Yuuri-Blanket-Ball is completely silent as he approaches, but softly whimpers when Viktor puts his hand on the top of it.

“It’s just… so… embarrassing” Yuuri murmurs. “I can’t imagine what people are thinking when they look at it.”

Viktor smiles, a soft, gentle expression that would never have appeared on his face a year back.

“I think they look at it, and think about how beautiful you are. How adorable you look when you’re flustered. How sweet it is when you’re happy.”

Viktor leans down, and rubs his cheek against the top of the Yuuri-Blanket-Ball. “At the very least, that’s what I think about when I look at it.”

Yuuri feels better.

“Mama no”.

But Yuuri,” Mama Katsuki says, gesturing at the coffee with Yuuri’s face printed on top, “they’re selling so well!”

Yuuri’s soul leaves his body again.


anonymous asked:

Hi, just found your blog and i'm loving it! can i request a nsfw scenario of grimmjow, aizen, and byakuya where they are VERY jealous of their gf?

I did these as headcanons since I only do one character per scenario. But let me tell you, these are fun to write because I think all of these characters would behave so differently. ~V


  • Everyone in a mile radius knows Grimmjow is jealous—including his S/O. He can’t hide it, nor does he want to. He’ll pout in a very macho way. He’ll snarl, butt into conversation, and take that shit outside if he feels so inclined. Grimmjow isn’t going to shy away from his jealousy… and he’s taking everyone down with the ship.
  • All of that being said, it may take a lot of concerted effort or serious justification to make Grimmjow jealous. Grimmjow is busy beating people and his S/O’s holes lmao up. There’s a lot of things that get under Grimmjow’s skin, but a casual conversation with friendly person or some wild partying don’t generally do the trick. He trusts his S/O to kick some ass on their own, if the need arises.
  • Jealous Grimmjow is a rough lover. Well, rougher than usual. Chances are, someone lost some teeth in the process and he is all sorts of fired up. His S/O should expect some intense, possessive sex. I’m talking Grimmjow shoving their face up against the wall and taking them from behind, growling delicious little threats in their ear. Really make him worry, and he’ll make you come over, and over, and over again until you’re so oversensitive that it hurts. You are his and he wants to literally pound that into you.


  • No one else knows Aizen is jealous… until someone’s life gets completely ruined. He’s cold about it, letting a plan form to make his S/O and whoever else get a taste of what he’s feeling. It’s all about the mindfuck, all about the clever accuracy of punishment. Do not fuck with Aizen.
  • It’s easy to make Aizen jealous—he does not like others playing with his toys. He does not like others looking at his toys. He does not like others thinking about his toys. But oh boy, this many loves to play with his toys. Occasionally, he’ll consciously decide to act out of jealousy, just because he enjoys the end result. It’s an ego boost to plot and prod at others, to make his S/O beg for some mercy that they probably didn’t need to beg for in the first place.
  • Again, Aizen prefers emotional and mental sadism. Sex with a jealous Aizen is cool and airy, like being taken by a perfectly carved statue come to life. But something violent lurks just below that marble surface—he’ll keep his S/O for days at a time, intentionally wrecking their sense of time and personal identity. Aizen does what he does best in love: he ruins little pieces of them and loves them all the more for those ruined pieces.


  • Byakuya brings a definite air of nobility to his jealousy… and it is a horrible experience. He’ll just stand there, close to his S/O, resting bitch face with an eyebrow raised slightly in condescension. Occasionally, he’ll gracefully budge into the conversation with something far superior to say. It’s passive aggression at its finest—Byakuya will make everyone else feel inferior without breaking his exterior.
  • It’s moderately hard to get Byakuya jealous, but it certainly happens. Consider him middle-difficulty. He rarely appreciates others getting too informal or friendly with his S/O. As nobility, they are an extension of himself and the Kuchiki clan. They are to be treated that way. Byakuya hates the way jealousy feels, and actively avoids it.
  • Jealous sex won’t always be a given. Sometimes, if certain boundaries are crossed by an S/O, Byakuya waits until they beg him for release. However, say it’s a situation in which he felt that small underlying twinge of not wanting to lose his S/O. Then, the sex is intense, passionate, and absolutely focused on his partner. Byakuya wants to take his jealousy—something he finds ugly and undignified—and use it to remind his S/O why he chose them in the first place. Except hard kisses, caresses and squeezes, and a lot of eye contact.

anonymous asked:

You’ve locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so I’ll let you into mine (Jamilton)

There were many things running through Thomas’ head when he saw his neighbor standing in front of his apartment door, yelling into his phone. Thomas’ mind was filled with the sweet images of the relaxing evening ahead of him, the first in many weeks. He had fresh ingredients waiting in his fridge, a playlist on his phone, and candles for a bath before bed. 

A crack of thunder filled the air before Thomas could unlock his door and he turned to face his neighbor just as the man hung up his phone and kicked the still-closed door. He took in a breath. “Hey, do you need help?”

His neighbor sighed and leaned his forehead against the door. “No, it’s fine. I’m locked out of my apartment. One of my friends knows how to pick locks, so I’m just trying to get a hold of him.”

“Right.” Thomas opened his door. There was another crack of thunder. “There’s a storm rolling in. Do you want to sit down or something while waiting for your friend?”

His neighbor looked at him for a moment and then stood up. “Sure. I’m Alex, by the way. Alexander Hamilton.”

“Thomas Jefferson.” He held the door open and let Alex walk in ahead of him. “I was planning on making dinner. Depending on how long you end up staying, I always make too much for one person.”

Alex toed off his shoes and set his bag down, fiddling with the phone in his hand and looking around the apartment. “Dinner sounds great. I’d say I’d provide drinks, but we might have to save that for another time.”

He hung up his coat. “Of course.”

“What are you making?” 

“Some sort of pasta.” Thomas walked into the kitchen and gestured to the breakfast bar for Alex to sit. “I usually let the ingredients guide me.”

Alex snorted. “You let the ingredients guide you? Really?”

He turned toward the fridge. “Hey, I don’t have to let you into my home or offer you food.”

“That’s fair.” Alex’s voice was quieter.

He grabbed the brita pitcher. “Do you want anything to drink? I have water, green juice, coconut water, and some wine if that’s more your speed.”

“Nah, I’m good.” Alex was looking down at his phone. “Thanks though.”

“Not a problem.” He grabbed the tomatoes and spinach from the fridge. “Have you gotten a hold of your friend yet?”

