83/ of morning musume’s mvs: kare to issho ni omise ga shitai!

I realised something this week.

I always hate starting my homework, because there is so much fun stuff to do. But when I’m drawing/photoshopping/photograhing/… I really like it. And I’m so satisfied when I have a good result. And that makes me happy.

So I learned that in order to be happy, you should hop to it, take action, make it happen. And feel good about yourself afterwards. ‘cause that’s gonna make you a lot more happy than postpone the stuff that have to be done and have a crappy result due to a lack of time.

So I told myself that i would do a follow forever every 200 followers so here’s the second one ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

I’ve been a little busy dealing with studies and stuff so in the mean time you all should follow this guys and won’t even notice my absence. They run some amazing blogs and will certainly make your stay in tumblr a really enjoyable time despite what everybody thinks about tumblr being a community full of hate. 

Anyways, I hope to keep getting along with all of my followers and mutuals that I’ve come to be friends with and those who I have yet to know. I always try to let you guys know that I love you all, even with my shitty humor and poor jokes, I’ll try to keep up with being the not-so-comical relief you have here on tumblr, twitter or skype.

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Again those in bold are the ones I’ve really come to cherish as friends except all those hamazuras and look forward to keep making your everyday life on tumblr a little better.


Azzal a fajta buntudattal logatom a labam az agy szelen, amikor teljesen tudataban vagy annak, hogy kurva sok mindent kell csinalnod, nemelyik hataridos, van ra idod is, minden szukseges eszkoz a rendelkezesedre all, de te azonban oktondi modon telibe szarod az egeszet es csinalsz minden mast helyette, meg veletlenul sem kezded el, nehogy egy kicsivel kevesebb maradjon kesobbre.