Lucky Penny Comic Process - process gif from thumbnails to final tones

Some people have been asking about this so I wanted to oblige!  My work process for Lucky Penny was kinda unnecessarily (embarrassingly) multi-stepped — by the end I got so fed up with my lightbox setup I started pencilling 100% digitally, but that was only the last maybe 60 pages or so.  I’m gonna give a shot at 100% digital for my next project and hope for the best!!

The pencils would be scanned, digitally fiddled with, then printed in a very pale blue — paler than the blue in the gif, actually.  Then I’d ink the page with a brush (Windsor & Newton Series 7 size 2 brush, Dr. Ph Martin’s Bombay Black, some assorted pens for borders and fill). When scanning the inked page, the printed blue lines are pale enough that they’re ignored by the scanner.

The way I toned Penny was a holdover from how I tone Johnny Wander; three separated shades of grey: 10%, 30%, 50%.  (They didn’t have to be separated for Penny, but they do for Johnny Wander because of the way I produce halftoning.)  I like the warm real media look textures give my digital art, so I have this gigantic homemade texture file that I’ll paste in as an overlay layer over the tones once everything is done.  And hey, it’s a page!

If you want to pick up the Lucky Penny book, the Kickstarter has ONE DAY LEFT!!  Thank you, thank you so much for your guys’ support.  I really hope you enjoy the book!