The Behavior Based Business Model

Is your business defined by your buggy whip? Or how you go about solving the propulsion problem?

In “the Enterprise,” procuring people to perform known chunks of work remains a woefully early 20th Century activity.

For example: First, define the product that is made and the tools used to build it (e.g., airplane fuselage and rivet gun).

Next, enter into a relationship (e.g., employee, contractor, etc.) to bind people to using a certain tool, at a certain location, for a certain purpose for a certain duration on a certain timetable (e.g., sheet metal worker at Boeing assembly plant, second shift for a five-year term).

For very big projects, the contract can go on for years.

But what happens when the tools change very quickly? 

Or the technology?

What happens when the procurement cycle is longer than the complete lifecycle of a technology?

Imagine being staffed to a “MySpace” media contract in 2006 for a 5-year term. Expect to get de-staffed after two years.

Imagine a 99-year lease on a coal-fired power plant today. Environmentalists probably will intervene before that lease is up.

Do we keep old contracts and ignore that they deal with nonexistent roles, products or technologies?

Can procurement be parsed in a meaningful way to keep it more flexible?

Is there a useful way to make the procurement process itself go faster?

Can we get vague about terms and be comfortable with that? Trade “MySpace” for “social media services."  Or specify "energy production” and hope for the best on that 99-year lease on the coal power plant?

Can the procurement cycle be more nimble so that what we intend to buy, and the means to procure those products and services, don’t take up a majority of the overhead to actually perform the work?

If we continue to push the old way of doing business, it will become harder and harder (read: expensive) to find willing contractors to perform those roles.

Government IT contracts especially suffer this fate. It wouldn’t take much digging to find still-valid contracts requiring knowledge of FrontPage extensions, even though that’s ten-year old, obsolete tech.

In the same breath: How does an organization plan for unknown events?

It’s ironic that the professional discipline of contracting for technology lags behind contracting for other, less cutting-edge disciplines.

Is it time for procurement reform? Any folks in the procurement or acquisition roles – feel free to chime in.

School Bus Report A Day Late & A Dollar Short, Lawmaker Says

Senate Education Chairwoman Jill Tokuda tells me the long-awaited school bus report raised more questions than it answered.

One “obvious omission” was any discussion of why there hasn’t been competition among bus companies, she says, or how the Department of Education could improve its procurement/bid process.

Doesn’t sound good for an agency fighting to keep its transportation budget. I’ve got a full article forthcoming.

Government Resume

Norvil   W   Sims
1115 Old Highway 418
Silsbee , TX   77656
Evening Phone : 409-385-5639


Country of citizenship:

United States of America


Veterans’ Preference:

10-point preference based on a compensable service-connected disability of 10 percent but less than 30 percent


Highest Grade:

GS-1102-11, 07/1996-01/2000


Contact Current Employer:




Job Type:



Work Schedule:

Full Time


Desired Work Environment

Experienced Professionals




Mid-Career Professional






Sportrating LLC

1/2006 - Present


Orange, Texas US


Salary: 10 USD Per Hour


Hours per week: 40


Office Manager


Perform blog and website activities which improve internet SEO support for Allsportrating; log content across Internet via blog and related sub-domains; establish meta tags, keyword tags and categories, promote “athlete rating” as keyword phrase across Internet. Perform web analysis of Allsportrating web site and forward to staff for further review; apply creative analysis for internet research; research sport related activities to assist Allsportrating staff and athletes; formulate meta tags for company web site; research SEO newsletter data and review to improve company web site; research data sources to improve content pages for company sport categories; suggest related content for further improvement of company web site; assist and suggest creative ideas to improve company web site; assist staff with sport related activities involved with company web site; design web pages and perform web master functions; communicate, orally, and in writing, with a variety of professionals; edit correspondence and reports for basic grammar; operated computers and other office equipment including software applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel; perform office related activities, fax, phones, correspondence, filing, set up and organize files; set up online banking with four accounts, control, organize, analyze, and reconcile monthly statements or as needed; prepare annual spreadsheet for tax accountant. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Joe Francis , Supervisor’s Phone: 409-883-9197 )


Management Consulting Inc

7/2004 - 9/2004


Salary: 25.00 per hour


Hours per week: 40


Program Manager


Performed developmental and/or recurring assignments in support of the VA CASU centralized procurement activity as a contract person; assisted administering service contracts for VA CASU. Utilized VA computer system and office equipment. Performed duties as assigned. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Mike Snyder , Supervisor’s Phone: 888-854-2867 )


