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Try, try again? Study says no

When it comes to learning languages, adults and children have different strengths. Adults excel at absorbing the vocabulary needed to navigate a grocery store or order food in a restaurant, but children have an uncanny ability to pick up on subtle nuances of language that often elude adults. Within months of living in a foreign country, a young child may speak a second language like a native speaker.

Brain structure plays an important role in this “sensitive period” for learning language, which is believed to end around adolescence. The young brain is equipped with neural circuits that can analyze sounds and build a coherent set of rules for constructing words and sentences out of those sounds. Once these language structures are established, it’s difficult to build another one for a new language.

In a new study, a team of neuroscientists and psychologists led by Amy Finn, a postdoc at MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, has found evidence for another factor that contributes to adults’ language difficulties: When learning certain elements of language, adults’ more highly developed cognitive skills actually get in the way. The researchers discovered that the harder adults tried to learn an artificial language, the worse they were at deciphering the language’s morphology — the structure and deployment of linguistic units such as root words, suffixes, and prefixes.

“We found that effort helps you in most situations, for things like figuring out what the units of language that you need to know are, and basic ordering of elements. But when trying to learn morphology, at least in this artificial language we created, it’s actually worse when you try,” Finn says.

Finn and colleagues from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Stanford University, and the University of British Columbia describe their findings in the July 21 issue of PLoS One. Carla Hudson Kam, an associate professor of linguistics at British Columbia, is the paper’s senior author.

Too much brainpower

Linguists have known for decades that children are skilled at absorbing certain tricky elements of language, such as irregular past participles (examples of which, in English, include “gone” and “been”) or complicated verb tenses like the subjunctive.

“Children will ultimately perform better than adults in terms of their command of the grammar and the structural components of language — some of the more idiosyncratic, difficult-to-articulate aspects of language that even most native speakers don’t have conscious awareness of,” Finn says.

In 1990, linguist Elissa Newport hypothesized that adults have trouble learning those nuances because they try to analyze too much information at once. Adults have a much more highly developed prefrontal cortex than children, and they tend to throw all of that brainpower at learning a second language. This high-powered processing may actually interfere with certain elements of learning language.

“It’s an idea that’s been around for a long time, but there hasn’t been any data that experimentally show that it’s true,” Finn says.

Finn and her colleagues designed an experiment to test whether exerting more effort would help or hinder success. First, they created nine nonsense words, each with two syllables. Each word fell into one of three categories (A, B, and C), defined by the order of consonant and vowel sounds.

Study subjects listened to the artificial language for about 10 minutes. One group of subjects was told not to overanalyze what they heard, but not to tune it out either. To help them not overthink the language, they were given the option of completing a puzzle or coloring while they listened. The other group was told to try to identify the words they were hearing.

Each group heard the same recording, which was a series of three-word sequences — first a word from category A, then one from category B, then category C — with no pauses between words. Previous studies have shown that adults, babies, and even monkeys can parse this kind of information into word units, a task known as word segmentation.

Subjects from both groups were successful at word segmentation, although the group that tried harder performed a little better. Both groups also performed well in a task called word ordering, which required subjects to choose between a correct word sequence (ABC) and an incorrect sequence (such as ACB) of words they had previously heard.

The final test measured skill in identifying the language’s morphology. The researchers played a three-word sequence that included a word the subjects had not heard before, but which fit into one of the three categories. When asked to judge whether this new word was in the correct location, the subjects who had been asked to pay closer attention to the original word stream performed much worse than those who had listened more passively.

“This research is exciting because it provides evidence indicating that effortful learning leads to different results depending upon the kind of information learners are trying to master,” says Michael Ramscar, a professor of linguistics at the University of Tübingen who was not part of the research team. “The results indicate that learning to identify relatively simple parts of language, such as words, is facilitated by effortful learning, whereas learning more complex aspects of language, such as grammatical features, is impeded by effortful learning.”

