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‘Eyewitness’ Canceled By USA After One Season
USA Network has opted not to order a second season of crime thriller anthology Eyewitness. The series, from Shades Of Blue creator Adi Hasak adapted from the Norwegian drama Øyevitne, was an experi…
By Nellie Andreeva

USA Network has opted not to order a second season of crime thriller anthology Eyewitness. The series, from Shades Of Blue creator Adi Hasak adapted from the Norwegian drama Øyevitne, was an experiment for USA. It was done under a different business model — given a 10-episode straight-to-series order at a reduced budget. The serialized murder story was designed as a companion to USA’s venerable off-network crime drama procedural Law & Order: SVU on Sunday.

Despite solid reviews and a strong performance by Julianne Nicholson, the series did not hold as much of the SVU audience as the network had hoped. Eyewitness ranks as the second lowest rated original series on USA, a tad ahead of fellow freshman Falling Water. There is not decision yet on the latter, also a bubble show, with a deal at Amazon boosting its renewal changes.

In Season 1, Eyewitness followed two small-town teenage boys who, while hooking up in a cabin, witness a murder that is being investigated by the local sheriff and an FBI agent. Catherine Hardwicke directed the first two hours of the series, produced by Universal Cable Prods.

The series, in the popular Nordic noir genre, had been envisioned as an anthology, with each season focusing on eyewitness of a different crime. Hasak wrote it and served as executive producer/showrunner. The original series’ creator Jarl Emsell Larsen also executive produced.

What the Parks & Rec fandom deserves in 2016
  • A cartoon version of Parks & Rec
  • A spin-off centered around the Saperstein twins and their crazy life
  • All sorts of Li’l Sebastian merchandise
  • A spin-off of Andy and April’s life that’s a mix of procedural crime drama and cheaper by the dozen
  • Like ten albums of Mouse Rat 
  • A musical
  • Five movies
  • A blog held by Ben Wyatt where he posts his reviews, fanfictions, meta analyses, etc.
  • Cooking books co-autored by Ben and Chris with vegan calzones and low-fat options (The Low-Cal Calzone Tome)
  • Audiobooks of kids books read by Craig Middlebrooks
  • More books about Pawnee written by Leslie from memory
  • About ten full seasons of The Johnny Karate Super Awesome Musical Explosion Show with a new episode every day
  • A YouTube channel with Donna’s dating advice
  • Donna’s Twitter account 
  • April’s diary becomes published as a book and contains like ten pages that are just coated with blood, and half of it is just her scribbling on the page until her pencil is broken, and there’s like ten pages that’s just her writing “Ms. April Ludgate-Dwyer” with hearts everywhere
  • All the triplets family albums throughout the years
  • Authentic logs of Ann’s mails so we can see what this wordcloud was like in actual context
  • Books and books of Leslie writing about Ann and Ben’s bodies
  • A park that’s actually the Pawnee Commons in real life and the Morningstar is the hotel where you go if you wanna spend time there
  • A reunion of the full main cast
  • Twenty more seasons

I’m just saying: if serial killers were actually as common as procedural dramas implied, I don’t see how there could be anyone left alive in the continental United States by this point.

Why The Fall is one of the bravest shows I’ve ever watched

The Fall is a show about a murderer and a policewoman but more than that it is a dirty, distorted mirror that reflects our opinions and expectations back on us, asking us if that first response is really the right one.

To say that Season 3 of BBCs The Fall has been divisive would be an understatement. Even within its own fanbase there have been those who felt that the pace (always achingly slow) had become preposterous, that the excitement had dwindled and that what they’d loved about Season 1 was gone by midway through Season 2. Those people are entitled to their view but twelve hours after watching the S3 finale and still rocked by what I witnessed, I just have to say how very impressed I am by the series in its’ entirety.

Under the cut (with some spoilers) are my thoughts on why The Fall is such important viewing and why I will go down shouting that it is one of the bravest, ballsiest things I have ever had the privilege to watch.