Private Education/Training Center

5/2001 - 5/2003


Salary: Various


Hours per week: Various


English Conversation Teacher


I provided English conversation for middle and high school, university and adult students in Korea and China. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Various , Supervisor’s Phone: 86-756-390-1232 )


General Services Administration

7/2000 - 12/2000


Kansas City, MO US


Salary: 18.00 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Procurement Buyer


Procured small purchases for sealant, adhesives and tools as a temp contractor for the government. The purchases involved; telephone communication with vendors/contractors, weekly controls of purchases on national stock numbers (NSN), FAR and General Services Administration (GSA) regulations, GSA database research for history on previous purchases, control of request for quotes (RFQ) to and from vendors, fair and reasonable decisions regarding RFQ, utilizing proper codes for award of purchase orders and data input; interacted with Inventory Managers, vendors, Contracting Officers, Branch Chiefs, Supervisors, co-workers and employment agency covering contract with GSA. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Roy Trickle , Supervisor’s Phone: 816-926-7251 )



7/1996 - 1/2000


Gladstone, MO US


Grade Level: GS-11


Salary: 45,000 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Contract Administrator , 1102


Administered the terms and conditions of 150-250 contracts, prepared contract modifications, evaluated and monitored contractor performance, contract closeout (utilized Defense Logistics Agency procedures, forms, DFAS processing; contacted other agencies for closure of GSA, Air Force, and Army contracts; confirmed customer final delivery of goods and services); communicate, orally, and in writing, with a variety of professionals; edit correspondence and reports for basic grammar; utilize office automation, fax, copier, and etc.; operated computers and other office equipment including software applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel; evaluated technical and audit reports, conducted post award conferences, administered progress payments, recommended and issued contract changes, negotiated partial settlements, processed final vouchers, ensured shipment and delivery requirements, resolved contractor payment problems; audited, investigated, reconciled funds, accounting status, ACRNs and modifications preparing contracts for close out. Utilized Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations, Defense Supply Center Richmond, Defense Supply Center Columbus, Navy Regulations, Army Regulations, rules and policies within Department of Defense. Used computer, Microsoft Office, Windows 95/NT, email, Laser printer, DLA LAN system, FAX, copier, internet for research, ACO module, electronic data workflow. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Carl Wilson , Supervisor’s Phone: 816-468-9433 )



1/1996 - 7/1996


Gladstone, MO US


Grade Level: GS-6


Salary: 27,661 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Procurement Tech , 1106


I provided administrative assistance to an aircraft team that administered a contract for overhaul, maintenance of aircraft components. Reviewed, analyzed and processed contractual documents; researched, evaluated and prepared reports. Assured completeness of contractor’s request for payment. Input data into a database. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Carl Wilson , Supervisor’s Phone: 816-468-9433 )


VA Medical Center

8/1995 - 1/1996


Kansas City, MO US


Grade Level: GS-5/6


Salary: 23,991 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Program Assistant , 303


Insurance verifier of inpatient admission within Medical Cost Care Recovery (MCCR), if veteran had health insurance; interviewed , investigated patient health insurance coverage; verified precertification, existing insurance, no insurance, and terminated insurance for all insurance cases; verified coverage with insurance company; verified veteran eligibility; verified patient data file, patient movement file, checked VA DHCP patient data base and updated; researched billing and accounts receivable requests, identified reimbursable insurance for inpatient and outpatient care; Release of Information signature if patient had history of psych., drug and alcohol problems. Utilized regulations, rules and policies within Dept. of Veteran Affairs. Used computer, Microsoft Office, Windows, laser printer, Veteran Affairs LAN system. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Pennie Watkins , Supervisor’s Phone: 816-861-4700 )


VA Medical Center

11/1994 - 8/1995


Kansas City, MO US


Grade Level: GS-5


Salary: 16,934 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Patient Services Asst. , 303


