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Explore 360° of making leaps in quantum.

Your computer can now bend the laws of physics. Most computers think in strings of 1s and 0s. Quantum computers like the one being tested in the IBM Research Quantum Lab, can process 1s and 0s at the same time, like being in two places at once. It’s called “superposition” and it’s the next big leap in technology.

Want to see what quantum computing is like? Experiment with the IBM Quantum Experience over the cloud, through any device or desktop, and you too can test the processor you see in this lab!

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Bulk Film: 101

What is bulk film and why should you use it: A guide to saving money while shooting more film!

If there’s one thing film shooters know, it’s that film is expensive. It’s not as much as buying a Phase One medium format DSLR, but it’s still far more expensive than it used to be in the days or yore. Of course developing your own film at home can save you heaps on lab processing fees, but what about saving on actual film?

One of the easiest ways to save money when shooting 35mm film is to invest in bulk loading equipment. While it may technically be possible, bulk loading 120 film would not be practical for multiple reasons, particularly spooling and backing paper. However for 35mm, the process is quite simple and helps you get a lot more bang for your buck.

What is bulk film?

Bulk film is a massive roll of 35mm film that you load into empty cassettes and cut on on your own. It usually comes in 100 ft rolls, allowing you to spool between 18-20 rolls of 36 exposure film. The actual number of rolls you get from a bulk roll will depend on the type of loader you have.

So just as an example, as of February 2016 a 100ft roll of Ilford HP5 Plus 400 runs around $69. If we go on the lower end and divide by 18 rolls, that means you pay $3.83 per roll of 36 exposure. Currently, Ilford offers a 5-pack for $29.99 or $5.99 per roll, and single rolls at $8.99. Now let’s look at a 100ft roll of Ultrafine 400 black and white film, which currently sells at $35.95; again on the low end of 18 rolls you’d now be paying $1.99 per roll of 36 exposure. That’s literally cheaper than film was in the 80s and 90s - no joke.

As you can see the savings add up quickly with bulk film, even after taking into account the supplies needed to to it.  A home darkroom or complex equipment isn’t necessary to load your own bulk film. The process is surprisingly easy and economic, which is why it’s such a great option for saving money if you shoot a lot.

Here’s what you need to roll your own bulk film:

To take the above price comparisons further, let’s say you buy a set of empty cassettes for $19.95 and a bulk film daylight loader for $59, plus two 100 ft rolls of the aforementioned Ilford HP5 Plus 400, you’re still only paying $6 per roll and that will continue to go down the more you shoot since you already have the loading equipment. (Side note: you can also use a regular bulk film loader with a dark bag or a light-proof room if you happen to have one.)

Canister vs. Cassette

There can be some confusion for new film shooters between canisters and cassettes, particularly because both are available in bulk. Cassettes, pictured above, are the metal containers that hold the film. You’ll absolutely need these to roll your bulk film and put it in your camera. Canisters, however, are the plastic containers that hold your film cassettes. They can be practical for storing your film, protecting from moisture and organizing. While they are recommended, they are not essential for rolling or shooting bulk film.

Black and White Vs. Color

While it used to be possible to find some types of color film available in bulk, most have been discontinued. Black and white is far more common - making it both easier to find and easier to deal with. If you get your black and white film developed in a lab, they can keep your cassettes and return them to you with your negatives and contact sheets (or scans.) If you do manage to find some bulk color film, more power to you!

Have a look at this awesome video from Matt Day on How To Load Bulk Film:

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Did you know you can make gifs from images in Photoshop? I sure didn’t until today! 

Here is a process gif of a couple of my favorite panels I colored in Kid Sherlock #1 (out June 14th!). The gif flows from Sean Gregory Miller’s excellent line work, to flats, through a couple layers of shading, some texture, and finishes with some line holds (changing the color of the line art from black to something else). 

Kid Sherlock is a fun, all ages comic - coming in June from Action Lab!

