There’s something special about the humble banana that inspires people to create awesome banana art. Our latest banana artist is London-based writer and artist Elisa Roche, once a chef and now a freelance media consultant, who first began doodling on bananas out of boredom at her desk job. It didn’t take long before those doodles grew into a full-fledged form of fruit-based creative expression and now Roche shares her banana art via an Instagram feed called Fun With Fruit.

Head over to Fun With Fruit for plenty more of Roche’s beautiful banana art.

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None of my projects are going well right now, which means it’s time for productive procrastination! I’m going to make a two piece ensemble from brocade and chiffon, with a gabardine base. 

It’s going to be based off of this renaissance painting.

I’m going to aim for this to be a forty eight hour project, the start time being 4pm today. But if I can’t finish it to my standards within that time frame it’ll get extended. 

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i don't mean to burden you darling, but i am stressed beyond belief, bc i'm stuck in a cycle of endless procrastination induced by avoidance due to my anxiety, which in turn, heightens my anxiety. it's so vicious & irrational & i am beyond sick of myself. i get time to catch up on the millions of assignments due at the same time, yet manage to fall further behind by not doing the work. i can't stand myself. i'm sorry for dumping this on you. i just don't know what to do. sorry for bothering you.

dude dude its okay what i like to do with situations like these is 

1. clean my room(or just my desk)

2. put my hair up

3. take out all what i need to do work

4. make a to do list so i can check it off

5. make a kick ass playlist

6. listen to music and let it help you work through your assignments

7. take breaks so that you don’t decide to just forget it

8. you’re going to be okay

9. it’s going to be alright

10. breathe, you got this.

BTS 'If we're not acknowledge, we'll forever be remembered as rookies'

Q. As you had said in your song 2nd Grade, you aren’t rookies anymore. You’ve swept all the rookie awards last year and there must have been a change in the atmosphere.

Jungkook: I still feel like a rookie. I’m up on stage with the same heart.
Yoogi: If we’re not escalating up we’re still rookies. If we are not able to be acknowledged then we’re left at the stage of a rookie.To not let us fall in that position, we’ll definitely work hard.
Taehyung: Nevertheless, I can see that we have changed for the better. I feel it. We use to have foul teamwork but its elevating well.
Jimin: I can see them now. I can start to looking at the spectators. I used to be too shaken and see nothing but the lights. I can now sing while looking at them.
Yoongi: We are now accustomed being on stage. We can even sing and enjoy without a sense of enthusiasm. Our demeanor on stage has never been better.
Seokjin: Our song is never fixed to a certain minute. Even if its just one song it can differ to being a 4 minute song to a 3 minute song. When the minute changes the choreo changes together. We couldn’t wrap our minds last time but just by a simple information, the choreo is synchronized just the same.
Jungkook: We are able to cope with problems breezily now. Anybody can make mistakes on stage but not everybody can easily shake it off naturally. I think we’ve learned a trick or two over the years.
Hoseok: We seem to have matured. Rather than the debut days, we’re more sensible on stage. We’ve also adapted a certain leisured attitude and able to enjoy the performance more. Even though we do lack a bit.
Namjoon: We have aged a year older as a team.

Q. What do you think makes a man?

Jungkook: Strength. Don’t men need some strength to look cool?
Jimin: Aura. A man need charisma.
Jungkook: Intelligence. A knowledgable and brilliant brain makes him a man.
Taehyung: Confidence. Confidence makes a man manlier.
Yoongi: Responsible. Men needs a strong sense of responsibility to make him a man.
Seokjin: Looks. Without looks you’re not manly, you’ll just be a bad man.
Namjoon: Solicitude. To portray a man its not about how strong he is. Whether a weakling or a builder, if he is compassionate he’s a man.
Hoseok: I think its etiquette and zeal.

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Study Break (Smut)

(A/N: So this is what becomes of me trying to study for a bio test, I AM THE QUEEN OF PROCRASTINATION! Anyways, THIS DOES CONTAIN SMUT,  you’ve been warned. I’ve got a few other things in the works including part three to Breakdown, so hopefully I’ll have some more stuff up soon! As always feedback is always appreciated and welcomed!)

I wasn’t excited to study for midterms. Who in their right mind does though? I called Ashton, who also had midterms to study for, to come over mainly for moral support and solidarity. Unlike me, he was being the perfect student, his nose in his chemistry book highlighting away while I did everything but study. I knew all the material already but it was just a matter of taking the actual test, which was what I had always had issues with.

I’d written out notecards which I thought was more than enough of a studying mechanism. After that I’d turned on music, made a pizza, reorganized my small binder for class, and caught up on emails. I was the queen of procrastination and I had a title to uphold.

I tapped my nails on the table that had all of our study guides splayed every which way. I bit the end of my pen as I glanced across the table at Ashton. He was pushing his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, his hair a curly mess and wearing a look of determination that was astounding. And he looked fucking hot. I started to drift off into daydream land thinking about him taking me on the  table, and the couch, and on the floor and-

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What are your study tips for college students? How do you stay on top of your work?

