Original thumbnail was a tiny pencil sketch, which I scanned, then refined the composition, etc, digitally. Then I printed it back out so I could lightbox the sketch to pencil it.

Halfway through inking it, I decided I wasn’t happy with how the wings were turning out, so I lightboxed it again and started over… U_U Despite this, I’m still faster working traditionally than digitally. :V

I swear I'm gonna get in trouble for this one day...

So I’ve started a new job and the Chip Reader for cards is pretty wonky customers have to like shove their cards up that slot or it won’t process and I keep making accidental sexual comments about it like
“Yeah try that again please, just shove the card all the way up the slot”
“Oh don’t be gentle with the card just be little more rough or the card won’t process”
“Reinsert the card a little harder please”
“Yeah the chip reader likes it rough”

I am mortified that I said that last one today I gotta stop before a customer complains about my comments and most of this instead intentionally meant to be sexual but gosh darn that chip reader you have to really be tough with the card or it won’t process :/

Why truck drivers make bad poets

I write these Fucking Poems (which are not poems about fucking) in my head as I travel between red balloons on a multi colored digital display. They are Fucking Poems because I am driving through tiny towns on two lane roads and I don’t want them coming out because I can’t write them down and they will fall apart before I can.
Why will they be gone?

Here’s why

(In my head) God that’s a good line. Strong imagery. Nice. Then…what? Road…closed? What? Detour? What? Fuck! Fine. Alright. Oh shut the hell up GPS lady. No I will not make a U-turn. Okay. Coming in from the opposite direction. Not a problem. There! Entrance to the lumber yard. Yes! Okay, yeah. Just one rack of flowers for the garden center. Go on back? Excellent. Wait. Dammit! Why do people stop their vehicles right in the damn middle? Blocking the lane. Why yes sir, I AM looking to get past you. What, I look like I’m browsing in an eighteen wheeler?
Okay. Thank you and…fuck. Flatbed being unloaded. Wonder if I can…no. Shit. No place to turn around. Back up by the gate I can probably spin it. Alright fine. Just hit the four ways and. NO! Do not stop behind me! See this giant moving thing with flashing lights moving towards you? Towards you! Gahh…what the…huh? Two little old ladies with a shopping cart. In the lumber yard. With cars and pickup trucks and forklifts and semis moving around? That’s allowed? Oh. Apparently not. OK. There we go. Get it spun around and..Aagh! Dude! Where are you going? Oh. You don’t know either. I got one frickin rack! Just one! Hey could you…? Nope. Hey could you…? Nope. Hey could you..? Yeah? Aw thank you. Good one to you too. Yeah see ya.

What was that line again? Fuck! Dammit. Gone. Shit biscuits.

Yeah. Pretty much like that. Repeatedly.