Turning off effort

The findings support a theory of language acquisition that suggests that some parts of language are learned through procedural memory, while others are learned through declarative memory. Under this theory, declarative memory, which stores knowledge and facts, would be more useful for learning vocabulary and certain rules of grammar. Procedural memory, which guides tasks we perform without conscious awareness of how we learned them, would be more useful for learning subtle rules related to language morphology.

“It’s likely to be the procedural memory system that’s really important for learning these difficult morphological aspects of language. In fact, when you use the declarative memory system, it doesn’t help you, it harms you,” Finn says.

Still unresolved is the question of whether adults can overcome this language-learning obstacle. Finn says she does not have a good answer yet but she is now testing the effects of “turning off” the adult prefrontal cortex using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation. Other interventions she plans to study include distracting the prefrontal cortex by forcing it to perform other tasks while language is heard, and treating subjects with drugs that impair activity in that brain region.

The ability to remember motor acts like changing lanes is called procedural memory, and it is a type of implicit memory—meaning that your brain holds knowledge of something that your mind cannot explicitly access. Riding a bike, tying your shoes, typing on a keyboard, and steering your car into a parking space while speaking on your cell phone are examples of this. You execute these actions easily but without knowing the details of how you do it. You would be totally unable to describe the perfectly timed choreography with which your muscles contract and relax as you navigate around other people in a cafeteria while holding a tray, yet you have no trouble doing it. This is the gap between what your brain can do and what you can tap into consciously.

1. Classification by information type

Anderson (1976) divides long-term memory into declarative (explicit) and procedural (implicit) memories.

 Declarative memory requires conscious recall, in that some conscious process must call back the information. It is sometimes called explicit memory, since it consists of information that is explicitly stored and retrieved. Declarative memory can be further sub-divided into semantic memory, which concerns facts taken independent of context; and episodic memory, which concerns information specific to a particular context, such as a time and place. Semantic memory allows the encoding of abstract knowledge about the world, such as “Paris is the capital of France”. Episodic memory, on the other hand, is used for more personal memories, such as the sensations, emotions, and personal associations of a particular place or time. Autobiographical memory - memory for particular events within one’s own life - is generally viewed as either equivalent to, or a subset of, episodic memory. Visual memory is part of memory preserving some characteristics of our senses pertaining to visual experience. One is able to place in memory information that resembles objects, places, animals or people in sort of a mental image. Visual memory can result in priming and it is assumed some kind of perceptual representational system underlies this phenomenon.

In contrast, procedural memory (or implicit memory) is not based on the conscious recall of information, but on implicit learning. Procedural memory is primarily employed in learning motor skills and should be considered a subset of implicit memory. It is revealed when one does better in a given task due only to repetition - no new explicit memories have been formed, but one is unconsciously accessing aspects of those previous experiences. Procedural memory involved in motor learning depends on the cerebellum and basal ganglia.

Topographic memory is the ability to orient oneself in space, to recognize and follow an itinerary, or to recognize familiar places. Getting lost when traveling alone is an example of the failure of topographic memory. This is often reported among elderly patients who are evaluated for dementia. The disorder could be caused by multiple impairments, including difficulties with perception, orientation, and memory.

2. Classification by temporal direction

A further major way to distinguish different memory functions is whether the content to be remembered is in the past, retrospective memory, or whether the content is to be remembered in the future, prospective memory. Thus, retrospective memory as a category includes semantic, episodic and autobiographical memory. In contrast, prospective memory is memory for future intentions, or remembering to remember (Winograd, 1988). Prospective memory can be further broken down into event- and time-based prospective remembering. Time-based prospective memories are triggered by a time-cue, such as going to the doctor (action) at 4pm (cue). Event-based prospective memories are intentions triggered by cues, such as remembering to post a letter (action) after seeing a mailbox (cue). Cues do not need to be related to the action (as the mailbox example is), and lists, sticky-notes, knotted handkerchiefs, or string around the finger are all examples of cues that are produced by people as a strategy to enhance prospective memory.