I personally like to make lists of things in my planner because it helps me feel like my life is organized.  I used to be an extreme procrastinator (now I am just a mild procrastinator) but since coming to college, I’ve developed some good study habits which include:

  • Starting on assignments the day they’re assigned —look, I know this sounds like a no-brainer but this is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially if you’re assigned a some homework problems or an essay that you have to turn in 3 Fridays from now.  Don’t wait to start it the night before because in those 3 weeks leading up to the due date, you’re going to be bombarded with assignments from all your other classes and before you know it, you’ll be drowning in schoolwork and thinking to yourself “sh*t, why didn’t I start this when all the content was fresh in my mind???” because, young one, you forgot you had other classes too
  • Planning out your day —in my planner, I like to write down times that I have stuff to do, and to it in that order.  Such as 6:30 morning practice, 10:00 bio 200, 1:00 lab 4:00 chem homework 5:00 calc homework. This way, it helps me make sure that I have a time slot allocated for my school work in my busy day.
  • Do practice problems —this really mostly applies to chem, physics, and math classes. But seriously, do practice problems because they help you go over the formulas and materials you covered in class through application.  
  • Be awake in your classes —No, this doesn’t mean stumbling out of bed and sprinting to class with 20 seconds to spare while chewing a half toasted bagel in your mouth.  I try to be awake for at least 30 minutes before my first class so that my brain is ready to function and receive information.  I find that things are a lot easier to memorize and understand if I’m not falling asleep on top of my notebook.  Waking up early is hard, but it’s really worth it in the long run.
  • SLEEP —develop a good sleep schedule so that you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep every day.  Sleep is good for your body and your mind.  Set a limit for yourself to stop doing homework at around 10-11.  I find that after I’ve been awake for a certain number of hours, my brain just stops functioning as well as it could and I just end up being counter productive.  Sleep repairs your brain and also helps you memorize what you’ve learned.

Hope these help!!

the signs studying

aries: convinced if it fits on your hand it isn’t cheating

taurus: watches tv while “reading”

gemini: doesn’t study but magically gets an A

cancer: cries and pulls an all nighter

libra: needs a study group

virgo: color coding and highlighting and sticky notes

leo: procrastinates and pretends there isn’t a test

scorpio: relaxed and takes their time, with snack breaks

sagittarius: gets bored and studies a different class instead

capricorn: studies more than anyone and rightfully brags about their A+

aquarius: makes up a story to memorize things

pisces: studies really hard but says they didn’t just in case they fail

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hi kdin. sorry to bother you. you seem like a very cool and hardworking person. how do you do that ? i do not know why but i can never get things done and i always procrastinate. i think that i am broken and i dont know what to do. everyone says that it is easy and i just have to try and i do but i always get upset and stressed and i cant finish things. i think i have no self discipline? sorry for bothering you. i hope you are having a nice day

Procrastination happens, it’s something a lot of folks have to push past when wanting to get a lot done.

I’m sure there is more than enough folks out there who have been putting off many things.

Val and I have been meaning to re-organize our closet since December.  It’s March.  We really should get on that…

As for work?  I do tend to lose myself in working a lot, work actually distracts me and keeps me from doing other things besides work, which is why I tend to be overly busy.  Even when not working, I tend to think quite a bit about work and working.

Here’s hoping we both find a good balance.

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22 or 48 would be pretty cool :)

send me a ship and a number and i’ll write a short fic

Notes: how about… both?


22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au & 48. meeting again at a high school reunion au



I’m so mad I came here.

I had not seen these people in years, and I never wanted to. I do not care about them anymore. I saw them in my newsfeed the rare times I actually procrastinated online – and when you are a young, promising doctor, such times are really, really rare – and I saw their stupid pictures of their travels, or their parties, or their tons of friends, or their weddings, or their ugly babies. I felt so miserable then, watching the people from my generation living their lives fully while I sat on my couch, eating ice-cream and waring pajamas, dreading the next day in which I would have to work a full-time shift at the hospital.

But I am just finding out that the misery I experienced then is nothing compared to the one I am experiencing now, in Naruto’s and Hinata’s wedding reception, as my ex classmates shove their happiness in my face – quite literally.

“Say hi to auntie Sakura, Inojin-chan!”

It’s so hard not to grimace at the face of the freakishly-pale baby, currently inches away from mine. “Hiiii, Inojin-chaaan,” I say in a fake cheerful voice, discreetly leaning away.

Ino giggles and pulls her one-year-old son back into her lap. “He’s such a cutie, isn’t he?” she asks before kissing the top of his blond head. “Also, he is such a good boy! He almost never cries, he’s so obedient, and he learns so fast! I’m telling you, Forehead, this kid is fantastic – and he’s all mine!”

As my high school best friend cuddles her weird child, I glance around the vast, beautiful garden in which this stupid party is taking place. Most of the faces I see are familiar – and I hate more than half of them.

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AU where Ben & Jack own some sort of shop together idk what kind and Ashton is Jack’s friend so he visits the shop a lot and one day he goes in and sees ‘Jack’ restocking the shelves so Ashton sneaks up and playfully smacks his ass bc guys being dudes, y’know, but then ‘Jack’ yelps and turns around and it turns out that he’s not Jack at all, but some hot blond boy with wide blue eyes who looks a lot like Jack from behind. And they awkwardly stare at each other as Ashton fumbles over his words until the real Jack comes in and he’s like “Hey Ash! So I see you’ve finally met my little brother, Luke!”

10 Things To Tell Myself Every Morning
  1. Love yourself. I know it’s still hard, but please try.
  2. Please don’t be selfish with those who truly care for you, they are the reason you’re here today.
  3. Tell the truth, even when you know it’s going to really fucking hurt.
  4. Stop rushing, you’re surpassing all of the simple things you’re going to miss later on.  
  5. Accept criticism, let it make you a better person.  Don’t let your fear of critique keep you from living.
  6. Stop procrastinating. Your future is waiting for you, but most opportunities available to you now won’t wait forever.
  7. It’s okay to change your mind, but please don’t doubt every decision you make just because you’re afraid to screw up.
  8. Don’t waste your time dwelling on all of the mistakes you’ve made in the past.  Things have changed, and so have you.
  9. I know sometimes you think you have to drink till you can’t remember, but please don’t.  It will get better, believe that.
  10. Enough being afraid of who you are. What if you’re wrong? What if you’re right? Who fucking cares? You’re missing out while you’re worrying about it. Those who truly matter will love you no matter what.