procedural drawings

Communication Sigil

The aim of this spell is to improve communication skills. 

“I am good at communicating.”

There’s prettier sigils with the same intent, so you are free to use any other one for this spell. Because I mainly struggle with speaking-related communication, I decided to focus specifically on this problem.


  1. Draw the sigil on your toothbrush handle with permanent marker or on the toothpaste tube.
  2. When brushing your teeth, focus on your intent. The brushing action will help charge the sigil, and the rinsing action will activate it.


  •  If you are having trouble drawing the sigil directly onto the tube or toothbrush, you could draw it on a small piece of duct tape and then put it on. 
  • If your communication issues are not related to talking, the sigil can still help, but the charging/activation method should be changed to better fit your situation.
Supreme Court rejects challenge to 'one person, one vote' definition

In a unanimous ruling Monday on procedures for drawing state and local legislative districts, the Supreme Court rejected a legal challenge that could have diminished the political power of Latinos and some city-dwellers.

The high court held that states can rely on broad measures of population when setting district boundaries and need not take into account how many eligible voters live in each district.

The result is that states can stick with maps that give greater representation to areas with large concentrations of foreign nationals, children or prisoners—an arrangement which experts say tends to benefit Democrats due to the demographics of their base.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in an opinion joined by the court’s other liberals as well as Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Anthony Kennedy, explicitly put aside the question of whether states could choose to use measures of registered voters when line-drawing and to what extent they could do so.

However, the high court said states were not obliged to consider the count of voters in order to comply with the “one person, one vote” principle derived from the Constitution.

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