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Snow Day

So, it being mid-May, Colorado decided that’s a great time to snow. Which means I decided it’s a great time to write a protest drabble. So here’s Keith and Shiro and Allura being cute while it snows.

“It’s snowing.”


“You heard me, it’s actually snowing.”

Shiro rolls over, blinking his eyes open and squinting toward the window as he raises himself up on one arm. Keith stands there, his hand holding the shades up. Sure enough, fat white flakes are falling from the sky. Shiro groans and flops back into the bed, stubbornly closing his eyes. Maybe when he opens them again, it will all be a bad dream. But no such luck. The frozen precipitation continues to fall, undaunted by Shiro’s disbelief.

“At least you don’t have work today,” Keith says, abandoning the window to open a dresser drawer and riffle through it for some clean clothes.

“That’s my drawer.”

Keith shuts it and pulls open the next one.


“Why did you have to rearrange?” Keith grumbles, finally getting to his drawer and pulling out the requisite clothes. He shoots a dirty look at Shiro, though it’s tempered by fondness, and Shiro smiles bashfully.

“It made more sense? I put your drawers closer to your side of the bed so they’re easier to get to when you get up so early.”

Keith leans over the bed, tugging at the longer hairs on the top of Shiro’s head. “Thank you,” he says, kissing him. “I’ll be back this afternoon.”

Shiro wiggles farther under the covers as Keith heads toward the bathroom. “Oh, don’t forget: Allura’s coming over for dinner tonight.”

“She staying the night?” Keith peeks his head back around the doorframe to the bedroom.

“I think so? You’ll have to ask her.”

“You ask her!” Keith calls, closing the door to the bathroom. “You’re the one home all day!”

And Shiro makes the most of it too…after falling back asleep for another hour after Keith leaves for work. He vacuums the apartment, dusts the major surfaces, washes the dishes that have been piling up since the last time Allura came over, and cleans the bathroom. Keith comes home as Shiro’s tugging the comforter on their king-sized bed back into place. The sheets have been washed too.

“So?” He drops his work clothes on the floor, only picking them up and putting them away when Shiro stares at him.

“Staying the night is the plan.”

“And what’s for dinner?” Keith tugs on a pair of fleece pajama bottoms and a somewhat tattered red hoodie. He shrugs at Shiro’s exasperated look and points out the window at the snow that has resolutely continued to fall all day, gathering on the plants and lawns outside and starting to collect on the roads and sidewalks now too.

“Delivery. She’s too tired to help cook.” Both of them know that without Allura in the kitchen to assist, most culinary adventures end in disaster. Keith nods and straightens his mess of belongings around the apartment, something Shiro knows better than to try and do himself, before curling up on the couch with a book to wait for Allura. She sets her own hours, the perks of being a star up-and-coming lawyer, but often has to work late on cases anyway. “Dinner” for her can take place anywhere between 5:00 and 9:00 pm. Shiro finds Keith asleep in the pages when he checks in on him half an hour later. It’s the price of working so early; Keith’s retail job starts him at 6:00 am most days, and in order to get a reasonably priced apartment, they had needed to move a little farther away from the city, which makes Keith’s commute at least half an hour. Shiro is lucky enough to work from home most days he has to, only needing to head in to the office for occasional meetings.

Today Allura makes it over by 6:30 pm, and she and Shiro order for Keith, letting him sleep just a while longer. It’s not like they don’t know his favorites by now, anyway. The smell of the food when it arrives wakes him up, and he rises from the couch, rubbing at his eyes and yawning, to hug Allura in greeting before they all settle down at the table. Just because it’s delivery doesn’t mean they’ll eat in an uncivilized manner.

“How’s the case?” Keith asks as they open containers and swap them around until everyone ends up with what they’re supposed to. The question is deliberately vague, and Allura answers in kind.

