probs the worst

humans more like ew-mans am i right

Okay so

It’s been basically proven in the show that Q don’t need to do anything psychically to use their powers and that Q himself snaps his fingers just cuz he’s extra like that,

So that obviously raises the possibility


There’s a Q

Whomest dabs to use their power

reddie as parents

ok i love the idea of reddie as parents. part two here!

  • in my head they are in their late twenties and married and they’ve always joked about kids
  • like eddie lowkey wanted kids but richie was always apprehensive and eddie could tell so he never pushed
  • but then one day richie was like “we should adopt” AND EDDIE WAS OVER THE MOON.
  • when trying to decide on all the shit for adoption richie wanted an infant boy but eddie wanted a toddler girl
  • but they went with an adorable infant baby girl and it was probably a lot of money but seeing eddie so happy made it worth it for richie
  • (and also richie lowkey loved the shit out of their daughter when he first saw her)
  • when it came to naming her richie wanted to name her stupid stuff like ‘dolphin’ or ‘freak’ or ‘banjo’ and eddie was like “… what abt alice?” so they nAMED HER ALICE 
  • like whenever she starts crying like really hard/is inconsolable eddie probs starts crying too and richie is just like all exasperated like ‘i can’t take care of two babies at the same time!!’
  • and then also when alice wakes up in the middle of the night they both usually groan and argue over whose turn it is and lbr eddie just ends up doing it all the time
  • but one time eddie was so delusional and tired that he just mumbled ‘alice is lost in wonderland and she needs her super dad to save her’ and richie thought it was so adorable, so he got up and handled it
  • and alice is probably such a button like i imagine the other losers being so shook over her
  • they probably are over all the time to see the fam and they give her all the gifts even when it’s not her birthday (they spoil her even tho eddie begs them not to so she loves her godparents)
  • people probably give them weird stares when they’re out with their angel and probs assumes the worst about the situation bc they’re not used to seeing two dads which makes eddie really sad
  • whenever richie sees eddie get sad over it he just gets annoyed/angry and shouts insults/warnings towards the people giving them looks
  • eddie would scold him for being vulgar in front of alice but is lowkey thankful that he has richie by his side to keep them strong in the face of criticism
  • eventually i imagine they would adopt another kid a few years down the line to give alice some company, and they would probs decide on a toddler boy they named elliot (cause having an infant rocked their shit too much)
  • lbr tho richie is probs just a meme with the kids 
  • like there’s a vine where this dad is like ‘it’s gonna eat you’ to his kid talking about a convertible car she’s in and richie would do smth like that
  • just be like ‘it’s eating you! oh my god alice. oh my god oh my god oh my god alice” and just laughing when she starts crying (and then wincing when eddie pushes him and scolds him for terrifying their daughter)
  • eddie is def an overprotective dad, not as bad as his mother of course, but he’s obviously the nurturer when it comes down to it. the kids probs come to him first something important

please add onto this omg there’s so many i had in my but i stopped myself

best stuff (worst) first?

So most people have heard about the strange “Best Stuff First” feature that’s been rolled out on tumblr recently. It’s buggy, inconvenient, and is a real problem for content creators who don’t fit tumblr’s pre-determined algorithm.

If you don’t know how to switch that feature off yet, here’s how. I got rid of that rubbish a few days ago, but I’m still finding that my dash is being affected - whether that’s due to a bug or because other people haven’t turned it off yet, I’m not sure.

But there’s something else you can do to ensure you don’t miss content from people you actively follow.

Turn on blog notifications.

See this little icon here? You’ll find it in the oh-so-usable tumblr mobile app, in the upper-right corner of the blog page you are viewing.

Tap that icon, and it’ll give you some options. See the massive red circle? Right there is the option you want.

If you’re not following this so far, I can’t help you. Go stare at a wall.

Oh look, there’s an option for desktops too! Amazing. What an informative post.

So, if you really don’t want to miss out on posts from your favourite content-creators, make sure you have you notifications switched on for them. You’ll be notified every time they post something - and if that is Mary Berry biting into a crumpet, well, that’s something you really don’t want to miss out on.

Finally, make the effort to reblog their posts rather than just liking them. Smaller blogs are really struggling to get their content seen at the moment, so reblogging is especially needed right now. Until @staff hopefully remove it as a default option, let’s all try to support the talented content creators we have on this site.

( Special thanks to @maryberrybitingintothings for providing what I never knew I needed so badly. )

“You can’t be ‘cool’ and drunk at the same time, Karamatsu. Just be drunk for now.”

I notice Kara carries his younger bros a lot so I wanted him to be carried for a change idk as a bonus here’s Oso not being a shitty older bro I guess loL

Although it was a side note, I did think the directors’ comment about Kara only being able to talk to Oso about certain things like the “how am I painful” conversation they had was cute… Kara wants his younger bros to think he’s cool so bad….. 

i am procrastinating HARD today so i randomly started reading captive prince (because *someone* has been blogging abour it no stop lately) and it’s actually really good and… nowhere as ~problematic as tumblr makes it out to be?

i can’t believe the entire hellsite collectively got into fits over this perfectly innocent book that’s at least 3x better than the kind of YA people here usually stan for

the first time ( and only time tbh ) fred tried weed it was with fp and he actually managed to take a single drag before starting to caugh for like thirty minutes. fp laughed his ass off and spent the entire evening making fun of fred, but he definitely avoided to mention that the same thing had happened to him when he was 13 and alice had taught him how to smoke a cigarette