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…I might have forgotten to mention I’m a huge fan of both WALL-E and Big Hero 6.
For some reason I relate my experience watching BH6 last year with my experience watching WALL-E in third grade? I’m not sure what it is, but they’re kind of in the same “category” for me.
Anyway, I’m a big sucker for art-deco style posters, especially the ones used to promote this movie (and in-universe, to promote this company), so I just HAD to do something with it.
I used to have a t-shirt with ”The New Sensation in Health Evaluation” WALL-E on it. Wonder what happened to that…
Baymax’s eyes are a little off I guess??? Eh, I drew this a while ago.
The WALL-E posters are not mine (I didn’t even bother to vector them - I should though they would come in handy), but the Baymax ones are.
Also, H-B instead of BnL, because Hamada Brothers. They might have created a company that took over the earth one day. *gross sobs because of sibling bonds being destroyed by early deaths*
Plus it was the only thing I could think of that made at least a little sense!
Can I please tag @t-adash-i and @bigherosixfeels? They’re actually the original reason I got a Tumblr in the first place, and they’re both really nice ^_^

He was taking a leaf from Mochi’s book by doing this, but the cat wasn’t around to do it for him. Fox-formed, he heaved himself up to the couch cushion, curled up behind his little brother’s head, and nestled as closely as he could manage. His tail he wrapped around Hiro’s neck like a warm scarf. Then, resting his chin in his little brother’s nest of hair, he reached out to touch the thread of sand with the tip of his paw. As he watched, the sand lightened to gold again. He shut his eyes with a sigh of relief, and settled down to wait out the night.

ugh i feel like lately i haven’t been able to draw anything decent, but i really, rEALLY wanted to draw this scene from pitviperofdoom’s guardian!kitsune!tadashi fic Lighting Candles ;v;

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how does it make u feel that there's pics of u glued into my visual diary for art class anna x

That is honestly the coolest thing to hear, I am so flattered! Which one? It makes me feel so very warm and fuzzy inside, I am quite very honored xxx


     “ιη тнє мι∂∂ℓє σƒ α νєяу ℓσηg ℓιƒє тнєяє ωιℓℓ вє α ∂αу ωнєη ι ƒσяgєт уσυ”

