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hi i rlly love your art!!! drawing hands is totallh hard bud how do you even draw hands ??

dude i dont really know shit about drawing hands lol

I do know a few little tips that may or may not help??? 

so here we have two stylised cartoony hands. I wouldnt say theyre perfect, because hands really arent my strong point, but there are a few things that I tend to do that i think help make hands a little more lifelike.

Firstly it’s finger spacing. If you look at the flat palm hand, youll see how the two middle fingers are touching. A lot of people do this subconsciously with their hands, and adding touches like this can give the hand a little more personality…. if that makes sense. 

Don’t forget how manoeuvrable each finger is. The pointer finger can pretty much do anything it likes without other fingers following, but its very hard to wiggle, say, your fourth finger without the middle and little finger a little wiggling too. So once again, looking at the flat palm, the pointer finger is a little more distanced from the rest of the fingers, and the three shit useless fingers find solidarity in one another.

As for finger length, fingers are about the same length (a little longer) than the length of the hand - and the base of the hand starts with a butt shape, no matter what the angle.

As for thumbs… good fuckin luck bc i dont know. 

And of course. USE YOUR OWN HAND AS A REFERENCE!!!! you literally have a fully functioning model hand sitting right there. make it do shit like hold a pencil or a phone, draw it from life or take a pic and use it as a reference. I know it seems obvious, but i didnt bother using my left hand as a ref for ages??? I just couldnt be bothered?? And then I did and suddenly it was 400x easier to draw hands.

hello everyone!!!!

i’ve always considered the idea of making an ask blog because it seems fun but my #1 fave already has like 4 different (lovely) ask blogs and i never felt inspired to make one for any other character….but i’ve come to love carrot so much and i love drawing her so i thought why the hell not c’:  plus summer break’s about to start for me which means freeee tiiime.

anyway, enough about that, pls send carrot some asks if you like!  she’s very excited to meet you all.

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My dear mother walnut! You you maybe do like a head cannon of how Connor and Evan would take care of y/n. Like if she was sick or having cramps or somethin, only if you want to tho. Thanks :)!


- would freak tf out at first

- he would be asking you a million questions a minute

- like at first it wouldnt hit him how sick you were

- then he would see you and be like “oH gOD”

- he would bring you home and tuck you into bed

- he really wouldnt know how to take care of a person unless he looked back and thought about how his mom took care of him

- he has memories of his mom bringing him soup and crackers

- so he makes you the most delicious soup !!!ever!!! 

- and if you were nauseous he would rub your tummy and smooth your hair down

- he would place lil feather light kisses on your temples and hold a cold cloth to your forehead

- he would make sure to do all the simple tasks that you were still capable of

- want the remote?

- “DoNt MoVe I gOt It !!!!!”

- going to the bathroom?

- “nO, nO, nO, i WIlL cArRy YoU”

- “ev, im too heavy”

- “i can try!!!”

- he would run to the store at literally any hour to get you whatever you needed

- dont even get me started on when youre pregnant w morning sickness oml…


- would have no feckin idea of what to do lol

- he would probs be the worst person when it comes to medical stuff

- like evan would know exactly what medicine and stuff to give u but not know your boundaries

- whereas connor is the opposite

- he would have no clue as to what meds to give you, but took care of you like a princess

- when u get a fever, he insists that you change into one of his baggy t shirts and a pair of his boxers

- he would set an alarm for every two hours to wake himself up and check ur temperature

- you wouldnt even know bc u would be asleep but

- he would wake up, feel your forehead, frown, and just look at you with a broken heart

- he literally hated anything that caused you inconvenience

- he hated it more when he couldnt fix it right away

- connor would fight a bear if it looked at you the wrong way

- when you would get whiny, his heart would melt

- he would do the thing where he places his hand in your hair and runs his thumb over your temple over and over again

- expect lots of shoulder kisses tbh 

- he would do anything for u 

- he is whipped 


lance: oh god


lance: hunk, not you too!!!


lance, at shiro: are you going to do something about this???


lance: ???


If You Like It - JustAFigment - Miraculous Ladybug [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, love square - Relationship
Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Adrien Agreste, Ladybug, Chat Noir
Additional Tags: Identity Reveal, sin - Freeform, this is a lot of sin, like a lot of sin, nervous noir, confident mari, a little bit of biting, chat’s a pleaser, 10 pages of first base, most one scene, like the first 2 pages are other stuff and then its 58 pages of sin, also this started as a crack fic, little bit of crack, Crack, crack reveal, really crack reveal, I am not sorry, No one gets pregnant, plagg is pissed, I had too much fun writing this

Things get hot and heavy between Marinette and Chat Noir after the two heroes decide to leave romance out of their professional duties. However Chat’s pull out game isn’t as strong as he thought and he ends up leaving a very important deposit behind.


here it is. Enjoy.

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hi just waltzing in to say I had no idea you liked dr horrible and I'm feeling blessed like ?? I haven't met anyone that knows about it and it's lowkey one of my favorite musicals ever so anyway have a nice day

GOD YEA i hecking ADORE dr horrible oh man
it’s one of the very first musicals i got into and it holds a special place in my heart pls talk to me abt it literally anytime