I realised something this week.

I always hate starting my homework, because there is so much fun stuff to do. But when I’m drawing/photoshopping/photograhing/… I really like it. And I’m so satisfied when I have a good result. And that makes me happy.

So I learned that in order to be happy, you should hop to it, take action, make it happen. And feel good about yourself afterwards. ‘cause that’s gonna make you a lot more happy than postpone the stuff that have to be done and have a crappy result due to a lack of time.


Azzal a fajta buntudattal logatom a labam az agy szelen, amikor teljesen tudataban vagy annak, hogy kurva sok mindent kell csinalnod, nemelyik hataridos, van ra idod is, minden szukseges eszkoz a rendelkezesedre all, de te azonban oktondi modon telibe szarod az egeszet es csinalsz minden mast helyette, meg veletlenul sem kezded el, nehogy egy kicsivel kevesebb maradjon kesobbre.