Alex shook his head. “No. He didn’t answer his phone earlier, and Herc said he hadn’t heard from him in a while. He hasn’t read any of my texts so who knows?”

Thomas nodded. “Do you have anyone else you can get a hold of to help?”

“Probably, but I don’t really want to bother them on a Friday night. It’d just end up with me staying at their place while waiting for John.”

He grabbed a pan. “Why don’t you call a locksmith?”

“Why would I pay someone to do what John will do for free?”

“Fair.” He turned on the stove. “Well, I’ve been told my couch is pretty comfortable if you end up not being able to get a hold of your guy.”

Alex smiled, and for the first time Thomas noticed Alex was attractive in that weird way - not conventional by any means, but still managed to catch his eye. “Thanks man, I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t worry about. Just don’t make a habit of it, yeah?”

“Of course.” Alex laughed. “So, Thomas, what do you do?”

“I teach. What about you?”

Alex tapped his fingers on the granite counter top. “I work for Senator George Washington, actually.”

“That’s the guy that twitter is rallying behind, right?”

Alex laughed. “You know it, and you’re looking at the guy responsible.”


“I try.”

Before long, Thomas was pouring them both a glass of wine and setting two plates of pasta down. The conversation flowed, each prodding each other for details, and poking holes in opinions that came up. Their voices filled the room, and Thomas couldn’t remember the last time he had been so engaged in a conversation.

“Wait, so you’re telling me you actually had a student send you a dick pic?” Alex’s eyed were bright.

Thomas couldn’t contain the laughter and almost spilled his wine all over himself. “Yes! I assume, and hope, he had meant to send something else - the picture title was random - but oh my god I almost spat my coffee out over the poor freshman I was talking to when I opened it.”

“The freshie probably deserved it.”

“Hey!” Thomas shifted his weight forward. “That’s my student you’re talking about.”

Alex raised his hands. “I’m just saying.”


Alex took another sip of his wine and smirked. “You know, if it had been a dick pic from me it wouldn’t have been an accident.”

Thomas wasn’t successful in stopping himself from spitting the wine all over Alex that time.

Sherlock Is Not in Unrequited Love with John

It seems that after Series 4, an increasing number of people think BBC Sherlock is TPLoSH come again. Sherlock is therefore in unrequited love with John (ala Molly, seen as Sherlock’s own mirror). Whether it’s because they cannot unsee the gay pining in TSoT or because a loving John wouldn’t have beat up Sherlock or blamed him for Mary’s death, it is what it is. And either that’s okay, or (more commonly) it’s the reason people leave fandom or simply reject BBC John as hateful and Johnlock more broadly, or at least shipping it in canon. The way I see it, however, BBC Sherlock only makes sense and works for Mofftiss’ stated purposes in showing how Sherlock became a ‘good man’ and John and Sherlock became the legendary Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson in two ways.

Version One: it was always just really intense devotion, true platonic love at first sight. John is 'not gay’ as in he’s heterosexual, and Sherlock made the choice to be pure mind, as Moffat has said. So basically, he’s not gay or straight because he’s not anything, as I discussed in my post-S4 reading of ASiB and Sherlock’s sexuality. Sherlock genuinely angsted over losing his life with John in TSoT, as I’ve said post-S4, but it doesn’t mean that he’s in love. It certainly could be but doesn’t have to be read romantically to make sense. Given we’re interested in making the show work as a narrative, I think TSoT works best as a tribute, a high point before John and Sherlock’s slide into prolonged suffering, and a narrative demonstration of the parallels between John and Sherlock and John with Mary.

Basically, John explicitly compares and parallels his feelings for Sherlock with Mary in this episode, so if you’re reading Sherlock’s feelings romantically when he says both he and Mary love John during his speech, John logically has to be given the same courtesy. However, if you’re not reading their words romantically, then it’s all just there to set up a platonic threesome: Mary’s part of John-and-Sherlock now, at the end of TSoT. That’s what Moffat was talking about recently (though that’s not to say HLV and TST didn’t mess with this dynamic in its execution). Anyway, TSoT creates a parallel between the platonic bond between John and Sherlock and the romantic/matrimonial one between John and Mary. This is heightened by the fact that both John and Sherlock make a vow to Mary on John’s wedding day. Sherlock’s vow ties him into their family, which is reinforced by becoming Rosie’s godfather and finally simply calling John (and presumably Rosie) 'family’ in TFP. This is a real, functioning and balanced arc, and saying John doesn’t love Sherlock in this context breaks it.

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NCT Fic Rec

* = Favorite

Because this fandom also needs one. I will be adding more as time goes on

Note: You may submit links to fics you think should be on here, but I will not tolerate anything depicting an underage member in a sexual way. It will be deleted immediately without further consideration.


Of Sweetbuns and Milk -  Chaptered, Ongoing, PG13

*And I’m Thankful [For the Little Things] - Every day is a first except it’s not.When things are bad it’s easy to be thankful for tomorrow. (I’m actually crying right now ;-;) G

A Series of Unfortunate Popsicle Events -  Taeil bought too many popsicles. He thought maybe he could share them with his neighbor, Taeyong. G.

the anchor that holds -  There are times where Lee Taeyong feels extremely tired. G.

Almost Finals -  It is almost finals and college students are already losing it. Including Taeyong and Taeil. G.

Prom-enade -  Literature Club Prosecutor President Lee Taeyong and Disciplinary Commitee member Moon Taeil seems an odd match to think of but Taeyong’s got to make this work. PG13.


Melting Magnets -  Pretty long after Yuta realised that he and his best friend, Lee Taeyong were crush rivals for winning the same guy’s heart, he figured that this enmity had made him lose something that was much more important. PG13.


Speechless -  Sicheng is terrible at speaking Korean, so when Taeil puts some distance between them, Sicheng supposes he must have said something really bad. PG13. 


Cross-Dressing and Shitty Friends -  Johnny wants to get into the new club for free, but the only way to do that is if he had a sister, so he gets Doyoung to dress up like a girl for one night of free drinks with the guys. Things get a little crazy when Doyoung meets Jaehyun, a handsome model, who thinks female Doyoung looks way hotter than the date he bought to the club. Mature.

you make my heart shake, bend, and break  - When someone starts to become an admirer (according to Jaehyun, a creep) of Doyoung, Jaehyun doesn’t take it so easily. It all settles with the fact that he may, or may not be in love with his best friend. And because he’s kind of a savage. PG13.