Good Bye Bye - Nu’est

Etsy Exy 

This is probs the silliest thing ive ever come up with but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  •  so basically when I first started reading the foxhole court i kept saying ‘etsy’ in my head when I saw the word 'exy' 
  • so me being a nerd thought: what if the team started an etsy shop???
  • like say Allison was completely broke and Matt too and they’re all just a bunch of struggling college kids and they have no time to get actual jobs between school and exy practice so they decide to open an etsy shop to make some extra cash??
  • it probs starts w the girls making like necklaces and bracelets or something like renee’s really good at making those braided bracelets bc she used to make them w her church youth group all the time
  • and allison is really good with beads and stuff
  • and then dan surprises them all w her secret embroidery talent and she starts making cute little things (with foxes designs!!) 
  • then matt gets dragged into it by dan and he’s like…I CAN BUILD THINGS!! WITH WOOD!! such a guy lmao so he starts making like wooden sculptures of animals (FOXES!!! its their theme) and like idk bird houses????
  • he asks neil if he’s got any secret crafting talents and neil is like “…uhh…no…” but he brings up the etsy shop thing to andrew’s gang later and nicky like DIES. HE SOOO WANTS IN!!!
  • “I CAN SEW!!!!” he proclaims, barging into the girls’ room and so he ends up joining dan and they start altering clothes and embroidering things and making cool patches and stuff 
  • meanwhile aaron’s like disappeared into his room and they don’t see him for hours until he returns later that night with all these cool sketches and things and they’re all like :O 
  • “YOU CAN DRAW???????” and he like scratches the back of his head all shy like “um. yeah…but they’re not like…they’re not that great so idk if you’d want them but…” 
  • dan shuts him up real quick and puts him to work sketching out designs for clothes and logos for their stuff and cool prints to sell 
  • i can also see renee being a really good painter so maybe she and aaron collaborate on some art stuff too 
  • kevin??? is actually a really good photographer???? he probs takes a lot of sports related pictures…he turns exy into art…like dramatic shots of racquets and people in motion. he probs captures like really beautiful shots of the foxes on the court…dan in her element making a speech before a game…nicky cracking a wide grin after they’ve won…neil a blur in motion racing towards the goal…andrew actually enjoying himself 
  • so the whole gang (minus andrew and neil) get so into this etsy thing and like they start becoming pretty popular esp with fox fans bc like 90% of their stuff is basically homemade fox merch 
  • the girls have turned their dorm into a workshop/office
  • its like a month into this whole etsy thing that andrew walks in and drops this little knitted fox plushie onto the girls’ desk and they’re like????
  • and he’s like “do you want me to make more or not?” 
  • and they’re like….stunned into silence like none of them can even form words so they all just nod silently and andrew just points across the room to neil like “you. come with me.” 
  • neil gets up and follows him out still in shock and they go out into the parking lot and get in andrews car and drive all the way to the craft store and neil follows andrew inside and andrew hands him a basket and stalks ahead of him to the back of the store like he knows exactly where to go and what he’s looking for 
  • and neil just jogs after him and then andrew starts grabbing all the orange and white yarn he can carry and shoves it all into the basket and walks away and neither of them have said anything yet 
  • on the way to the register he blindly grabs a pair of knitting needles and then they check out and finally finally when they’re in the car again neil just turns to him like “what the fuuck andrew???” 
  • andrew just looks at him like “what” 
  • andrew shrugs. “you never asked did you?” 
  • andrew just shrugs again and then neil asks him when, how, why??? 
  • “i learned in juvie” andrew says. “ they had all sorts of dumb hobby classes there. it was supposed to be like, a good way to calm people down. therapeutic.” 
  • neil nods and then they drive back to fox tower and andrew gets to work and neil just sits and watches him all quiet as he works the needles rhythmically and he’s just so fascinated and finally andrew looks up and gestures for neil to come over and he gets out the other set of needles he bought and hands them to neil. 
  • “watch,” he says and then he starts casting the yarn onto the new needles and he slowly shows him how to make basic stitches and neil’s leaning in super close so he can see properly and like they’re shoulders and pressed together and then andrew hands neil the needles “your turn” he says and he guides!!!! neils!!!!!! hands!!!!! and helps him stitch
  • and its like the softest, grossest, most romantic thing ever
  • and neil’s a fast learner so he gets the hang of it pretty quick and they spend the rest of the night lying side by side in bed knitting 
  • and andrew make another little fox and neil makes a horrific bright orange scarf that’s super wonky and full of holes and andrew tells him “you suck at this” but there’s a smile in his eyes and neil can see it and he can’t help grin at him and they kiss and its like..just too picturing such teeth rotting sweetness like. andrew telling him he sucks and neil kissing him and saying “you’d wear my scarf tho right?” and he’s grinning against andrew’s lips
  • and andrews like “pftttt no. i wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing.” and then he pushes neil down onto the mattress and kisses him some more and neil’s like “you love my hideous scarf” 
  • “um. no. i hate it. 100%. the worst thing i’ve ever seen. after you of course” and neil’s like “i believe you 0%” and they kiss some more and andrew probs gives neil his little knit fox but like of course he makes it all ~casual~ like nbd “here take this…your scarf is so awful you should have a prize” “rewarding me for my failure??” “no. that’s not–just take the damn fox.” neil takes it and probs falls asleep holding it wow what a lovesick nerd 
  • then the next day its like super cold out and theyre late for exy practice and neil’s the last one out and when he slides into the car he just freezes bc andrew has this bright orange monstrosity wrapped around his neck and andrew just stares at him like “seatbelt neil we don’t have all day. kevin here’s already got his panties in a twist bc we’re LATE.” 
  • later in the locker room when they’re all getting changed neil whispers “you like my scarf” all smug. “no, i hate it and i only wore it bc i hoped it would choke me so i’d never have to see this hideous thing again” 
  • “you like it.” 
  • andrew ends up wearing it all winter and they continue to knit and andrew keeps teaching neil stuff and eventually neil knits a perfect scarf but andrew still wears the horrible first one he made and the gang’s etsy shop is a HIT and they’re all just really really happy and cute making their arts and crafts!!! 

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