“It’s proceeding well enough. Both sides are talking to each other, so it may even be settled out of court.” She scoops her food onto a plate before eating, though Shiro and Keith both just eat out of the delivery boxes. In the beginning of their relationship, Keith had made the mistake of asking too many detailed questions about what Allura was working on while not with them. It had ended in a big argument wherein Allura, upset by what she saw as Keith’s need to know everything when it wasn’t necessary, degraded the nature of Keith’s work and the two of them refused to speak to each other for weeks. Shiro finally brokered an agreement, patiently working back and forth with both of them, where neither of them would demand detailed answers from the other about their job and only had to offer as much as they wanted to. They were both touchy people, but it was working so far.

They talk about the weather, agreeing that snow this late in the year is just unreasonable, and what Shiro’s been up to with his work. Of the three of them, he’s the only one who doesn’t mind probing questions. He fills Allura in on some of the…eccentricities of his newest client, a Mr. Slav, who has insisted on only working with Shiro, much to Shiro’s dismay. His boss is more than happy to let Shiro handle Slav, though, as the man can be somewhat demanding.

“Somewhat? Somewhat is an understatement! Did you know he tried to tell me what kind of gum I could and couldn’t chew while working on his projects?”

“No!” Allura leans in, her fork dangling forgotten from her fingers. Her long, platinum hair swings forward, narrowly missing her plate, and she brushes it back absently. “Did he really?”

Keith snickers and gets up to throw his takeout boxes away, ruffling Shiro’s hair as he passes.

“He did!” Shiro bats at Keith’s hand. “Spearmint is a weak man’s gum, but peppermint is too strong. Cinnamon is right out. Bubblegum is for kids. Honestly I don’t even remember what he said was OK; the list of banned substances was just too long. I’ve never even heard of most of these flavors.”

“And apparently there’s a difference between brands, too,” Keith adds, sitting down next to Allura instead of retaking his seat next to Shiro and leaning his cheek against her shoulder.

“Well, I’m glad none of my clients are quite so…interesting.” Allura brushes a hand over Keith’s hair and sets her fork down. “Is it that time already?” Keith hums as she scratches gently at his scalp.

“Looks like.” Shiro grabs Allura’s plate and takes it to the kitchen before disposing of his own boxes, while Allura and Keith slowly get up from the table and make their way to the couch. There is one very specific reason that Shiro and Keith purchased an L-shaped couch and that is this: so that they can all be comfortable while still being close. Keith settles down on the short leg of the couch, Allura stretches out on the long leg, and Shiro, when he joins them, slots in behind Keith, wrapping an arm around both of them. Allura places a hand on Keith’s leg and he holds it lightly, turning against Shiro’s chest and closing his eyes.

“‘S your turn to pick,” he mumbles, tapping her hand with a finger.

Allura grabs the remotes from the coffee table, pulled close toward the couch, and flips through the channels until she settles on some police procedural drama. Keith snorts softly from where he’s nestled against Shiro, and once he’s asleep, his grip on Allura’s hand slackening, she changes the channel again to one of the cooking shows she knows he doesn’t like to watch. Shiro kisses her temple and lays his cheek on the top of her head, and they whisper their comments, insults, and threats to the contestants on the show, taking care not to raise their voices too loud. It’s a song and dance they’ve done many times before.

Both he and Allura stay up later than Keith on any given day, and partway through their viewing, Allura slips off the couch and makes hot chocolate, returning with two steaming mugs. With the snow outside, the drink feels particularly apt, and Shiro smiles as he sticks his face in the little mound of marshmallows Allura has poured into his mug. Keith wakes up, just barely, but enough to make grabby hands at Allura’s mug, take a sip when she hands it over, and make a face at their choice of show before falling back asleep.

