process church of the final judgment

CHRIST said: Love thine enemy.
CHRIST’S enemy was SATAN and SATAN’S enemy was CHRIST.
Through Love, enmity is destroyed.
Through Love, saint and sinner destroy the enmity between them.
Through Love, CHRIST and SATAN have destroyed their enmity and come together for the End.
CHRIST to Judge, SATAN to execute the Judgement.
The Judgement is WISDOM, the execution of the Judgement is LOVE.


Sabbath Assembly, “Exit”, from “Ye Are Gods” (2012). Apparently these guys use hymns originally used by the Process Church of the Final Judgment back during the church’s heyday in 1969. Genesis P-Orridge and Jex Thoth on vocals.

The video is the hilarious Christian End Times education film, “Thief in the Night”