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Yo I emailed my mom my xmas list with the Kermit shirt on it... Now we just gotta hope she goes through with the transaction

ok im just gonna ALL THE WAY LEVEL WITH U i woke up 3.5 seconds ago and saw that in the ghostfruits chat windy had yelled “hey ask” and i been sittin here readin this and usually mayb any other time id wanna like…iv been sittin here half writin, jokes, or maybe considerin drawin, a thing, BUT, dogg, tbh, like, just thank u, like, hey just on some real shit thank u for, giving a shit abt a thing we made??? thank u for asking another human being in the actual physical world to procure u this thing i made on a shirt u intend to wear in the actual physical world for, like, christmas. thats berserk. u asked ur mom for that. dogg thats buck. ur mom looked at a picture of kermit the frog wearing nike air maxalots the pointy ass airmaxz with the skull body hand holdin a basketball on the tongue i dont think 1 person has ever bought or owned. that rules. i love u. thank u

Eldarya Market Group

Hello, everyone! I’ve created a chat group/channel for Eldarya market trading and business.

Have a specific item you’ve been trying to hunt down for ages? A wishlist you want to fulfill? Or just want a group to be connected to for help in upcoming events to trade with or purchase items from that you really hope to gain for your Gardienne(s)? 

Consider joining the group then! It’s completely free and safe, both the software (or browser view) and the chat room! You can post what you have in your inventories currently, peruse the inventory images of other members, post wishlists, and ect. The chat room will also be used during exploration based events to help one another procure all the items we are trying to find! (Will probably be mainly FR and ENG servers - but anyone is welcome!)

Here is the link to join (that will never expire!)

Character: Lord Edmund Blackadder

Appears in: Blackadder (2nd Season)

Commonly interpreted as: Straight

But really: In the first episode of his season, Edmund procures a female-disguised-as-male servant who goes by Bob (real name Kate). He develops a strong attraction to her, which surprised him, as he has never been attracted to a man before (also, as this is set in Elizabethan England, he was taught homophobia from a young age, so he’s pretty bothered by this). Eventually, Kate reveals her gender, and the two almost get married, though a rival puts the kibosh on that. Either way, due to the Sweet on Polly Oliver trope, Edmund is bi or pan.

California just launched a "Digital Service" based on the amazing UK Government Digital Service

Since 2011, the UK’s Government Digital Service has radically transformed the way Britons interact with their government, streamlining bureaucratic processes, opening up data, and making APIs available for community groups and commercial players – alas, the GDS has become a political football in Westminster and has hemorrhaged talent, becoming a sad reminder of a once-glorious dream of government delivered humanely, with the public in mind.

But California – which has the world’s sixth-largest economy – is picking up the GDS’s fumbled baton, beginning with a gorgeous usability-centered overhaul of the California’s Child Welfare Digital Service.

Government software procurement is a shitshow, plagued by terrible procurement rules and contractors who bill huge sums to deliver code that barely works, if it works at all. GDS has shown how this can be addressed, and as a Californian, this excites me.

Oh, and they’re hiring.

Yours Truly.

The letter arrived to the Rendezvous Tea House on utterly plain stationery, wrapped in an equally uninteresting envelope.  It bore no return address and no wax seal.  Opening it revealed precise, tiny letters that scarcely looked handwritten, so meticulous were they.  A mirror to the author’s intensity, his tight, pointed expressions, and his chilly demeanor.  The note began without an addressee and it ended without a signature.  Neither were needed.

Apologies for the delay in contact.  I am currently in the process of procuring an item that might prove useful to you.  Your proposition has been neither forgotten nor ignored.  I require a few suns more time before we meet again.

( @sylvain-tolbert )

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I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling better. This has broken all of us inside but within the fandom i feel like you are having it really hard. I want you to know I'm grieving with you and I'm sending you lots of love and hugs ❤️

I am taking this much harder than I’ve taken another thing like this.

The thing is, I understand that much of what is presented to us in this culture of celebrity media is carefully procured for our entertainment. We never really get to know people as deeply as we think we do, even through the consumption of social media. There’s still a shell. As there should be, celebrities deserve the right to privacy as well as any of us do.

However, because I see that, I remain detached. Celebrity passings are always sad, but rarely so impactful to me. I usually shed a tear or two and then move on. And that’s not to be crass, it’s just been easy for me to compartmentalize my grief, especially being far removed and having a life and family of my own.

Currently I do not have my family with me, however. I can’t take comfort in their presence. Not to mention, I have admired and respected Jay from day one in this fandom. I saw what she meant to Louis, I saw what a remarkable, brave, tenacious, fierce, kind, loving, loyal woman she was and I said to myself: “I want to be just like HER.”

She meant so much to me. And she always will. And now I hope to live by her example, and embody all those qualities I saw in her. I still want to be just like her.