When the good shows end and the late night trash TV comes on, Allura turns it off and unpacks her overnight bag into one of her new drawers. Shiro carefully bundles Keith off the couch and sets him in the middle of the bed, Allura helpfully pulling the covers back for him and tucking them up over Keith when he’s settled. She and Shiro brush their teeth side by side in the bathroom then crawl into bed on either side of Keith. In his sleep, Keith turns on his side to face Shiro, who tucks one arm under his head and slings the other over Keith to rest on Allura’s hip. She tucks up against Keith, wrapping an arm around his chest and threading her fingers through his where his hands rest against his collarbone. Allura kisses the back of Keith’s head before rising to kiss Shiro, who then kisses Keith’s forehead, and they both snuggle back down into the pillows and join Keith in slumber while the snow piles up outside.

Does anyone ever wonder about the dude that Gabriel possessed as a vesssel? Who was he? What did he do before he was a vessel? We know at least a little bit about most archangel vessels, but not him. Still, you have to figure, anyone who would say yes to angelic possession is probably a devout, religious person. Only this guy agrees to the most profound religious experience of his life and he gets… Candy. Weird porn. Turning a guy into the hulk. Groundhog Day. TV world. Etc. What did this man think of all this?? Did he have any idea what he was getting into, like, did Gabriel say “I need you as a vessel but you’d better like acting out procedural cop dramas" ???

Embroidery Starter Tutorial

@ridewithblurryface asked for a little tutorial, so I’m going to give this a shot and make one (with a bit of silliness) —

The most expensive any hobby will ever be is at the start, and the great thing about embroidery and other needlecraft arts is that they are a pretty cheap hobby. 


Here are the tools I use on a regular basis:

  • embroidery floss: your paint, usually less than 50¢ each
  • aida cloth: this is what I use, but any fabric, within limits, will do
  • bamboo hoop: this one is 5″ diameter, but you can get them from 3″ to 10″, plastic hoops work too
  • compass: like all the perfect circles I make for my sunsets? that’s thanks to this guy right here. make sure the large joint (connecting the opposite end of the pointy bits) is relatively tight, so the compass won’t slip larger as you’re drawing
  • the threader things: ?? the things you use to pull the thread through the eye of the needle. threaders. (gah, fine i’ll google it …. post-google: wow they are really called needle threaders.)
  • lol i don’t know any of the names and google did not help but this thing is so useful for when i just mess up a lil bit. *linda belcher voice* lil bit. EDIT: @missjoat let me know that this is called a stitch ripper! what a name.
  • embroidery needles: no really, that is their name. next to the tapestry and quilting needles.
  • pencil: for sketching your image, preferably mechanical so that you don’t have to sharpen it
  • white eraser: for when you royally mess up sketching your image, and you need it to be white if you’ll be using white fabric all the time
  • scissors: ONLY FOR THREAD, don’t use them for anything else unless you want rough floss ends (nobody wants rough floss ends)

All that? 20-30 bucks, and the only things you’ll need to restock regularly are the hoops ($1-2 each), the floss (39¢ each at my local craft shop), and the cloth ($3.50 per roll, ~3-5 projects). And needle threaders, ugh. I think I go through about a pack of 3 per month, but they only cost $2 for a pack. Don’t get a fancy one because you WILL be replacing it. 

If you have a local craft shop, just go to the needlework section and you will find all* of this stuffprobably next to all the yarn. 

*except maybe the compass; for that, go to the drawing section


So about your embroidery floss, your paint. You know how paint is stored in those handy, sealable tubes? Ok, imagine if when you bought your paint, it was in a plastic sandwich baggie. Pretty inconvenient, right? Yeah, that’s how embroidery floss is packaged. Two little pieces of paper, wrapped in a tube around the gently bundled floss. Totally impractical for storage. That same section where you bought your tools will have storage options. I use these guys:

(guest starring my very fluffy cat, Basil Mae)

When I started, I didn’t label the color ID numbers on the holder, and man do I regret it. I have good eyes for color, so if I just take the color I need with me to the store, I can find it again, but WOW it would have been so much easier to have just labeled their number right from the get-go. 

I have never regretted owning so many colors of embroidery floss. Never. If I could, I would buy three of each color available.


