Cozumel Raccoon (Procyon pygmaeus)

Also known as the Pygmy Raccoon or Dwarf Raccoon, the Cozumel Raccoon while it may look like the Common Raccoon (P. lotor) is an entirely different species found only on the island of Cozumel off the coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Like its name suggests the Cozumel raccoon is smaller than its North American cousin with adults only weighing around 8 lbs compared to the common raccoon's 20 lbs. Other than their size pygmy raccoons are similar in behavior to their two relatives. As like they are generalists omnivores and will feed on whatever they can get their paws on, however they prefer to eat crabs and other small animals. Sadly the Cozumel raccoon is critically endangered as their small range and threats from introduced animals and diseases have thinned their population down to almost nothing.



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