Inspire...(Harrison “Harry” Wells/Reader)

192. “I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”

Originally posted by darkangel66a

Working with Dr. Harrison Wells was always a treat. He was smart, energetic, and you never knew which Dr. Wells you were actually working with. Would it be the one that threw things and yelled for everyone to get out? Or would it be the one that inspired everyone to pursue a better future?

You took a deep breath pulling your hair up into a tight ponytail before grabbing the safety glasses and a welding helmet. You’d gotten there early in hopes of getting some work done just in case today wasn’t an inspiring day.

You climbed up the scaffolding taking a seat with a welding torch. Carefully you started it up as the door slid open across the room. You froze only a moment when he looked up at you. 

He stared at you nodding, “Morning…”

“Morning.” You smiled at him, “Readouts are on the printer.”

“Thank you.” He nodded taking a sip of his coffee stepping over to the printer, “Projection says you’re going to be starting on the upper portion of the canister today.”

“Yes, sir.” You nodded, “We’ll need to get the rigging out for me to reach it.”

“I’ll make a call before we get starting on the tubing.” He looked back up to you a small smile on his lips, “It’s nice to see someone who takes their job seriously for this project. I was beginning to wonder.”

“Well a chance to work with the Harrison Wells is something I aspired to do, since I got hire in sir.” You told him before flipping your helmet down getting work.

You chit chatted with him before but recently he’d been getting closer to everyone. Asking questions, being friendly…there were certainly more inspiring days then not. 

You finished the welding on the sides early climbing down walking over to the back were the tubes came out. You smiled a little as you rounded the corner watching Dr. Wells argue with one of the engineers. Obviously the engineer was in the wrong as he pointed out every spot to fix. 

When he finally turned seeing you he huffed, “I ask very little…but cutting corners has never been something. I should fire that man.”

“Flynn? He’s just nervous around you.” You told him taking off your wielding gloves.

“Nervous?” He looked up from his tablet to you.

“You’re the boss…the head hancho…” You told him tapping you toe against the ground looking from him to your hands.

“Are you nervous around me?” He asked putting the tablet down to his side a small smirk played across his face.

“Me?” You looked at him surprised, “Well…I guess a little, but…not because you’re my boss…”

“Oh?” His eye brows flashed up quickly.

You flushed a little clearing your throat, “I’d uh…rather move on, sir…I was just stopping over to see if you had a free man to spot me when I get rigged up.”

“I’ll do it.” He told you handing the tablet off to a passing engineer, “Jesse and I used to go rock climbing, I’m more then qualified.”

“I didn’t…ask for qualifications.” You squinted at him as he walked with you around the canister.

“Well…” He shrugged a small smile played on his lips, “all the same, now you know you’re in good hands.”

You smiled at him, “I suppose I am.”

You felt a little awkward as you strapped up in your harness. You pulled on the belts tightening them. You turned awkwardly trying to reach the one in the back that was tangled up. You grunted trying to get it tight enough but you just weren’t getting the right angle.

“Need help?” You looked at him stepping toward you.

“That would be great. Thank you Dr. Wells.” You smiled at him.

“Call me Harry.” He smiled at you getting closer as he leaned down to take hold of the strap, “I’ve read your paper, you know? It’s quite interesting.”

“You have?” You glanced back at him, “I mean it’s highly theoretical…but with the right fission process it could be extremely beneficial.”

“Yes, I especially like the use of the STAR labs processing systems.” He told you as he pulled the tangled strap roughly his hand slipping causing him to give you a surprising tap.

You flushed quickly as he stepped away. You knew it was an accident but it was an awkward situation regardless, “Uh…” 

"I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.” He told you quickly.

You turned to him slightly, “Well I should hope not, generally I at least get dinner first.”

“How’s Friday night at eight sound?” He asked you quickly.

You laughed a little, “Good one.”

