lmao i never do tag games in a timely matter so now i have to answer 22 questions instead of a 11 but its okay cause im procrasting™ per usual  omg anyway i was tagged by the spectacular @pegycarter and wonderful @punkpeqqy 

and since there are going to 33 questions im gonna put the answers under the cut but ill tag 

@samwqlson @avengerswitch @bisexualbvcky @team-spidey @spiderhman @falconisms @blaackpanthers @bvckyseb @exofalcon @pavechekov @clintbartcns

the rules are to answer the 11 questions, make up your own 11 questions, and tag 11 people (i hope the original person that did was inspired by eleven cause i am inspired by my daughter eleven too)

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I’m working on this new planet wth some new brushes and then I was like, “why not a backless cape?” then I was like, “Let’s give the cape a pattern!” and then I was like, “let’s work on everything BUT the cape because you’re going to hate yourself when you get to it.” 

then I talked to @highkingmiko and we decided to do some art challenges with each other. i’m totally not procrasting this piece at all.