Practice & Theory - Doyoung considers himself a moral person, he really does. He’d die before he’d say anything to anyone that a patient has told him in confidence, something that could trace back to them, or any details of a session. No exceptions, no slip-ups, no compromises.But sometimes the rest makes him feel like he’s going to explode. Mature. 

Poker With Fate - Johnny the fortune-teller predicts that Doyoung and Jaehyun are actually fated lovers, but the two best friends don’t really believe it. Until funny things start happening, and Fate begins to really play it’s cards. PG13.

He Shoots, He Scores (Right Into My Heart) -  The student council president doesn’t have a crush on the school’s basketball god. No, of course not. G.

To Win Against the King of Hearts -  All Doyoung had asked for, was a job. Yet the world decided to throw him a ballistic package of a useless best friend, useless best friend’s hot boyfriend, roommates who are extremely busy playing tongue tennis to make the apartment habitable and a royal monarch who is too interested in him for his sanity to last. Mature.

show me and i’m all yours -  Doyoung would rather not ever acknowledge his feelings (like, ever), but he is going to have to at one point or another. PG13.


Funny Little Thing Called Fate - Fate has a funny way of turning the tables when you least expect it.Mark never thought he’d get his happily ever after but maybe his Prince Charming was a little more into him than he thought.[Mark falls for someone who he thinks is way out of his league but maybe he just doesn’t see himself clearly because Yuta is more than happy when he says yes.] G.


Plot Twist - Taeil’s a catboy, PG13, Fluff


And I feel your warmth, and it feels like home - Chittaphon’s only home was in his arms. PG15.


Hide&Freak - Bangkok had been their most demanding trip yet, though Chittaphon thought the worst part of it was the poking and prodding from other members to take advantage of the roommate situation and make a move. It wasn’t like he didn’t want to. He just was too busy being dazzled by the other man to remember how to speak. Explicit. 


Paper takes rock (As surely as you took my heart) - "Paper takes rock, I win!“While Yuta and Hansol go remarkably well together in the daily goings of their relationship, the way they fuck is drastically different. A game of rock, paper, scissors is meant to help with that. Explicit.

*Don’t touch the art -  This boy had been hitting on him for weeks, always keeping his hood on as he walked into the club to ask for Hansol’s number, hoping the bartender would say ‘yes’ at some point. Mature.

Hansol’s Toys and It’s Protectors - Yuta really likes Hansol and wants to be intimate, but there’s a problem. Hansol’s baby brothers Jaemin and Jisung won’t let them. G.

*fun run -  Hansol thinks Yuta is a lazy ass. He’s wrong. PG13.


Tease - Yuta isn’t willing to admit how much he’s affected by Taeil calling him “Oppa”. It just so happens that Taeil might already know. Don’t be a tease. PG13.


Every Once in a While -  Jaehyun is left to find a new sense of normalcy after his parents drive him out of his old pack. Somewhere along the line, he meets Taeyong, Mature.

Our world isn’t ready to understand us -  In retrospect, Taeyong should have known he couldn’t keep this secret for long. Mature.

Aeipathy -  Taeyong knows Jaehyun’s touch by heart, he’s memorized it. Explicit.

Not Affected. Just Offended. -  Jaehyun kept on casually calling Taeyong “sweetie.” Taeyong didn’t know what to do about it. Saying he liked it would be an understatement. G.

Vindication -  Everyone knows that Taeyong’s always been a bit strange. Explicit.

Camera ( Shy ) -  Taeyong developed a habit of recording himself while jerking off. He should have thought twice before giving his phone and password to Jaehyun though. Explicit. 


*Sugar (Yes Please) -  Five times Ten orders pancakes from Taeyong and one time he asks for something else instead. This is really fucking good  PG13, Fluff.

*Second Life -  Ten comes to Korea to work for the company whose technology saved his life. He meets Taeyong, who while very different, displays thoughts and experiences with Ten that are unnaturally linked. Mature.


Sleep Walking -  Taeyong and Doyoung are enemies at day but compromised oddly well at night. G.


Little things (Of the past and present) -  Johnny thought Ten was noisy and irritating. That was, two years ago. G. 

under the stars (these ‘eyes’ sees our love) -  Johnny and Ten are high in love (again) under the stars (and they shared a joint). Explicit.

One step, two steps -  Youngho isn’t going to admit he likes Ten, not even if Yuta tries to get into his pants. Youngho isn’t in love with Ten, at all. PG13.

A cute couple making love scene -  “Maybe we could try doing a sextape?” Explicit.


Get it right - Hansol wouldn’t stop giggling and Johnny really needed him to shut up.“I knew tequila shots were a bad idea.” Explicit.


Vacuous -  Yuta allows his vampire friend to feed on him whenever he needs it. The process feels very intimate though; Yuta starts wondering if their relationship is really only friendly, especially when he notices Ten acting protective, not letting other vampires get too close to him. Explicit.



And I (think that I might claim you as mine) - But really, they couldn’t have expected Jaehyun to leave that sad little thing of an omega out in the biting cold. (Or in which Jaehyun finds Winwin all alone one freezing night and decides to take him home to his pack.) Mature.


Mentions:   @darnath, @wolf-queen, @jagged-little-pieces, @kurel-andiel, @phlareshadowdancer, @batandmole, @rizzythemonk, @featherbloodsisters, @theravir, @farflights, @thebuildingcacophony, @lledwynlomeriel, @roewyn, @generalcero, @shaded-hawke


Darnath was physically larger and stronger than the monk.  He was also more powerful. The scuffle that ensued was brief, but longer than Darnath had expected it would be, the monkette was a slippery little thing and she dipped in an out of the miasma that drew denser with her movements.  At times it was as if she were in multiple places at once, yet - never where he expected.   It didn’t matter, his goggles helped him pin her location down.   It took a while before she stopped thrashing about, but once he snagged her, she began to settle.   Hearing her name helped.

Defeated, Vel simply went silent.   Dar, allowed her this.   He didn’t assault her with questions.   He focused his energy on getting Vel cleaned up.   And moving her to the Aurora’s infirmary.   She remained a bit hostile, gems still glowing and pulsing, but less intensely.   She hissed out a request to be given some time.   He allowed this, but remained near the infirmary.  In case she had any further episodes.

Once she was left alone, she was forced the stare down the calamity that stirred behind eyelids that had fallen shut.  

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What do we know about Lie Ren?

Ren does not resent Nora. He is not sadly resigned to her presence in his life. When Nora went down defending him from an Atlesian Paladin’s punch, he instantly forgot about the battle going on around him and the enemy that just struck her. He rushed to her side, more concerned about her condition than anything. He didn’t even think to try looking after himself.

