Guys. What a couple weeks it’s been. I’ve said it a lot and I actually kinda mean it– I prefer this world to the one that existed a few weeks ago before Pokemon GO launched.
I have it bad- all the nostalgia and all of the novelty and cleverness of transforming the map of well-trodden and familiar places in New England into mysterious hunting grounds pregnant with possibility? Genius.
It plucks all my arty heartstrings- and that’s not even mentioning all the delightful interactions with strangers and neighbors, old friendships rekindled over an evening of pokestop-walks, family outings with my sibs to track down Squirtle. SO my jam.
Bulbasaur was my starter all those years ago when I still remember getting the blue cartridge on the hall steps of my Oma’s house (I promptly burst into tears)- and knowing he could be hanging out in the tall grass of any park? Heeee ^_^ 🍃💚🍃
Very probably things will die down and the moment will pass eventually- but I’m really grateful to get to relive childhood with every other nerdy denizen of the city. My buddy Trag said- “it’s like a little comic con in every park.” That’s a world I feel a little more welcome in than the one before it.
How have your pokéjourneys been? Tell me your stories! :D
See you on the road! #pokemonGO #TeamMystic #Pokemon #bulbasaur #pokemonart #illustration #procreateapp #ipadpro #applepencil #bulbasaurisbae
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@nianticlabs thank you :)

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Gosh, I haven’t been very good about keeping things updated around here!
Some recent personal work- sort of a Witchsona?

He had planned to conjure up something really dark and powerful to impress his wizard friends. When the spell cleared, what he’d caught was a sassy light fairy with a mean case of the “GO TO YOUR ROOM, YOUNG MAN"s

All this character work and I’ve been skipping leg day in a big way- this ain’t much, but it’s a scribble that needed scribbling. Studying some favorites and paying homage to my favorite Kiki’s Delivery Service as I cool down and remind myself what it’s like to paint splotchy little landscapes ^_^

Praise God who sets us each on our adventures. Who made the world wonderful and our hearts to thrill at it.


Jr. Croc process video. People have been asking to see the development of these characters. So here’s the recording taken from the Procreate app using Apple Pencil. Plus some 21p to satisfy my obsession. Enjoy 😊 #art #illustration #drawing #digital #painting #crocodile #reptile #process #procreateapp

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