Hillside Cityscape finished.

Really happy with this. The original was drawn on Windsor and Newton heavy cartridge paper with Copic SP Multiliners. Colour was added digitally using an iPad Pro and the Procreate App.

Which do you prefer - black and white, muted colours, or bright orange?

Toby’s Bad Day
January 2017? (I forget when I drew that batch)
iPad Pro/Apple Pencil + Procreate

October Daye from Seanan McGuire’s fabulous urban fantasy series of the same name, who has not yet had enough coffee for this bullshit. (Though let’s face it: if getting drenched in blood Carrie-style is the worst thing to happen to Toby today, it’s not really that bad a day. OR the plot hasn’t gotten firmly in gear yet.)

Toby here was another attempt to nail down a fast and easy chibi style and I couldn’t help giving her a reason to look so annoyed.