probs won't get this tho

today @ school
  • me: so i was at the maroon 5 concert, & there was this adorable gay couple slow dancing
  • boy: *grimaces* do you like gay people?
  • me: ofc, i mean i gay people are like men who like women or women who like men, their sexuality doesn't define them. do you like gays?
  • boy: no, not really.
  • me: ...
  • me: why not?
  • boy: i think they do it for attention.
  • me: you don't just wake up one morning and decide "oh im gay". it's something you're born feeling, or u figure out along the path of life.
  • boy: well yeah, i get that it's some way you're born, but i think it's for attention if it's 20 years down the road, right?
  • me: no. instead of blaming someone for being an attention seeker, good for them. good for them they were able to figure out what their sexuality is and come to terms with it. is that what you think the men @ the m5 concert were doing? trying to get attention?
  • boy: *nods*
  • me: okay, honestly, that's like a girl dancing with a boy. there's no difference. they were having fun. just like you'd want to dance and have fun at your favorite band's concert with your gf.
  • boy: ...
  • me: *gets up* *moves across classroom*
  • boy: hey why'd you leave?
  • me: im sorry i don't want to sit next to you right now. im sorry you can't see the injustice in your words and opinions.

Y'all I’m so off balance from drinking right now but anyway. Send me some headcanons you have about any characters (preferably in asks) and I’ll tell you what I think


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