prochoice logic

The Question Pro-Choicers Can't Answer

Abortion supporters “go to hot button” is always changing, once upon a time it was “unborn babies aren’t really alive, they are just clumps of cells anyway” and while they still try to claim this it’s not their top argument, now it’s:

“No one can use another persons body against their will, even if it’s keeping them alive”

So here is the question they can’t answer:

“There is a set of adult conjoined twins, and if they are separated one twin will be fine but the other will be unable to live on their own. Because of the way they are conjoined the second twin is using certain parts of the first twin to survive.

So does the first twin have the right to force them both into a separation operation, even against the will of second twin?”

Pro-choicers can’t answer this because if they say No then they are admitting that someone DOES have the right to use another’s body when their life is at stake,

If they say Yes then they admit that they think it’s okay to kill a living, sentient, self-aware, human being in the name of someone else’s convenience.

Choicers just HATE hypothetical situations because it pokes holes in their “logic”

So… A company is able to literally sell human organs and parts from aborted fetuses but somehow a fetus isn’t enough to be considered human?

That’s pro choice logic for you.

I’d like to see how pro choicers explain that one to themselves in their heads. “A fetus is not a human being. While it has living and functioning human organs, it is not a human being.”