The two of them have been together their whole lives, “even when all other hope was gone”. Ren cannot stand the thought of losing her.

If Ren is silent as Nora spends their debut scene yammering endlessly into his ears, it’s not because he doesn’t care what she has to say and tunes her out. He just doesn’t have anything he feels is important enough to say in response, and he knows he doesn’t have to say a word for Nora to keep their “conversation” going. He lets Nora share every thought that comes into her head.

He also listens to what she has to say. When he finally speaks up, it’s because Nora was making a mistake about what sloths sounded like. He cared enough about Nora to kindly correct her.

He didn’t tell her to shut up. He didn’t tell her to leave him alone or to stop making plans for the two of them to team up. He didn’t even necessarily point out a flaw in her plan, since it hardly mattered what animal she thought she sounded like as long as he knew what sound she would make. If anything, it’s more like Ren decided to play along when he felt Nora was getting simply too silly.

When Nora appears after he defeats the King Taijitu, Ren expresses absolutely no frustration that she either failed to get to him in time to fight the massive Grimm… or may have actually sat back and watched him work. He smiles! His first words to her are teasing. He is playfully mocking when he says, “I still don’t think that’s what sloths sound like.” Why is he wasting time acknowledging Nora’s silliness, instead of scolding her to take the initiation seriously? Because Ren has a sense of humor too, Nora’s presence makes him happy, and her antics brighten his day.

When she pokes him in the nose, he’s still smiling! Even frowning at her impertinence, he’s smiling. They’re playing a game with each other, prodding and joshing each other as close friends do. Even correcting her about her own dream could be taken, not as Ren getting fed up with her antics, but rather Ren taking harmless shots at her for his own amusement.

Watch Ren whenever Nora is talking. He’s watching her. He’s listening to her.

Part of the reason why Ren is so quiet is because he has always had Nora to do most of the talking for both of them. He only pipes up after Nora has wound down, generally to let everyone know that he stands by her position. He doesn’t simply let Nora have the first move, he lets her choose the game.

Because Ren can afford to be so quiet, he’s learned to choose his words carefully. When he speaks, he means every word, speaking with purpose and conviction. This puts a strong spin on how he told Jaune that he also considered him the brother he’d never had. Ren didn’t need to say that – he could have deflected Jaune’s confession with a mumbled “yeah, sure” or something else non-committal. But instead, he expresses loyalty to someone he’s only known for one semester – someone who is vastly his inferior as a huntsman.

That also means something, because Ren is diligent. Nora claimed he was “the perfect student”. No one develops his level of combat skill and Aura manipulation without working hard. One could pass that off as “those born outside the walls must fight to survive”, but I think Ren is pursuing a goal. There’s still that village which was so important to him. I think Ren wants to become a huntsman in order to protect that village or another one like it, and he’s willing to devote his life and risk his death for that cause.

He came to Beacon with pride and purpose and preparation, and the leader assigned to him is Jaune Arc. But despite knowing that Jaune is their weakest link, Ren actually sort of sticks up for him. After Nora nervously kept pointing out how Jaune was the one most likely to bring them down in their Teams Round match, Ren asked Jaune if he was really not going to defend himself, which suggests that Ren thought Jaune wasn’t so bad that he needed to take that kind of bad-mouthing without complaint.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, but Ren can be really sarcastic in his own laid-back way. He favors a dry, off-hand delivery without any spite; a straightman who delivers the tsukkomi just because he thinks it’s funny to tease the bokke.

Remember when Jaune warned his team that he might vomit during their match? Ren chided Nora for being disgusting with her suggestion that Jaune aim for the enemy. So we know he doesn’t appreciate crude humor, or at least disrespectful behavior.

But since Nora already made the joke, he sees nothing wrong with taking the opportunity to make one of his own. “Still, if you get the urge.” Once again, we see Ren playing along with Nora, poking fun at someone else (Jaune and the opposing team), and revealing a sort of positive connection to Jaune (in that he implicitly would applaud Jaune for such a maneuver).

He certainly doesn’t groan, roll his eyes, wonder why he’s stuck with these losers, ignore them, or simply walk away. He engages and participates.

“Perfect Student” Ren willingly participated in the food fight, and though he didn’t shout or taunt like the others, he applied himself with real effort, first with the watermelons, and then with the leeks. The only time he ever protested any contribution to a fight is when he was ordered to distract a nested sniper. But though he was understandably sour about the idea, he nevertheless threw himself into it.

Later, he tries to push past his injuries (his ribs must have been bruised at least, and possibly cracked or broken) in order to accompany Ruby on a mission to find Jaune and Pyrrha. Mister “Energetic About Almost Nothing” was exhausted and truly hurt, but he was ready to charge into Grimm infested territory to rescue the rest of his team.

He cannot think of losing Nora. He accepted Jaune as a brother. For someone who has so little family to his name, Pyrrha’s death must have hurt Ren as much as everyone else. When Ruby meets JN_R for their journey to Mistral, Nora doesn’t speak first. It’s Ren who takes the lead in assuring Ruby and asserting their mutual desire for answers and justice. It’s personal for him, too.

Before their match with BRNZ, Ren summarizes his team’s feelings of anxiety to RWBY with his usual soft sarcasm. He doesn’t act aloof, but actually implicates himself as being nervous as well. He’s less dramatic about it than Nora, and less concerned about it, but he’s also worried about how a poor performance would reflect on their team.

Ren has his pride. When Nora blamed Ren for her being hungry (just before Team RWBY left for Mountain Glen), he snubbed her without remorse, clearly convinced that he had done no wrong. Let’s also not forget how badly he took it when Nora thwarted all of his careful training with a simple tag-back.

One of Ren’s little passions is healthy food, and cooking in general. When he’s cooking up a stack of pancakes, he doesn’t hurry. He takes his time with it, humming, smiling, and looking very satisfied and content. However much skill with cooking he has, he’s proud of it.

When pushed too far, Ren is not above taking easy opportunities for silly pranks or petty vengeance, as seen when he’s getting ready to pour the syrup all over Nora’s head.

Observant as he is, Ren doesn’t bother with paying attention to everything going on around him, especially in terms of others’ relationships. Nora is watching Pyrrha try to court Jaune and parrots Pyrrha’s own advice to Jaune back at her; Nora is the one who crows when Jaune takes Pyrrha to the dance floor, while Ren is confused about what is going on – Nora is also the one who pushes Ren away from the moment that Jaune and Pyrrha were having right before the fateful PvP fight.

