probs the worst

“You can’t be ‘cool’ and drunk at the same time, Karamatsu. Just be drunk for now.”

I notice Kara carries his younger bros a lot so I wanted him to be carried for a change idk as a bonus here’s Oso not being a shitty older bro I guess loL

Although it was a side note, I did think the directors’ comment about Kara only being able to talk to Oso about certain things like the “how am I painful” conversation they had was cute… Kara wants his younger bros to think he’s cool so bad….. 


“I love you. I’ve been holding back from saying that. You should have a normal life, not be tied down to a fugitive with no future. But I don’t ever want to leave.”

hawke & anders living together. a belated handers secret satinalia gift for @kirkwallgirl.


annnnd we’re back with another lame-o video, probs the worst yet, prepare yourselves kiddos

sorry for the terrible quality, weird glitches (i have no idea what’s going on with those and couldn’t be bothered re-recording so we’re stuck with them sorry) and my rambling

thanks to @preatorpercy​, @annabethistheannabest​, @son-of-rome​, @scriptorsapiens​ and all the anons who asked me to do the pjo accent challenge, and to @hellevesque​ for creating it in the first place (✿◠‿◠) 

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listen,,,,, this really just seems like the kind of thing he would do 

it’s 3 am, and dan can’t sleep. “hey, hey, phil,” he whispers, looking to see if his boyfriend is awake. phil opens one eye and closes it again. “shut up, dan,” he groans, covering his head with his pillow. “make me,” dan giggles, remembering how much of a flirt phil was when the two of them met. phil often used to say ‘make me’ whenever dan told him to be quiet, which usually led to a full blown make out session. “i’m not making out with you right now, dan,” phil mutters. “you’ll regret that one,” “shut up,” phil, regardless of his tiredness, leans in to kiss dan quickly on the lips. “i knew it,” dan says smugly. “go to sleep,” phil murmurs, wrapping an arm loosely around dan.

i think prob the worst thing about the “dont reblog if ns.fw or k*nk” thing is how specific ppl have to get on their banners and whatnot

like. if you shouldn’t be reblogging it then you KNOW you shouldn’t be reblogging it but people keep making up new terms so instead of saying “dont reblog if ns.fw or dd.lg” people have to list like. 4-5 things so that minors will stop having grown adults find loopholes to reblog content that the poster blatantly doesnt want them to reblog.

its worse than just the fact that people can’t post stim things without k*nk blogs all over it. they also have to keep updates on every possibly phrase these k*nk blogs use because k*nk blogs refuse to respect boundaries and keep trying to force themselves into peoples spaces.

RULES: tell us one favorite character from ten fictional works (shows, films, novels, etc.) & tag some people.
TAGGED BY: @battleruin & @godcoded xoxo
TAGGING:  @astramilitus, @astramessiah, @1sthero, @wherever liam is, @spunstories, @i forgot void’s url again, @palmburnt !

1. LEIA ORGANA / star wars.
2. ELLIE SATTLER / jurassic park.
3. JOHN LOWE / american horror story: hotel.
4. DR. MONTGOMERY MONTGOMERY / a series of unfortunate events.
5. MOLLY HOOPER / sherlock.
6. RAMONA FLOWERS / scott pilgrim.
7. CONNER4REAL / popstar: never stop never stopping.
8. TIM PRICE / american psycho.
9. SHAWN SPENCER / psych.
10. HADES / disney.