Interviewed veterans for eligibility and entered data for medical care; directed patients to appropriate medical care areas; checked patients in for scheduled appointments and made new appointments; ordered LAB tests and processed patient file; directed patients for insurance and eligibility; interrelated with families and health care providers; interpreted information for patient care and treatment; provided support to clinics; resolved requests and problems regarding patients treatment; performed filing functions with medical charts; produced report of action profile for patient medical history, filed loose documents and provided veteran ID card; utilized regulations, rules and policies within Dept. of Veteran Affairs; used computer, Veteran Affairs LAN system. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Jeanne Richardson , Supervisor’s Phone: 816-861-4700 )


Resolution Trust Corp

5/1994 - 11/1994


Overland Park, KS US


Salary: 20,412 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Legal Technician


Assisted Legal Division; assisted attorneys and paralegal specialists; accepted legal documents; maintained filing system; prepared reports as needed; prepared draft and final letters; prepared travel vouchers, travel and training authorizations; maintained travel and training schedules. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Roger Hood , Supervisor’s Phone: 913-344-8421 )


VA Medical Center

12/1991 - 1/1994


Bedford, MA US


Grade Level: GS-9


Salary: 32,239 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Procurement Analyst , 1102


I provided procurement analytical support at the Eastern Region I Modified Contract Service Center (MCSC) for 10 Veteran Affairs Medical Centers. Identified commodities and services for potential consolidation to contain costs; analyzed items from multiple medical centers, determined source or vendor, historical usage, if items may be utilized for procurement; made presentations of findings to MCSC group. Prepared reports, produced numerous spreadsheets, received reports from medical centers and manipulated data in Word Perfect and Lotus. I performed fact finding assistance; tracked status of preaward and post award contracts, data of award and cost; analyzed existing contracts for problems and recommended solutions and modifications. Assisted Contracting Officer assembly contracts; trained contract specialists to use automated FAR and CBD. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: EM Harrison , Supervisor’s Phone: 617-275-7500 )


Dept of the Air Force

12/1989 - 12/1991


Hanscom AFB, MA US


Grade Level: GS-6


Salary: 21,637 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Contract Monitor , 303


I observed, evaluated, and analyzed contractor performance based on accumulated data for Quality Assurance Evaluator/Contract Monitor advisory actions and made recommendations. Performed the duties of Publishing Distribution Office (PDO) Manager, as a result of contractor not performing PDO functions and contractor defaulting: supervised and delegated duties for 2-4 military and civilian personnel to accomplish the mission of the PDO. Monitored contractor performance to ensure proper and timely fulfillment of contractual obligations utilizing the Automated Publication Distribution Office System (PDOS). Performed inspections utilizing random sampling. Investigated customer complaints and deficiencies, identified inadequacies and requested corrective action. Installed updated versions of computer programs for PDOS. Prepared reports; acted as a liaison between contractor and customers receiving services. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: SSGT Gamache , Supervisor’s Phone: 617-377-5149 )


Dept of Labor

8/1988 - 12/1989


Hartford, CT US


Grade Level: GS-7


Salary: 18,726 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Equal Opportunity Spec , 360


As an Equal Opportunity Specialist demonstrated the utilization of laws, regulations, principles, and methods of Equal Opportunity; investigating and analyzing problems, making personal contacts, writing reports, oral presentations; met and worked effectively with persons regardless of their socio-economic background; employment problems faced by women, minorities, veterans, the handicapped, workers over age forty, or other relevant classes of individuals; planed, prioritized and organized work load. Conducted desk audits, on-site contract compliance reviews and complaint investigations. Independently conducted reviews of Federal Government contractor employment policies and practices to determine if contractors were meeting their EEO obligations within the provisions of the contract. Interviewed management and non-management employees of firms; conducted on-site entrance presentations with Presidents, CEOs, Directors, and Managers, explaining the Affirmative Action Plan, areas which would be investigated; findings discussed at the exit conference. Prepared comprehensive and documented reports of investigative findings and made recommendations as to appropriate action. Utilized the computer to perform statistical calculations and word processing for letters of complaints, on-site reports, conciliation agreements, letters of commitment and deficiency letters. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Stanley Wishnick , Supervisor’s Phone: 203-240-4286 )


Dept of the Navy

2/1988 - 8/1988


Groton, Ct US


Grade Level: GS-5


Salary: 15,118 USD Per Year


Hours per week: 40


Accountant , 525


I reviewed and coded receipt and expenditure paper documents for automated data processing into proper financial records and reports; prepared gasoline issue documents from gasoline usage charges issued to customers from Supply Stock for input into financial records; corrected input as a result of periodic reconciliation’s; examined, investigated, and corrected any discrepancies, received monthly and daily data listings; reconciled ZMA daily statement from sup ships entries and corrected input. Performed accounting computations, coding, reconciliation, adjustments, research, data input, recorded transactions to assist Supply Administrators for planning and stock replenishment. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Carmela Hummer , Supervisor’s Phone: 203-449-4663 )



