Hey guys, I have a really exciting announcement to share! The First Friday Ashland Art Walk is coming up again soon (April 7th), and this time, I have the privilege to do a digital art demo on the iPad! I’d love to see anyone who wants to drop by during this event, whether you’re a digital art enthusiast, or just curious about the medium, and I’ll be happy to answer questions about my tools and process as well. My hope is to spread a bit more local awareness of digital as a legitimate form of creating brand new drawings and paintings, and of how it can serve as a powerful tool for both students and professionals. I’m so thrilled to be doing this demo, and I’m looking forward to seeing you there! 


Samurai Jack is back! However, he’s in a bad place and needs to find his way again. One of my (and almost everyone’s) favorite cartoons has returned! Can’t wait to see the next episode of season 5!