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Billy is too pure, but I’m 100% betting that he take two looks at Kimberly and Trini like few years later, after hanging out with the gang so much and fighting monsters in the distant future and???

just knew theyre meant for each other??? but wouldn’t say it because these two should talk to each other abt feelings kajsfdlkajfak hes v loyal ofc

jason will probably take a long time, until like maybe one night kimberly walked into his room to talk about her feelings abt trini and jason is like ‘???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O H!!!!!!!” and process to give dad wisdom advices for her alskjfakls

zack just take one fuckiong glance at trini who was looking at kimberly and just maybe whisper but sung at once, ‘you likkke her’ processed  to get hit on head by trini akjdfklajsfkjas

he also tried to wingman but trini just points at him with one finger and say, ‘do it and i will punch you and drop you into the deepest of that goddamn ocean.’ or something similar and he shut up since then. through the teasing never stopped. 

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I ship Larry and I believe they are together without all the tin hats... People in this fandom are constantly mocking Eleanor and Harry's december girlfriends and the respected shippers calling them insecure… but no fandom is more insecure than this one when Harry or Louis are spotted with anyone but each other. Seriously why are all taking the piss on Taylor over ootw?? She hasn't said who it's about and you guys are the ones making it about Haylor. Keep calm. Ship Larry. No need for the hate!

Any and all frustration at Taylor from our side of the fandom has been the direct result of her Harry-centric lyrics on the new album. She specifically named a bunch of activities we saw her do with Harry during their 6 week PR relationship; deliberately calling him out, againstill, two years later. She is the one making it about Haylor and she needs to stop and there is nothing wrong with us being annoyed about this. 

As for the rest of your message, I see a lot of people mocking the set ups and the bearding/pr process (which is fair enough - the 7th of December thing is ridiculous), but no one is making fun of the girls themselves (except when it comes to everyone’s least favourite model-wannabe - then they’re justifiably vicious because she’s a terrible person). 

If you’re seeing people being hateful for hateful’s sake, then I think it's a clear sign that you might want to think about who you’re following. Likewise, if you’re getting people freaking out literally every time Harry is spotted in public with someone, that’s another sign that you might not be following enough like-minded people.

Unnecessary panic or hate is just exhausting and if it’s not what you want out of this fandom, make some changes. Every time shit hits the fan (or, you know, Harry is seen in public with someone who isn’t Louis) and my dash stays calm, thoughtful and observant, I know I’ve followed the right people. Your fandom experience is within your control.

Your fandom experience is within your control.