Here’s an adorable picture of the white-nosed coati (Nasua narica) which I wrote about earlier today.  It’s got an incredibly long and beautiful tail which can be up to ½ of its entire body length, and is used primarily for balance and signaling.  

I would not complain if these were the invaders I had in my alley dumpster.  Tricksters!

Photo via ADW, © Creative Commons License. 

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what rpers would u recommend following??

[ First, thanks for even considering me a worthy blog to ask that ?? Like, wow ! I could recommend you… literally HUNDREDS of blogs I am not even joking. But let me give you a super brief and quick list off the top of my head.

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I could give you maaaany more but… yeah ;’3. Have fun ! ~ ]

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A boxer clad Rocket lay splayed beside a fan pointed directly at his somewhat diminutive body. "Shut up, quill. I don't wanna to hear it. If I were a gangly, relatively hairless thing I'D HAVE AN EASIER TIME IN THE HEAT!"

He tries not to laugh. A snicker or two made it’s way out though. “I could dump ice water on you if you want.”

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From National Geographic Photo Of The Day; July 29, 2013:

Kinkajou, Panama Christian Ziegler, National Geographic

A Kinkajou (Potos flavus) with pollen-dusted cheek tells of a late-night nectar binge in an Ochroma, or balsa, tree. The balsa tree bursts into bloom at sunset during Panama’s dry season, feeding a kaleidoscope of species.

See more pictures from the May 2011 feature story "Open All Night.“

gun-toting-procyonid replied to your post “"You smell and have claws just like another guy I know, hotshot….”

“Name’s Rocket. S'pose it’s nice to meet you. Out there question, but.. if I shot you in the leg, would it heal up quick? I mean if you have the same neat little regeneration trick. Still jealous of that, by-the-by.”

“Yes.” Before he could even think about it, Daken held a finger up to halt that thought process. “Don’t shoot me.”

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Rocket snickers as he stares at Quill, grinning from ear to ear. "Oh man.. I can't believe it. You and-..? Pff-ehehah." He'd gesture firing an arrow, "Flark gettin' hit by cupid, you're goin' straight for'em. Trust me, I totally get it. He's a looker."

      ❛ GOD FLARKIN’ damn it, how
         did even you find out?