It might look like something went horribly wrong in the images above, but the psychedelic colors and patterns are actually deliberate. Peter Hoffman coated his negatives with a tiny bit of gasoline.

After letting it burn for a few split seconds, Peter quickly extinguishes the flame and prints the image from the newly ‘ruined’ negative.

Negatives Coated in Gasoline Produce Intriguing Photos

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Just got done working over here. 

I am lucky to be apart of such an amazing project. On 28th & Reed In South Philadelphia Is a Small Warehouse. Three others and myself have been Converting this Building into an Artist Photography&Printmaking Facility&Studio Space.  

First three pics are the Top Floor, which is our Future Living space!
Next is the Ground Floor, which is our Printshop, Shooting space and Digital lab!
And last, The Basement, Our Darkrooms for Color, Black and White, and Alternative Processes!


Photographers have been exposing negatives to corrosive chemicals for ages, but as far we know, Seung-Hwan Oh is the first to use live bacteria in his experiments.

Using homegrown cultures that feed on the light-sensitive chemicals you use to develop film, Seung-Hwan Oh ends up with these distorted photos that are strangely beautiful.

Live Bacteria Cultures Used to Corrode Film Negatives

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Did I Mention Tommy and I are building our own massive etching press? haha. (5ft long roller!)

Super productive day. More of a learning and discovery day. Its been hard finding the right minds and right suppliers for our massive etching press. However we are getting  really close to it taking physical form!!! Well part of it…

In my experience, some of the best moments in life are when hard work and effort reveal the path that needs to be taken to achieving your dream. Be it a piece of art, a destination of travel or even an education. I have never been offset (pun intended) by how long or hard the road looks. Ill happily travel it. What eles am I going to do with my life?

Nothing satisfies me more then making something I had no idea how to do yesterday. Im very lucky. I definitely learn and work slower then others, but I use my time well. Im not afraid to ask questions and certainly not afraid to ask for help. I try my best to reciprocate what Im given by so many amazing people. If it weren’t for them I couldn't do ANY of this. All I want to do is create a positive example that proves “Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes a creative force" 

I cant wait till the next stage where the frame work comes into shape. 
Ill try to keep posting :) 

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Ever since he can remember, Ross Sonnenberg has been fascinated with space. In his Color Bang series, Ross uses some unconventional materials to create images of solar systems and swirling nebulae. He writes:

With this series I have tried to create imaginary solar systems and super novas using different materials, and fireworks for my light source to make one-of-a-kind camera less images directly onto color and black and white photographic paper.

Photog. Uses Fireworks to Create His Own Astrophotography

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Open Sessions 2014-15 is on view now.

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At tonight’s opening of ‘Name It by Trying to Name It: Open Sessions 2014-15’ at @DrawingCenter. A large group of artists are invited to explore contemporary drawing over the course of two years, “[emphasizing] the medium’s flexibility and process-oriented nature.” Here is #YuriMasnyj’s 'Inventory of: tools, totems, traps, vessels, staged, gardens, and figures’, 2015. #TheDrawingCenter @Ymasnyj