Don’t start with something difficult. Please don’t. Your first few projects will be for you to just figure out the craft - and that is good! But if you try to challenge yourself too much with that first one, you might end up frustrated and unwilling to try again. 

This is my very first embroidery project:

(Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But it is simple and basic.)

Also, don’t be afraid to trace. In fact, I encourage it. Unless you can find a nice pattern to use, you’ll be making your own patterns (like I do!). I have to remind myself all the time that my skills aren’t in drawing, they are in stitching. It’s okay to use ‘unsavory’ methods to help my end product look as good as it does. (I say this because I really struggled with tracing for a long time. I thought it made me a bad artist and crafter. But the exactness of my projects are what make me especially happy, so I just said screw the haters and start off with tracing now.)

It is unlikely you’ll be able to trace the whole thing anyway. I use the bamboo hoop and pencil to size the edges of the total area, then gently tape the cloth to my computer. I get the image in place behind the cloth, turn up the brightness as high as it goes, and outline the parts that are definite. Because the fabric will shift a little bit, try not to copy everything; the positions of details will be close to impossible to mark during the trace stage, especially if you’re using thick cloth. Here’s a current project I’m working on (oh god it’s such a beast), and how it looked after the initial trace:

As you can see, I have major shapes outlined, but very little detail. After I’ve traced enough, I put the cloth back on the hoop, and fill in the details to the best of my ability. Here’s what it looks like when I’ve finished penciling:

Honestly? This still isn’t good enough with details - lines aren’t as straight as they need to be, some little parts are out of place or sized wrong, but at some point, you have to stop with your pencil. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a greyish fabric from all the erasing, and it will be difficult to see what you need to stitch versus the errors. 

(This project isn’t finished yet - I’ve only just started stitching, but you’ll see the end result soon enough.)

Take your time stitching. It’s the best part. It’s the reason embroidery makes me so happy, because the action of stitching is so repetitive and simple, but over time you have this amazing work of patience and detail. It’s nice to be able to stitch while you listen to some tunes or TV. I have watched so many seasons of procedural crime dramas while I stitch. It’s what I do with my evenings and I love it. I struggle to just watch TV these days - I always want to be stitching!!

If you mess up, that’s okay! Either gently pull the thread back out, or get out one of your “i fucked up” tools. Sometimes, you are going to really fuck up, and you’ll need to start over. This Steve face was actually the 2.0 version. THAT was upsetting and I was pretty grumpy for a solid hour, but I’m so happy I restarted. It looks so much better, and I learned from my mistakes in the 1.0 version.

Alright, I am sure I didn’t cover everything, so as always, you can feel free to send me an ask and I am so happy to help. If you make anything, please feel free to tag me or send me a message about it. 

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Dreamingsnowflake’s 2014 year-end shout-out

I think 2014 in Asian Dramaland has ruined me for all the years to come with the manifold of fantastic shows. All of them have had the golden trifecta of writing, acting and directing plus the little extra which is what makes you so utterly addicted and maniacally fanatical. However, each has been unique and awesome on its own.

It’s been the year of epic love stories for the ages, soul-stirring emotions, unforgettable OTPs, magnificent noona-dongsaeng romances, sizzling chemistry, passionate lovemakings, mind-blowing and open-mouthed kisses, swoonworthy embraces, passionate confessions, and last but not least, it’s low on noble idiocy (thank you, drama gods, for that!). 

I’ve gained six I repeat SIX!!! deliciously perfect OTPs who have made it to my all-time favourite OTP list in this year alone, whereas usually it’s only 1-2. Though, Healer is there still with a question mark, but come on! This is the pairing of Song Jina (who made me insomniac for the first time in my life when I stayed up until 4am only to catch a first glimpse of my Faith OTP’s new stills) and the dreamy Ji Chang Wook (who made me singlehandedly with HJW watch a 50-episode! long sageuk which had gone completely makjang twice! and whom I’d found unattractive, into his devoted fangirl). Therefore I find it’s pretty safe to say Healer will deliver. There were other dramas I watched and liked like Bad Guys, Valid Love or Nobunaga Concerto but none made me as obsessed and squealing as YWCFTS, Secret Love Affair, High School King, Empress Ki, Sound of the Desert and Healer.

