prochoice for life

you are not prolife if you kick your queer child out on the streets

you are not prolife if you want the government to cut welfare systems

you are not prolife if support sentient children getting bombed to bits

you are not prolife if  you abandon your transgender child

you are not prolife if you rely on manipulative bullshit and lie to pregnant people 

you are not prolife if you actively agree with a movement with a history of murdering abortion doctors and bombing clinics

you are only pro-forced birth and should stop deceiving other people by calling yourself prolife 

You are not a bad person for having an abortion. You are not a “baby killer”, you are not going to Hell, you are not a monster.

You are also not a bad person if you don’t feel bad about your abortion. Be happy, be relieved! If that’s how you feel, that’s how you feel and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You made the choice that was best for you. You took care of yourself. Never let anyone give you shit for that.

Say what you will about the videos of Planned Parenthood saying they don’t provide prenatal care being doctored, but it’s true. Almost all of their clinics do not provide prenatal care. My roommate was unsure if the video was truthful or not, so she called Planned Parenthood today pretending to be a distraught pregnant teen. She asked if they had any vitamins for her pregnancy and they said “no ma'am, you’re going to have to go to your doctor for that.” My roommate responded saying, “my mom and I have the same doctor and I don’t want her finding out that I’m pregnant yet. Do y'all provide prenatal care?” And of course they said “no, we do not provide prenatal care, you’re going to have to go somewhere else for that.” So if you don’t believe what the videos are saying is true, call Planned Parenthood yourself and ask them. Because they’ll probably tell you the same thing.

Pro-choice Christians exist (and that’s not debatable because hi I’m right here)

Pro-choice Christians are not bad Christians.

Pro-choice Christians are not heretical. .

God does not hate pro-choice Christians (or pro-choice anybody)

Thank you and goodnight.

With abortion it’s like God gives you a present, a gift. He goes, “Here, my child, here is the best gift I can offer to you!” And he’s all excited! And then you open this gift and go “oh……. God, I wasn’t asking for a baby… No thanks, I didn’t want one. Sorry, I’m just going to return it….” And God is heartbroken that you didn’t want his gift that meant so much to Him and He hoped it would mean something to you.

A year ago, I had my abortion. It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Today, I’m at my job, which I love, learning every day; and I’ve gone back to school, I’m about a year and a half out from a degree. I have dogs and cats and a car that’s fixed up and a house that stays somewhat clean, and financially I’m not doing too bad.

And I guess this post is just to say… I don’t regret it. Everyone said I would, but I don’t. In fact I’ve decided I won’t ever have children. Sometimes I imagine how things might be, sure, but I always come back to how good things are. I am proud of myself. I did what was best for myself and my family. And I wanted to say thank you, to everyone who sent me kind messages and donations and support, one year ago. You helped me become who I am today, and I am grateful. And I am still here, and I am whole, and I am not the the things that hateful people have called me.