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Somebody just told me that being pro-life was anti-constitutional because making someone go through labor was equal to torture and therefore a violation of the 8th amendment, and also "reproductive slavery", a violation of the 13th amendment. How do people get this clueless? Do you think it hurts?

Pro-choicers spin facts more than a DJ spins records.

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The reason I'm not prolife because i don't support terrorism. That what your organization does and lie to people for propaganda. Plus the protesters act like terrorists using fake fetuses pictures too .

Woah. That’s a bold statement. 

I’m pro-life because I support life. I think human life is sacred and every human is made in the image of God. That God wants every person to enjoy life and have a relationship with Him. I’m pro-life because I don’t think ending an innocent life is acceptable. I think all life needs to be protected. 

There are so many organizations that support women in crisis. Last year our local Alternatives gave out thousands of articles of clothing and diapers. There are folks who volunteer to counsel and help work through emotional, physical and financial problems. 

Christians care about men, women and children, because Jesus cares about men, women and children. 

GoFundMe are anti-choice pieces of shit

They delete the accounts of people who raise money for abortions on the site, while they leave up campaigns to raise money for anti-choice organizations.

If you need to raise money for an abortion, use GiveForward, IndieGoGo Life, or FundAnything instead (actually, just use PayPal and list it as medical funds. This is your safest bet). Also, if you’re in the US, check out the National Network of Abortion Funds to see if they have funds in your area.

If you need to raise money for something else, consider this list of crowdfunding websites that are not GoFundMe. Don’t support anti-choice shitheads.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: YouCaring has also deleted someone’s fundraiser for an abortion. Do NOT use YouCaring to raise money for an abortion or other things.

When pro-lifers tell me I’d “feel differently about abortion” if I had a child…

Hi, I have a child.

I was pro-life before I had a child.

My child is one of the reasons I became pro-choice almost over night.

I had an awful pregnancy. I was sick and miserable. I gained sixty pounds and was always in pain. Labor was something that I never want to experience again. After my child was born, I was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis, neither of which I had before my pregnancy. Oh, and STRETCH MARKS GALORE.

Then there were the nonphysical aspects. I was in a relationship with a cheating, abusive dickwad. We lived in a car for three weeks during my pregnancy. We moved six times while I was pregnant. We were broke, on food stamps. I was just out of high school and hadn’t started college, and knew I wasn’t going to be able to any time soon. The father broke up with me after my child was born and I was forced to move in with my abusive mother, who stole what little money I had.

Around this time was when I thought, “HOLY SHIT, no one should be forced to go through this.” I chose to. It was my CHOICE. But after my experience, I realized I could never force a woman to carry a fetus or birth a child she didn’t want or couldn’t have.

I have a child, and I am pro-choice.

Late term abortions happen because the fetus will die shortly after birth because of some fatal defect and people have enough compassion to not want an infant to suffer or because it’s killing the pregnant person and they need to remove it so they can aggressively treat what’s wrong with the pregnant person. 

SO anyone celebrating a 20 week ban is officially not allowed to call themselves prolife. You’re not just stopping necessary abortions. You’re allowing more people to die. Grats to you. Assholes. 


The first time I saw my baby it was when I was only 10 weeks along. It wasn’t a weird alien, it looked and sounded like an actual baby. It moved it’s arms and had a heartbeat. I couldn’t believe that abortion was still allowed that far into pregnancy, let alone for another two weeks.

NOW, I’m reading about a bill that was voted on about abortions up to NINE MONTHS OF PREGNANCY!? I am completely pro-choice, it is your human right to decide whether or not, or when/ where you want to be a parent, if you do at all, but what person could carry a child for nine months and then decide that it is okay for the doctors to kill off the very flesh and blood that you felt through your stomach all that time. 


Differences Between a Fetus and an Infant

Infants are:

  • Sentient.
  • Have a functional brain.
  • Able to sense things
  • Able to feel things
  • Able to learn things
  • Able to react to things
  • AUTONOMOUS. (able to live outside someone else’s body)
  • Not inside someone else’s body.
  • Not directly affecting someone else’s health or body.
  • Not actually related or involved at all in abortion.

Fetuses are:

  • None of the above.
  • Clusters of cells.
  • sperm + egg
  • ???
  • not much else.

~ANON PLEASE~ My least favorite argument from anti-choice folks is the “What if your mom had an abortion?” one. My mom did have an abortion and if it weren’t for it I might not exist. Even if she did abort me that’s fine. I’m glad she had that option available to her. How selfish does someone have to be to believe it’s their right to be born even if it hurts their mother physically or mentally? ~ANON PLEASE IF YOU CHOOSE TO POST. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME EITHER WAY. ~

Sounds like me!  My mom had an abortion in her early 20s when she became pregnant and her then-fiance almost immediately became physically abusive.  She was so terrified of being tied to this abusive, controlling, manipulative man for the rest of her life as a result of having a child with him (even if she had broken up with him and continued with the pregnancy, he could have sued for custody and she’d be stuck interacting with him forever and be at risk of his further abuse).  So she had an abortion and had me and my sister a decade later.  Abortion saves lives.  Abortion gives people the ability to control their health, relationships, and reproductive choices.

Little bit of info about McFall vs Shimp (also known as “Why abortion will likely remain legal whether or not you like it.”)

McFall versus Shimp happened in Pennsylvania in 1978. This guy named Bob McFall was dying. He had aplastic anemia and was circling the drain. If he didn’t get a bone marrow transplant, he would surely die. Well, Bob had a cousin named Dave. He was the only viable option for a successful transplant, but he didn’t want to give of his body to save anyone. Even his cousin Bob. They went to court. The judge found in favor of Dave. Because he didn’t think it would uphold the law of the land to force someone to give of their body, even if it meant Bob would die. Bob died. 

Now, since then, that case has been cited every. single. time someone has taken someone to court to try and fight for the right to use their body even though the other person has said no. The United State Supreme Court has upheld that no one has to give of their body to keep another alive. Regardless of circumstances, no one has been forced to give of their body to save another. They’ve used the 4th and 14th amendments to continue to guarantee a person’s right to their body granted to them upon birth. 

When people try to make the decisions for others based on their beliefs, people like Savita Halappanavar, Angela Carder.. in the case In re Klein, a guy had to fight to get his wife the aggressive treatment she needed to survive (she was in a coma) and had to fight against “prolifers” to save HER life over that of the fetus. In Curran v. Bosze, a mother didn’t want her twins to give bone marrow to save their brother. Their father wanted them to, the Illinois court said,”Nope. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.”

Long story short? Even if someone will die as a direct result of your action (even if that action is INACTION) you are not obligated to give of your body for any reason to save the life of another. A fetus is not above the law. If you think it’s equal, then it needs to follow the law as equally as the rest of us. None of us can use someone’s body to keep us healthy and alive without their willing, continued consent. And that’s the law of the land.