Also, it’s likely that Ren doesn’t know Nora has a crush on him. If they’ve really known each other their whole lives, then they would have developed blind-spots with each other; expectations about how each will act or feel, based on past experiences and accumulated misunderstandings. Nora is also good at masking her signals within her usual cacophony of noise.

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Flying on Cloud Nine

Anonymous asked: Could I have HS BFF Destiel jumping on a trampoline and one falling on the other and have an awkward moment of silence where they lean in slowly them realize what they’re doing and awkwardly get off with throat clearing and running the back or their neck and they decide to go inside and there’s just sexual tension that everyone senses and they resolve it that same night when Cas sleeps over v fluffy pls :):):):)

A/N: This was sent to @destieldrabblesdaily​ but I really liked the prompt :)


“I still can’t believe your dad let you go to the fair on a school night,” Dean jostled his best friend in the ribs as they entered the fair grounds.

“Yeah, well, he may be under the impression that I’m sleeping over at your house?” Cas raised his hands as he shrugged, an uncharacteristic devil smile playing on his lips. It only widened when he saw Dean’s baffled expression.

You,” Dean pointed at Castiel’s chest, “Castiel ‘I’m-never-breaking-a-rule’ Novak, mean to tell me that you lied?” He mocked surprise, secretly pleased that the junior was finally living a little rebelliously, even if it was not telling his parents about where he would be.

“Well, technically I didn’t,” Cas countered. “I am sleeping over. He just didn’t know we’d be coming here,” He gestured to the ferris wheel and amusement park rides that littered Lawrence Park, booths set up every which way to make the most out of the space.

“Well, baby steps,” Dean slapped him on the back before scanning the rides. “What’re in for, rebel?”

Cas scoffed at the nickname. “We’ve been on every ride since we were kids. They’re hardly fun anymore.”

“Yeah, but those times we were with our parents, and they only put us on the little trains that go in that God-awful circle,” Dean continued scanning until his eyes landed on the perfect ride. “Bingo.”

“What?” Castle followed Dean’s line of sight before his eyes fell upon the largest trampoline he’d ever seen. “Oh no.”

“Why not? I thought you said you’d be a rebel?” Dean began walking towards the trampoline, forcing Cas to follow or else risking losing his best friend in the crowd. 

“I didn’t say that you did,” Cas muttered, but he knew Dean. Once his mind was made up that was it. Still, he was confused. Dean hated any form of flying, which included jumping. Was this Dean’s way of being a rebel. Castiel couldn’t help but smile. Maybe stepping out of his comfort zone wasn’t such a bad idea…

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A few fluffy ficrecs to help you through your weekend. Enjoy!

Sweet Seventeen - PrettyInSoulPunk

Stiles knows that Derek must have a good reason for not showing up at his birthday party, but he still can’t help feeling slighted by his absence.

What’s in a Name? - runningwithdinosaurs

Stiles’s new boyfriend Eric was pretty awesome, though he blushed every time Stiles called him by name. Quirky. SO HOT. But quirky.

(Or the one where Stiles accidentally calls Derek by a different name and Derek’s in too deep to turn back now.)

Cool Water - Inell (also definitely worth checking out all their other works as well)

Stiles is covered in evil creature bits, so his frustration levels are pretty high, and Derek seems determined to provoke him.

To Be Worthy Of Hope - alocalband (one of my all time favourite Sterek fics)

“If you can’t say the words, you’re not mature enough to know what they mean,” Scott tells him.

Stiles throws a french fry at him.

(In which Derek is secretly pining, Stiles is oblivious to both Derek’s feelings as well as his own, and any personal growth that happens in the mean time is completely reluctant.)

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself - yodasyoyo

Derek get’s hit with some wolfsbane which makes him afraid of stuff. Stiles tries to help out as best he can…

Breaking Bad Habits - Inell

Stiles has a bad habit of falling for unattainable higher beings that would never so much as look at a mere mortal like him. The latest focus of his unrequited affection is his personal trainer, Derek Hale, who is a Greek God come to life.

Let Freedom Ring - ShowMeAHero

Stiles never said, but, to be fair, Derek never said, either, and that leads to everything coming to a head on the Fourth of July.

Tired of Your Shit - stileskolpath

A BAMF!Stiles Story in Three Parts

Stiles was getting really tired of everything coming down on Derek’s head all the time.

So logically, when three of the biggest assholes in his life show up, Stiles kind of puts his foot down… Or his bat… Or a Cattle Prod… Or some other miscellaneous object he could potentially use to physically remove the pain from Derek’s life.

... Out of the Dark


But I just got so inspired and wanted to finish it- so here it is. The end of the end. Orrrrr is it? Blegh I don’t like the ending…

People who want to be tagged: @x-x-owrooh-x-x

Part 1: “The Start of Something…

Part 2: “… Dark

Part 3: “But Even When You’re Boxed In…

Part 4: “… There’s Always A Way…

… Out of the Dark

“Ohhh… I know how to get Mark back~“ 

Dark would’ve slapped the cocky bastard, if he currently wasn’t trembling in contained laughter. Don’t move, don’t move-

Jack let himself grin, eyeing the little bump shifting under Dark’s shirt, knowing Anti must be putting that tail to good use. Cautiously, Jack lifted his arm and started prodding the alter’s other underarm, the one exposed as he kept his arm out and against the wall next to him. 

The creature shuttered, face turning red as he squeezed his eyes tight, fighting to keep still. If he didn’t move, it wouldn’t tickl-


He immediately collapsed, slamming his arms down in booming laughter as Jack shoved his fingers into his pit, wiggling like mad. The irishman followed him down, hurrying to grab his wrists and wrestle his arms above his head, hoping Anti wasn’t squished. Yeah, he had taken over his body, but he also saved his life… plus he reminded him too much of Sam.

"AHAHAHAANTI- J-JAHAHAACK FAHAHAHCK!!” he cried, shaking as he snarled like a caged dog, snapping his eyes open to glare at Jack, starting to push back against him.

Damn he was strong… “Ngh- s-shit!!” Jack groaned, trying to fight to keep his arms down… those red eyes burning into him. Just as he thought he’d lose control, Anti came shooting out, a little dizzy and grossed out, but he noticed the struggle. He eyed Dark, then Jack, then Dark… 

“A-Anti, y-yh… you need t…o… h-help me…” Jack whimpered, looking at the trapped alter, now struggling a lot more since Dark wasn’t being tickled.