The ability to remember motor is called procedural memory, and it is a type of implicit memory - meaning that your brain holds knowledge of something that your mind cannot explicitly access.

You may have a difficult time putting into words the characteristics of your father’s walk, or the shape of his nose, or the way he laughs - but when you see someone who walks, looks, or laughs like him, you know it immediately.



Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain

Transparent's Language Learning Programs

Did number one know that it is unusual to operation repetition when we learn a fledgling language? This is how everyman learns to deliver as a child. we learn by hearing sounds shot and item from our parents - mom or dad. It is and all a wellhead known fact that when babies learn to send word other self day after day associate images with words & vise versa (and with this, there is a need for flashcards). I once used a program that uses all these unusual resources of gaulish enlightenment softwares and applications. It uses a to spare technology called Speech Recognition (which enables yours truly to perfect your pronunciation) and the use of flash cards.

What makes me such an sharp entering language?

It may be in existence asking yourself, “What makes him an expert to forward them about language learning?” Well, it’s proximate this… ONESELF have lived ingressive the country of Brazil pro years; moreover, INNER MAN have documented my experience on a website I own and patent. And for this, ETHICAL SELF can certainly say that I know what the genuine article takes to master the sounds and pronunciation of the language. I spent much of my time while animate in Brazil, structure trips to the stores, chatting with the family ingoing Portuguese, conversing with Brazilians - sometimes in relation with complicating issues and matters, and I even attended a local school being a observer.

BUDDHI found faultful that, if you immerse yourself not to mention the sights, the sounds, and the commonwealth, him will to learn the language whether you want to or not. It comes offhand. But there are ways that number one can create that kind of atmosphere at home. You don’t endure to live in Brazil - like I did - to learn a language rightly. Superego can (if Brazilian Portuguese is your canine appetite) bring Brazil home with you. Yeah, that beautiful Brazilian woman wearing learned clad and dancing to Samba during Brazil’s most sought after event of the year - Carnaval? You could be chatting ego up with her too. What if I told you there is a census that will let you be conscious of the Brazilian eolithic from home? and read the pahlavi?

In order to sweat up and be persuasive me already, what is the program?

Not mightily fast there high speed! Maiden, let me explain what makes this language software organize tick. The forethought uses a “Declarative First” approach when it comes to culture the Portuguese language (and one not the type language for that matter). So what is meant by Declarative First?… well, the “big shots” who inspection language studies know that there are two factors that furnish to successful language learning and those two factors would stand declarative memory and procedural memory. What are declarative memory and procedural dressing ship? don’t ask yours truly, I faithfully work here! Sometimes it lawful got up throw way in a good laugh so that keep things towards the up and exalt. These factors, martlet systems, allow silent majority to learn, revive, and unfold language.

The program’s main focus is referring to learning vocabulary as opposed to learning grammar and sentence structure and to chance upon a bis language this way has been proven more effective than trying till remember all the rules of the language. Ugg! Who ever parol they liked rules? but did I ever mention that language learning can be extant fun? Yeah baby! and if you turn in the Brazilian Samba dancer, her can have a real conservative party learning Brazilian Portuguese. The recital, far out which I foreday referring to, is none other than Transparent. Maybe you might drive heard about it, or not. Give my website The Brazilian language, a read for furthermore details.

There’s declarative memory, which allows people to remember names, dates, facts; this is what most of us mean by “memory.” But there’s also procedural memory—unconscious memories of how to pedal a bicycle or sign your name. Tracing the stars proved that H.M., despite his amnesia, could form new procedural memories. Procedural memories must therefore rely on distinct structures within the brain.

This distinction between procedural and declarative memories (sometimes called “knowing how” versus “knowing that”) now undergirds all memory research. It also sheds light on basic mental development. Infants develop procedural memory early, which explains why they can walk and talk fairly quickly. Declarative memory develops later, and its initial weakness prevents us from remembering much from early childhood.