In conclusion, when I’m now looking back at the previous year I have to say that I’ve spend it squealing and fangirling from January 1 until December 31. Perhaps it’s symbolic that I’d begun the year fangirling over YWCFTS and finished it in the same fashion as well. I’ve received more messages, likes and reblogs than ever before and for that and for more I would like to thank everyone who’s been fangirling, squealing, swooning and fetching their smelling salts along with me. I LOVE YOU!

If you ask me for my expectations in 2015 in the vast Asian Drama Universe, I have to admit that it will be close to impossible to beat THIS! It’s difficult to beat perfection and 2014 has been as perfect as it could possibly get. Though, I have one wish or rather an admonition: Jdramaland, get your romance finally on track or rather get it back! Or else, I won’t be visiting you anytime soon in 2015! I’m already sick and tired of all the procedural dramas and boring leads you are overpopulated with.



2016 bones challenge → day 1: why you love and appreciate bones
Bones is my absolute favourite show because…. well, because of everything really. The show’s beguiling blend of compelling cases, intelligent humour, interesting science, thrilling drama, enthralling love stories, teamwork, and most importantly, the fascinating characters, and their relationships with each other, all together, in my opinion, combine to make this crime drama/procedural/dramedy the unique and very special show that it is. It’s no secret that Bones has been a trendsetter from the very beginning, with a highly diverse, multiracial cast, showcasing awesome ladies in empowering careers, and being one of the few shows out there with an excellent crew/TPTB who are not afraid to write not just one, but two amazing love stories, without having the constant need to showcase unnecessary drama that would otherwise result in a break-up/divorce, to name a few. It constantly defies stereotypes (hello, Moonlighting curse), and even after 11 seasons, is still one of the few shows out there that has, in my view, not at all gotten stale. The Bones cast are so amazing too, and the love and gratitude that I have for each and every one of them has no bounds. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I LOVE BONES, and I will forever be grateful for all the happiness, joy and excitement (and squeals!!) that this wonderful show, characters, cast and crew have brought me for the past 6 years (and counting!).

acemordred  asked:

Poly Hamlet/Ophelia/Horatio gives me life, js.

the three of them being best friends that are also in love is so important omg

  • hamlet realizes he has a crush on both his best friends when he’s in middle school, and is afraid to tell horatio and ophelia until the two approach him one day; they both really like hamlet, but they don’t want him to have to pick between liking them if he doesn’t want to, and they don’t want anyone’s feelings to get hurt. hamlet gets the biggest grin on his face and grabs both their hands, interlacing his fingers with theirs.
  • for hamlet and horatio’s senior prom, the boys coordinate a gigantic, lavish promposal for ophelia with the help of rosencrantz and guildenstern. ophelia, while not surprised, is very flattered, and kisses both their cheeks before saying yes. the trio coordinates their prom outfits; the guys wear traditional black tuxes with pink boutonnières, while ophelia wears a vintage wedding gown she and gertrude dyed black, with a pink flower crown and corsage.
  • ophelia is awfully sad when both her boyfriends go off to college, so she writes them both once a week, and sends them flowers she presses. when ophelia goes down to the post office to mail her letters, there’s often two bouquets waiting for her; usually a mix of yellow tulips and red, white, and pink roses.
  • the trio all have separate rooms at the palace, but each have beds big enough for all three to sleep together comfortably.
  • hamlet wasn’t quite sure how his parents were going to take the fact that he was in a polyamorous relationship with his two best friends since childhood, and kept it on the down low for a really long time. that is, until king hamlet walked in on the three of them hooking up one morning when he went to wake hamlet up for a press conference. the trio sat half-naked and frozen in fear until king hamlet just sighed heavily and walked away, muttering “kids these days…”
  • hamlet and ophelia sometimes go on dates without horatio. often times they go to the cinema or the opera.
  • hamlet and horatio sometimes go on dates without ophelia. they usually sightsee or go to museums.
  • horatio and ophelia sometimes go on dates without hamlet. usually, they don’t actually go out, but instead, binge watch procedural dramas on netflix and cuddle, while hamlet whines and tries to do homework so he can join them.