The little eye chirped, then glared at Dark. He didn’t even say thank you before…

Zipping back down, the creature slid his tail against Dark’s ears, starting to tickle. 

The alter went berserk. “N-NGHAHAHHA- FAHAHAC-” was all he managed to scream before he went silent, head thrown back in silent laughter, shaking and beet red.

The irishman grinned, breathing out, “T-Thank you Anti…” he grunted as he pinned Dark once more, gaping as the alter began sparking. Red bits of electricity came shooting out him, making the male wince and jump away a little.

“FUHUHUCKING EYE-” came a growl, and suddenly, Dark glowed beet red. His skin was burning and Anti flew away, hissing and sputtering. Jack couldn’t hold on much either, soon yelping and jumping off, rubbing his burning hands.
Dark took a second to pant before crawling up, eyes and body beaming red as he snarled, like a wild dog, clawing towards the dizzy and pained Anti in the corner. 

The little eye chittered in terror as Dark snatched his tail, raising his other arm to beat the eye to a pulp, his body dripping in anxious tears.

“B̺̘͖̘̟ͦ͊ͬ̌ͬ́a̹̙̍ͭ͐ͯc͎̳̝͖̥̱͕͓̒͒̒ͮ̆͋k̰̩͙̠̼̟̗̪͓̉̈́s͓̯̩̮͙̩̭̩̭͊̀ͪt̜͓̝̎̍̏͆̋̎̾ͬͤa̺̰̲̱͎͎͈̍ͤ͆̾ͩ̈b͓̹͍͙̬͆̇͛ͫ̂̐̏ͣͧͅḃ̤̰̩̩̈̄ͧi͚̻̘͎̰̹̞̬ͯͤ̉̔̀n̗͖̎̽̒̂ğ̹̜͍̟͔̒̋͆̂͆̓͂ ͚̙̗͈̹̘͋l͙̜̈͒͛̂̋͗̚i̭̳͌ͦt̤̞͖̣̍̂͛ͅt̯̖̎̉ͨͨͯ̿̌̉l̯̩̒̇̽͌̂͛̾̐ͪẹ̲͌ͭͧ ̞̩͆͊̈́s͓̬̼̈̅ͬͯh̖̳͎̟̪͕̭͎͔ͦͤͧͮ̓ỉ͓͕̯͓̫̘͈̠̒ͅt̜͖̲ͥ-” he hissed, and swung his arm down, slamming the eyeball into the wall. 

Anti spiraled and shrieked, only to hit the wall with a smack and fall unconscious, dripping some green ooze…

No sooner than he had, Jack was back onto Dark, snarling in anger, “HOW DARE YOU-” and he latched onto his back, heaving him against the wall, slamming him with his arm twisted behind his back. 

The alter snapped and growled, his hands clawing for the irishman. 

“P̳͐̓͗̓́ͮͅA͓͈̮͓ͪ̀̔ͣ̃T͓̩̲̩͇̓͆͗ͪ͑̿ͨͤͅH͙͈͚̞̗̲̝̅ͬ́ͯ̄̄Ȇ͉͖̻̐͛͒͋̎T͍̬̝̬͈͚̩̈̈́̓ͫ̎͂̚Ḯ͓̤̘͇̯̠͓ͯͥ̂ͯ̎ͮ̈Ć̣̣͚̯͈̥̯̼ͩ̾ ͚͕̹̰̘̬̙̽ͭ͊́ͭͅH̤̣̰̑ͩͫ̿ͬͩͮͅȖ̖͓̩̜͈̰͊̀̔M̺̰̜̓̀ͮͨͬ́̽A̼͙̰͉͈̲͒ͫͩͭ̑̊Ṇ͔͍̖͇͓̒̄S̹̋̈́̒̆ ̮̣̺̩̣͚͉̽̐ͭ̄͂̈́Ä̼̰̺̩̝̻̩͒Ṉ͖͕ͪ̅͊̍̋̔D̬̟̭̰̥͇̳ͭ͌͛͊̈́ ̘͕̜̰͇̀ͫ̑̊ͭ̌P̙̟͖͖͊Ȧͫ̍̉̏͒̐̚ͅͅT̳͖̫͚͉͎̻̅͐̌̉Ḫ̬̾̂͋̓ͬ̓ͤE̩̱̲̗ͨ̓͆͊͗ͣ̽͑T̹̣͕̻̅ͯ͆̑ͥ̑͌͆ͣỊ̭̦̦̘̥̟͕̆̋̄ͯC̮̺̤̪̓̓ͭͩ̽ͨ̊ ̹̻͖̮͔̣̈́͂F͇̥͙͚̼̼̄͒͐ͣ͂U̟̮͇ͭ̉́͐ͭͮͭ͐C̲̥̲̥̉͊̊K̙̺̰̭͇̘̖̱ͩͯ̀̿ͥͤ̃I͖̗̟͇̒ͤ͋ͦN̰̺͔̣͎͇̆ͦͧG̤̬̲̗̬͉ͨ̉ ̱̜̮̬̪̼̟̿ͮE̪̤̐ͤ̓̈ͤ͑M͇̠͇̣̩̩̭̯̄ͮ͌ͤ̅̀̆ͧO̖̺̭ͥ͋̽T̜͉̻̥̦̣̱̪̄̎ͨ͌Ī̥͓̪̲̹̪̠̟͗ͤ̂̔̎O̞̲̗͒̑̽͐N͙͉̺͕̲̻̯͔͊ͪͤ̽ͧ̌̇̍ͧS̯̜̭̪̍̅ͪͫͦ̈ͥ͒̊!͈̯̫̮̗̮́ͤ” his horrid voice rang through the house.

Jack winced, fighting to pin him, his eyes building with tears, “I can’t fight you! I can’t fight Mark… PLEASE GIVE ME HIM BACK!!” he pleaded, feeling himself start to sob, his grip weak.

The monster took the opportunity, throwing him over his shoulder so he plowed into the wall, yelling in pain as he fell next to the stirring septiceye.

Anti chirred, slowly waking as he saw Jack covering him, in protection against the enraged Dark.

Why was he being so nice to him? He… he was crying…?

“I just want my boyfriend back…” Jack croaked, his voice catching as tears slipped from his eyes, which were soon shut as Dark rose to finish them off.
Anti looked up at Dark, weak and shaky as he rose to float up, staring death in the eyes.