My love to you and yours dear, 💛

Holiday Story Part 14: Russia, day two! Inukshuk and Winstone had to see the Charoite, Eudialyte and Astrophyllite. They also dabbled a bit more with the Chrome Diopside as they could not get enough of that green color. The Celestite spirit informed them that these were hard to procure minerals and to enjoy their rate beauty. Many of these minerals are available for you to see this weekend at the Rocks and Rails Show at the Boulder County Fairgrounds. We have a booth set up with many great gifts for the holidays. #charoite #eudialyte #diopside #chromediopside #astrophyllite #russia #energyhealing #healingcrystals #healingstones #crystalhealing #mineral #minerals #mineralspecimen #geology #carnelian #marble #inukshuk #crystal #crystals #crystalshop #crystalporn #crystalsofig #yogalove #wirewrap #wirewrapping #longmont #boulder #boulderco #bouldercolorado #handsofspirit (at Boulder County Fair)

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- Sɑbe ɑquelɑ Gɑrotɑ Que Tem Oh Brɑço Cheio De Pulseirɑs Estrɑnhɑs ? , Então , Elɑ Usɑ Prɑ Esconder ɑs Mɑrcɑs Depois De Tentɑr Se Mɑtɑr 😢💔😔…Sɑbe ɑquelɑ Gɑrotɑ Que Ficɑ Quietɑ Oh Tempo Todo ? , Elɑ Tem Trɑumɑs De Infânciɑ e Por Isso Não Gostɑ De Interɑgir Com Ninguém 👎💔😢…Sɑbe ɑquelɑ Gɑrotɑ Que Vive O Diɑ Todo Rindo Sem Motivos ? , Elɑ Chorɑ Todɑs ɑs Noites… Sɑbe ɑquelɑ Meninɑ Friɑ Que Dɑ Forɑ Em Todos E Que Pɑrece 💔👎😔😔😞 Não Ter Sentimentos ? , Oh Corɑção Delɑ Já Foi Muito Mɑchucɑdo Muitɑs Vezes e Tem Milhões De Cicɑtrizes 👊👌💔 … Então ɑntes De Julgɑr ɑlguem Que Voce Não Conheçɑ , Procure Se Informɑ Um Pouco Mɑis Sobre Elɑ. 💥👏🍃 🌸

The Behavior Based Business Model

Is your business defined by your buggy whip? Or how you go about solving the propulsion problem?

In “the Enterprise,” procuring people to perform known chunks of work remains a woefully early 20th Century activity.

For example: First, define the product that is made and the tools used to build it (e.g., airplane fuselage and rivet gun).

Next, enter into a relationship (e.g., employee, contractor, etc.) to bind people to using a certain tool, at a certain location, for a certain purpose for a certain duration on a certain timetable (e.g., sheet metal worker at Boeing assembly plant, second shift for a five-year term).

For very big projects, the contract can go on for years.

But what happens when the tools change very quickly? 

Or the technology?

What happens when the procurement cycle is longer than the complete lifecycle of a technology?

Imagine being staffed to a “MySpace” media contract in 2006 for a 5-year term. Expect to get de-staffed after two years.

Imagine a 99-year lease on a coal-fired power plant today. Environmentalists probably will intervene before that lease is up.

Do we keep old contracts and ignore that they deal with nonexistent roles, products or technologies?

Can procurement be parsed in a meaningful way to keep it more flexible?

Is there a useful way to make the procurement process itself go faster?

Can we get vague about terms and be comfortable with that? Trade “MySpace” for “social media services."  Or specify "energy production” and hope for the best on that 99-year lease on the coal power plant?

Can the procurement cycle be more nimble so that what we intend to buy, and the means to procure those products and services, don’t take up a majority of the overhead to actually perform the work?

If we continue to push the old way of doing business, it will become harder and harder (read: expensive) to find willing contractors to perform those roles.

Government IT contracts especially suffer this fate. It wouldn’t take much digging to find still-valid contracts requiring knowledge of FrontPage extensions, even though that’s ten-year old, obsolete tech.

In the same breath: How does an organization plan for unknown events?

It’s ironic that the professional discipline of contracting for technology lags behind contracting for other, less cutting-edge disciplines.

Is it time for procurement reform? Any folks in the procurement or acquisition roles – feel free to chime in.

Começou mal dizendo que quer esquecê-la (embora seja um erro compressível), mas amenizou o erro ao dizer que quer pelo menos que as coisas se acalmem um pouco aí dentro de você, que no caso é a posição mais racional de se admitir. Pois bem, amigo, veja só: considerando que ela tenha sido muito importante para você — e ainda seja, visto que a importância de uma longa relação não abre permissão para esvair-se de um dia paro outro —, esquecer é uma impossibilidade. No máximo, bem no máximo mesmo, acontecerá de não mais pensá-la com tanta intensidade, como tem pensado agora. Isso, afirmo, acontecerá. Leva tempo — aqui cabe mencionar a tal da resiliência, pois cada um de nós possui capacidades e maneiras diferentes para lidar com determinada situação —, mas acontecerá. Enquanto isso não acontece, use esse tempo de escuridão para dar à luz a uma estrela cintilante, como bem dissera Nietzsche em outro contexto, enfatizando a necessidade de viver em meio ao caos, mais precisamente o interno. Aproveite este período de insatisfação, esse tempo de coisas insensatas, de solidão profunda, de desnecessidades necessárias e faça brilhar a tua singular estrela dançante, este astro próprio que te esquentará o âmago e te permitirá ver o mundo como ele é. No mais, desejo força para lidar com as eventuais e inevitáveis crises de desesperança intrínsecas ao processo. Lembre-se que as coisas hão de melhorar, amigo. Aguente o tranco.
—  Junior Lima.