Getting a little bit crazy, winding down the day and trying to relax by putting a little work in on Malachite- ever since seeing the kaiju battle between her and Alexandrite, I wanted to take more of a crack at these two. Trying a much more painterly approach this time unfortunately with the widescreen format there just no version of this piece that Instagram will place nice with- hopefully this turns out to be a crop I don’t mind tomorrow morning ;) Steven Universe, kids…it’s a good show and I was wrong about it being not a good show because…it is one. So.


It occurs to me that there are a great many recent pieces of art that I haven’t been able to share with tumblr! By way of catching you up a little bit, let me introduce you to the Wingfeather Saga! A book series that we are adapting to an animated pilot for a series :) I’m the official production designer and as such I’ve also designed the principle cast of ragamuffin little lovies!

Slightly looser style on this digital raven portrait. This guy is this month’s Patreon download! Please help a girl out and sign up, for just $5 a month you get this guy and a whole bunch of other cool stuff! 😎 🖋✍🏼 Patreon.com/kcgillies


Continuing the party! Here’s Juro- feral child hero of the Yellow Faction in Shardbound
Kickstart with us: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shardbound/shardbound

He’s a rascal- more in tune with his pack of wolflike Primals than with his human compatriots. He has the ability to transform into a powerful creature at will, and imbues his attacks with the magic that stems from the deep link he shares with his pack. Finding his design was a balancing act of cultural cues, story, and consistency with the level of tech in the world- we settled on this direction, based in cold environs, with armor tied thematically and literally to the Primal creatures for which the faction is known. A touch of Rufio and we have us a charming troublemaker and hothead. Not much I love more than working with characters that help to tell the story of the world and their culture through their design!


The final 3 in my Mermay Met Gala Mashup! Serving up some fishy fabulousness here are Fei Fei Sun in Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition, Nicki Minaj in H&M, and Stella Maxwell in custom H&M! Check out the full set here as well as a few progress vids.


The Kickstarter for Shardbound is live!! Our baseline funding goal was met in under 24 hours, but we still need your help us make this game a full featured reality! Come join us here:


This is a look at the concept development for Professor Mori- the blue faction hero, who uses two black-hole portals to cast spells and manipulate time and space I found ways to love all the factions and characters I’ve been priveleged to design for #Shardbound, but Blue Faction were especially easy for me to fall for. Timey-wimey little chaotic science cuties? I’m all about it!
Early concepts I came up with had portal-hats that functioned like a bottomless Mary Poppins-style bag, or (regrettably impractical) flowing constellation hair!