9/1986 - 1/1988


Salary: Minimum Wage


Hours per week: 20


College Work Study Student


Provided support and assistance to professional health related personnel. Worked with patients in treatment programs to carry out activities directed at helping the disabled and disadvantaged to adjust institutionally, socially, educationally, recreationally and leisurely. Communicated and worked with a variety of patients such as abusers, manic depressives, criminal sexual psychopaths, obsessive compulsives, geriatrics, emotionally disturbed, mentally and physically handicapped, schizophrenics, veterans, cross-cultural situations and various biological diseases; encouraged and motivated program participants and assisted with clerical duties. Familiar with routines and procedures in group activities for social adjustments such as community, money management and transitional living. Familiar with routines and procedures supervising a recreation center and small group sessions. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Janice Rowe , Supervisor’s Phone: 816-232-8431 )


Trans World Airlines

5/1960 - 2/1986


Salary: 22,000


Hours per week: 40




Analyzed daily coding of debit and credit accounting distribution for data input, used double entry accounting procedures according to Trans World Airlines accounting procedures. Met daily deadline reporting cash available in the bank accounts to the Department Director. Maintained, balanced, audited, and reconciled accounting records, audited accounting records to verify accuracy to determine proper adjustments and special entries. Entered accounting data using NCR and IBM computers, which calculates balances for the general ledger and banking system. Prepared and verified accounting statements and reports. Assisted achieving month-end bank and accounting balances in excess of $200M-$250M from the daily accounting data entries. Audited bank charges and coded proper accounting distribution for data input; analyzing, recording transactions, balancing and reconciling statements of accounting data. Prepared profit and loss reports and statistical reports; reports generated from 0-112 data input such as stations, number of passenger miles, cities to and from, flight time between cities, delay codes, type of aircraft, cargo pounds and tons, flight numbers scheduled and unscheduled, liquor taxes and landing fees. Assisted industrial engineers with time studies and special projects; involved observing work being performed and making evaluations from the study. Assisted a special analysis group in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia accumulate data to arrive at a 12/31/68 closing trial balance for Saudi Arabian Airlines. Investigated posting memos, general ledger, and journals, accounting documents and analyzed other relative data. Analyzed reports, reconciled accounts and interpreted TWA and CAB accounts. Audited other airline billing invoices utilizing domestic and international tariffs. Used mileage charts and arithmetic formulas to prorate TWA and other airline tickets; proper accounting distribution was applied and processed. Assisted with the mail desk, performed control on work done in the department and other clerical duties. Trained employees to code 0-112’s properly which involved cargo loads, type of aircraft, delays and miscellaneous assistance. Also assisted with special projects. Coded 0-112’s (International and Domestic), sorted mail and performed other miscellaneous clerical duties. (Contact Supervisor: Yes, Supervisor’s Name: Douglas Overstreet , Supervisor’s Phone: 816-464-6995 )



Charter Oak State College


New Britain , CT US


Bachelor’s Degree - 4 / 1991


128 Semester Hours


Major: Human Services Admin


GPA: 2.8 out of 4.0



CON 101 Contracting Fundamentals, 3-97; CON 104 Contract Pricing, 7-97; CON 201 Contract Law, 9-97; CON 204 Intermediate Contract Pricing, 3-99.















Carl Wilson




Phone Number:



Reference Type:



Jeri Moore


Contract Specialist


Phone Number:



Reference Type:



Joe Francis

Sportrating LLC

Vice President


Phone Number:



Reference Type:



John Burke




Phone Number:



Reference Type:



Edward Rippy




Phone Number:



Reference Type:




Performance Award, DOD/DLA, 4/99-8/98-6/96; Outstanding Merit Award, Dept of VA, 1992-1993; Outstanding Merit Award, Air Force Outstanding Intermediate Civilian Information Manager Award, Dept. of the Air Force, 1990; Outstanding Merit Award, DOL, 1989.

