dan howell is not just some cute british boy that people scream over for his good looks

“well he’s british so that explains everything.”
“i know girls like him, because you know accents.”
“he’s british!”
“he’s hot so that has a lot to do with it.”
“his accent!!”
“his accent of course"

THAT is not all he is.

let me tell you some things about him.

-he has helped thousands of kids, teens, young adults, adults, with their problems by telling them what he does with his own personal experience

-he has accepted that he’s a complete nerd and loser and in doing that inspired thousands of other people to do the same

-he doesn’t like interacting with humans, has psycho thoughts, afraid of the dark, can’t live without his phone, has personal space issues, has audience participation fear, procrastinates, mumbles, talks to himself, gets into spirals of lies, fails to clean his room, stays on tumblr until dawn, left handed and has made all of the other people that have these traits in their personality feel better about theirselves

-he has the lowest self esteem and he’s so hard on himself for his mistakes and in the end he doesn’t regret any of those because he figured out that all of those things he hates is what made him the person he is today

-he has hundreds of thousands of people invading his privacy 24/7 (“are you gay?”) but has never told them off for doing so

-he’s never given up on his youtube career dispite all the hate he gets

-he is a youtuber who has made it so far in life without becoming arrogant and snobby, which shows that the person he’s being is genuine and there is nothing that’s going to change that

-he has faced his biggest peeves, such as human interaction, just to meet his subscribers

-he taught us to be unapologetic of who you are because you only get one life and you shouldn’t waste it on regretting your past

-he has saved thousands of lives across the globe just by sharing his own experiences and showing those people that there are others out there that understand what they’re feeling

-he has shown that being yourself gets you a lot further in life rather than being someone you’re not just to meet other irrelevant human being’s standards

danisnotonfire is not just some british boy people scream over for his looks; he is a hero.

*apologizes to people who hate reading*

How to Prepare for Long-Haul Study Sessions

1) This is tip one because it is the most important - keep a huge bottle of water near your desk at all times. Keeping hydrated is crucial. Your brain is useless if it’s tired and under-fed. 

2) This one kind of goes along with tip number one: have a healthy snack by your desk at all times too. Binge-eating may seem like a suitable reward for a marathon study session, but in reality it will only upset your stomach and make you feel like you need to hit the gym for five hours. No bueno, no healtho. 

3) Have a visual representation of your goal near your desk. It will help keep you motivated when you want to quit or take short cuts. 

4) Download an app on Google Chrome or Safari that blocks websites that you know you will get distracted by. My favorites is Procraster.

5) Make a to-do list and then enthusiastically cross off everything you’ve done. No explanation needed. Getting things done feels GOOD! Which leads me into my next point… 

6) Focus on how much better you feel when you’re productive, and how negative you feel when you have that nagging feeling in the back of your mind because you know you should have done something. As Nike says, “Just do it,” and you’ll feel better, I promise.