“I…wasn’t joking…” He told you slowly. He watched your surprise roll over your features, “Y/N, I have enjoyed working with you this past month. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.”

You looked down to your hands, “Is that why you read my paper?”

“No. I read your paper six months after you finished it.” He told you, “It’s why I started this project, because I think your theory can work.”

“You do?” You looked to him surprised.

“Yes.”  He smiled at you turning to the giant canister opening his arms, “The only way to compensate for the flyback…”

“Would be a secondary compression unit with a venting system.” You smiled shaking your head impressed, “You are brilliant.”

“I am just running with your idea, with a safety upgrade.” He told you hooking the carabiner to your harness, “So what do you say? Friday, eight o’clock?”

You smiled at him a little, “Well…”


20170514_NikonFM2_Roll22 (31) by Josh Larsen
Via Flickr:
Terres Del Paine, Chile 2015 Nikon FM2 Nikon 28mm 2.8/f Tmax 400 Lap Processed - Panda Seattle Epson V600

Shelties have such fragile digestive systems. ;-;


In case you missed, here’s the video process for the Ajna drawing I posted earlier (forgot to embed in the post itself this time -_-’).

Breaking the One Damn Rule Pt. 5

Read Part 4

[A/N: Sorry it took so long. Writers block, death in the family, work, and my ADD is raging. Due to all of this it’s short and I feel it’s kind of shit. I have more written, but it felt best to leave it here because I want to start working on some Thanksgiving/Black Friday one shots for you. Thanks for your patience.]

The meeting with your parents could have not gone any worse and now there’s something wrong with you and cel mic. Natasha and Wanda try to hold everything together as Pietro struggles to not beat the crap out of your father. 

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Pregnancy, angst, medical emergency, language

Words: 985

Cel Mic = Little One 

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Spent the weekend with Mark and doing relatively productive things like:

*visiting the OB to get recommendation on my PCOS case
*processing my lab tests
*getting my ECG and Chest Xray done
*finishing two write ups and finishing another 2 tonight
*successfully drinking my pills and NOT FORGETTING ABOUT IT (awyis)
*managing not to breakdown randomly lol
*smile and laughing and meaning it
*actually feeling good about my moods

And now that Sunday is coming to a close, I start to feel anxious again.

I know this impending “parting of ways” with some ppl has been a long time coming, but the past few months have been extra tough and more than anything else, I would just like to stop feeling dreadful every single day.


abstract yellow. los angeles, ca. 2017. by eyetwist
Via Flickr:
jesús rafael soto’s sculpture “penetrable” at the los angeles county museum of art. mamiya 6MF 75mm f/3.5. film: kodak ektachrome E100G cross-processed in C41. lab: the icon, los angeles, ca. scan: epson V750. exif tags: lenstagger.


May 8, 2017
Sampling Site: Laguna Lake

So… after three months in my new work, new project, nakapag-start na rin kami ng sampling hahaha ganun pala talaga kadumi ang tubig ng lake ‘no? Unlike oceans na sobrang blue, ayan greenish sya. 

Worth it naman ang 5am-10pm na pasok ko kahapon ‘cause ang productive ng araw ko. Buong laguna lake kasi inikot namin together with LLDA. 8am-4pm nasa laot kami hahaha. Pagdating naman ng lab, process agad ng samples. I was so tired and hungry and sleepy tapos masakit pa nga ang katawan ko. Feeling ko non, lasing ako sa sobrang hilo hahaha pero keribels naman. Nakabawi na rin ako ng tulog and kain. :)

Looking forward sa next sampling period!!! (Actually gusto ko lang talaga makalabas ng office e hahaha)


Restoring the Apu Trilogy would take a “painstaking process including lab work, digital wizardry and world-spanning detective work, resulting in one of cinema’s greatest resurrection stories. That’s where the Criterion Collection came in.”

“A Classic Film Trilogy From India Rises From the Ashes,” on The Wall Street Journal