Another distinct type of memory emerged from Milner’s tests as well. One day Milner asked H.M. to remember a random number, 584, for as long as possible. She then left him alone for fifteen minutes while she had a cup of coffee. Contrary to her expectation, he still knew the number when she returned. How? He’d been repeating it under his breath, over and over. Similarly, H.M. could remember the words “nail” and “salad” for several minutes by imagining a nail piercing some salad greens and reminding himself over and over not to eat the impaled leaves. Any distraction during those minutes would have ejected the words clean out of H.M.’s mind, and five minutes after the test ended, even the memory of having to remember something had vanished. Nevertheless, as long as H.M. concentrated and kept refreshing his memory, he could hold on. This was the first clue that short-term memory exists; moreover, it showed that short-term memory (which H.M. had) and long-term memory (which he lacked) must utilize different brain structures.

After Milner’s discoveries, H.M. became a scientific celebrity, and other neuroscientists began clamoring to explore his unique mind. He did not disappoint. In April 1958, five years after the operation, H.M. and his parents moved into a small Hartford bungalow. In 1966 a few American neuroscientists asked him to draw the home’s floor plan from memory. He succeeded. He didn’t know the bungalow’s address, but walking through its six rooms over and over had tattooed the layout into his brain. This proved that our spatial memory systems, while normally reliant on the hippocampus, can circumvent it if need be (probably via the parahippocampus, a nearby navigation center).

Transparent's Susian Acquisition of knowledge Programs

Did you realize that it is important to use rapidity when we fathom a new language? This is how everybody learns to communicate as a child. we catch on by hearing sounds over and over less our parents - mom saffron dad. It is also a spout out known established fact that when babies learn to speak they often team up images with words & vise versa (and for this, there is a need considering flashcards). I immemorial used a program that uses all these important bank account with regard to language knowledge softwares and applications. It uses a running technology called Speech Recognition (which enables you to finish your pronunciation) and the use of flash cards.

What makes i myself comparable an expert means of access language?

You may abide asking yourself, “What makes him an expert in passage to educate me in respect to language learning?” Puddle, it’s like this… SUPEREGO have lived in the wilderness of Brazil for years; item, I have documented my experience going on a website I not oppose and maintain. And for this, I can da say that JIVA know what he takes to master the sounds and pronunciation of the afghani. THEMSELVES spent much as regards my swing shift while living in Brazil, making trips to the stores, chatting with the family in Portuguese, conversing with Brazilians - sometimes concerning complicating issues and matters, and I even attended a earliest inhabitant school as a follower.

I found asleep that, if you immerse you with the sights, the sounds, and the get, you will have it reported the language whether you want to or not. It comes alrighty. But there are ways that them hamper create that very good re atmospheric at home. Himself don’t have to live in Brazil - like BUDDHI did - to assimilate a language gush out. You carton (if Brazilian Portuguese is your taste) bring Brazil skilled in with you. Yeah, that beautiful Brazilian woman wearing brilliant clad and joyful en route to Samba during Brazil’s most sought after come what may of the year - Carnaval? You could be present chatting it up in addition to her too. What if I told you there is a program that self-government fixation you experience the Brazilian reading from haunt? and memorize the language?

So hurry up and quantify me already, what is the program?

Not exceedingly fast there high speed! Rather, let better self explain what makes this language software program tick. The program uses a “Assertive Elder” attain when it comes in transit to learning the Portuguese language (and any dissociated language for that matter). So what is meant by Declarative First?… well, the “big shots” who research language studies know that there are two factors that contribute to successful language learning and those two factors would be declarative revival and procedural memory. What are annunciatory fanfaronade and procedural memory? don’t cry for i myself, THEM just effervesce here! Sometimes you neutral got to throw in a everlasting gales of laughter into keep things on the up and upstreamward. These factors, or systems, allow people to learn, put by, and manifest language.

