Willow had been reading through one of the numerous occult books she had obtained recently, until she heard a familiar voice from outside the room. ”Hey, Hook, get in here!” She yelled out, loud enough for Milani to hear. “Well, well, look who finally decided to return.” Willow added getting up from her seat, unable to mask the smile on her face at the sight of the other girl. milani-hook

Can I say something? I actually like the fact that the pairings in OUAT
are kinda… fixed?? Idk, maybe it’s partly because of the fairytales,
where everyone ends up with his destined person and they lived happily
ever after. It’s probs only me but I never liked the ‘date several characters
throughout the season’ and similar. Snowing, Rumbelle, Captain Swan,
Outlaw Queen… they still have to go through a lot but they will always
love each other. 

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INTJ Problems: Pride #2

Me: *looking at a test with a 90 on it in disappointment* Wow. Great job, self. Couldn’t even make a one hundred.

Class Mate #1: Yessss! I got a 85!

Class Mate #2: Awesome! I got a 78!

Class Mate #3: I’m surprised some people actually passed. That test was really hard.

Me: *quietly hates myself for doing better than everyone else, but not doing well enough to please myself*

Q: Do vampires have any complex (Like short height)?

A: Though they don’t retain strong emotions from when they were human, the truth is that their complex does remain.
As they lose more and more of their humanity, it can even be said that that complex becomes a basis for their identity.

so i’ve been lowkey workin’ on my new mixtape called chicken n_ggets: now all i need is u, and i’d be down to collab with people for it. you mind spittin’ a few rhymes at me right now so i could get a feel for your vibe? ‘cause it’d be hella awesome to feature you in a track. you’ll get all the hookups once ‘m famous too, think about it.

thequeenoffish asked:

Barduil 35 please (^.^)

35.       “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

“Bard. What on earth are you doing?” Came thranduil’s voice from the archway into his huge walk in wardrobe (seriously who needed a separate room just for their clothes?! – Thranduil, apparently Thranduil did.)

Bard jumped like a child caught doing something naughty, which incidentally was exactly how he felt in that moment.

He had been exploring Thranduil’s ridiculous clothing collection and had come across some particularly risqué nightclothes.

What could he say, he was a curious person, and naturally he decided to try them on.

And they had fit.

He had expected them to be a little to long for him because if they weren’t Thranduil’s then whose were they?

“Who even are these Thran? You’re too tall for them.” Bard remarked, laughing at the odd clothes and still shamelessly checking himself out in the mirror, more interested in the strange and revealing shift than what he looked like in it exactly.

“What? No one. Don’t worry about it. And don’t snoop around in my things.” Thranduil answered childishly and a little defensively which wasn’t like him and almost certainly meant he was embarrassed.  

“But who is it even for– oh.

It fit him perfectly.

It was for him.

Thranduil really was a little bit depraved, but he had also gone a delightful and adorable shade of red at realising Bard had most definitely just worked it out.

“So where were you going to give it to me?” Bard wondered aloud, revelling a little in Thranduil’s embarrassment, it was so very rare that he got embarrassed.

“Just toss it out and forget you ever saw it.” Thranduil mumbled, but Bard had already decided on another course of action.

“I don’t know, I rather like it.” He grinned, reclining back on the chaise longue (because of course Thranduil had one of those in his bloody wardrobe) and hoping to look enticing.

“Take it off Bard.” Thranduil said, voice gone dark and Bard failed to note what that change in tone probably meant.

“Not sure I want to, I don’t think it should be thrown away.” Bard replied, stretching out on his back.

“No. Bard. You heard me. Take. It. Off.” Thranduil grit out, stalking towards him.


They were definitely keeping this.