Rollins and Amaro’s deleted scene - #Rollaro mid-season is complicated. Shipping this duo for the #endgame and long haul. Ah the downside of shipping an OTP of a procedural drama. 

Superheroes Are Allowed Variety

Why are people acting like Supergirl, Agent Carter and Jessica Jones are competition or that ‘who cares x is superior’ or ‘why do we need x when we have y?’?

The only thing they all have in common is that they star comic book heroines. I never see anyone saying that about the dozen crime procedure shows or medical dramas. I never saw anyone compare Scrubs to House, MD or to Grey’s Anatomy because they are that different.

Supergirl is what Merlin was to medieval fantasy, is what Sarah Jane Adventures was to Doctor Who.

Originally posted by brosciles

Supergirl is a family-friendly show, it’s for everyone who wants to see the bright colors and kindness in superheroes again. It’s about discovering your place in the world, proving your worth and rising to your potential and the potential to help people. 

Jessica Jones is what Game of Thrones is to medieval fantasy, what Torchwood was to Doctor Who.

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Jessica Jones is not a family friendly show, it’s not for the faint of heart or the fun-loving people, it’s the story of woman’s journey to recovery as she helps other people subjected to the same shit she was and faces her demons, literal and figuritive. It is a visceral character study about how messed up, lost and tired Jessica is, even when she’s trying to do the right thing. It’s not being nice, it is not for kids, family get-togethers and grandparents. 

Agent Carter is classic Doctor Who, a project that links the past and the future and it’s setting and period-specific limitations might not be for everyone.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

Agent Carter is somewhere in between, it’s a superhero period piece about, not a superhero, but a pioneer for the modern superhero world. It is the story of how someone with only army training and her rage gets shit done with a little help from her friends. Peggy, unlike Kara and Jessica, is a normal human who already knows her worth and her destiny, her problem is pushing the boundaries of society and overcoming it in a way that helps everyone else like her. It can be for everyone and it can be a particular flavor, it’s subjective. 

Just because one show is not your cup of tea doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s.

My Top 10 K-Dramas of 2015 - What’s Yours?

2015 is about to end and K-dramaland has been kind in bringing us so many goodies this year. Below are my Top 10 favs on the year (my favs so it might not be yours so please don’t judge) :

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LA Screenings 2017: The Hottest New Series; Procedurals & Marvel In Demand
With TV ratings and ad revenue in the U.S. slipping, pushing down license fees, and the off-network marketplace, especially on the drama side, not as robust as it once was, international sales have…
By Nellie Andreeva

Twentieth Century Fox Television has the provocative new medical drama procedural The Resident, which garnered interest from broadcasters, and the serialized Marvel drama The Gifted, which appealed more to SVOD/premium buyers. Additionally, the supernatural X-Files-esque single-camera comedy Ghosted did well, I hear.

I have a confession: I didn’t watch Person of Interest until a few months ago. You guys, I didn’t know. I didn’t know. It also took me a long time to finish season one; I genuinely didn’t get what all the yelling was about. But then I met Root. And then Shaw. And holy hell were they the most flirtatious, badass, sexy, smart, slightly sociopathic, kinda insane, beautiful assassins I’ve ever seen. They way they LOOK at each other! I’ve never seen anything like it on a procedural drama, especially not between two women. Unlike the Rizzoli and Isles joke-flirting and gay panic, Root shamelessly flirts with Shaw and Shaw looks at her like she’s never felt feelings so intensely in all her life.
—  After Ellen’s Review of Shoot in 2015… that’s so beautiful and exactly my thoughts about these two.