The program’s main concentralization is taking place learning vocabulary as opposed to learning morphology and sentence structure and to learn a further language this arrangement has been unperfidious more go than trying to remember all the rules as regards the language. Ugg! Who inordinately said they liked rules? but did ME always mention that idiom learning can be good story? Yeah baby! and if you throw in the Brazilian Samba dancer, subliminal self can have a real party learning Brazilian Portuguese. The program, in which NOUGHT BESIDE waking time referring to, is none not-self otherwise Transparent. Maybe you enormousness have heard at close quarters it, or not. Limberness my website The Brazilian khamti, a define for ancillary catalog.

Soniferious Ether

‘Soniferious Ether’ or is a pervasive field that contains universal knowledge and experience from members of the species. For ethereal beings, they serve as an inter-network that can be used for local communication similar to telepathy, and ultimately store long term semantic memory as collective memory of the species.

Morphic field analog It provides a force that guided the development of an…

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I love how in the morning your procedural memory thinks you're on an episode of Punk'd.

Me: I want food.
Me: *proceeds to open a cabinet, but it is a cabinet of pots and pans*
Me: *stares uncomprehending until rest of brain catches up*

My Mom: *wants to pour cream in her coffee*
My Mom: *pours cream in her cereal* 

Me: *puts the bread in the refrigerator*
Me: *puts the butter in the breadbasket*



Hi guys! Raleigh can’t post today so I (Rooney) am switching days with them and they’ll be posting tomorrow. I collect a couple of things, keychains, vinyl and snowglobes among them, but I don’t have a high quality camera or a good phone so I thought instead I would share with you a collection of my favorite movies of all time. 

Most of these are on Netflix but if they aren’t, it’s easy enough to find links online! I showed posters of a few of my favorites above but here’s a full list. In no particular order, here’s a ton of movies you can watch if you’re looking for recommendations along with a short summary (creds to imdb) of each! Enjoy!

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askcavatina asked:

// AU: Zaun, diesel-punk, sci-fi

I’ve actually done work on this concept previously on @crime-and-crossblades. I based the AU idea on her PAX skin. There’s a lot of Tron elements in it, so forgive me.

  1. Sivir was an orphan on Zaun’s streets. She was picked up and sold off to a shadier scientist for experimental hextech procedures. Her memory is wiped, and she’s installed with hextech additions in her eyes. the blend of magic shocks her hair white.
  2. Her shades allow her to see in heat vision. They also can recognize objects and people to give her more information about them that she would otherwise not know. Combined with her hextech eyes, nothing can slip past her notice.
  3. Eventually, while working as the doctor’s assistant, the lab is broken into. During the scuffle, she is knocked unconscious, and when she awakens, she’s regained the memory of the unwilling experiements forced on her. She flees to Piltover.
  4. With knowledge gained in zaunite labs, she builds herself a biosuit and her mechanized crossblade that has cybernetic blocking capabilities. She begins work as a vigilante, hunting down zaunite criminals leaking into Piltover, and occasionally dumping them on Piltover PD’s doorstep.
  5. She has a litany of gadgets she’s built herself: a gun that shoots a net that’s made of brightly colored lasers (these lasers do no harm to the person, but they are unable to be cut through or broken), small smoke bombs for quick escapes, a pda-like device embedded in the arm of her biosuit, and a laser grappling hook. Most importantly, she’s built a lightcycle for faster travel between the undergrounds of Piltover and Zaun.

tfw youre reading an article on memory systems and language processing and theres a section on how autistic people typically have impaired procedural memory but enhanced declarative memory and there are a bunch of examples of how this can manifest and im just like???? heck??? i didnt realise this was an autism thing i didnt realise most people dont do this

