Here Is: Jeff Gillooly

you guys this took me three months and i’m glad it’s over. i hope you like it and i’m only just learning new techniques and methods and i’d love some feedback on how to improve!!

currently posted on my instagram @darlinghollands

Lunchtime sketch of an OC from a game/story I chip on once in a blue moon. Frederick, an assassin and bodyguard for hire, usually for nobles. Skilled in knives and projectile blades but gets a 0/10 for demeanor. Least favorite thing is when his clients try to have a conversation.

also sketching with an ipad pro on procreate feels really fucking good. I can’t get an actual clean w/ color illustration out of it for the fucking life of me, but sketching in it is amazing. 

Based off a post I saw about Maz yelling at Ben. I just had to.

—Rey rescues an injured Ben after he turns on the First Order. The pair seek help for Ben…
Ben: When I said ‘not the Resistance’ this isn’t what I had in mind either.
Rey: We don’t have a lot of options. What’s wrong with the castle on Takodana?
B: Well for one thing, I destroyed it. Remember? And for another-
Maz, in the distance: BEENNN SOOLOOO!
B: … Just let me die now. It’ll be kinder.
R: HEY! No dying allowed!