Universities Need to Cut Costs, but Let's Get Smart About It

I’m a glutton for information. A veritable knowledge whore. That’s why I have about 15 different Google Alerts set up - sports business, higher education, and education purchasing just to name a few. Most of the links are garbage, but every now and then I’ll find a hidden gem that really intrigues me. Yesterday I happened across an article from Computer Weekly about Durham University (UK) switching to an eProcurement system. This shift to comprehensive online procurement systems, paired with more colleges and universities forming Group Purchasing Organizations, are some the big picture trends in the education industry right now. They become all the more important as these institutions try to keep their heads above water while their budgets get slashed and burned.

While Durham University is expecting to save millions of pounds (that’s like 1.5x millions of greenbacks!) over the next 5 years due to the switch to eProcurement, this is really just a bandaid over a really ugly, infected wound. It’s paying lip service to smarter procurement practices without actually *doing* anything smarter.

I won’t mince words - this SUCKS.

It’s leveraging only the bare basics of recent technological advances to become more efficient - essentially shifting their procurement to become an online yellow pages. They still don’t have a mechanism for including end user feedback into their procurement process to shrink the product research phase - something that we consider to be a necessity at SoleVerta. This is a crucial aspect that literally NO procurement software package includes. And do you want to know why they don’t include it? Because they don’t give a damn. They want to give you something new and shiny that’ll have a room of Provosts ‘oohing’ and 'aahing’ - and pray that it’s so shiny that people can’t see the big price tag.

External image

They don’t want educators to have access to that sort of information, because like Frank Bacon said, “Knowledge is Power”. And the more power that educators have, the more they might just decide that their current eProcurement system sucks, and they should take a closer look at their competitors (Shameless Plug: Check out SoleVerta, we’re a free resource making end user product/service reviews and experiences accessible across all institutions)

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Conduct Procurements

Conduct Procurements

Project Management Plan
Procurement documents
Source Selection criteria
Qualified seller list
Seller proposals
Project documents
Make-or-buy decisions
Teaming agreements
Organizational process assets

Tools and Techniques
Bidder conferences
Proposal evaluation techniques
Independent estimates
Expert judgement
Internet search
Procurement negotiations

Selected sellers
Procurement contract award
Resource calendars
Change requests
Project management plan updates
Project document updates

Contractual agreements

The Medill National Security Journalism Initiative team continues its barrage of industry leaders, journalists and political experts in our two week seminar. Brendan McGarry, reporter at Bloomberg News, is focusing on the procurement process.

After almost two weeks of repetition, the information is seeping in. So are the dad jokes.

   University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla., is being awarded a $10,773,593 cost-plus-fixed-fee contract to create experimental serious games to train participants and measure their proficiency in recognizing and mitigating the cognitive biases that commonly affect all types of intelligence analysis. The research objective is to experimentally manipulate variables in serious games and to determine whether and how such variables enable player-participant recognition and persistent mitigation of cognitive biases. AFRL/PKDB, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, is the contracting activity (FA8650-11-C-7178).

A whole different kind of “Boomer Sooner.”
Customer Service

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5 cloud gotchas and how to avoid them

Excellent article by Stephen Foley, director of federal systems for Hewlett-Packard StorageWorks addressing cloud deployment challenges.

Federal cloud deployment provides deliverables in agility and cost-efficiency, but challenges remain in security, storage and system architectures. Although these challenges propagate opportunities for contractors; vendors supplying the infrastructure should provide answers to help systems integrators (SI’s) better manage IT operations in both virtualized and cloud-directed environments. 

Challenges in virtualization support

SI’s commonly report difficulty deploying cloud modalities, consolidation of many applications onto a single server potentially increases memory utilization. Teams should consider load balancing strategies to create a combination of storage and server resources for each application. Infrastructure technologies that provide a mixed workload support can also benefit from dynamic balancing and are able to assure data is accessible. 

Storage architectures that claim to be ‘cloud-ready’

Look for storage architectures that provide multi-tenancy capabilities with some provisioning, clustering and autonomic self-management to optimize scalability without performance limitations.

Costs and procurement policies that don’t leverage private/hybrid cloud scaling

Effectively configured private or hybrid clouds can seamlessly scale to encompass two, ten, or even twenty times the initial number of users without an increase in equipment and human capital. Short-sighted procurement policies can force SI’s to make decisions based on near-term costs, instead implementing a converged cloud infrastructure.