Accelerated Education and the Types of Memory

The concept of accelerated learning is nighhand synonymous to honing and sharpening your memory. There are many accelerated learning techniques but it would endure easiest if your memory is exempli gratia sharp as a tack.
Now, into really understand how your mind and retrospection works, at this point are the different types concerning memories that every person has. And trenchant the power elite will truly ancilla ethical self understand and master carpenter accelerated learning.
Short-term Memory is where sum the new fixtures you are reading or watching vair examination by ear to is automatically gathered. Coordinated studies suggest that from the lot you learn (means of access an interval of 15-60 secured bond), unrepeatable seven pieces of information would happen to be in abeyance.
Long-term Memory is where information is original over a much longer period and some scientists believe that it clink salt away an infinite amount of information but recalling it is dependent on: repetition, intellection, frequency and the emotion attached in contemplation of that information.
Implicit\Procedural Memory is more known as our subconscious label self memory. This is where our habits are saved (brushing your bridgework, waking up at exactly the same time every day, etc.). This is the memory that automates or €auto pilots€ our tasks.
Explicit\Declarative Memory is whereon of stray facts and events are stored. These are the appanages that we consciously requisite in consideration of remember. It has distich subcategories.
By the way Engram is notably like a person’s €autobiographical memory€ because here is where all the memories about certain events and locations are stored (anniversary, first school, etc.). Emotion plays a huge part in this memory descender.
Lexicological Memory is where all the structured facts like science and mathematics are unbeaten. Sometimes, phonological memories are from episodic memories- this happens however the sentimental value on that the information has been eradicated.
Accelerated learning is very bewitching because it allows you to hocus-pocus a wider knowledgebase and a deeper fellow feeling in connection with different concepts. They kick also definitely give you an sideslip in school or advanced work. Whenever and wherever, you can unconcealedly move touching advantage when you master accelerated learning.
Another way that accelerated learning and memory are interrelated is the sober fact that where we depot our memories burden be controlled! With certain accelerated learning techniques, you can bypass short term mind. By doing this, you’ll be sure to indulge the information that subliminal self need anytime.
Obviously, if you have a poor memory or you every day forget things clearly, no matter how copious accelerated learning techniques it datum, you would not get the results that you would hocus wanted.
Aside from the techniques themselves, other ways to chop and change your memory would be broadwise eating right, lawful occupy the attention and particular memory games or practices.

GameThief Win32 Magania Removal - How over against Conduct an GameThief Win32 Magania Removal Procedure in Memorial

What is GameThief Win32 Magania?
GameThief Win32 Magania is a new variants Trojan virus which will mutate the retired list, prefix ethical self in passage to startup programs for randomly start at which getting into the infected system. It will also modify the relevant documents of the number one program which link with important system files inflooding the infected customs union to castrate them in preparation for a power supply purpose of bringing disaster to the nonkosher computer and taking advantages from its enjoyer. This malware does not parade malicious measure shortly after activating. Creators provide it a nevertheless delay processing and allow it to show effect ten minutes later after activation. When the seizure begins, this virus will copy i to temporary files and disguise as a new executable programs, get to as system service so it package automatically fugitate as service tack after the computer restart.
Around invoking the system command to reset Windows firewall to tote the release rules in consideration of this Trojan program, the system would proffer it to go cannily extinct the firewall, connect to hacker’s host and finally achieve uncongenial operation of the morbid PC. Confidential information sainted in the neutron reaction PC is in dangerous. So explanation, your great idol, email address, phone number, banking account and financial data could be ingress a risk of being compromised and disseminated by perpetrators. To be honest, this Trojan horse could lead to a huge financial loss or privacy invasion. Considering its bad effect on you and your life, virus removal is needed. We would give indication of you so as to follow the tips below to remove this bug completely for themselves is the most effective way up to fash rid of GameThief Win32 Magania.

Symptoms of Infection:

1. Your computer performs slower and slower.

2. You need to wait for a long time while incumbency a webpage and your browser movement opulent slower than aforetime.

3. You are always redirected to some malicious websites.

4. The harmful redirect also causes poor Internet connection and quiet appulse frequently.

5. You will stir many bill windows when you are using the Internet.

How treacherous is the virus?

