Solange Pessoa’s mastery of form and material bowls me over. Her work is so much of what I love that I can’t believe I only just encountered it. Pessoa’s visceral, biomorphic sculptures and installations suggest distended human forms, sacs of viscous liquid, stretched hides and primordial organisms. They are pregnant with pathos and uncanniness. In a way, Pessoa seems to combine two of the greatest artists of all time (in my book): the fleeting, process-oriented experimentations of Eva Hesse mixed with Louise Bourgeois’s exquisite use of craft and eye for the semi-abstract, semi-abject body. In this work here, the bulbous forms hang together, jostling and squishing each other as their contents seem ready to burst outward, the line they are draped from stretching precariously under the force of gravity. The objects look like scrotums, breasts, placentas, intestines, and other viscera, and yet there’s also a compelling ordinariness to them, almost comically bland in their beige monochrome and cheap fabric stuffed with god knows what (*update: dirt and sponges*). It is precisely this ability to find the strangeness in the everyday—one of the most important legacies of surrealism—that makes Pessoa so brilliant.

Solange Pessoa, Hammock, 1999-2003

In a person’s career, well, if you’re process-oriented and not totally outcome-oriented, then you’re more likely to be success. I often say ‘pursue excellence, ignore success.’ Success is a by-product of excellence.
—  Deepak Chopra

I am fairly new to Tumblr, only have few followers and do not know who or if anyone will read this. I came to Tumblr after seeing  my Facebook Outlander fan’s add posts from Tumblr. One day I thought I would explore and see exactly what was going on and if there was anything to be learned.  I happened upon posts of other shippers (although I did not know that was who they were) and knew I had to be there. Thank my heavenly Father, I did!

Now would I call my Facebook fans shippers?  Probably not, but they are in love with all things Outlander, especially Sam and Cait.  Shipping is a new term to me and I am certain I would be classified as an official shipper. Unless there is some type of application process, background examination, or orientation I must undergo. Whatever, shipping isn’t something new. 

When I was the age of 12 or 13 (a looong time ago) in the early sixties, my mother would watch the Password game show every day.  The show’s host was Allen Ludden and there were a variety of guest stars who were participants on the show.  One of the frequent guests was Betty White.  I can remember my mother getting so excited about the body language and verbal interaction between Allen Ludden and Betty White.  Each day my mother and her best friend would get on the telephone to discuss what had happened that day between Ludden and White.  On one occasion, I remember my mother excitedly talking to her friend and telling her that she (my mother) was  hoping the couple would get married.  Well, as fate would have it, Ludden and White did marry and stayed married until his death.   

This was in a day of no social media, unless you call a telephone party line social media.  Mother did not purchase magazines about the stars.  All she ever read was her Bible and the newspaper, and never failed to watch the Guiding Light soap opera, Password and the news.

She and her friend deduced the outcome of the relationship between Ludden and White by what their observations …..the interaction and body language of two individuals.  She never heard the word shipper unless it was referring to the shipping industry.  She never knew she and her friend were shippers, just very very serious fans.  No one ridiculed my mother or her friend, made offensive comments or ugly insinuations. All she had to endure was  the occasional teasing of my father and the joy of watching her couple evolve.

Like a good many of the people I follow on Tumblr, I was devastated last week. Honestly, I felt as though someone had punched me in the gut.  Then I would criticize myself for being an idiot for adoring these stars.  I put myself down for being a older, educated, mother of four grown sons and carrying on about Sam and Cait like I did when I was a young teen fanaticizing over The Beatles, especially Paul McCartney.  I was all over the emotional spectrum and  I did not need anyone (antis) doing it for me.

To regain some normalcy and comprehend what I was suppose to do now,  I read, constantly updating Tumblr looking for new post, new words, or new insight.  My Twitter account was going wild with all the Golden Globe news, so I searched for different views and some hope.  I replied to several tweets, which I mostly wish I could take back.  Never did I say anything ugly, just that I wasn’t seeing what they were seeing. Then I replied to a post about the couple’s picture and I replied that I couldn’t see the chemistry.  Well, I received an obnoxious reply.  Immediately I came back with you made the first post and comment, I was only replying to yours.  I then got an apology but sometimes sorry isn’t enough.  I Unfollowed the person(s).  What next?  I decided to search other Outlander followers on Tumblr to see what else was out there, as chance would have it, I came upon some of the anti-shippers sites.  I thought what is the harm and decided to Follow a couple of them.  It did not take me long (less than a hour) to learn that these are some ugly people and I want no part of them. As I did previously, I quickly unfollowed them.

