I hate to break it to those of you that are advocating sea pens, but they can also be detrimental to the health of the killer whales currently in captivity. These animals haven’t been in the ocean and as such their immune systems would not be prepared to handle ocean water.

I really wanted to touch on the fact that orcas, including Kiska, are self-aware and sentient animals. These are not creatures that you can just stick in an empty tank and expect them to be fine.

Kiska was violently ripped from her family in 1979 and has been held at Marineland Canada ever since. According to a former employee, she has never been a strong whale and is constantly on medication. Her condition only worsened after the deaths of all 5 of her calves, the oldest only surviving six years. Kiska has also suffered the loss of every one of her tankmates. She now lives entirely alone, and is the only captive orca in the world without another cetacean companion.
The saddest sight to be seen at Marineland, Kiska’s life consists of swimming listlessly in circles day in and day out. Occasionally, she is given a toy to play with for a few minutes. Former employees have also described Kiska as “starved for attention” and say she vocalizes a lot, as if calling out for someone.
Allowing such a magnificent animal to languish in these conditions is nothing short of abusive.
There is an ongoing campaign to help Kiska, and all you have to do is sign here and spread the word. Please help us help the world’s loneliest orca!

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How can you say your procap when all you do is complain about seaworld and join the free morgan clan. i call you out as a hypocrite, I will be reporting you to seaworld for advocating the free morgan logos on the underwater viewing area. Your a disgrace to the procap community. your more of a anticap using your "sickness" to get to others. its idiots like you that make me angry about people who are true procaps and people like you who say yu are but are nothing but liars!

Oh look, another defensive procap. Probably some teenaged Seaworld groupie with their arse in a corner because they’re realizing how horrid SeaWorld really is.

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Report me to SeaWorld all you want. They can’t do anything, as I am an American citizen and am simply practicing my first amendment rights on a small-scale, peaceful, non-disruptive manner.

Do you realize how many anti-SeaWorld people are allowed into the park each day? All the park (and any other major business) cares about is seeing their profits rise. Doctor Ingrid Visser, one of the world’s foremost orca researchers and founder of the Free Morgan Foundation. recently visited SeaWorld San Diego, where she was able to buy a ticket and got to see Nakai after he wounded his chin:

I therefore decided get on a plane to San Diego to go and see Nakai for myself and to also try and talk to the trainers and find out what had happened. When I was in the park the trainers and security guards were not happy with me trying to photograph Nakai and had me stop photographing from certain points. They obscured other observation points by moving sun umbrellas and outdoor gas heaters in front of viewing spots and they moved Nakai to prevent me taking photos at all. The security guards would not let me talk to the trainers either.

I also cannot take you seriously unless you use proper grammar and syntax, as I have pointed out with anonymous questions so many times before; come off of anon if you’d like to chat some more, if you’re not chicken.

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Thank you and good day!

Ten questions for pro caps.

Because I’m genuinely curious and cannot understand your point of view. I would like to get some honest answers, if anyone is brave enough. And possibly by the end of it, we can understand one another better.

1. Do you believe SeaWorld should be held accountable for the deaths of  many whales under their care, none of which could be deemed “natural deaths”? If not, why?:

2. Do you believe SeaWorld should have willingly changed its business model decades ago, when they realized the orcas were not thriving? If not, why?:

3. SeaWorld’s orcas suffer from many mental/physical problems as a result of captivity. (Do not dispute this, that is a fact. it isn’t up for debate). Do you believe keeping them on display to “inspire” the public is more important then the welfare of the animals?:

4. Do you believe SeaWorld should have to explain themselves and apologize for telling so many blatant lies to the public? (Again, this fact is not up for debate.) If not, why?:

5. Do you still trust SeaWorld to be transparent and honest, after they have been caught in so many lies? If so, why?:

6. What do you think about a SeaWorld rep saying “You ban them, you buy them” in response to AB2140? Does it bother you that that statement seems to be a direct contradiction to “We couldn’t love these animals more”?:

7. Research has shown orcas are too intelligent, complex, large, and free-ranging to live a quality life in captivity. Captive orcas health seems to reflect that research. Why don’t you believe this?:

8. Why don’t you support a slow phase-out of captivity?:

9. Do you believe SeaWorld has a reputable breeding program? If so, why?:

10. SeaWorld claims to do important research that benefits wild whales. Can you give an example of this?:

I think the funniest (read: frustrating, tragic) thing about procaps supporting Mosquarium, Chimelong, the breeding facility in China and any other new parks (either by openly supporting them or quietly reblogging “cute” pictures) is that one of the main arguments for supporting seaworld was that they no longer captured wild orca. This was commonly brought up in the backlash from Blackfish, which made people disgusted with the idea of capturing wild orca, and procaps would say “Well, they don’t do that anymore, it’s illegal, they haven’t done that in X years, blah blah blah”. But these new facilities ARE capturing orca, and it seems as though they are going to increase the amount of captures which will threaten the wild population (not only that but if I heard correctly the orcas caught for the breeding facility were from the same pod??? Inbreeding much?? And not ONLY that, the orcas they are capturing are shaping up to be much larger than the Icelandic orca in American/European parks, and pose a larger danger, and are going to be used in water work, probably)

not only do these new facilities depend on violently capturing wild orca (something I thought procaps AND antis were against) they also do not coincide with the ethical and welfare values that seaworld has that procaps love to bring up??? So they are openly supporting facilities Seaworld would not (publicly) condone

So clearly y'all were in it for your selfish interests and not cause Seaworld was a great facility at all

some procaps apparently think that Daisy’s death is anticap folks’ fault (just like the belugas!!!11!1) and not the infinitely more likely explanation that VanAq just has a (chronic) difficulty keeping cetaceans alive


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Hi, I haven't sent a tumblr message in a long time, but procaps implying anticaps caused Daisy's death is ridiculous when she's been off display for a month, due to construction. I was there in mid-may and asked after her, and they said she wasn't out at the time. I doubt she's been out since, unless they finished between now and then.

I wholeheartedly agree that it’s ridiculous, hence my post. 

There’s an obnoxiously prominent pro-cap who posts a lot on Facebook and in comment sections of papers, who posited this. 

People agreed and dragged the belugas in as well. *shrug*

The major flaw in the common procap argument is the assumption that all antis are against SeaWorld as a whole. That’s likely why things like rescue program and providing jobs are brought up so often.

The truth is the rescue program and job provision are good things in and of themselves but they are not relevant to the fact that tanks are not suitable environments for cetaceans. Many- if not most- anticaps are against orca/cetacean captivity only, not the whole of SeaWorld.