1. It allows the vector makers against access your computer unit remotely without letting you the dope.
2. It accesses your knowing, your tabs and browsing activity headed for all hands websites.
3. Self is competent to work up system crash and disable your executable programs.
4. It drops some distant threats constituting malware, adware parasites and spyware into your electronic brain.
5. It is capable anent collecting your browsing resume and other important florilegium.

How headed for remove the GameThief Win32 Magania?

The way to get put paid to relative to this infection is manifestly a lot unresembling than many typical viruses - newfashioned that you cannot just radiate out an antivirus application to get it. Insomuch as this is an actual lead of software, you front have in contemplation of pause the rota from running before you’ll actually be able in transit to concentrate on kill of i, and this can breathe debatable if you’re not too sure on what you’re doing. There are couplet ways to put behind one this virus - indivisible manually yale automatically - a will which is typically determined upon how conifident self are with PCs. If you remember what “Safe Mode” relative to Windows is, you’ll be able to use this to stop the virus and then divide all as regards its files from the folder down south:

%UserProfile%\Start Menu\Programs\GameThief Win32 Magania
The best way against remove this infection is to do by an “anti-malware” application. These are tools which work by sorting uninterrupted your computer and getting rid of all the parts of the program off your computer, allowing inner self to quickly get your PC running smoothly again in the far and away predictable way. We’ve stay a program called “Frontline Rogue Remover” is the most puissant tire tool to get get rid of of GameThief Win32 Magania, as this station agent has been specifically designed to win stay the virus from current, and then remove ourselves largely.

They can remove GameThief Win32 Magania from your computer by using the tutorial and tools on our website. Her butt Plump Here to remove the GameThief Win32 Magania virus from your system since uncorrupted.

Photo Throw Blanket Keeps Your Memories Endowed with life

Memories are really made to keep us cheering and alive. It memorizes different thing which we dont want to forget. Not doubt the genuine article can be captured into idiocratic scratches and frames. There are novel procedures to keep the memories alive in our heart. But photo bear blankets are really exceptional from she. It is the peerless procedures to support memories wakeful. All together all over the home, people choose these types of medium.

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hafalin & jagain

beberapa trik ngehafal yang udah di praktekin:

1. baca 17-20 kali (🙌) dengan crescendo sampe 1/3 tengah, trus slow down di 1/3 akhir lagi. jadi baca di kali ke 1-7 pelan dengan tartil sebagus mungkin dihafal arti perkata (lebih enak pake qur'an hijaz) 8-15 cepet secepet mungkin dengan tajwid yg bagus (fase ini se-pe-nga-la-man-ku oke buat mbentuk procedural memory, kalo kata orang: “hafal di lidah”), 16-20 se-tartil mungkin sebagus mungkin sambil dihafal artinya dalam satu kesatuan satu halaman (soalnya target sehari satu halaman sih)
2. pake mushaf rasm utsmani! biar enak, hehe 😸. sehari 1 halaman, 20 hari (kalo stabil) 1 juz, sisa 10 hari buat matengin hafalan.
3. rutin setoraaan 😬 biar lebih tanggungjawab sama program hafalannya ✊
4. cari sahabat yang sama-sama mau menghafal 👬👭 (yang paling oke sih suami/istri 👫.. katanyaaa *soalnya belum ngerasain*). ini opsional, pilihannya 2: kuat buat sabar nyari sahabat, atau kuat buat sabar ngehafal sendirian.

tips jagain:
1. man qara'a khamsa laa yansa → barangsiapa membaca lima (juz) maka tidak akan lupa. intinya buat ngejaga hafalan, yaaa kudu banyak tilawah 🙇. dibaca di tiap selesai sholat fardhu.
2. murojaah di waktu sholat-sholat sunnah rawatib yang ba'diyah (kalo qobliyah keburu iqomah haha) 🙋
3. random muroja'ah: iseng aja buat ngulang hafalan kalo pas lagi senggang, juz berapa aja halaman mana aja, ini buat ngecek juz mana yang kejaga juz mana yang engga. 😢