I’m mature for my age

i’m mature for my age

im mature for my age

immature for my age

Okay hopefully I won’t get so carried away this time


DaiKuroBokuOiUshiTeru, because I have lost control of my life

  • Daichi’s lap is a prime resting spot and competition is fierce okay their heads have never rested on a comfier pillow
  • (Daichi has wryly asked on multiple occasions if they’re just dating him for his thighs)
  • Bokuto is the number one hugger in the house and there is also stiff competition to cuddle him okay a hug from Bokuto evaporates stress their faces are clear their crops are good
  • 90% of Daichi’s time is spent trying to keep the other 5 from doing something stupid and dangerous
  • 75% of Ushijima’s time is spent helping Daichi. The rest is spent being pulled along with them into stupid decisions
  • Bokuto, Oikawa, and Ushijima are on the national team
  • Daichi is a physical therapist
  • Terushima has viral parkour videos and is a vlogger
  • Kuroo is a psychologist
  • Ushijima is very quiet and sometimes shy about affection but if he’s gone too long without seeing one of them he hugs them so hard he picks them up off the ground
  • Oikawa wasn’t exactly hostile, but not really warm to Ushijima at first, but the other four provided enough of a buffer that they eventually became really close
  • Terushima and Bokuto are the rays of sunshine in the house
  • They make sure to always have one night a week where they can all pile on top of each other and just cuddle while watching a movie

you know what I couldn’t care less about the whole bottom/top discourse when it comes to ships but it’s starting to bother me that the whole tumblr population keeps forcing this trend to yell “bottom” and laugh whenever a strong character shows the tiniest bit of vulnerability, especially since those characters tend to have a reason for being closed off emotionally, and honestly I’m getting tired of it