Now the point of all this. I do not know when hoping became shipping but I do know it has been around a long time.  I do know that everyone has a right to their own opinion but unless I am forcing my opinion on you, you have no right to force your opinion on me or ridicule me for my opinion.  Sam and Cait are public figures and I know under the United States law (my son is a Circuit Court Judge) they are subject to public comments whether it is compliments or ridicule.  But I am not a public figure and you have no right to call me names, accuse me of any wrongdoing, or any of the other craziness that the anti’s have come up with.  I am simply an aggressive Outlander, (particularly Sam and Cait) fan and have been since September 2014.  If that makes me a criminal, then I am guilty.  If Sam and Cait’s behavior in the public arena have mislead me with dreams of grandeur, I am sorry.  I in no way want to hurt, stalk, intrude, do anything wreckless, or unwelcomed by Sam and Cait.  I want the best for them, and personally feel that the best is being a couple. In the end, it is their decision to make and I have no other choice but to abide with it.

Like my mother, I will continue to hope (or ship) for Sam and Cait  because I and my fellow shippers see something special.

If you have read this, I thank you and apologize for being so lengthy. 

mars signs
  • Mars in Aries: is quick to leap, easily roused to anger or passion, an initiator, a warrior, combative, irrepressible, a catalyst, hot-headed, lusty, competitive.
  • Mars in Taurus: is instinctive, deeply anchored, stubborn, persistent, shrewd, resourceful, disciplined, patient.
  • Mars in Gemini: is a disperser, stimulated, searching, playful, agile, many pots on the stove, collector, swift mover, changes tack often, multi-directional focus.
  • Mars in Cancer: sidesteps toward goals, feels out a situation before acting, intuitive, caring, gentle, moody responses, intense temper.
  • Mars in Leo: proud, impulsively creative, bold, geared toward making a name, generous, enthusiastic, expressive.
  • Mars in Virgo: efficient, helpful, process-oriented, devoted, likes to get in the zone of a rhythm, methodical, purifying, busy separating wheat from chaff.
  • Mars in Libra: a righter of wrongs, balanced acts, fluctuating vitality, beautifier, harmonizer, catalyst for others, sexual igniter, one-half of a power duo.
  • Mars in Scorpio: covert operator, wields palpable personal power, incisive, knows when to act, can be vengeful and devious, a shadow warrior, great endurance and strength.
  • Mars in Sagittarius: far reacher, world traveller, uncomplicated motives, sporty, energetic, sexually experimental, happy-go-lucky.
  • Mars in Capricorn: controlled, unyielding, a leader, competitive, goal oriented, responsible, loyal, patient, good sense of timing, concretizer of ideas.
  • Mars in Aquarius: taboo-buster, blazing own trail, rebellious, change-agent, freedom seeker, innovative, genius moves, breaking through.
  • Mars in Pisces: imaginative, merging, flowing, longing to transcend, creative, fusing all experiences, compassionate.

Here’s the video process of “Red Temple Gate”


East is a relational category, depending on the point of observation: East Germans are “eastern” for the West Germans, Polew are “eastern” to the East Germans, Russians are “eastern” to the Poles. The same applies to the Balkans with their propensity to construct their internal orientalisms, aptly called by Milica Bakic-Hayden the process of “nesting orientalisms.” A Serb is an “easterner” to a Slovene, but a Bosnian would be an “easterner” to the Serb although geographically situated to the west; the same applies to the Albanians who, situated in the western Balkans, are perceived as easternmost by the rest of the Balkan nations. Greece, because of its unique status within the European Union, is not considered “eastern” by its neighbors in the Balkans although it occupies the role of the “easterner” within the European institutional framework. For all the Balkan peoples, the common “easterner” is the Turk, although the Turk perceives himself as Western compared to real “easterners,” such as Arabs. This practice of internal orientalisms within the Balkans corresponds to what Erving Goffman has defined as the tendency of the stigmatized individual “to stratify his ‘own’ according to the degree to which their stigma is apparent and obtrusive. He then can take up in regard to those who are more evidently stigmatized than himself the attitudes the normals take to him… It is in his affiliation with, or separation from, his more evidently stigmatized fellows, that the individual’s oscillation of identification is mostly sharply marked.” With the exception of the Turks, in whose self-identity the East occupies a definite, although intensely discussed, place, all other Balkan nations have renounced what they perceive as East and think of themselves as, if incompletely Western, certainly not Eastern. They would allow to have been marked by the East, but this is a stain, not a sign in any fruitful way. Although competing in their pretense to be more “European” than the rest, and creating their internal hierarchies of less and more “orientalized” members, the only constituents who are brandished by an ultimate and absolute “orientalness” are the Turks.

