Procrastination is a good thing

Good Study Advice Blog Posts by "Organized Charm"

So, today I came across this website that has amazing posts regarding studying and organization.  This blogger is what I strive to be… and what I would be if I didn’t work a full-time job while also in grad school.  Below are just a few of the posts of hers that I came across that I really enjoyed:

Standardized Test Study Plan

Time Management System

8 Anti-procrastination Strategies

Weekly To-do List and Progress Tracker (with free printables)

Class Folder Organization

Note Taking 101

How to Create a Semester Assignment Spreadsheet

Organized Study Time

Post-it Assignment Book

Ways to Enhance Your Focus

Bloom’s Taxonomy for Studying 

End of Semester Checklist

Best Pandora Stations for Studying

Top 10 Organizing Blogs

Index Card Assignment Timeline

Why We Procrastinate and How to Stop

All of these posts are from blogger Organized Charm and I do not take credit for any of them, I just wanted my followers to have the chance to enjoy them as much as I did :)

Oh… and here is a link to her tumblr account

How the Signs procrastinate

Aries: Makes plans with friends to avoid work
Taurus: Puts work in the back of their mind and panics later
Gemini: “accidentally” takes a nap
Cancer: Starts reading and never stops
Leo: Catches up with their favorite YouTubers
Virgo: Gets lost in their music
Libra: Continuously eats 
Scorpio: Tells themselves they’ll do it later… Later becomes the night hours before
Sagittarius: Flat out doesn’t give a shit anymore 
Capricorn: Tells themselves that they’re fine to make up for laziness
Aquarius: Goes on the computer with intentions to work… Doesn't 
Pisces: Gets distracted so often that they don’t even mean to procrastinate