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[War Hammer, Hand of Tobias]

Toby’s war hammer was one of the coolest things i got to work on.  it went through quite a few iterations,  and with a lot of help from Rustam Hasanov,  we finally ended up with what you see in the show.   as a fan of fantasy weapons I was really excited to work on this it brought me back to my days of obsessing over MMORPG weapons. 

you can see my process of concepting.  It initially started off as crystal on a pike,  and then after many rounds of notes.  eventually formed into a crystal surrounding a demon head statue. 

 Please watch Trollhunters on netflix if you havent checked it out yet.

Prompt #147 - Long Distance

ANON: FaceTiming Owen and Claire
ANON: “actually … I just miss you”



five-word prompts 



Face down on the boardroom’s large table, her phone buzzed. Claire glared at it with the familiar annoyance that came with the sudden reminder that she had forgotten to switch it off. It had to be Owen. Amongst countless other reasons why her phone would be making noises, the fact that she was two weeks into a settlement was enough of a reason that Owen was the only one lighting up her phone in the first thirty minutes of an 8am meeting.

Her phone buzzed a second time, quickly followed by a third several minutes later. When it sounded a fourth time, device rattling against wood obnoxiously, Claire pulled it into her lap. All eyes of the full room were on her as she sank into her chair, offering a quiet apology as she gripped her phone between her hands. Mon mari’ she offered the group with a little shrug half hoping a few would laugh it off. Claire had never known the French for her sense of humour.

She avoided checking her messages for what felt like an eternity, allowing the meeting to get underway before she flipped the device in her hands and pressed softly on the home key. Four messages; all from Owen. The heat rushed to Claire’s cheeks almost immediately, the second she opened the texts. Instinctively she locked the screen, dropping the device to her lap to conceal what she had seen as Claire stared dumbly at the space in front of her. It took a second to recover, opening the message again to check that Owen in fact had sent words on how much he was missing her as he was climbing into bed; along with visual aid.

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ok, we’re gonna hit the road early, by which i mean i think we’re going to leave soon & just be at the airport early, instead of trying to get 2 hours of sleep & ending up feeling way worse… so


it was a hard fucking year, the busiest sales of all time this holiday season, still getting over that dumb fucking plague, got some thinking to do on a few fronts… time to relax, process, refocus, set my sights on what i fucking want & get it.


bye babes, catch you on the flippity flip

deansdirtylittlesecretsblog  asked:

Don't let the lack of feedback bother you, sweetie. I've got fics with 600 or more notes, but maybe only 30 reblogs, most of them without even a word in the tags or any kind of comment. It's the same on AO3. A thousand hits, 25 kudos. You are a fantastic writer (and you know I'm not just saying that). That's what you need to remember.

I TRY. I try so hard not to let it bother me. It takes me back to the lower follower count days when I had to keep writing FOR ME because that’s just how it is when you’re getting started.

Some people are vocal and some aren’t, but it’s really hard to GUESS if you totally missed the mark on a fic when there is no feedback. Just likes or reblogs without a word or tag.

That happening for pretty much two blurbs didn’t keep me from writing my Dean smut for your trope challenge. It’s coming at you later today. 😉😘

Love you, twin!


process for the mob pic! the majority of it was painted quite a while ago, I just had to put on the finishing touches.

I have too much in my chest,
So much that it pains me to carry
But I am so terrified that I may never
Find someone who will be okay
With all the spilling over that I
Try my best to keep it contained.

It’s just that sometimes when it
Threatens to spill over, I am not able
To control it any longer. I am sorry
If it creates wreckage in the process.

My heart is still learning how to beat
When I no longer wish for it to.
And I am still learning how to love
When I no longer wish to break.

And I am hoping that one day
I might find someone who,
Instead of gasping at the spillage,
Will help clean it up and
Kiss me tender, reassure me
That I am worth salvaging.

I am hoping that maybe, just maybe,
I am lucky enough, and that somebody
Is you.