What is symptomatic and, admittedly, disquieting is the perception that the state of transition, complexity, mixture, ambiguity is an abnormal condition. In-betweenness is rejected not only by Western observers and hurled on the Balkans as stigma, but is considered an intolerable state of existence by a majority among the observed.

—  Imagining the Balkans, Maria Todorova
The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride: Kovu [ISFP]


Introverted Feeling (Fi): Kovu has been fiercely independent and serious, even since he was a cub. He doesn’t always express his thoughts or feelings with others and is reluctant to do so most of the time. Despite wanting to keep interpersonal harmony by being docile, Kovu can actually follows his own will when he has to. Kovu usually hides his insecurity with a false arrogance and can become too confident or even disdainful with Kiara (Fi-Te). He was brainwashed by his mother for a long time, but his own values got the best of him when he met Kiara and his family. He was pretty conflicted (duty vs heart) but decided to join Kiara’s family (and almost wanted to run away with her). Once he processed all his doubts and fears, Kovu was finally able to stand up and fight for himself.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Kovu is very action-oriented. After processing his reflections carefully, he can perfectly adapts himself in almost every situation. His mother Zira trained him for a long time and Kovu was able to execute his physical exercises in a daily basis, making him an excellent hunter for his age. Kovu is also a good improviser in everyday life (even if he’s a bit hesitant) and rarely lose his abilities to act during a spontaneous event. When relaxed, Kovu enjoys carefree and childish moments and can be pretty connected with nature.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): After a certain amount of time, Kovu started to question his own role in the plot. Spending time with Kiara’s family helped him to understand their point of view and it didn’t take long before he realizes how unhealthy his previous life was and slowly understood the real intention of Scar. Because of that, Kovu thinks he’s fundamentally a bad and dark character because of his connection with Scar. He was afraid to become like him and felt quite insecure about it (Fi-Ni thing). However, his relationship with Kiara gave him hope to visualize a better life, and call it “We are one”.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): For a long period of time, Kovu was forced to use his Te in order to follow his mother’s wish. The more he used it unhealthily and excessively, the more his Fi-Te became unbalanced, making him a character almost aloof and robotic at first. He followed and executed every move without much hesitation, in order to be competent enough for his mother. However, after spending time with Kiara’s family, he used his Te as a way to assert himself in front of her mother for the first time.   Kovu took his responsibilities and decisions quite seriously, and regained control of his own life after confronting his abusive family.

Note: I thought Kovu was ISTP but I haven’t see any evidence of Ti-Fe. He’s a bit less touchy-feely than the stereotypical ISFP, but he isn’t unaware of his own feelings like a Ti-dom would be. Since his mother reinforced his Te, there’s no surprise that Kovu looks like a T-dom. At the end of the movie, Kovu showed his true colors. Possible Enneagram: 6w5 so/sx.


Spherical iterations and emerging symmetrys - Christoph Bader

“ Processes that produce shapes are a central theme of my work. To me this is a switch from a product oriented thinking to a process oriented way of working. This if often called generative or procedural design. In generative design you as a designer are no longer manly concerned about the outcome or the final product rather you are focused on the process which generates the final result. Designing processes is the business of a generative designer. These processes generate theoretically infinitely many outcomes and as such can be a valuable tool. ”

Honoring our Soul Relationships

“As we come into life through the natural birth process, our initial orientation toward life is normally from a human perspective. Our early relationships are usually with our human family – our parents, our siblings – and as we emerge into our childhood years, we tend to develop friendships based on human personality characteristics. As we pass through adolescence, along our path toward adulthood, we are strongly influenced by human cultural values as we deal with the age-old question, "What do I want to do when I grow up?”

However, as we proceed along life’s journey, many of us gradually begin to get in touch with a deeper essence within ourself. As we connect more and more deeply with this “soul essence,” we begin to change our perspective of life. Rather than basing our life goals simply upon human values, we begin to reorient our life, to bring it into alignment with our soul’s plan and purpose. Those of us who go through a “walk-in” experience may find this reorientation process greatly accelerated.

One of the aspects of our life that is commonly affected most by this change in perspective is our relationship to others. Rather than basing our relationships primarily on biological family connections or human personality attractions, we tend to be drawn to those with whom we have significant soul connections from past lifetimes, or from mutual experiences within other realms.

Oftentimes, we find that these “soul attractions” seem to be in conflict with our human life situation. For example, if we are married and we unexpectedly meet someone of the opposite sex with whom we sense a deep soul connection, and with whom we experience deep feeling of love, it quite likely will bring up human emotional issues, such as jealousy and insecurity, in our relationship with our spouse. Or, perhaps we may meet someone of the same sex with whom we may have shared deep connections in past lifetimes, and find ourself confused by the depth of our love for such a person. Since we don’t always incarnate lifetime after lifetime in a body of the same sex, our soul connections tend to blur the lines of sexual orientation and sexual feelings.

