Thanks Henry!

Thank you Dr. Henry Morgentaler.

Thank you for your tireless fight for reproductive rights.

Thank you for helping thousands of people access life-saving healthcare.

Thank you for believing that the only person who can decide what they do with their body is the one who inhabits that body.

Thank you for making our lives better by listening to us.

Thank you for not only believing in safe abortion services, but for fighting serious down and dirty fights for access when we were unable to.

A story about abortion is not allowed to be a tale of nuance. My experience was difficult, in some ways, certainly. But most of my discomfort came from the feeling that I should feel discomfort. Wasn’t this supposed to be the most difficult decisions of a woman’s life? Wasn’t it supposed to be, even if I was vehemently pro-choice, the kind of thing you always feel a little bit bad about? If that was the case, why did I have an appointment within five minutes of finding out I was pregnant? If it wasn’t a travesty, did I still have the right to feel sad? During the week I had to wait for my procedure, I found myself worrying I wasn’t doing abortion right.

We’ve been protesting all spring and summer, and we won’t give up.  People across Canada have shown their support for the pro-choice movement in NB and PEI, and together we will ensure that everyone has equal access to reproductive healthcare services.

There may be a rally in your city on Saturday! Come out and raise your voice! Show us your signs! Demand abortion access and reproductive justice!

Thank you everyone for your continued support.

#NBProchoice #ProchoixNB


Jemima Kirke speaks about her abortion for Center For Reproductive Rights.

‘The tricky part is that we think that we have free choice & we are able to do whatever we want but there are these hoops we have to jump through to get them’

Perhaps most concerning, one sign read: “Where is Your Church?”
At first blush, this sign might not seem any more disturbing than the others. However, its troublesome meaning becomes clear when you consider the history of Wichita. Less than six years ago, George Tiller, a Wichita abortion doctor and one of the most high-profile abortion providers in the country, was assassinated point-blank on a Sunday morning in the foyer of his church. Tiller was the eighth abortion provider murdered in this country for his work.
—  Anti-Abortion Terrorism (Slate)
Fredericton High School Students Suspended for Protesting Dress Code

A group of students, led by the Fredericton youthfeminists (FB, Twitter), have been organizing to petition the school to abolish the dress code:

Dress codes lead to the sexualization of young women, the punishing of women for taking control of their own bodies and the blaming/shaming of women who don’t dress overly-modest. And after all that, your school has the audacity to not even have a sexual assault policy. Rather than enforce rape culture in your school, we ask that you discuss and discourage it. (Petition/Video)

The students recently walked out of class and staged a protest on the lawn of the school:

The students walked out of class to protest, but the walkout became a lockout when the students were locked out of the school. When the students tried to enter the school via another door, they were met by the school’s police officer.

Student Tia Hanson alleges the police officer behaved inappropriately.

“Then he starts like hitting people’s hands off the door and trying to pry them off. Nobody’s really giving up, then he turns to me, pushes me right there (placing her palm on her chest), into a crowd of people,” said Hanson, who captured video of the incident. (CBC)

Several of these students have now been suspended and banned from extra-curricular activities by the administration. One of the students was awarded the YMCA Peace Medallion for her activism and suspended by her high school in the same week. We say both are signs you’re on the right track.

Please contact the administration (FHS alumni especially) and sign the petition linked above in support of these incredible young people standing up for their rights.

Fredericton High School
300 Priestman Street, Fredericton, NB, E3B 6J8
Tel: 506 453-5435 Fax: 506 453-3050

#NBProchoice #ProchoixNB in solidarity.

As their stories show, the experience of abortion in the United States in 2013 is vastly uneven. It varies not just by state but also by culture, race, income, age, family; by whether a boyfriend offered a ride to the clinic or begged her not to go; by the compassion or callousness of the medical staff; by whether she took the pill alone at home or navigated protesters outside a clinic. Some feel so shamed that they will never tell their friends or family; others feel stronger for having gotten through the experience. The same woman can wake up one morning with regret, the next with relief—most have feelings too knotty for a picket sign.

My Abortion
One in three women has an abortion by the age of 45. How many ever talk about it? New laws, old stigmas. 26 stories.

(tw cissexism)


A few of the #yes2access tweets that have been rolling in all morning!  Thank you to everyone who is participating and demonstrating the need for pro-choice representation in government!

Important: be gender inclusive! Women aren’t the only people who need access to reproductive healthcare and abortion.

#NBProchoice #ProchoixNB


One year ago today hundreds of people gathered outside the legislature in Fredericton to protest lack of access to abortion in New Brunswick following the announcement that the Morgentaler clinic was closing due to lack of funding.
Solidarity rallies took place in many other provinces as well!

Check out our archive for more.
#NBProchoice #ProchoixNB

The Morgentaler Clinic shuttered when it could no longer afford to provide abortions without government funding. (Dr. Henry Morgentaler had subsidized the clinic before his death in 2013.)
But the clinic didn’t stay closed for long. Reproductive Justice New Brunswick, with the help of theFredericton Youth Feminists, took action against the unequal access to abortion in their province. The collective began a crowd-sourcing campaign to fund a clinic in New Brunswick, and Clinic 554 opened in January 2015 and began treating patients.

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Protesters in Montreal staged a “die-in” to protest proposed cuts to reproductive healthcare in Quebec. Organized by women’s studies students at UQAM, pale pants stained with red paint were provided as well as hangers and knitting needles to symbolize “the consequences of illegal abortions.”

Source (en français) 

Rundown on the situation in Quebec

#NBProchoice #ProchoixNB

In addition to causing those who have sought abortions to feel abandoned or isolated, this societal reluctance to discuss abortion has a harmful effect on others’ stances on reproductive rights. Studies have suggested that those who hear abortion stories are more likely to have a positive shift in their attitude toward abortion, those who held explicitly negative attitudes beforehand. However, as Cowan showed, those who are hostile toward abortion are less likely to hear those real abortion stories at all, which, in turn, means that they won’t change their minds anytime soon.

At Clinic 554, we believe healthcare is a patient-driven process centred upon caring, safety, and respect. We believe harm-reduction is an essential approach to healthcare, and that patients have a right to self-affirming services. We are committed to sex-positive, gender-celebratory care, anti-racist and feminist practices, and full-scope reproductive care, including abortions. 

The former Morgentaler clinic is open again!  

#NBProchoice #ProchoixNB

A new medical centre is opening inside the former Morgentaler clinic in Fredericton and is planning to offer a range of services, including abortions.

We did it!  Thank you so much everyone for your donations and support!  We weren’t able to share the details as we went along in case they got into the wrong hands, but we thank you so much for your patience and understanding.  We’re so proud to share this moment with everyone who has and will continue to fight for proper reproductive healthcare in New Brunswick and PEI!

En français ici!  Merci tout le monde pour vos dons et votre appui!  Merci pour votre patience et nous célébrons ensemble dans la lutte pour les droits reproductifs au NB et ÎPÉ!

#NBProchoice #ProchoixNB

Volunteers formed a protective wall of love around the Morgentaler clinic as the Right to Life march passed by on May 15th in Fredericton. 

Anti-choicers purchased the house next to the clinic years ago and it is their base of operations. They protest the clinic on a regular basis.

#NBProchoice. Photo by Jaden.