Practically exploding with heat and sparks, his eyes throbbing and twitching, the alter standing before them snapped, “Y̸o͘u̕ t̀ẃo̡ hav̨e҉ n͞o̵ p͝uŕp̧os͜e, ҉you'r̶e bot̕h͘ PAT͢HE͜T̷I͞C ̴AŃḐ U͜ŚĘL̸ES̡Ś T͞O͠ TH̸IS͢ ̕W͠ORL̀D!! YOU'L̀L̷ ͏N͠EV̸E̸R ͡HA̴V̵E̵ ͘MA͝RK͟ ͠BA̢CK͟ ͝A͢GA҉I̡N!!”

Jack was curled in on himself, face pressed to his knees as he cried, babbling apologizes and pleading for his friend back…

Anti just stared at him.

Dark finally turned his attention to the eye, “And what do you want, you disgusting creature!?" 

It was suddenly very silent. Even Dark hesitated as the eye began to glow. His pupil buzzed, and he began dripping green once more. Then, out of it’s pupil came a hoarse, "An… ͜e..͘ye.̶.̶.̀ f̴-f̀o.҉.r…̸ ̷a͝n͞.̛.͜. ͠eye͘.͝..̀.”

And the little creature shot into Dark’s twitching eye. 

“Anti!!” Jack called out in terror, seeing the monster in front of him scream and cover his eye, the room filling with light as it recoiled, shrieking and hissing, clawing desperately at its face.

“D̼͕͙̲̃̇ͩA̦̳͇͖̗̭ͬͧ̑́͗́̿M̦̮͚̩ͨ̈́̿N͖͓͇̬̾̒̿̆̂ͅ ̩̮̝̆̂ͅC̚R͚̦ͤͮ̿Ȇ̗̤͙̃̋A͓͍̤͉̠͐ͨT̮͉̗̼̱͚̀͋U̲͓͔̹̙̰͑̂R̘̫̟̰̖̺ͤͨͦͣ͗̉͑E̥̻̩̤̭̓̋͗̎ͨͨ̈́ͅͅ-̘͐ͬ͂ͩ̀͋ ̹̗͓̆ͨ͊ͥͭD̪ ͇͙͚͉̒͆̏̿ͥ̊̂A̙̭͚̐̔̈́̌ ̻͔̻̋ͨͧ͌ͨ̎̌M͒̾ ̟̱͇̝̘͍͙ͦ̑ͤ̌̈̔͑N̪̤̮̍ ̭͙̦̱̯͎͎ ̹͍̰̮͔͊͌̏̇̅̆̃ͅ ͣͭ̎͐̔̉C̪̻̭̤̳̏́̈ ̲̼̝̼̮̇ͅR̜̭̽ ̤͉̦̞̆ͧ́̔̈ͥEͮͫ̐̓ͮ ̘A̬̖̯͂̔ͦͯ ͕̰̜̏̀ͣ͑̈ͅT͈̭͔̖̣͓̣͆̀̏̚ ̙̘̟̠͉̾́̆U̗̳̭̼̝̇ͧ̋͋ͤ͊ͅ ̪͚̳̥̥̥͉͂̍͑̇̐R̬̘̝̲̙̂̎̉̿̓̀ ̝ͥE͇̫̬̫̖̓͋̂ͤ!̣̜͚̬ͅ!͚͔̫̐̒̉!̰ͫ̒ͩ̑̔̇” The beast roared, curling up and starting to gag.

A large lump shot up its throat as it hurled up some red ooze… too thick to be blood. And out came a familiar wooden friend. Right after came a shot of a red ball, covered in the ooze. Then Dark collapsed, on his side, unconscious. 

Jack stared, trembling like mad as he stared at the mess and the fainted body. He didn’t want to move… what happened?

Soon, the ball of red slime began twitching, and a chirping and sickly looking septiceye came floating out, panting and dripping with red and tears. He took a look around, blinking and humming, then spotted Jack. He zipped over and rammed into his chest, nuzzling him and sobbing in relief.

“A-Anti?” the irishman asked quietly, and the eye nodded, purring. Jack immediately hugged the little creature, sniffling, “T-Thank you… oh god thank you-" 

Now brave and confident, he rose, knees shaking as he approached the body. "M-Mark? D-D-Dark? Hello?” He fell to his knees, tears falling as he scooped up the male and hugged him to his chest, sobbing as there was no response.
Anti fell quiet, bowing his head. The room fell silent besides Jack’s whimpers and sobs. It seemed to be the end…


“Ngf… uhg-” came a quite groan from Jack’s chest. The irishman froze, eyes wide as he stared down at the shifting body in his arms. 

“O-Oh god, M-Mark??” he beamed, gasping as Mark sparked a little, hacking out a little more red slime. 

“F-Fuck- agh… J-Jack?” the man croaked, looking up in confusion, before a rush of relief ran over his features. He shot his arms around him, hugging him close and starting to cry. “Oh my god, Jack! You’re okay! Oh fuck…” he just cried, and the two cried together, hugging so tightly they’d never be apart.
Anti tittered and purred in joy, zipping over and joining the nuzzle, much to Mark’s delight. 

“S-Sam! You made it!” he grinned, holding the eye and kissing it’s “head”.

Jack couldn’t help but grin, too relieved and overjoyed. “T-That’s actually Anti-”

Mark instantly recoiled, eyes wide, shoving the eye away. “W-Wait, what? That beast that-”

“I̝̰-̮̪̪̘͌̎̋̀̉͗I̟͔̦͙̙ͮ̽ͯT͙̟͉̊ͬͯͯ ͚͍̮̖̠̬͊͆̎̏͐ͪ̚ͅC̲̪̥̖͂̈̓͒ͤ̾Ä̖̹̙͍͈͕͇̀̆ͨͯ͋̆N̤͖̉ͪ̈ͅ'͔̫̞̰͍̝͌̃͑̈́̒̚T̺͖͕͉͎ͅ ̙̙̜͓͓̣̅ͬ͋̓ͤB̪̝̞͇͓̻̠̅Ë̗̙́̒͛ͅ” suddenly interrupted the accusation, and a slimy Tiny Box Tim was wiping himself clean. His voice, while awkward, was too shrill for them to be scared.