Before we incarnate, either through the natural birth process or as a “walk-in,” we develop a life plan that will enable us to have human experiences which will assist our soul’s evolution. Within the context of this plan, we make agreements with other souls who will play important roles in our forthcoming life experience. After incarnation, our respective souls choreograph life events such that we will come into contact with each other at the appropriate time.

There are at least three primary reasons as to why we might choose to establish such a “soul agreement” with another soul:

1. We may have been together in a past lifetime, and may have acted toward each other in a manner that was inappropriate. Consequently, there may be unbalanced residual emotional energies which need to be worked out and brought into balance in the context of human life experience. Such soul agreements are often referred to as “karmic” soul agreement.

2. Normally, our soul purpose cannot be accomplished solely by ourself – no pun intended! Rather, it usually requires a “team.” So we typically establish soul agreements with others of our team, who, when we later meet up in human life, will work together with us in the accomplishment of our mutual soul mission.

3. When two souls who have deep soul connections with each other meet in human life, it creates an energetic “resonance” which helps to awaken a particular facet within each other’s soul essence. So, we may establish a soul agreement with someone in order to awaken, and bring into human expression, a particular facet of our soul which up to that point in time may have been dormant. Sometime this awakening process can take place virtually in an instant, by exchanging “light codes” through the eyes, or sometimes it may require more time, through exchanges of the heart.

How do we know whether or not we have a soul agreement with a particular person? There are several clues. First, there is often an unexplainable feeling of familiarity when we look into each other’s eyes. If the soul connection is especially deep, and if it involves a particularly significant soul agreement, there is usually a “freeze-frame” memory of the first moment we met that person. In other words, as we later reflect back upon the first time we met a particular person, we may retain a clear “picture” in our mind of all of the circumstances of that moment – where we physically were in respect to the other person, who else was present, and various other details of that first meeting. Lastly, if someone keeps reappearing in our life, for no explainable reason, it is quite possible that we have a soul agreement with them. In order to move into the fullness of our soul’s purpose, it is essential that we honor our soul agreements – at least the ones that are of the greatest significance. This implies that we must live life with an open heart, and that we be alert to the possible significance of each new person who comes into our life. It also is important that when we first meet someone, we look beyond the physical and personality aspects of the person, and tune into the essence of their soul. To do this, we must be willing to look deeply into each other’s eyes, and allow the natural energies to flow.

Finally, it is important that we create enough space within our existing relationships so that new people can come into our life in a meaningful way. When we first meet someone with whom we feel a significant connection, we are seldom able to perceive the full significance of that person in relationship to our life during our initial encounter. It often requires sharing time together, mutually exploring respective feelings and perceptions, before the deeper purpose reveals itself.

The concept of soul agreements, and their importance to our life, is relatively new territory for our human experience. We have much yet to learn – especially in regard to integrating soul relationships into the context of our human lives. As is the case in exploring any new territory, there are no “rights” or “wrongs,” there is only learning through experience. But isn’t that what life is all about?“

~John Hornecker


Just got done working over here. 

I am lucky to be apart of such an amazing project. On 28th & Reed In South Philadelphia Is a Small Warehouse. Three others and myself have been Converting this Building into an Artist Photography&Printmaking Facility&Studio Space.  

First three pics are the Top Floor, which is our Future Living space!
Next is the Ground Floor, which is our Printshop, Shooting space and Digital lab!
And last, The Basement, Our Darkrooms for Color, Black and White, and Alternative Processes!


Did I Mention Tommy and I are building our own massive etching press? haha. (5ft long roller!)

Super productive day. More of a learning and discovery day. Its been hard finding the right minds and right suppliers for our massive etching press. However we are getting  really close to it taking physical form!!! Well part of it…

In my experience, some of the best moments in life are when hard work and effort reveal the path that needs to be taken to achieving your dream. Be it a piece of art, a destination of travel or even an education. I have never been offset (pun intended) by how long or hard the road looks. Ill happily travel it. What eles am I going to do with my life?

Nothing satisfies me more then making something I had no idea how to do yesterday. Im very lucky. I definitely learn and work slower then others, but I use my time well. Im not afraid to ask questions and certainly not afraid to ask for help. I try my best to reciprocate what Im given by so many amazing people. If it weren’t for them I couldn't do ANY of this. All I want to do is create a positive example that proves “Thought allied fearlessly to purpose becomes a creative force" 

I cant wait till the next stage where the frame work comes into shape. 
Ill try to keep posting :)