I got a printer and I wanted to see how it would look if I scanned my bullet journal. Let me know what you think :)

These are just some of my newest pages and I’m actually really proud of them. My classes haven’t been as hard as I was anticipating but then again it’s only been a week.


Chuck - Flexible Wooden Bookshelf

Flexible furniture might be one of the best inventions for urban dwellers who are strapped for sufficient living space. If, on top of being an urban dweller, you are also a bookworm and need a bookshelf that will accommodate your growing collection of books look no further than Chuck flexible wooden bookshelf designed by a German designer Natascha Harra-Frischkorn of Hafriko.

LOOL so this is my new alien/monster oc.. his kind doesn’t identify each other by name so, surprise, he doesn’t have one. though when needed he’ll probably refer to himself as prod because that’s what they do. they prod stuff and tear them apart
they’re notorious for their aggression and are actually quite primitive compared to other civilisations

You had your eyes squeezed shut until you heard the sound of skin coming in contact with the pavement. You opened your eyes and the girl was laying on the ground next to you. You tried to chuckle but you only coughed up more blood. Roc gave Prod a tissue to wipe the blood slowly running down your cheek and staining your skin. He was tearing a little because he could see that you were close to leaving him. You were trying to hold on but you were getting really sleepy. Prod could tell, so he was trying to keep you talking. You could faintly hear police sirens and the sound of tires screeching on the pavement. Princeton dropped down next to you helping Roc keep pressure on you. RayRay took your phone, keys, wallet, and anything else that could be lost on the way to the hospital. He put your stuff in your truck, and walk over to the boys with more tissue. Diggy was clotting the biggest wound. He saw you as his little sister. So he was infuriated by the fact that you were injured. The EMT came over shining a bright light in your eyes. You closed your eyes back out of pain. The cops came over and made the boys explain what happened. They told them everything. Prod got in the ambulance with you placing your hand inside of his. He was holding on for dear life. The male EMT looked at you smiling.

EMT:“YN, we have to sedate you. When you get to the hospital you’re going into immediate surgery.”

By the time he was done talk you were out.


You woke up to a heavy feeling in the room. You felt like there was a thousand pounds sitting on your stomach. You tried to move your hand but it was being held. You opened your eyes squinting to adjust to the change in light. You looked at your hand and Prod was holding on as if that was his life line. Your mom and Prods mom were standing behind him. Ray and Roc were sitting at your feet staring at you. Diggy and Prince were on your other side smiling big. You tried to talk, but there was a huge tube in your throat. A nurse came in putting on gloves. She stood over you undoing the external part of the tube going down your throat. You stared in pain because the tube hurt.

Nurse:“YN, sweetie, I need to to swallow hard as I pull this tube out. Okay?”

You nodded your head ready for her to pull it out. You swallowed squinting your eyes and the tube was pulled out. You started violently coughing, Prod handed you a cup a water. As you drank it the coughing stopped. You rubbed your stomach with your free hand. You could feel the two spots where the bullet went in. According to Prod there was an entrance wound and exit wound for each bullet. You closed your eyes wanting to sleep. Everyone kept waking you up. You were getting annoyed.

You:“I want to got to sleep Please.”

You closed your eyes trying to sleep. Five minutes in your door sound open and a brunette haired woman ran in. She ran over to your bed and slapped Prod.

Lady:“You killed my daughter!”

Prod held his cheek in confusion, then the lady looked at you and had a devilish grin on her face.

Lady:“How are you feeling? *Punched you in the stomach* You stupid slut you took my daughters boyfriend!”


You stared to spit up bright, red, frothy blood. He pushed the nurse buttons the side of your bed. The nurse saw the woman repeatedly giving blows and striking you and Prod. She called security who called the cops. The woman was arrested. Roc was helping Diggy hold you up so you wouldn’t choke on the blood. You looked at the bandages on your stomach and the blood was seeping through. You didn’t know what to do. There was so much chaos in your room that you didn’t know what to do. Your mom and Prods mom were trying to beat the random lady’s ass. Prod was trying to hold his mom back. Ray and Prince were trying to control your mom. You were so confused the nurse came over to you and lifted your head up. She looked to in your eyes. You had the look of defeat on your face. Almost as if you just wanted to be left to bleed. The nurse smiled at you and told you it would be okay. She put your hair back up the surgery cap. The doctor that worked on you before came in and sedated you. You went to sleep emotionless. You didn’t know how to act, how to feel, or what to say. Your day was just to eventful for anything to make sense.

To Be Continued…