Until it turned and shrieked at the two males. “Y̤̫̖̗͔̰̲O͊̆ͩ͂ͯͫŮ͉̪͈̩̏ͫ̏̇̽̚ ̞̜B̙͔̣̻͈Ḁ͚̓͒̓̉͊̎ͫS̞̗̖̣̫̼ͫ͌͑̀͗T̳̤ͣȂ̮͇͔͈͍ͨ̆ͮ̇ͨR͔̙̝͉͙̜ͩ͒͂̉̓͗D͚͉͈̩͈́S̠̱̥̫̤̈̒ͅ ͖̦T̗̘̹͎̣̱͂̽͊̈́͒ͭͅO̮͓̪͖̲̭ͤ̄͛͊̇̅O̮͇̜͙̞̮̤͊̊ͩ̊̾̚K̹̬̹̖̼͍̀̉̄ͧ͒ ͔ͣ͛̈́̉̃̃M͕̬̝͕̰̯̉̎ͮͥY̤͓̹̟̔ͣ́̔ ̹̞ͬ̽ͮ̓Ḇ̺̂O͚̠̼̟͗̔͗ͮ͊͒̽D̙̯̥̖͍ͭ̎̐̓Y̼͎̠̺͔̬̏͋ͭ!!” And bounced towards them, pissed and fuming.

Anti instantly flew in front of the two to protect them, chirping in anger, eye glowing green. Mark gaped at him, then shifted behind Jack a little. “D-Dark?”

The box hissed, “O̟̪͛̃͋U͔͙̯ͮ̐̾̀̈́̚T̘͍̖̳ͤͧ̒̈́ ͕̞͎͓̺̔ͣ̊͆O̟̱̙̫ͩF̣̱͖ͥ͂̄̃ͣ͊͌ ͍͈͎͕͈̘Ḿ̹͙̺̳̳̅͒ͧͤͣͩY͕ͫ ̲̞ͣ̂̀ͫ̂ͮWͮ̉̚A̰̜͉̖͔̽́ͣ͋ͧY̋ ̗͖̼͐ͫͪͪ̂͊̂B̩̟̲ͪ̔Aͯ͋̌̌̑̄C͈̺̘̘̫͐̎̓ͮK̥͂ͫ͛͊͋̾S̙̻̤ͦ̋̆͐̄͋̀T̤̣̩̟͒̾̐̃A̺̬̱̽ͣ̅̾̈͗͂B̫̩̱͙̼̻ͫ̂͑B̟͈͔͍̪͇̲ͮI̜͖̙̙̣ͬ̇ͦ̊ͅͅN̠̲͈̞ͩͫͤ̀ͅG̬͓ ̯̏͑̉ͭẼ̫Y̪̘̝̥͚̪E̬̜̤ͪB̲̹̰ͣ̄̑̓̇̏̍A̳͂̋̿ͩ̉̾ͅL͙̿̂ͨ͂̃̓͆L̟̟̣̳͉̭͖̈́̓ͫ̋!!”

But the alter shook, standing its ground. Dark was having none of it, and charged towards them-

Only to have Jack grab him.

“Ẇ͈ͧ̉̏-̻̱̦̯͈͇̙ͦ̂ͧ̒ͦW̝͉͓̯̲̜̬͗͗̔̒͆̈̒H͓̓A̯͐̏́̈͒T̂ͤ͐ͤͨ̂ͣ?̣̗̇̾̅̉̑̈́?̯̟̫̫̅̅̄ ͕̪͚ͥ͋ͭ̄ͅP͉̟͙̝͊̒̿ͨA̟͓͖͖̼͇̰T̗̯̓ͫͪ͗͒ͭͅH̖͓̝̥̻̬̊͌͂̋̓É̼̑͗͊ͪ͗̚T̹̜͙̝̪̽ͭͬͥ̍ͪ̊Î͎̮̥̟̂ͩ̆̍͗͊C̞ͨ̑ͨͦ̈ ̝̼̩̳̞͓̊M͕̖̲͚̳͌̽O͉ͦ̔̎̂͌̅́R̯̗̮͉̩͖͈̽ͧT͔̘̣̘̙̗̲ͪ͊͆ͣ̇͋ͩA̝̹̪͆̐̆L̮̤̺̎̂̓ͮ͂ͫ̉-̩͕̝̼͎͍̺̍̿̑̋ ̲͖̻̦̅̋ͮ̎ͩͪ̓P̩Ụ͕̣̦͉͉͆T̹̤̬̱͍ͪ̔ ͈͚̗̱̟͓ͫͬ̽̿͗M̦̗͈͙̳͓̣Ë̩̳̼͈̖̠ ̱̬D͔̗̰̅͆ͥ̐͛̓Ȏ̞̮̃ͪ͛W̃ͨ̍̏ͧN̯͎̖̟͓̮̞̏̿̊!̠̥͓̤̮̼̙̇ͣ!̻̼̻̰̎ͫ̑ͤ̿ͣ He shrieked, swinging his tiny arms wildly as he was lifted.

"Little shit-” the irishman sighed, looking around for something to put him in. He spotted a larger box in the corner from his old gift unwrappings, and walked over, dropping the smaller box inside. Tiny and angry shouts came from inside, but otherwise, he couldn’t jump or climb out.

Jack smiled and went back to his boyfriend, helping him stand. The other male bit his lip, glancing at Anti. “… T-Thank you…”

The eye chirped, going and pecking him on the cheek, beaming proudly. Jack grinned, kissing the eye in thanks. “He can be part of the family… he saved me AND you…”

Anti looked at him in shock. Him? Part of the family? After all he did-

“Yeah, you took me over… but from what I heard and felt, you only did it because Dark made you… you never once really hurt one of us… And… you saved us… of course you’re one of us now!” The irishman smirked at his new buddy, scooping him into a nuzzle. 

Anti was already leaking tears… he never had anyone besides Sam and Dark… and now… he had a family…?

Mark added to the cuddle, smiling proudly. “And, if Dark wants to get the stick out of his ass, he can be… something-” he glanced awkwardly at the box, which had gone silent.

“C'mon, we have to clean up… and find a way to keep Dark somewhere safe… plus- I bet we could find some nice stuff for you at a pet store, Anti,” Jack grinned, looking at the eye, then at Mark.

The septiceye beamed for a moment, and shuttered as he stared at them. They both gaped as they gazed into his large pupil. They could’ve sworn they saw a little Anti inside, smiling up at them with tears in his eyes… and a little voice murmured out:

“C҉-Ça̶l̶l ̢m̷e S̕a͝m̨..̨”

Thank you all so much for supporting the story!! I can promise you Anti-eye and Tiny Dark Tim will be making returns! If you’d like to see more with them, please let me know!!